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Should Mental Health Affect Gun Rights

Someone came by searching for “sanity affect gun rights.” Of several possibilities, the question of whether or not “mental health should affect gun rights” is the broadest. So, for starters, what is mental health? My psychiatrist friend and I agree … Continue reading

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Report: Tennessee Legislators Discussing Gun Law Changes

In a report without details Nashville’s WKRN reports Tennessee’s legislators are discussing gun law changes. Hopefully, ones that will increase the probability that potential criminals will meet an armed victim. Measures such as an end to gun free zones where … Continue reading

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Panama Lifts Gun Import Ban In Face Of Crime Wave

Thanks to link from Joe Mama I see Panama has dropped its ban on firearms imports. Of course, Panama’s laws are based on Spanish law, and is far too restrictive. But from past experience with relaxing gun laws, if Panama … Continue reading


“What Would The Murder Rate Be If People Had Not Started Buying Guns In 1992?”

Someone stopped by searching for “what would the us murder rate be if americans had not started buying guns in 1993. Actually, we did not start buying guns until 1993, impelled by Hillary and Willie Clinton’s move to ban most … Continue reading

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The Complete Text Of S.1520, The Making A Misdemeanor A Felony” Act

This bill is the brainchild of a couple of anti’s, Klobuchar (ANTI-MN) and Hirono (ANTI-HI). The bill amends Federal law in several undesirable ways, without any benefit to the group Hirono and Klobuchar pretend to want to aid. I would … Continue reading

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A Good Gun Related Bill: H.R. 1588

A friend of ours has introduced H.R. 1588, a bill to slap criminal penalties on the “spotters the Cartels use to watch their shipments, and to provide information for rival cartels shipments to set them up for land piracy – … Continue reading

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Congress Has 147 Bills With Firearms In Th eTitle

Not all of those 147 bills with firearms in the title are evil. But all the bills with firearms in the title sponsored or introduced by a Democrat are. Stranger

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“Why Should We Make It Easy For Killers?”

Writing at FOX News Dr. John Lott asks a very pertinent question: Chattanooga shootings: Why should we make it easy for killers to attack our military? That is a very pertinent question, given the number of murders of all types … Continue reading

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The Full Text Of H.R. 1239, The “Bring Back The Thugs” Act Of 2015

Over the last 45 years ATF excesses and gratuitous violence has resulted in a number of riders that reined in the ATF’s authority to emulate Der Geheime Staatspolizei, the dreaded Secret State Police of pre WWII Germany. Those excesses included … Continue reading

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Congress Watch: H.R,. 2939 An ATF Enabling Act

Gothams Charles Rangel, a bitter enemy of civil and gun rights since he set foot in Congress 38 years ago, has introduced H.R. 2939 an ATF enabling bill titled: To repeal certain appropriations riders that limit the ability of the … Continue reading

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