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Wayne LaPierre At The 2014 NRA National Convention

While I wish I could be there, video is the next best thing. Here is Wayne LaPierre speaking winged words at the 2014 NRA Convention: Good speech. If you don’t have time to watch the delivery, open another tab to … Continue reading

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Noted: After House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Taokes Soros Money, Ann Coulter Endorses His Rival

Breitbart’s Big Government reports conservative columnist and speaker Ann Coulter has endorsed Cantor’s primary rival TEA Party activist David Brat for the Congress. Given the history of colluding with Soros; if I lived in Cantor’s district, I would vote against … Continue reading

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Ukranians Demand The Right To Keep And Bear In Their New Constitution

Ukrainians, who freed themselves from a foreign puppet and an authoritarian government, are reportedly demanding the right to keep and bear arms. The Ukraine, whose national motto is “The Ukraine has not yet perished,” has a 5,000 year history of … Continue reading


“Gun Deaths Vs Automobile Deaths?”

Someone came by searching for “gun deaths vs automobile deaths.” Well, we are going to have a problem. Take a look at the graphic below, taken from the CDC’s leading causes of death report.: There is no “automobile deaths” category, … Continue reading

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Gun Rights Recall Election In Rhode Island

FOX News reports the town of Exeter, Rhode Island is holding an election to recall four anti town council members who voted to change the way Concealed Weapons Permits are issued in Exeter. Very good. Hopefully, gunnies will come out … Continue reading

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An Item About A Friend Of Ours; Tom Cotton of Yell County

The National Journal has an interesting item about a good friend of ours, Rep. Tom Cotton of Yell County, Arkansas; who is running for the Senate. Rep. Cotton is tall, tough, and smart. Senator Cotton will be just as smart, … Continue reading


La Raza, Other Anti Groups Pushing McAuliffe

Breitbart reports the Hispanic “racial superiority” group La Raza is among the Democratic Socialist controlled organizations backing anti-gun activist Terry McAuliffe’s run for Virginia governor. There are several groups styling themselves “La Raza,” the one referred to is the National … Continue reading


“Civilian Gun Ownership Is A Threat To The Government?”

Someone stopped by searching for “civilian gun ownership threat to government.” We have almost 6,000 years of written history, and essentially 500 years of history of private gun ownership. There were privately owned guns before 1620 or so, but they … Continue reading

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Waiting On The Supreme Court In Mississippi

A full business day has gone by since Hinds county judge Winston Kidd made his injunction against enforcing the provisions of the State Constitution on Friday, July 12, 2013. I have found no indication of any action, or inaction, on … Continue reading

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“Grand Theft Firearm,” The Reason We Have A Stolen Gun Racket

According to the latest survey from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 300,000 guns are stolen each year in the United States. According to older data from the same source, some 297,000 guns were reported stolen and another 100,000 guns … Continue reading

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