Swedes wear Ballistic Vests for Terror Protection, But Parliament Says “NO!”

Thanks to a link at Steve Bartin’s Newsalert I see Swedes are wearing ballistic vests to protect themselves against terrorism, but the Swedish Parliament has cracked down on the practice.

Which reminds me of the excuse the Swedish Parliament gave when it cracked instituted draconian gun laws.

I wonder why it is that the safety of the Members of Parliament is always of so much greater concern than the safety of the people they supposedly serve.


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2 Responses to Swedes wear Ballistic Vests for Terror Protection, But Parliament Says “NO!”

  1. wuchang says:

    Let’s see….. bring in a group of people that have a religious/cultural tradition that eschews assimilation. And…… have proven to engage in criminal behavior that endangers the host population and you take away a’passive’ protection since you have banned more potent and efficient means of protection……

    Sheep waiting for slaughter.

    And the Democrats want to repeat that scenario here

    Madness and suicide

  2. Stranger says:

    While Sweden is hunting country, so sporting arms permits are not impossible to get, there are cery few defensive weapons pr protective gear, and Parliament wants it that way. Which brings Machiavelli’s comment that if the people hate their rulers they should be disarmed so they may not overthrow said rulers by force of arms.

    But the saddest part of all is that the Legislators who are responsible for the migrant problem cannot be staked out between the law aiding citizens they misrepresent and the migrant’s “No Go” zones, so they would be the first to be sacrificed.


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