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Bloody Chicago: 3 Dead, 35 Wounded

The Chicago Sun Times reports at least 3 Chicgoans wee killed and 35 were wounded over the Labor Day weekend. Apparently it rained for at least part of the weekend, since the count of dead and wounded is less than … Continue reading

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If You Love Them, Let Them Carry

In 1986, 28 years ago, a 19 year old Bryn Mawr was raped and murdered in her dormitory room. That tragedy led to another law, the the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. So … Continue reading

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How Many Police Officer Involved Homicides?

Someone stopped by searching for “how may police officer homicides..” I am going to take a wild leap and assume the search was for the number of individuals killed by on-duty police officers in a given year. 2012 media reports … Continue reading

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Off Topic: Low Carb Diets ARE Good For YOu

With the usual caution that the source is about as reliable as Willie “the Actor” Sutton around an unguarded armored car, I see Pravda West has finally said Atkins type diets are good for you. Ayup! As a good hard … Continue reading

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Yes: Joe Biden Wants To Be President

I see Krautheimer says JoJo the Gaffe Machine is not a serious candidate for President. He thinks he is. And if enough of the looters who fund Democrats pony up Biden will be. Just like Obama. Stranger

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Tourists Flocking To Gun Ranges – For Fun

FOX News reports both Foreign and American tourists are flocking to gun ranges, and having a blast. If course. Turning money into noise is an old human activity. From pounding on hollow logs to firecrackers noise making predates firearms by … Continue reading

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Gun Control Nuts Are Certifiably Insane

A Maryland 8th grade language arts teacher has been hauled off to the funny farm – because he wrote a novel and published under a pen name. A novel about -what else?- a school shooting.. The “advice for authors column’ … Continue reading

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Moe Lane Ranks Senate Candidates

With a tip of the Stetson to Doug Ross’ Journal, I see Moe Lane has released his list of gravely endangered Senate Candidates. And a more deserving lot I have seldom, if ever seen. So click on over and see … Continue reading

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Maryland Sheriff Tells It Like It Is

Thanks to a link Doug Ross’ Journal, I see a Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis tells the gun grabbers like it is. Briefly quoting the report linked above: Sheriff Lewis also added a stern warning to the federal government … Continue reading

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Gotham: Disarmed Couple Interrupts Home Invasion; man dead, woman stable

The New York Post reports the Staten Island (one of the boroughs of New York City) couple out to celebrate their birthdays interrupted a home invasion. The man was stabbed to death, his wife is said to be in stable … Continue reading

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