Since Guns Are Everywhere, How Do You Break People Of Guns?

Someone stopped by searching for “breaking people of guns.”

Well, with dangers everywhere, and guns being the most effective lifesaver for most situations, you do not want to discourage people from using guns, or from learning how to use guns safely and effectively.

If you, YOU, take a newby shooting, it is up to you to first make sure that there are no guns beyond a n beyond the person you are introducing to the shooting sports ability to handle, and that they have had the fifteen minute gun safety talk, which I start with “this is the trigger, and it is unusual for the gun to fire unless a finger is on the trigger. So don’t put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire. ” Yes, that talk, and drilling on the four rules, with a gun that can hardly be said to have recoil.

After the basic introduction to guns, it is the host’s duty, YOUR duty, to make sure your neby guest has as pleasant a time as possible. The wonderful smile on the face of a first time shooter who realizes they can do this safely and have fun doing it is worth any amount of effort.

So now consider the probable result on the first timers among people’s first experience with the shooting sports:

I seriously doubt you could get some of those people to pick up a gun if you electrocuted them.

So if you want to teach someone to shoot, find an teacher with empathy. Learn the rules of gun safety.

And if you still want to turn your child off on guns, consider this. Guns ARE everywhere. America has more than 740 million guns in circulation, distributed among at least 80 million homes.

If your child does not know the basic rules of gun safety and gun handling there is likely to be a tragedy. Your child, or someone Else’s child, could wind up permanantly disabled or dead. You don’t want that.

So whether you ever intend to own a gun or not, learn the basics of gun safety. Make sure your children are “gun wise,” and know and practice safe gun handling rules.

And do it now, before the voice on the telephone says “This is Officer Barrett, and I need to pick yoiu up and drive you to the hospital. There has been a terrible accident.”

And if the opportunity offers, or you can make an opportunity, please do everything you can to make sure that every child in your school system is gun wise, starting with the Eddie Eagle “See a gun? STOP what you are doing, and GO get an adult” program in the first grade.


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