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Suspect Tries to Escape, Makes Headlines Instead

Eight of the top fifty crime headlines are from Washington State, with this one, from KCPQ, being the only one worth mentioning. Police: Suspect jumps in river to avoid arrest, but can’t swim Plebeian or not, eight headlines amounts to … Continue reading


Anti Everything Malloy Does Not Understand CT Law!

Like the child in the story; Connecticut’s anti-gun governor and presidential candidate Dannel Malloy [ANTI-CT] has once again opened his mouth and proven his own ignorance. The Federalist reports Malloy has announced an executive order banning travel to Indiana. This … Continue reading

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Brownback’s Signature The Only Thing Between Kansans And Constitutional Carry

The Kansas legislature has approved a bill ending the need for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Kansas. The bill requires only Republican Governor Sam Brownback’s signature to become law. I assume the State will still issue CCW’s … Continue reading

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Man Walks In On Gun Thief

The Helena, Montana Independent Record reports a Lewis and Clark County man walked in on a thief using a hammer in an attempt to break into his gun safe. Briefly quoting the Helena Independent Record report linked above: Sheriff’s deputies … Continue reading

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Noted: Obama Wants To Cut Military Retirement Pay

The Washington Times reports Obama supports a sharp rise in Tricare premiums along with ‘caps’ on military retirees pay. That will make a lot of people happy. As will the end of doctors fees under Medicare, coming Wednesday unless Congress … Continue reading

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Jews Beginning To Notice Democrats Dirty Tricks

The Economist notes that Democrats hostility to Israel is starting to be noticed among America’s Jews. It is about time; the Klan has been the “action branch” of the Democratic Party since Woodrow Wilson joined forces with Billy Simmons and … Continue reading

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“The Fastest Way To Regain Gun Rights?”

“MaryO” asks about the fastest way to regain gun rights. Well, for starters, let’s see how we lost them in the first place. In the late 1800’s demands for better pay, shorter work weeks, and better working conditions began to … Continue reading


Seattle Anti Prohibits Travel To Indiana

Law Professor Ann Althouse asks the right question here. And in the meantime the media’s using this non-event as a coverup for regime failure continues. I see Ed Murray, Seattle’s anti-gun mayor, has taken umbrage at Indiana’s “religious freedom law” … Continue reading

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“A Properly Drawn Gun Law Would Save Lives”

Defuniak says “A properly drawn gun law would save lives.” Evidently Defuniak believes that none of the more than 56,900 gun control laws put in place over the last 520 years have been properly drawn. Stranger

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First Printed AR-10 Lower Tested

FOX News reports a group of gunsmiths has successfully tested the first printed AR-10 lower receiver in a functioning rifle. Briefly quoting the FOX report, linked above: “This is the FIRST EVER 3d Printed AR-10 (CM901/LE901) lower receiver by JT,” … Continue reading

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