How Can You “Appendix Carry Safely?”

Someone stopped by searching for “safe appendix carry.”

That takes two things. The first is a gun that is not likely to go off suddenly or unexpectedly. If you drop your life preserver and the hammer falls, find another life preserver.

The best type of gun for that is a Double Action Only, followed by DA/SA carried with the hammer down. With the hammer down on a modern design with a locked firing pin you don’t have to worry about bellying up to the bar and becoming a girl.

Second, it takes a holster that absolutely keeps your finger off the trigger until the piece is clear of you waistband. Michael at the Holster Site makes several excellent holsters that will clip inside your waistband and help prevent accidents.

If you have a reliable gun that absolutely will not discharge unexpectedly, and you can keep your finger off the bang lever until it is clear of your body, there’s nothing really wrong with appendix carry.

But take a walk with your wife in any mall. After you have been walking for a while ask her to describe the various men’s belt buckles you have met. Uh huh. Women tend to notice things around both men’s and women’s waistlines.

She can probably tell you how many women you have passed who were wearing hatchin’ pants; and just what sort of maternity wear that was. If she is typical she can also describe the men’s Budweiser buckles, the plain nickel, the monogrammed, and the leather colored buckles. As well as just how many IWB holsters that were not completely covered she has seen.

So don’t depend on appendix carry to keep your life preserver out of mind.


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  1. Harold says:

    There’s also the issue of sweeping your gun across a fair arc, 90 degrees plus or minus, to get it pointing in the right direction if you draw it “conventionally”. Massad Ayoob recommended for fanny packs orienting yourself towards the target and pulling the gun straight back and then “punching” it forward (I think that’s the term he uses).

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