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OK, Hunters, Know Your Target And Wnat Is Behind It

The details are skimpy, but KXLY reports a 20 year old Oregon woman is dead in a hunting accident, shot by her father. That’s the first I have seen reported for 2014. We are up to one too many, so … Continue reading

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Noted: ABC TAkes Over Gun Control Activists Show

Variety reports ABC’s “non-fiction” department, which also has “ABC News,” has taken over the struggling show, ‘The View.’ Briefly quoting the Variety report linked above: Moving ‘The View’ to our non-fiction programming group now allows it to fully draw on … Continue reading

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Fists ARE Deadly Weapons: Gun Banners Leave Man Critical

ABC reports on a pair of “anti-violence activists” who beat their former roommate very nearly to death. Briefly quoting the ABC item linked above: Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30, accused their former roommate of stealing their property, and … Continue reading

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Williams Gun Sight Expands

Michigan Live reports Williams Gun Sight is undertaking a $2,500,000 expansion of its facilities. The expansion will add an indoor range and ten thousand square feet to the retail area. Very good. The 88 year old firm has a sterling … Continue reading

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No Regrets For Hundreds Of Murders

I see self disgraced and utterly disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder says he “regrets” subpoenaing a FOX News reporter, but there is not a word of regret concerning the hundreds of people killed with ATF ‘Operation’ weapons. Before pressure on … Continue reading

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“Average Distance Of A Shootout?”

Someone stopped by searching for “average distance of a shootout.” That depends on what is meant by a “shootout.” And therefore a variety of answers. According to the old timers of my youth who were there, most “Old West” shootouts … Continue reading

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Climate: Early Cold Coming For Many

Hunters should prepare for unexpected cold over the weekend. Most of the central and eastern United States will get an early taste of winter over the next few days. Quoting the NWS advisory: The weather pattern will get interesting as … Continue reading

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Politicized FBI “Investigates Senate Candidate”

J. Edgar Hoover set many of the FBI’s policies; including hiring accountants for agents and keeping a shut mouth on investigations. Legal Insurrection reports thatbranch of the Democratic Party is ‘investigating’ South Dakota Senate Candidate Mike Rounds. That outrageous story … Continue reading

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“Greg Abbot For President?”

the Washington Post suggests the next Governor of Texas will be Greg Abbot. Pravda Potomac also suggests Greg Abbot will run for President. Well, Abbot would not be the first President in a wheel chair. We will have to see … Continue reading

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Colorado’s “Invitation For Election Fraud” Draws Notice

I am pleased to see Colorado’s “unusual” election system, passed by a Democratic legislature to keep Democrats in power forever, is drawing some well deserved and adverse attention. Quoting the FOX News report linked above: One of the most worrisome … Continue reading

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