Crime Rates In Countries With No Guns

Someone stopped by searching for “crime rates in countries with no guns.”

Strictly speaking, there are no countries with “no guns.” There are countries with very restrictive gun laws and therefore few guns in private citizens hands; but no countries and few societies with a complete absence of guns.

What we do have are countries with very restrictive gun laws such as England; and countries that have actually banned the private possession of guns entirely, such as North Korea and Venezuela.

England’s crime and violent crime rates are more than ten times higher than the United States, but England’s laws are merely extremely restrictive.

I would not hazard a guess about North Korea’s crime rates, due to a complete lack of data. However, escapee’s make it clear that the crime rates are extremely high; with state sponsored and approved violence a daily fact of life.

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has imposed a total ban on privately held firearms, and current homicide and crime rates are estimated at 50 to 100 times the United State’s comparable rates. For example, while the U.S. murder rate is just over 4 per 100,000 population or 40 per million; Venezuela’s murder rate is currently estimated at 230 per 100,000 per year, or 2,300 per million population.

In general, the less well armed a neighborhood, a town, a city, a state, or a country is, the higher the crime rates will be.

And the more like Venezuela and North Korea a country will become.


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4 Responses to Crime Rates In Countries With No Guns

  1. Tim says:

    Most gun violence in central and South America is committed with U.S. made weapons.
    One can be in denial of this, if chosen to support there pov. But go to Honduras, Brazil, etc.. And you will see that there gun violence is indeed Made in America, just as the West Nile Virus was born in Africa.
    There are many twisted pov’s on both sides of this issue. But one thing is ABSOLUTE. that is that the MODERN, INDUSTRIALIZED nations that allow NO private gun ownership of any meaningful kind are the safest places for our children to live. Let’s face it. Most men in America are scared little wussy’s that need a gun like another hole in there head. Afraid of the black, afraid of the Latino, simply afraid. 200 years of it.
    Take the guns away, murders drop. You do this country no honor by making guns a greater right than the right to life. The ” what if the bogie man comes” is a weak ass argument for gun ownership. The most dangerous man in the world is a armed one. Without arms you must be reasonable. Seems we just are’t.

  2. Tim says:

    I doubt the moderating is objective. But suggesting that the U.S. with over 8000 GUN MURDERS in 2012, down from 10000 in 2008 is some how safer than England <50 or Japan <10 or Australia < 30 or France or any other DEVELOPED country with a functional Law Enforcement Body is nothing short of a complete lye. No guns= less gun deaths. Period.

  3. Stranger says:

    Both the moderating and the facts are completely objective.

    If you follow site rules, you will have your say. Even when you are wrong. And your errors can become the subject of a post detailing the errors. With, of course the abundant links to official or officially based data proving the point.

    And objectively, when people are disarmed all forms of violent crime rise. While the percentage of gun related murders may decline, as they have in disarmed Venezuela; the overall number of murders rises. Is being killed with a gun worse than being slowly and painfully stomped to death – or disemboweled with a machete?

    Objectively, “most gun violence in Central and South America comes with US made guns,” I would suggest you read through the blog and pick up on many hints and links showing the actual sources of those guns.

    And objectively, as a Spanish economist’s blog points out; “No raindrop ever believes it is part of a flood.” I can easily demonstrate that gun control has caused more than 600,000 excess deaths in the United States since 1968. And that gun control advocates are responsible for that tide of blood.


  4. Kevin says:

    Two years ago I was awoken at 2:00 in the morning with my 91 year old father being confronted in our kitchen by a 6’3″ 275 lbs. glassy eyed wild man. I ran to my fathers aid shielding him and yelling at the man with no resolve, he just kept lurching at us yelling obscenities while eating a banana he took from our counter. I backed up into my bedroom and grabbed a shotgun. He understood what that meant and immediately fled the house. If it was up to people like Piers Morgan and his kind there’s a good chance we would have also been statistics. It’s hard to think of the terror those precious little children went through at Sandy Hook. My father and I are also the victims of a madman’s terror, but we survived. Thank god we had a gun in our house, it saved our lives. Situations like ours happen multiple times daily accross the U.S.. There are many more lives saved daily with guns than taken. Where are the satistics showing this, there are none, and if there was it would be hidden if possible by the reformers. The reformers could care less about these life saving stories.

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