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More On The Canadian Parliament Shooting

More, because the situation is still as clear as mud. The dude who killed a young soldier on ceremonial duty is thought to be a recent Muslim convert from Quebec, Michael Zehaf-Bibea, whose real world name was Hall. But no … Continue reading


“Best Handgun Sights For Self Defense?”

Someone stopped by searching for “best handgun sights for self defense.” With rare exceptions, self defense and the defense of others is a short range business. Yes, some perp started firing on a deputy 200 yards away, and one of … Continue reading

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Nebraska: Homeowner 1: Perp Slabbed, Accomplices Jugged

Omaha’s WOWT reports on a Belleview, Nebraska home invasion resulted in the perpetrator being administered a terminal case of lead poisoning and two young men arrested as accessories. Briefly quoting the WOWT report linked above: Police say one of the … Continue reading

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Let me apologize for anythng I have missed.

I had one of those every six months checkups Government Medicine insists on, and have been walking around pie-eyed ever since. I am getting to the point I can sort of see what I am doing, so it should be … Continue reading

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Looks Like Cuomo Is As Popular As A Skunk In A Punch Bowl

The Weekly Standard reports Anti-gun Governor Andrew “SAFE ACT” Cuomo is apparently about as popular as a skunk in a church social punchbowl. Cuomo received a payoff advance of some $700,000 for a book. That has been out for a … Continue reading

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O’Keefe Reveals Democratic Vote Fraud In Colorado

James O’Keefe has lifted the toilet seat on Democratic vote fraud in the State of Colorado. Thanks to Anti-gun governor Hickey Hickenlooer and his cast of Partei liners, Colorado has thrown out the secret ballot, and gone to mail in … Continue reading

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Can’t Happen: They Have Gun Control

UPDATE Reports have it that there have been multiple shootings,and the shooter or shooters, male, black hair, armed with a long gun, is still on the loose. Reportedly, “twenty or thirty shots were fired” inside the Parliament building. -end- UPDATE … Continue reading

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“Gun Crime Facts: Illegal vs Legal”

Google sent someone by searching for “gun crime facts illegal vs legal.” The question behind the search can be taken several ways, calling for a much more detailed answer than I usually give. So… Before I answer that, let me … Continue reading

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Darren Wilson’s Story

The Daily Mail reports on Ferguson, Missouri’s Darren Wilson, the police officer who, to hear the American media tell it, shot a young black child to death for no reason. Briefly quoting the Daily Mail report linked above: The police … Continue reading

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“What Gangs Responsible For Most Crimes?”

A link at Doug Ross Journal gives me a chance to give a properly linked response to a common search. The link is to a 2009 report in Judicial Watch pointing out the fact that most street crimes are committed … Continue reading