Robert Stacy McCain Has A Few Winged Words About The Death Porn Media

“The Other McCain’s” blog is a few notches below Instapundit on my reading list, so a link from Insty led me to a few highly appropriate words about the Death Porn Media from Robert Stacy McCain.

Since this is primarily a “go read” link that really needs a quote – have a quote:

Picking up the pieces may be hard, but fomenting the next round is harder still.

Fomenting is exactly the right word. Media coverage of the Clackamas mall shooting almost certainly played a major role in setting off the jug of human nitroglycerine named Adam Lanza. And the massive media coverage of the Newtown Massacre will eventually result in still another explosion, as someone who is not getting the respect he craves decides to go out in a blaze of faux glory and headlines.

The public has every right to know. But sensationalized 24/7 coverage of these tragedies serves no public interest. It is time to get the cameras and microphones out of the faces of the shocked survivors and pass on to other news of import. Benghazi, for example.


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