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Progress: Another Ohio School District Considers Guns

FOX News reports that a second Ohio School District is considering allowing teachers access to kept locked up on campus. Briefly quoting the FOX report linked above: “If people know you are protected and that can help us a little … Continue reading

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UK Crime: First Rotherham, Now This

The latest sordid scandal has hit the Daily Mail. This follows the Rotherham scandal, also involving abuse of children. A few more of these “D-list” scandals and I will have to conclude England is even worse than the crime stats … Continue reading

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Bloody Chicago: 3 Shot Dead, 5 Wounded

The Chicago Tribune reports eight Chicago residents were shot in the 25 hours between Friday night and Sunday morning, an average of a shooting every in almost gun free Chicago. With more than one fatality a day, and 38 days … Continue reading

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Cleveland Cops Shoot 12 YO With An Airsoft

UPDATEFOX News boy has died.end update. A Cleveland, Ohio 12 year old with an airsoft replica pistol was shot by police and is reportedly in critical condition. This is an obvious error, but at the same time a somewhat … Continue reading

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Fatal Hunting Accident In Jersey

There is an old saying that “If it is common, it does not make the papers.” A fatal firearms accident has made broadcast news far from the site of the tragedy, illustrating just how rare firearms accidents are. ABC News … Continue reading

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Demos Methods Of Manipulationg Media Revealed

The Conservative Treehouse’ Sundance reports on the means the Democrats and the Sinister Left use to manipulate the media. Sundance has the story at the link, so click on over and be informed. The hosting company promises the Alley will … Continue reading

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Washington Homeowner 1: Amred Robber A Slab

A report on a home invasion in the Tacoma News Tribune tells us a homeowner managed to escape his bonds andgive one of the armed robbers who tied he and his wife up a terminal dose of hot lead. Briefly … Continue reading

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Fifty One Years Ago, Gun Control Mania Began

Fofty one years ago, on Saturday, the 23rd of November, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas. A week later, on November 30, 1963, executives of the television, cinema, and documentary film industries met in Chicago to … Continue reading


Noted: Google Gives Up On “Green Energy”

Writing for Breitbart London, highly respected British journalist James Delingpole reports Google has quietly given up on solar and wind energy. Briefly quoting the Breitbart London report linked above: We came to the conclusion that even if Google and others … Continue reading

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More On Mail Order Guns

“Batavia” asked for more information about mail order guns, particularly those from Klein’s Sporting Goods. Well, between 1948 and 1963, mail order guns and hot rods ran a parallel course. Hot Rod hit the stands, and suddenly “chopped and channeled … Continue reading

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