“Quick Draw McGraw” Fires Shot In Starbucks Rest Room

With a tip of the Resistol to the Gun Wire for the link, the North West Florida Daily News reports a man “playing with his gun” fired a shot in a Starbucks restroom.

Briefly quoting the NFWdailynews.com item linked above:

Officials believe the man was playing a “quick draw game” when his gun fired shattering the sink and then lodging into the tile.

The shell casing was collected — a single Hornaday .40 — along with a brass sleeve and several chunks of lead.

The employee said he asked the man what the loud noise was and the man told him he was playing with his concealed weapon when the gun went off.

There is an old saying that those who practice dry-firing indoors should have a can of patch and plenty of matching paint on hand, but it appears at least one Floridian needs a bag of replacement plumbing parts. Leaving the scene without settling the damages is rude and uncouth, as well as reflecting poorly on the rest of us.

The object lesson is, of course, don’t play with your sidearm in public places. Or your gun, for that matter.


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