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“Hitlers Car In Goshen, Indiana

Land o’ Goshen, someone wants to know about “hitler’s car in goshen, Indieana.” Which brings back the days when every touring carnival seemed to have a “Hitler’s car.” While they were not all Mercedes 770 series, most were. And thee … Continue reading

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Eric Holder For The Supreme Court?

An item item at the hill suggests former Attorney General Eric “Gunrunner” Holder should be on the Supreme Court. I seriously doubt there is a law on the books Gunrunner Holder has not at least contemplated breaking. Holder was an … Continue reading

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Nashville: “Victim” 1; Robber, A Bellyful Of Hot Lead

The Tennessean reports a robber picked the wrong victim, and wound up with a belly full of hot lead. Briefly quoting the Tennessean report linked above: Metro officers responded at about 10:10 p.m. to 157 Lafayette St. where they found … Continue reading

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Noted: All Four Democratic Candidates Support “Sanctuary Cities””

The Daily Caller reports all four of the Democratic dandidates for President, Hrod, Red Bernie, Jwebb, and whatisface support sanctuary cities such as San Francisco. The DC seemingly forgot to mention that all four Democratic candidates for President also support … Continue reading

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Anti Re-titles gun bill – No Text, Yet

New York’s Charles Rangel has apparently retitled, and quite probably rewritten his H.R. 2939, which would have repealed many of the restraints Congress has put on the BATFE. While it was not so titled, the “Enable the puppy stompers” would … Continue reading

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Economy: China’s Stock Market Down, Greeks Say NO!

I see the Greeks have rejected the austerity measures its creditors demand. The current ruling party is a Communo-Socialist outfit that was elected on a platform of calling Europe’s bluff and restoring the Greek economy on pipe dreams and hot … Continue reading

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Noted: Progressive Dark Money Group Threatens Dems Who Oppose Iran Nukes

The Washington Free Beacon reports a Democratic “dark money” group has threatened to oppose any Democrat who opposes the “nuclear weapons for Iran” scheme the regime is attempting to negotiate. Briefly quoting the Free Beacon report linked above: CREDO Action, … Continue reading

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New York Times Urges People To Stop Crime – ha ha

U see the radical progressive, and anti-gun, rag called the new York Times urges people to stop crime by giving up their cash. Which is an interesting concept, since only a relatively small fraction of serious crimes primarily involve robbery. … Continue reading

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The Officially Sanctioned Murder Of Kate Steinle

As Alley readers surely know, a young woman named Kate Steinle was murdered by a fie times deported illegal in the “sanctuary city” of San Francisco.” The “alleged” killer has reportedly confessed to the murder, and ‘Frisco’s law enforcment and … Continue reading

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Chicago: 15 Dead, 67 Wounded

In a report that brings back memories battle reports and casualty lists from the Korean “Police Action,” Chicago’s WLS reports 15 Chicago residents were murdered and 67 were wounded over the fireworks weekend. Briefly quoting the historic WLS’ report linked … Continue reading

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