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74 Responses to Contact

  1. Xxxx says:

    Hi Stranger,

    XXXX writing from over at – just writing in hopes of getting in touch to see if you’d have any interest in some reloading components or ammo for a comparison / review or anything like that. Sorry to intrude on the comments section but I didn’t have an email address. If you’re interested or want to find out more, please feel free to give me a shout directly,

    Thanks for your time – I appreciate it and hope all is well.


  2. Stranger says:

    While I appreciate the offer, we have a strict policy of either paying for products mention out of our won pockets, or keeping quiet about them. Since a freebie would not gain you anything we must r reluctantly decline the generous offer.


  3. skinnedknuckles says:

    Hi, Stranger,

    Here is a new conspiracy theory I hadn’t heard before and wondered if you had any information about it.

    I was in Cabela’s in Connecticut and chatting with the “Outfitter” who was working the ammo and reloading area. As usual, the subject of .22lr ammo availability came up. He noted that most of the .22lr ammo they had was foreign manufacture and said the reason for that was that the foreign manufacturers didn’t have the limits on manufacturing time that US manufacturers had. He went on to “explain” that US manufacturers are limited to 320 days manufacturing ammunition each year, and when they have run that many days they have to stop.

    I’ve never heard this story and it sounds very fishy to me, but given some other US Government regulations I’ve seen and had to live with, I’m at the point where I’d have to say that anything might be possible.

    Thanks for the great blog – it is an every day read.

  4. Stranger says:

    Jo. Knuckles, it has been a long time between comments.

    Yes, I have heard that but I also have contacts in the metals industry who tell me cartridge brass, 260 half hard, has been in extremely short supply. No brass, then we have a shortage of cases, and a shortage of ammo.

    The story I get is that it can take years to get the permits and licenses for a new ammo plant, and several are due to come on line in the near future. But until they do come on line, the .22 makers are working 24/7/36 when material availability permits.

    The foreign manufacturers had over-capacity so we see a lot of imported ammo – but th eregime has made matters worse by embargoing Russian ammo. So Wolf and other Russian brands are generally no longer available.

    However, reports also have it that powder makers are getting ready to turn out more powder, new plants for primer mixes are going up, and so on. So hopefully our current 13 million rounds of .22 production capacity, about one box for each .22 shooter in a year, will be greatly increased.

    I hope so. Shooting the .45’s is much more expensive than the .22/45 Ruger.


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