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The Plot Thickens, Privelege Claim For Holder’s Wife

The Obama regime has claimed a Fast and Furious executive privelege for self disgraced and disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife. Briefly quoting the Judicial Watch report on the 1,307 page list of Fast and Furious documents being withheld from … Continue reading

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Why Are There So Many Democratic Senators?

There are 29 – or more depending on who is doing the counting – Republican Governors, compared to 21 Democrats. “Timoneum” wonders why the ratio between Senate Republicans and Democrats is not much the same. Well, there are fifty Governors, … Continue reading


Noted: Gropers Taking Underwear

The Wichita Eagle reports two Granny Gropers from the Department of Homeland Security called on a Kansas City step-in shop and confiscated a load of pull-offs. Briefly quoting the Eagle report linked above: The panties, with “Take the Crown” and … Continue reading

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A First Lady Who Carried And Was “A Fairly Good Shot”

Greitbart’s AWR Hawkins brings back a memory of an independent first lady who carried a pistol, and said “I carry a pistol and I’m a fairly good shot.” The first lady was Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR’s wife. And, as Mr. Hawkins … Continue reading

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What Is The Long Term Effect Of Gun Controls?

Someone stopped by searching for “what is the long term effect of gun controls.” In general, the imposition of gun controls triggers a sharp rise in all crime rates; but particularly violent crime rates; to a level dependent on the … Continue reading

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Gun Types For Leftist Reporters

I have no clue to where this came from. Someone dropped it as an attachment to an e-mail to, suggesting I use it. If anyone knows whose it is, it is a nice piece of work, and I would … Continue reading

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Gun Banners Rushing To Take Advantage Of Ottawa

Over the years I have posted a number of comparisons between the United States and Canada’s crime and violent crime rates. Despite the U.S. problems with criminal gangs, our violent crime rate of 386.9 violent crimes per 100,000 population is … Continue reading

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Militarizred, But Illiterate SWAT Team Does It Again

A Kevin D. Williamson bylined report at the National Review tells the sad story of an innocent man subjected to s SWAT raid – because the fuzz did not or could not read the address on the warrant. The story … Continue reading

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Noted: Hands Off My Gun Reportedly Selling Well

Conservative commentator Dana Loesch’s new book, “Hands Off My Gun” is selling well and racking up very favorable reviews. If you buy and read good and informative books, buy a hard bound and donate it to your local library when … Continue reading

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“Four Kinds Of Homicide. Murder, Manslaughter, Justified, and Commendable”

A police officer friend once told me there are four kinds of homicide: murder, manslaughter, justifiable, and commendable. A Newser report makes it appear the death of a violent Kali mayor, Daniel Crespo, was commendable. The defunct had evidently abused … Continue reading

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