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  1. Stranger says:

    Actually, it does work that way. Since it would be a bit of vainglory to cite my own paper on the subject; Fred Terman’s Radio Engineers Handbook, page 1, “Decibel Tables” will do nicely. And should be available at any respectable library.

    10 Decibel, or 1 Bel, represents a power ratio of 10:1, either “gain” or “loss.” Add 10 dB of gain to 10 dB of gain, you have 20 dB of gain and, with 1 Watt input you gain 20 dB or 100 Watts of output.

    If you place an attenuator with a ratio of 30 dB, or an input to output power ratio of 1,000 to 1 to a precisely similar 30 dB attenuator the overall attenuation would be 60 dB, with an overall attenuation of 1,000,000 – because 1,000 divided by 1,000 is 1,000,000.


  2. George A. Fogg says:

    Thank you for the pleasant surprise of finding new blogs this morning. I really missed your ramblings a lot. I checked your site many time a day hoping that you would be there and hooray this morning there you were. I am almost 82 years old and see a lot of common sense and similar thoughts in your postings. Your ability to research and get pertinent data is a draw that keeps me checking you web site daily.
    We wish you improved and better health. May God bless you! ………………. The Gaffer, a nickname given to me many years ago by a fellow worker that stuck.

  3. Thomas Granbois says:


    I was going over this post (, and had one question. Don’t you feel it would be better to compare convictions and not reported crimes?



    I attempted to comment on the blog posting but for some reason couldn’t.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  4. Laura says:


    I work with the NRA helping to manage digital content. I’m interested in speaking with you to discuss a potential partnership opportunity. Please email me if you’re interested in talking further. Thanks.

  5. Anon says:

    Cops murdering again…

    Cops shoot to death homeless man for camping

  6. Victor Barac says:

    Sir, I very much like your blog and would like to subscribe. I do have a web sight at Yahoo that is really a personal page, but I have not yet published it. I would very much like to know if I could use your counter on my personal page as I am very much a Veteran of over 10 years service, and a supporter of our Constitution. I am a member of the NRA, I own guns and have taken every class available to be certified to carry. I would like to use your counter on my personal site to prove that “Armed Citizens” are a criminal deterrent. We need more armed citizens to prevent “Sandy Hook,” etc. Thank you for your consideration. I might be able to pay you a small fee for using your Counter on my site not quite yet developed, but will only be viewed by family and friends. I am not a blogger. That is why I have registered as a personal web sight.

  7. Stranger says:

    Victor, I operate on the KISS principal. Keep it simple for stupid. Me. So as far as I know I don’t have an RSS feed or subscriptions, or whatever. A bookmark and come see me every day and you will be in good shape.

    As far as blogging is concerned, you express yourself well, and that is all you need. Go to WordPress or Blogspot, do what is necessary to set up a blog, and put your thoughts down.


  8. John V. says:

    Howdy Stranger,

    I sincerely hope you will fisk this piece of tripe:

    Thanks for what you do,

    John V.

  9. Bill T says:

    This asshat should MOVE to “Jolly Old England” so he can enjoy being a “Subject rather than a Citizen”.

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