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The Count Is Up To 26 Candidates

It is always nice to have friends. Looking at a list of 26 Republicans who have expressed interest in running for President in 2016, I recognize just two as anti-gun, two RINOS – or DIABLOs, Democrats In All But Label … Continue reading

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Quantify Evil?

FOX reports Dr. Michael Welner, a forensic psychologist and expert witness in may trials, is seeking input on quantifying evil. The effort seems to be focused on providing sentencing guidance, allowing longer sentences for the most depraved criminals. Briefly quoting … Continue reading


The Message Of Ferguson Is Very Clear

Looking over what passes for news, with violent “protests” and looting all over the place there is one very clear message. The State will not protect you. It has been almost fifty years since the Supreme Court handed down the … Continue reading

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Why Are Global Warming And Gun Control Religions?

Someone stopped by searching for “is climate change science or religion.” Well, religions have statements of belief called a creed or credo. Science has theories to support its beliefs. To a certain extent there is not a great deal of … Continue reading

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Burglary Ring Broken Up: Stolen Guns Recovered

The Portland, Maine, Press Herald reports a burglary ring that operated in Cumberland, Oxford, and York Counties was broken up and eleven stolen guns were recovered from a Bruxton home. Briefly quoting the Press Herald report linked above: Acting on … Continue reading

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Will The Police Killing Of Dillon Taylor Be Reopened?

There are scattered reports across the web that the police shooting of 20 year old Dillon Taylor, who stopped for a snack on the way to visit his parent’s grave when he was shot dead, will be reopened. Here is … Continue reading

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Anti’s Failures Becoming Too Great To Ignore

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit reports the following: Missouri’s Democratic Governor sent the National Guard to Ferguson, one day too late. Maps of businesses,largely minority owned, torched by rioters given free rein by the absence of the Guard. Democratic Governor says … Continue reading

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British Cops Hate Their Role In Falsifying Crime Numbers

Regular Alley readers will recall the many times I have criticized the British Police’s heavily edited crime statistics. While the way the Brits openly conceal murders (trials and convictions are not murders) is extraordinary, the whole system is manipulated for … Continue reading

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Mean Arctic Temperature at 18.6 Below Zero

I see the latest Arctic temperature is at 18.6 F below zero. Normally, the seasonal low is around -22 F so it does not have a long way to fall before is as cold as it normally gets. Yesterday’s Arctic … Continue reading

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“Sit Under Your Vine And Fig Tree?”

Among the searches is one for “sit under your vine and fig tree.” While I do not understand the purpose of the search, I recognize the verse, Micah, 4.4; which as I recall goes: Every man shall sit under his … Continue reading

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