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Amusing: Narrative Changes With Every Criticsm

I see the ever-changing “tale de jour” out of the Hillary Clinton campaign is that a staffer reviewed each and every one of Hillary’s emails. ‘Zat a fack? What was the staffer’s name. Security clearance? Hours worked? Years of experience? … Continue reading

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Noted: Obama Extols “Peaceful Nature Of Islam”

The New York Daily News reports Obama has extolled the ‘true peaceful nature of Islam.’ Well, they still do not grow peaches on thistles, pecans on poison sumac, or apples on vines. So tell that to the relatives of the … Continue reading

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A Grand Jury Decides For Man Who Shot Cop In His Home

Another jury has decided a Texas SWAT Team officer signed his own death warrant when he made a no-knock entry into a man’s home. The report of the grand jury decision is at the link, and the Alley will be … Continue reading

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Minnesota Bill Would Make BodyCam Video Secret

The anti-gun Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on a bill that would make body cam video ‘private,’ another word for secret, and deny the public its right to know in cases that may involve police misconduct. Briefly quoting the Star-Tribune report … Continue reading

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Unprofessional Conduct: Arrest For Photography

The Asbury Park Press reports a press photographer was arrested for photography even though the Supreme Court has ruled that Americans have a Constitutional right to photograph the police. As I recall, the Supreme Court ruled Americans have an absolute … Continue reading

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Anti Rushes The Growler: Rangel Goes To Bat For Killer

I see one of Gotham’s dozens of Democratic – and therefore anti-gun- politicians has already sprinted to the defense of a convicted cop killer who is thought to be living in Havana. And, as the Bridget Johnson bylined report at … Continue reading

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Illegal Detention On Baltimore

As I have posted many times, the Supreme Court has decreed that a police officer in public view is fair game for any photographer. Put another way, photographic the police is not a crime. The Baltimore Sun reports on a … Continue reading

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No Outrage Over Hammer Murder In St. Louis

FOX reports there has been no outrage over the brutal murder of a man in front of his fiancee in St. Louis. Essentially, the victim exited a restaurant to find a gang beating on his car with hammers. When he … Continue reading


King Obama To Seize Congress’ Power In Deal With Iran

Breitbart reports Obama will seize Congress’ power to ratify treaties and sign and ratify a treaty with Iran’s Mullahs without Congressional Ratification. Briefly quoting the Breitbart report quoted above: Rhodes revealed that the Obama administration was going to attempt to … Continue reading


Wisconsin: Platoon Of Paras Collect Judgement At Gunpoint

Reason reports a 24 man platoon of parametrized police belonging to the town of Stettin, Wisconsin was dispatched to arrest the FBI’s most wanted collect a civil judgement from a 75 year old man. Briefly quoting the Reason report linked … Continue reading