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  1. Dennis Savage says:

    I am appalled that a list of concealed carry permits are public info. I am a bit confused about your site as it seems somewhat hippocritical. Please inform me if such a list exists in Fairfax County, VA so I can blast their ass for doing so. Any idiot who feels that calling the police while being shot dialing the phone is an unfortunate individual who is not aware of his/her Second Amendment rights.
    Please provide more information regarding your stand and site.

  2. Stranger says:

    Considering the amount of time I spent getting Mississippi’s CCW list taken out of the public domain you can be assured I am a strict privacy advocate.

    Of course – I actually believe that we should generally return to the same laws that worked so well in 1900, when you were free to buy and carry any gun you could pay for; without a permit. While there were a few exceptions, prisons and in some states, polling places, generally carrying a gun was just something people did.


  3. Gun_nut says:


    Virginia CHP info was public record until this July 1st. The law was finally changed to protect CHP holders after several papers published lists of CHP holders (both in VA and the map in NY that made national news.

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