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Scratch One Attack On The Police

The “attack on an officer” in in Milius, Massachusetts was a hoax. Just an attention seeker in a uniform. Stranger

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I see Tam Is Back In Her Native Habitat

Tam reports she is now in a place she can feel at home. Tam’s posts before that are also worth a read. Tam would like to spend her days behind the counter in a gun shop. Congratulations are always due … Continue reading

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Politics In A Gun Ban State

Accuracy In Media has a report on the way politics and the public’s business is conducted in Maryland. The report may be of interest, since Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Mally is a graduate of the Maryland-DC political setup. Stranger

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New August Record For NICS Checks

The FBI reports it performed 1,745,410 NICS checks during August, almost 200,000 more checks than it performed during August 2014, and up from 956,872 checks in 2008. The total number of NICS Checks for 2015 is 13,912,485 checks, approximately equal … Continue reading

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Sig-Sauer Faces Criminal Charges In Mexico

Borderland Beat reports a German anti-gun activist has filed charges against Sig-Sauer claiming illegal weapons exports to Mexico. Briefly quoting the Borderland Beat report linked above: German weapons maker Sig Sauer is facing a second lawsuit on suspicion of illegally … Continue reading

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Noted: Comcast Gives Anti-Gun Talker Another Hour

Mediaite reports Comcast will give far left and anti-gun talking head Joe Scarborough another hour to propagandize. For those who missed Scarborough’s anti-gun raving HuffPo has the story of one outburst, here. A good search engine will turn up many … Continue reading


8 Foot King Cobra On The Loose – In Florida

Am eight foot specimen pf one of the deadliest venomous snakes on Earth, a king cobra, is reportedly on the loose in the Orlando area. A native of India and the nearby area, King Cobra’s reach 18 feet, so an … Continue reading

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Black Violence Peddler Threatens La Plata, Maryland

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit reports one of the Black Lives Matter violence organizing groups has threatened to kill all the palefaces in La Plata, Maryland. Looking at the demographics, that might be a tough job, since many of the residents … Continue reading

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Where Are Murder Rates UP?

Someone stopped by searching for “where are murder rates up.” Baltimore is pretty much the poster child for a bought and paid for crime increse, but Chicago is not far behind. The split between the NYPD and Democratic (Socialist) mayor … Continue reading

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Has It Come To The Point The People Must Protect Police?

Instapundit has posted a comment by a Texas Sheriff’s deeputy that is worth a click over to see. So go ahead and click – and the Alley will be here when you click back. And yes, it is time for … Continue reading

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