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Noted: Gin Control Advocate To Play SHOT Show

i see Bill Engvall, who things no one needs a military styled self loading rifle, will front the SHOT show this year. Which is a odd choice, to say the least. An anti- entertaining the crowd at the SHOT Show. … Continue reading

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Noted: Ferguson Big Lots, Target To Close – NEXT?

I see by the Fire Andrea Mitchell website that Big Lots will join Target and exit the riot torn city of Ferguson, Missouri. With profits ranging from little to non-existent in retail and services right now, the only remaining question … Continue reading

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If PBS Took A Poll, Gun Control Would Do Well, RIGHT?

Anti-gun PBS did give a poll, and here are the results of that poll. Complete with the usual Newtown talking points of the gun ban funders. Have a poll: Yes, that is 111,536 against a total of 6,280 for or … Continue reading

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Dog Shoots Owner

Another loaded chamber accident almost proved fatal for a Sheridan, Wyoming man whose dog fired the .300 Winchester Magnum rifle. Briefly quoting the FOX News report linked above: Fipps told the dog, whose name and breed were not known, to … Continue reading

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Report: Iguala Massacre Was “A Crime Of The State”

Borderland Beat translates a report in Proceso quoting a retired Mixican Army general to the effect that the murder of up to 53 people could not have been carried out without the help of the Army. Briefly quoting the Borderland … Continue reading

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Former Officers Suing DC For Carry Rights

The Washington Times reports former DC officers are suing the District in a bid to obtain a License To Carry. Briefly quoting the Washington Times report linked above: It’s been six years since Robert L. Smith retired from his job … Continue reading

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Self Defense In Wisconsin “Victim” 1: Robber – Iced

Madison, Wisconsin’s WISC reports an attempted robber that resulted in the death of the robber has been ruled a justifiable homicide. Briefly quoting the WISC report linked above: Police said the 24-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene of … Continue reading

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Climate: It’s Icy Up North!

IHIS reports December 18th Arctic sea ice extant was 11,999,533 KM square, withing the margin of error of twelve million square kilometers. The growth of Arctic ice has been pretty spectacular, growing at a rate that is more like that … Continue reading

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Eric Holder Should Look In A Mirror

I see self disgraced and utterly disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder is whining that the United States has failed. Really? How about Eric Holder’s failures? One of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives gunrunning operations resulted in more … Continue reading

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China Demands U.S. Ban Guns

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby reports the Communist Party Xinhua News Agency, has demanded the United States immediately adopt Chian style gun controls. That is, a ban for all but a select few. As it is, America’s civilian marksman would outnumber any … Continue reading

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