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Does Cold Weather Cut Violent Crime?

Someone came by searching for “does cold weather cut violent crime.” Indeed it does. While the graphic below is of the overall violent crime rate by month, the effect of the seasons is clearly visible. The Graphic is taken from … Continue reading

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Google Intends To Use Politifact As A Truth Indicator

“New Scientist,” itself a purveyor of dubious fact, solemnly reports Google intends to rank websites on a basis of factual content. And then promptly game with, quoting: The software works by tapping into the Knowledge Vault, the vast store of … Continue reading

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Curses: Foiled Again!

A few days ago, someone asked why comments are moderated instead of using a captcha. Basically because I hate the things. I tried to leave a comment at a captcha protected site and failed utterly. So I blamed it on … Continue reading

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Report: Obama Protected Iran’s Nuke Plants

While it is only a report, Israeli media outlet Arutz Sheva reports Obama threatened to shoot down an Israeli Air Force attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons facility, forcing the mission to be aborted. Briefly quoting the Arutz Sheva report linked … Continue reading

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“BSA J9 Trigger”

Someone stopped by searching for “bsa j9 trigger.” Before the Gun Control Mistake of 1968 I built a couple of Herters J9 barreled actions into sporters, using Herters stocks, and I can well understand why someone would want to improve … Continue reading

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Climate: A Cool Summer Is Predicted!

Scientists (real ones!) point out the record or near record amount of ice cover on the Great Lakes portends a cool summer for the Eastern United States. A summer as cool, or cooler, than the summer of 2014. Way up … Continue reading

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Important Link: Climate Related

Posting at Small Dead Animals, “Dr. Kyla” lays out the facts as she sees them in a post titled ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming: Why I left the Religion ‘ Religion is as good a word as any, although the driving force … Continue reading

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The Daily Interlake’s Frank Miele Hit’s A Grand Slam

The editor of the Kalispell, Montana’s Dailly Interlake is Frank Miele. Editor Miele makes a habit of both telling the truth, and doing it in understandable style. Today’s Interlake editorial tells why the present immigration funding appropriation is no more … Continue reading

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Ominous: Obama Will Not Let Congress Do Its Job

The Constitution of the United States requires the President and the executive branch rule the United States “With the advice and consent of Congress.” The Founders, with 2,500 year of history in mind and a blank sheet of paper inserted … Continue reading

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March 1: Baltimore Homicides Up

Winter has been hard on Baltimore, which has shared the increasingly bitter winter cold and other discomforts that usually keep violent criminals indoors. Despite conditions that should have led to a decline in murder numbers and rates, Baltimore’s January and … Continue reading

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