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Gateway Pundit Has The Rest Of The Story

A few days ago I noted one of “homeland security’s” mental giants pointed a loaded gun at a boy scout who tried to retrieve personal belongings from a roof rack. Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit has the rest of the story, … Continue reading

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Are You A Republican Or A Democrat: A Yankee or A Southerner?

If you are not sure whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, A Yankee or a Southerner, here is a simple test to help you decide. You are walking down a deserted street with your wife and your ten … Continue reading

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Six Of Obama’s Illegals Murder An American

Right Wing News reports six of Obama’s Mara Salvatrucha street gang members stabbed Amos Jones, a homeless American man to death. Regular Alley readers will recall the “MS-13″ group was the beneficiary of the Department of Justice’s “Operation Castaway,” which … Continue reading

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Boston: “People Do Not Need To Own Shotguns Or Rifles”

AWR Hawkins, writing at Breitbart’s Big Government, reports Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told WBGH that Bostonians do not need shotguns or rifles; and therefore he should have veto power over weapons purchases in his city. Obviously, Evans is grossly … Continue reading

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Self Defense In Indianpolis: Homeowner 1: Home Invader, 0

In a very early report, Indianapolis’ WTHR reports a home invader has contracted an acute case of sudden weight gain at the hands of an aggrieved home owner – and his ticket has been punched. Congratulations are due the homeowner; … Continue reading

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Bloody Chicago: “At Least” One Murdered 19 Shot

Chicago’s WBBM reports a 13 year old boy has been shot to death and at least 19 other Chicago residents have been wounded since the start of the weekend on Friday afternoon. Chicago’s “hittas” must be shivering int he unseasonable … Continue reading

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Shocker: Gotham Gazette Pumps Pot

The Sinister Left mouthpiece better known as Pravda West has come down hard for the legalization of marijuana. As I have pointed out in the past, marijuana was once perfectly legal in the United States. It could be obtained almost … Continue reading

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The Laugh Of The Day: “ObamaCare An Antidote For Crime”

The Christian Science Monitor headlines an item “Obamacare for ex-inmates: Is health insurance an antidote to crime? The item is bylined by “Cara Tabachnick, Contributor,” and it is obvious that Ms. Cara Tabachnick has not consulted the recognized authorities on … Continue reading

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Regime Using Impeachment Threat To Raise Cash

The Washington Times reports the Democrats are using the threat of ‘imminent impeachment’ to raise campaign cash. It would not make a lot of sense for the House to vote a “bill of impeachment” while Harry Reid controls the Senate. … Continue reading

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Noted: frequency of 90 degree plus days declines

Real Science notes that the summer of 2014 is “the coolest on record” and that the number of days with temperatures of 90 degrees or more is declining. I do not remember the summer of 1934, but I do remember … Continue reading

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