A Decline In Suicide In The Near Term?

Looking over the morning’s economic news I was struck by the universally upbeat tone.

Since economic hardship is a major cause of suicide, if history follows its usual course the 2017 suicide total sould show a decline. While those numbers will not be out until the end of 2018 or early 2019, the 2016 CDC suicide total was:

Thais up *21 from 2015’s 2,036. But then, with the anointed winner of the 2016 Presidential election promising to raise taxes on people who cannot pay their bills and live in constant fer of losing their job, such an increase both natural and understandable.

With the near constant and very sunny economic reports, the comeback of retail, impulse purchases, and other positive factors, we should notice a small decline in the total and firearms suicide rates when the 2017 numbers come out.

Which will be a good thing from many standpoints.


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