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Another Republican Declares

Former Virginia Jim Gilmore has declared his candidacy for President of the United States. On the Issues has Gilmore’s record but for the life of me I cannot remember anything notable about Gilmore’s Governorship. Well, at this rate we will … Continue reading

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Anti-Gun Activist Indicted, Corruption

Anti-gun activist Congressman Chaka Fattah, of Philadelphia, has been indicted on Federal charges of bribery, destruction of records, and other charges. Briefly quoting The Hill report linked above: The 11-term Democrat and four associates were indicted on 29 federal counts, … Continue reading

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Democrats Want To Polish Doorknobs

The Sport Utility Rifle in the top of thie poster is used to kills someone approximatly 50 times a yar; 35 of those by the police. The Demicrats want to call it an “assault weapon” and either ban them, or … Continue reading

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Chucky Attacks NICS System

After the double murder/suickide in a Lafayette, Louisiana gun free zone, The Hill reports New York’s Notorious Senator Chucky Schumer wants the FBI to conduct a complete survey of the NICS system. Briefly quoting The Hill report linked above: Schumer, … Continue reading

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Bloody Baltimore; 185 homicides in 209 days

It seems every time I look, Baltimore’s homicide total edges closer to the count of days for the year. Today’s check had 185 homicides in 209 days, a 323 per year rate. Well, this increase was predicted when Martin O’Malley … Continue reading

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“The Condition Of Man

This chart of European murder rates shows the two conditions of man. In 1500 murder rates were estimated to range between 50 and 100 pe 100,000 population. Guns were rare, extremely expensive, and the people were generally unable to defend … Continue reading

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What Are They Saying When They Say “Gun Control Works?”

More and more often some “volunteer” for a gun ban group says “gun control works. The dat isout there to prove it works.” What exactly are they saying? They are saying that the data from the British home office is … Continue reading

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When Will Convress Vote On Anti-Gun Bills?

Someone came by searching for “when will the senate vote on H.R. 1599 the Senate Version.” Hopefully, never. As far as I can tell none of the nearly 300 bills with provisions that adversely affect possession of “firearms,” “weapons,” or … Continue reading

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“Ferguson Could Happen To Us”

Politico reports the National Mayor’s Survey found a majority of mayors feel a Ferguson could happen in their city. At least most mayors seem to have a grasp on the situation. So long as our leadership allows a man of … Continue reading

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Still Nothing In The Atlantic

Weather Underground a couple of minor disturbances in the Pacific, but the Atlantic is still amazingly calm. A decade ago, the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico were blood red but to my eye, both the Gulf and Atlantic appear to … Continue reading

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