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Revolver Or Semi-Auto For Self Defense?

Someone stopped by searching for “pistol or revolver for sd.” I assume sd is Self Defense. Both semi-autos and revolvers have their their “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” moments. The revolver holds fewer shots, is likely to be … Continue reading

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Officers Down: Two Deputies Killed In Md: Perp Defunct

FOX News reports two Sheriff’s Deputies were murdered by a man who was killed in the the Harford County, Maryland shootout that followed the Officers murders. Harford County is a part of the Baltimore metro district, and adjoins that city … Continue reading

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Tampa Tribune Gets Glimpse Of Reality

Mide Ervin, a disability rights activist has an op-ed report on what the Federal Bureaucracy’s are doing to implement Obama’s gun ban foundation decrees. For example, if you are in an assisted living facility, your Social Security payment may be … Continue reading


Lynch To File Suit Against Ferguson , Mo.

In the latest chapter of the George Soros subsidized tragedy of Ferguson, Missouri, the Washington Post reports Attorney General Loretta Lynch will file a civil lawsuit against Ferguson, Missouri. While the DOJ can apparently prosecute a man for failing to … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Appears Likely To Run For President

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appears closer to formally announcing ryb fir president as an independent, New Party, or some other party label. Bloomberg has the money to fund his own campaign, but the primary effect of an … Continue reading

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More Confirmation: Mass Murderers Prefer Gun Free Zones

The signage required by the “Gun Free Zone Act of 1990” was barely up when the first active killer struck in a school zone. Since then there have been dozens of formal studies demonstrating active killers and mass murderers prefer … Continue reading

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Fiorina Calls It A Game

FOX News reports Presidential Candidate Carley Fiorina has suspended her campaign. Stranger

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Christie Will Suspend Campaign

A report on the big party line says New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie will suspend his campaign for President. Christie seemed to be running a “stake all on New Hampshire” campaign so suspension of that campaign is not a major … Continue reading

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Report: Christie Called Trump For A “Long Talk”

For what it is worth, The Hill reports Presidential Candidate Donald Trump says New Jersey’s Anti governor, Chris Christie, called him for “a long talk.” I cannot independently verify that at the moment, but it is not impossible or even … Continue reading

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A Straw In The Political Wind?

New Hampshire is increasingly a “blue” state as Massachusetts residents flee “Taxachusetts” high taxes and unsatisfactory quality of life. Yet you would not know that by the February 9, 2016 primary turnout, which reflect voters enthusiasm for the individual parties. … Continue reading

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