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Why Do People Come To The Aid Of Those In Danger?

A Floridan, referring to a recent mall food court shooting, asks why a person will come to the aid of someone in mortal danger. As I recall, the killer shot and seriously injured his wife. A bystander attempted to shield … Continue reading

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“Will Chris McDaniel Run Against Roger Wicker?”

Someone who shall remain nameless left a contact post asking if Mississippi State Legislator Chris McDaniel would run against Senator Roger Wicker. Frankly, I have not a clue. So far as I have heard McDaniel has remained quiet since the … Continue reading

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Less Than A Year Ago, PW Suggested “an end to snow”

Thanks t a link at Instapundit I see that less than a year ago a far left propaganda sheet suggested Gotham had seen the final snowfall. And today, New York City is shut down by snow – while global temperatures … Continue reading

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The Guardian Forgot To Mention A Few Things

In an item that brings back some particularly grim memories, the far left Guardian reports on the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz, with some glaring omissions. Among other critical omissions, The Guardian omits the role British Prime Minister David Lloyd-George played … Continue reading

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Trend: More Cities Report Crime Down In 2014

More cities are reporting crime was down in 2014. The Fayetteville Observer report is very typical of today’s crime reports. Briefly quoting the Observer report linked above: The number of violent crimes in 2014 were down 9.5 percent over 2013, … Continue reading

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Forecasters Backing Down On Forecasts

I see weather forecasters are backing down on projected snow amounts, bringing the forecast down from “epochal” to merely severe. As I post, Boston reports 15F, heavy blowing snow, and a 25 mph wind with 36 mph gusts out of … Continue reading

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Sharyl Attkisson To Testify On Loretta Lynch Nomination

The Hill reports a friend of truth, if not necessarily gun rights, Sharyl Attkisson, will testify before a Congressional committee on Obama’s choice to replace self disgraced and utterly disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder. Lynch, like Holder, is a “progressive” … Continue reading

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No, The Constitution Does Not Allow Obama To…

Posting at the Weekly Standard, Adam White correctly observes the Constitution does not allow a president to block Congress from inviting whoever they please to speak. The Constitution does not allow either the Secretary of State or the President to … Continue reading

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OT: Regime To Make It Even Harder To Find A Doctor

Off topic but of general interest to gunnies, Amazon magnate Jeff Bezos ultra leftist Washington Post, Pravda Potomac, reports the Obama regime wants to pay doctors by the time they spend with patients, and not by the number of patients … Continue reading

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It Would Suit Me If This Trend Continued

An early morning click on the Officer Down Memorial Page reveals one fatal firearms related training accident, and no gunfire deaths so far in 2015. The ODMP totals to date are:.. 9/11 related illness: 1 Automobile accident: 3 Gunfire (Accidental): … Continue reading

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