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Noted: In Jersey It Is Illegal To Shoot Down A Drone

Philly’s KYW reports a New Jersey man has been arrested for shooting down a camera carrying drone taking pictures of the neighborhood. Purportedly, the drone was taking pictures of a house under construction. Whatever the device was doing, it was … Continue reading

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Noted: Northeast To Lose 40 Percent Of House Seats

The Washington Examiner reports the United States Northeast is bracing for a loss of 40 percent of its Congressional seats as people flee the highly taxed, highly regulated, and high crime venues in favor of more livable areas. Briefly quoting … Continue reading

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Hmm: Considering, That Is Not Unlikely

A Breitbart interview with Dinesh D’Souza contains a prediction concernign Eric Holder’s next job. Of course, self disgraced and disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder should have earned plenty of brownie points with the Cartels during his tenure in DC; but … Continue reading

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Gun Buyback in Communist Venezuela

El Universal reports the ongoing gun buyback, where the payment for a gun is as high as a college scholarship, is not aimed at the criminal gangs who have sent Venezuelan violent crime rates sky high. Briefly quoting the El … Continue reading

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The Republican Came To The Debate – The Democrat Declined

The Boston Herald reports Republican candidate Scott Brown showed up for a scheduled debate, but the Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen was a no show. As the saying goes, you cannot win unless you bet. Nor can you win a debate … Continue reading

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Anti-Gun Hysteria In Pewaukee: No One Killed – This Time

Reason reports on a 17 year old high school student who was disciplined by his school for “smoking” an e-cigarette. And, instead of handling the disciplinary action appropriately, and going about their business, the jugheads called the cops. Who reacted … Continue reading

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Newspaper Calls For Gun “Buybacks,” Other Restrictions

One Greg Barnes, a staff writer for the Fayette, North Carolina Observer, has called for gun buybacks and other “gun controls” in the wake of the shooting death of a sixteen year old killed outside a party. Since Barnes report … Continue reading

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Bloody Chicago: 1 Dead, 6 Wounded

Despite a chilly night and light rain, gun free Chicago (almost) chalked up another murder and added six to the wounded list in seven shootings between Monday afternoon and 6:30 AM Tuesday. Which makes it just a typical Monday night … Continue reading

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School Shooting In NC: One Shot, One Arrested

UPDATE Reports say the shooting occurred at 7:30 AM Eastern, and the victim was shot in the leg. There is confirmation that the perp is in custody.END A report from Richmond’s WTVR has it one student was shot and one … Continue reading

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Chicago: Wealthy Whites Get 90 Percent Of CCW’s

The Washington Times reports nine in ten of Chicago area CCW Permits go to affluent and predominantly white neighborhoods, while while the poor and black neighborhoods that desperately need ‘sheepdogs’ receive only a tenth of the permits. Chicago is essentially … Continue reading

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