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Expected: “Gunrunner” Holder To Conduct A Pre Election Spectacle

Self disgraced and disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder will conduct a thinly disguised “rally the troops” witch hunt, sending his shock troops to ‘investigate’ the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department. Briefly quoting the Politico report linked above, Holder, whose gun and … Continue reading

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An Object Lesson For Those W\ho Snitch On Gotham’s Cops

Ramsey Orta, the man whose cell phone pictures of a Gotham cop putting an illegal chokehold on a two bit criminal attracted nationwide attention to the NYPD, has been indicted on ‘unrelated gun charges.’ The whole thing reeks of a … Continue reading

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Governor Palin Speaks Winged Words

No further comment is necessary: Stranger

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Joe Arpaio: My Tent Jails Are Hilton Hotels Compared To Obama’s Concentration Camps

I see Maracopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his tent city jails are Hilton Hotels compared to the horrible conditions the wave of migrant children the OH-man invited in. Yep, that’s what I have heard. Not that the complicit media … Continue reading


Obama Set To Issue Fiat On Immigration

The Washington Examiner’s Brian Hughes reports Obama is preparing a fiat to impose ‘immigration reform’ on Americans. Given the post 1992 history of Obama’s Partei; And that many Democrats believe the only way to retain political domination is to swamp … Continue reading

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Autodefensas Move To Attack Cartel; Autodefensas Arrested By Government

In a series of connected reports, Borderland Beat reports on moves by the government to protect the “Cabelleros Templarios” NarcoCartel against the citizen self defense groups called Atutodefensas. The first report concerns the advance of the Autodefensas on the Templarios … Continue reading

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Homeland Security?

Some came by searching for “homeland security.” That does not give me much upon which to base a guess on the nature of the search. I frankly do not like “The Department of Homeland Security” as it presently exists. It … Continue reading

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A Photo Report On Obama’s Concentration Camps

The Los Angeles Times has a too brief photo spread of the concentration camps the regime is forcing children into. Click on over, the Alley will be here when you get back. And as you look and read, remember Bill … Continue reading

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“Gunslinging Prosecutor” Witholds Evidence, Sends Innocent Man To Prison For 24 Years

Back in the 1960’s one of my original partners in research discovered the DA was withholding evidence in a case he was defending. Among a few things not fit to print Elliot called the wee by-blow a “gunslinging prosecutor, more … Continue reading

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Where do they get thse dummies, anyway?

Once would be bad enough! Given the 65 years of precedent one would think the police, and certainly the prosecutors, would be aware that the American public has an absolute First Amendment right, as well as a due process right, … Continue reading

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