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Sir Winston Churchill’s Advice For Gun Control Activists

British statesman and historian Sir Winston Churchill had a bit of advice that gun control advocates would do well to follow: However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. In the 519 years since the first gun … Continue reading

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Half Year Gun Law Total

Observant Alley readers will recall that instead of maintaining a running count of enacted gun laws that have been enacted or imposed as well as a count of gun laws currently in force in favor of adding, and sometimes subtracting, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the visitors fcrom Suomen tasavalta

I see the Alley had several visitors from the Finnish Republic today. Welcome, and I hope the overview of official Finnish crime statistics and commentary were of value to you. Stranger

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Florida: Warning Shots OK!

Miami’s CBS outlet reports Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill into law legalizing firing warning shots to avert criminal aggression. Briefly quoting the WFOR report linked above: On Friday Scott signed House Bill 89 under which Floridians who … Continue reading

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One For Michigan Gunnies To Watch: SB 789

A bill currently being touted as allowing 18 year old’s to receive gun training without the parent or guardian’s presence, and simplify CCW licensing is making its way through the Michigan Legislature. As it is described, there should be nothing … Continue reading

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Hmm: I Wonder If That SCOTUS Decision Would Apply To Guns

Talking Points Memo’s Mark Sherman reports our Supreme Court has handed down a rare unanimous decision that Pennsylvania prosecutors cannot use a law based on a treaty for prosecuting a woman. The woman in question used chemicals to superficially burn … Continue reading

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CNN Poll: “Does The US Need Stricter Gun Control Laws?”

CNN has a poll asking if the United States needs stricter gun control laws. At the moment, the poll of CNN’s far left audience is 63 against, 37 for. Actually, I think the United States should have stricter gun laws. … Continue reading

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Federal Judge: Out of State Marijuana Conviction Does Not Take Gun Rights

The Boston Herald reports a Federal Judge has ruled that an out-of-state marijuana conviction cannot be used to deny Americans the right to have a gun in their homes for self defense. Briefly quoting the Boston Herald report linked above: … Continue reading

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Four Pro Gun Laws OK’s By Arizona Senate

Four pro-gun bills that have already cleared the House have been have been given an initial OK by the Senate. From a public safety standpoint, the most important would allow CCW permit holders to enter public buildings, unless local ordinances … Continue reading

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Michigan: Law repealing Ban on Short Barreled Long Guns Signed Into Law

One more of the many anti-gun laws traceable to Bureau of Investigation (the FBI) Director J. Edgar Hoover has been repealed. This one was a law against possession of short barreled rifles and shotguns, which Hoover claimed were “often cut … Continue reading

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