A Bit More than 2,500 Years Ago, Two Men Accosted A Phlosopher

Walking through the Forum, two Athenian men a accosted Democritus, asking the philosopher if he could settle an argument over the difference between a free man and a slave.

“Of course,” said the Laughing Philosopher, “One of you two is slave and the other free, because the free man is armed against danger, while the slave has nothing to present save his heels.”

so i was,so it is, so it will be, so long as the water flows and the winds blow.


About Stranger

A collaborative effort, Extranos Alley is primarily concerned with providing up to date data on the relationships between privately woned firearms and crime, violence, and politics. The site is maintained by nine volunteers who have given up their identity that the work here may be considered without regard to the individual data. The contributors are a diverse group, ranging from a retired physicist to a board certified psychologist.

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