A Buck With A Brushpile On Its Head

“Thirty point buck, nothing! A Missouri hunter brought a buck home and FOX has the picture to prove it.

The buck looks like he has a brushpile on his head, and as my dad used to say, the hunter is “grinning like a possum eatin’ bumble bees.”

Congratulations are due the hunter, who obviously had a hunt to remember.

for my part, I hope the big guy sired lots and lots of fawns.


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2 Responses to A Buck With A Brushpile On Its Head

  1. Wu Chang says:

    Used to duck hunt not far from St Paul– good bottom land habitat

    If I had known there was a buck like that, I might have taken off duck hunting for a week or so LOL

  2. Stranger says:

    Yes, that one is every dry land hunter’s dream. And nightmare after they find out how much a head mount will cost. But if I had brought in one like that during WWII, when a small bottle of catsup took a week’s meat ration, my dad would have told me that I should have left it for seed.


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