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Climate Note: Frozen Great Lakes To Moderate Violent Crime In New England

A report at Ice Age Now gives an extremely strong hint that the summer of 2014 will be far cooler than normal in areas surrounding the Great Lakes and downwind of them. The Lakes still have massive amounts of ice, … Continue reading

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Chicago Mayor Proves Validity Of Old Saw

There is an old saying to the effect that a man whose mouth moves up and down when they talk will lie. As I noted earlier today, the April 20th media count of murders in Chicago was exactly the same … Continue reading

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Perhaps Obama Should Have Paid Attention In The Madrassa

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit notes that Obama used his Easter Speech to remind us that Islam teaches we should lover our neighbors as ourselves. As I recall, the line is from Mark 12:31. The Aramaic to English translation reads: “And … Continue reading

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“Is it cruel to hand raise fawn a deer”

Someone stopped by searching for “Is it cruel to hand raise fawn a deer.” With the caution that one should make sure the baby is actually abandoned, no, it is not cruel to hand raise or “bottle raise” an orphaned … Continue reading

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Legalization Is A High Stakes Social Experiment

Political movements that take money from citizens pockets eventually wind up taking guns. With that prefatory remark, let us proceed…. Several States are trying out various schemes to legalize marijuana, “progressive” Colorado being the most prominent at this time. Poverty … Continue reading

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Late Dispatches From The Crimea

Those of us who take an interest in history will be pleased to see late dispatches from Crimea, relating an engagement of the 17th Lancers and associated unites against well defended fortifications. Go ahead and click on the link. The … Continue reading

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Obama Promised At Least One Thing He IS Delivering On

Before he was elected, Obama promised a civilian security force, as well armed and as well funded as our military. Here is Obama making that promise: In the scheme of things, what Obama is talking about is the functional equivalent … Continue reading

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British Survey Gives A Different Picture Of American Gun Owners

A British survey of American gun owners found we do not fit the “progressives” stereotype in any way, fashion, or form. True, we are a diverse lot. From fishermen deep in the bayous to Wall Street bankers, we span the … Continue reading

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Where Do Criminals Get Guns? Besides The ATF?

Someone stopped by searching for “where do criminals get guns.” If we are talking about the guns criminals use to commit crimes; there are a number of sources. Besides the ATF’s storefront and other “Operations,” most crime guns are stolen, … Continue reading

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Gunrunning AG ‘s “Undermining the law deserving of contempt”

The Washington Times notes the general lawlessness of the Holder Department of Justice, headlining the item ‘CHARLES: Holder’s undermining of the law deserving of contempt.’ The item concerns Holder’s flat refusal to turn over documents requested by Congress. Briefly quoting … Continue reading

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