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Georgia: Gov. Deal VETOES Campus Carry

Well, you win some, lose some, and some get rained out. In the latter category, Gerogia Governor Nathan Deal has vetoed a potentially life saving campus-carry bill. Vetoed, that bill will save no lives. Briefly quoting the ABC report linked … Continue reading

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“He Was A violent Offender Who Should Never Have Been Released”

new Orleans WDSU reports a violent felon who was out on parole has been charged with two counts of murder and felon-in-possession. The story is at the link, and the Alley will be here when you click back. But to … Continue reading

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Cameroon: Militiaman Kills Suicide Bomber With A Poisoned Arrow

laws dating back to its period as a German colony have kept the good people of Cameroon from possessing modern defensive weapons, but the people dow what they can with what they have. Briefly quoting the Daily Mail report linked … Continue reading

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Obama Watch: 12:00 UTC, 8:00 AM EDT, 4 May 2016

with 262 days remaining in Obama’s second and final lawful term in office, I see no media reports indicating Obama has promulgated, announced, his decrees laying a wider foundation for gun owner registration, gun owner lists, gun bans, gun confiscation, … Continue reading

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Chuckle: The Predicted Media Assault On Trump Has Begun

Last night, the media’s polls had Trump over Clinton by two percent, six months plus out from the election. Less than 114 hours later, CNN has HRod up by double digits And from comments on the big party line, some … Continue reading


A Few Thoughts On The Primaries

A report on exit polls contained the interesting comment that male voters put Donald Trump in the winners circle. Men have not been very politically active, preferring to let our better halves cast a single vote for the family. If … Continue reading

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Cochise County Cracks Down On Juvenile Drug Mules

Like the criminal gangs, who use “children” as killers because they will be released at 18, the NarcoCartels have long used “children” as drug mules, killers, and to do other jobs that are likely to get result in prison. Now, … Continue reading

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! Who You Say Is Forcing The Democrats Leftward, Again?

In one of its rare slipups, the the Daily Mail says Bernie Sanders is trying to drive ‘his party; leftward. In reality, Bernard Sanders is not a Democrat. Red Bernie is a Democratic Socialist who caucuses with the Democrats. Hillary … Continue reading

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Well, Taht Should Be The Lineup For November

Ted Cruz’ suspending his Presidential campaign pretty much leaves the 2016 Republican nomination to Donald Trump. Trump has 1057 delegates, 190 short of the magic 2037, and will almost certainly pick those up between now and the California primary. On … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz Suspends Presidential Campaign

FOX News reports Texas Senator Ted Cruz has suspended his Presidential Campaign. So it comes down to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee. here’s hoping the right wing media’s bad boys will quit trying to jawbone the … Continue reading

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