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Krazy Kali Lives Up To Its Reputation

The Washington Times reports Compton, California school police will carry AR-15′s while on duty. Yes, the same rifles the PR Kalifornia Legislature is trying to ban. And they will not be carrying them inside the school, where they could provide … Continue reading

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Noted: Black Cop Kills Unarmed Man

The American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson reports on the police shooting of Salt Lake City’s Dillon Taylor, shot down by a Salt Lake police officer as he exited a convenience store. Taylor was unarmed, listening to his headphones when he was … Continue reading

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Holder “I Am A Black Man”

Breitbart reports on some race baiting by our unfortunate choice for Attorney General, the self disgraced and disgraceful Eric Holder. Breitbart reports Holder says he “is a black man,” who was stopped twice for speeding in New Jersey. And, is … Continue reading

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Holder Says “Change Is Coming” After Ferguson

Self disgraced and utterly disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder, “Operation Fast And Furious” notoriety, has told some fifty members of the Ferguson Community that ‘change is coming after Ferguson.’ Those words, in this situation, are judgmental, prejudicial, and uncalled for. … Continue reading

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“My Parents Open Carry”…..

Is the title of a book featured on Instapundit. Good for the parents. Especially since the crime victimization rate of those who carry is only a fraction of that of those who do not. Click on through, and read all … Continue reading


“Gun Violence Rises In New York”

DNA Info reports, with a straight face, that “NYPD Takes Fewer Guns Off the Streets as Shootings Rise, Stats Show Gotham’s crime stats have been more fiction than fact since the late 1960′s; when John Lindsay was mayor. NYC is … Continue reading

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Holder Demands “Increased Action To Increase Police Diversity”

Earlier today Stan, whom I would judge to be a St. Louis area police officer, made a few comments about the problems of recruiting police from the community. Of course, recruiting police from outside the community carries the same risk … Continue reading

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Caliphate Kills Reporter: Media Wrings Hands

The brutal terrorist group that calls itself a Caliphate has killed, butchered would be a better word, a reporter, James Foley. And a half dozen Sinister left media outlets wonder what our what our response should be. “The Book” makes … Continue reading

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How Many Killed By Police?

A search engine sent someone by who was looking for “people killed by police.” The European, and global data I have is of extremely poor quality but suggests the annual world wide total is close to 25,000. At about a … Continue reading

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Howie Carr Reports On Reporting

One of the few journalists still practicing the craft, the Boston Herald’s Howie Carr, reports on the sad state of fiction writing in America. Fiction writing because there is very little in the media that is not made up of … Continue reading

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