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Chuckle: Global Warming Has Slowed, they say

The Daily Mail, reporting on a Duke University study, reports ‘global warming has slowed.’ Briefly quoting the Daily Mail report linked above: Global warming hasn’t happened as fast as expected, according to a new study based on 1,000 years of … Continue reading

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Soros Wants Obama’s Guests To Naturalize Before 2016

The Daily Caller reports George Soros and the Democrats want Obama’s illegal invited guests to become citizens before November, 2016 so they can help return Soros and the Democrats to complete control of the United States. I do not think … Continue reading

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Headline: “Goodbye DOJ, Holder Is Free”

A headline at The Hill Says: Goodbye DOJ, Holder Is Free I seriously doubt Holder would be free if Mexico’s former AG, Marisela Morales, or the thousands of survivors of those murdered with weapons provided though Holder sanctioned, if not … Continue reading

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Report: McConnell Worked Hard To Confirm Lynch

The Hill reports Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) worked benind the scenes to round up a 60 vote majority to confirm immigration activist and anti-gun activist Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Whether the Hill report is true or not, … Continue reading

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Annual Sales Of Stolen Guns?

Someone came by searching for “what is the total sales of illegal guns.” The question behind the search can be taken several ways, but so few guns are actually illegal under all circumstances and in all venues that it would … Continue reading

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Why Do Men Commit Suicide With A Shot To The Head?

Someone came by searching for “why men committ suicide with a gun to the head ?” People commit suicide because they are in pain; either physical pain as cancer patients often do, or the emotional pain of depression. People bent … Continue reading

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A Family Tragedy, An Honest Obituary

Sadly, few parents will open their hearts and speak honestly of the heartbreak of losing a child to illegal drugs. However, one father did. And it is well worth your time. Click on over to the Daily Mail report, linked … Continue reading

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Holder Not Gone Yet, Rallying The Troops To Continue “This Important Wok”

Self disgraced and utterly disgraceful “former” Attorney General Eric Holder spent part of the afternoon urging his former minions to “continue this important work.” Presumably, from Holder’s record, of ordering gun dealers to sell guns to NarcoCartels. The new boss, … Continue reading

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Recall Petitions Circulating In Oregon

A chance comment on the big party line led to the discovery of post “universal background check law,” actually a form of universal gun registration, bill in Oregon. Briefly quoting the KATU report linked above: The state Senate voted last … Continue reading

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Where Is There support For Gun Control?

The Inside With website has a map showing where there is substantial support for gun control. The results are very much what my own data suggests, the Wet Coast’s Red Strip, the area around Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago, the Gotham metro … Continue reading

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