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60 Responses to Contact

  1. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang. The Johns Hopkins “study” was reportedly funded, like several including the Harvard “study” by one of George Soros tentacles. The same billionaire who is finding the Black Lives Matter violence advocacy group that is a major part of Missouri’s violence problem.

    The people who are causing Missouri’s crime problem are criminals, virtually all of them have a criminal record, and can not r legally buy a gun, and would be stupid to pay gun sop prices when they can buy a street gun cheaply enough that
    they can toss in the Mississippi or Missouri after they use it to kill someone without a qualm.

    Add to that mess the vastly increased supply of street drugs, many of them designer drugs made and China and either smuggled in through SeaTac, or across the Mexican border and you have an explosive situation as gangs try to exapnd their turf or defend their turf.

    And then there is that problem at city hall in the case of cities on both ends of I-70 in Missouri and that other problem in the Governors office.

    It is a mess and the crime rates show it.


  2. Joe W. says:

    In talking about your article from 2013 about “homicide before guns?” an individual asked if there should be a great spike in violence/homicide in Europe related to gun control and confiscations. Was there a rise and how significant if there was?

  3. Stranger says:

    Hi, Joe, Thanks for the comment.

    The astronomical cost of some guns which barred them from the people aside, the first gun law we have been able to find was an edict from 1495. Since then every gun law has produced more murder, but it is hard to pick out a particular case and say “this resulted from gun control.” Then and now, proof comes with the volume of increase, and the decrease for repeal of restrictive or passage of permissive gun laws.

    We are reworking our chart on European murder rates, and I will ask those digging in 500 year old records if they can provide more specific numbers.


  4. wuchang says:


    You may find this of interest

    I look to see this foolishness in a White House Press Release

    Gee–my parents told me when I was young–this is a gun…it is not a toy–you do not touch it without permission.

    We all knew that it was in the “The Old Man’s”nightstand.
    I can report that all my siblings have made it to Social Security age with no bullet holes and to the best of my knowledge they have never used a gun other than to punch holes in paper or to bring home wild game when in season.

  5. George Pace says:

    Wondering if it would be possible for you to compare the probability of being in an automobile accident with the probability of being the victim of a crime wherein a firearm could be appropriately used for self-defense (i.e. not embezzlement, libel, etc.).

    I’m working on some arguments against the Hawaii de facto no-issue CCW policy, and thought that might be a useful comparison, but having trouble getting all the stats in separate categories (for Hawaii).

    George Pace

  6. wuchang says:


    You may find this of passing interest about German officials ,the upcoming Carnival and migrant “education” in to the German culture.

  7. Stranger says:

    I saw that yesterday, and one of the Alley’s European contributors said it amounts o a how-to-do-it for unattached men.

    The problem is cultural since women are not supposed to be in public without a guard of male family members. That being the case, and from the description, I suspect the next eight days would be a good time for women to be conspicuous by their absence on European streets.


  8. wuchang says:


    You might find this headline of interest

    Berkeley cop breaks hand during arrest, finds burglary suspect with cop’s stolen pistol
    link to story

  9. wuchang says:

    forgot to add that Berkley is one of the muni’s adjacent to Ferguson

  10. wuchang says:

    A bit of irony —
    Why Obama and other gun control advocates own stock in firearms makers
    By Tim McLaughlin and Peter Eisler • Reuters

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