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Maloney’s “Liability Insurance” Bill Not Up But The Hill Has A Writeup

New Yorks, and reportedly Michael Bloomberg’s client, Carolyn Maloney’s bill requiring all gun buyers and sellers to have “adequate liability insurance” has not been posted, but the Hill has a weriteup. Briefly quoting the Hill report linked above: The Firearm … Continue reading

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Matt Bevin Wins Ky Primary

Matt Beving, who is described as a Mitch McConnell rival, has won the Kentucky Republican Governors primary. On the Issues does not have an background on Bevin but I like his position on the Second Amendment. Briefly quoting On The … Continue reading

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What Percent Of Gun Owners Commit Crimes

Someone came by searching for “what percent of gun owners commit crimes.” That is a good question but a hard one to document. The greatest problem is the extremely high percentage of unsolved crimes… …but there are other problems making … Continue reading

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Bloomberg To Host Anti-Gun Event Next Tuesday

Breitbart’s AWR Hawkings reports Bloomberg, MTV, HBO, and others will hold a “gun awareness day”next Tuesday, June 2, 2014. As I have pointed out many times, the graphic on the left, taken from the Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime … Continue reading

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The Very First Intelligent Comments About The ISIS Mess

Presidential Candidate Carley Fiorina should have boosted herself into the first tier of presidential candidates with this honest, accurate, and very blunt assessment of the mess in the middle east: While I have not picked a candidate, this lady tells … Continue reading

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Study: “Climate Shift Ahead”

The respected British Journal Nature reports on a newish study that predicts decades of global cooling ahead. While the bulk of the report is behind a paywall, in essence it says the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation is entering a cold phase, … Continue reading

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Noted: Angela Corey Loses One

Long time Alley readers will recall Florida’s notorious States Attorney, Angela Corey, for high profile cases involving self defense. The Last Refuge’s Sundance reports a judge has dismissed an appeal by Corey allowing a lawsuit against her to proceed. The … Continue reading

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Report: Gun Thefts Up In St. Louis Area

The Saint Louis Post Dispatch reports gun thefts are up by 65% in the city. Briefly quoting the Post Dispatch report linked above: St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said most stolen guns are taken from vehicles. He suspects that … Continue reading

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Noted: Regime’s Land Grab Of The Day Is…

FOX News reports the Obama regime is preparing a fiat that is the fist step in shift western land from the owners control to regime control. Briefly quoting the FOX report linked above: The proposal would be the federal government’s … Continue reading

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Percentage Of Street And Legal Guns Used In Crimes

Document1 Someone stopped by searching for “percent street and legal guns in crime.” For the United States, a number of surveys suggest approximately five percent of gun related crimes are facilitated with a lawfully purchased gun, whether from a licensed … Continue reading

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