9 September Hurricane Watch 1:

As pf 4A< 6:00 AM EDT, Category 5 Hurricane Irma was skirting the north coast of Cubaand approaching the Strait of Florida., Maximum sustained winds are 155 MPH. The "cone of uncertainty" is very wide, Irma could stay off shore on either coast of the Florida Peninsula, but the current expectation the track to be west of center of the Peninsula, hopefully easing damage on the Miami area, but tough on Naples, Fort Meyers, and points north. Jose is expected to track behind Irma over the norther Leeward Islands and then curve north, giving the Bahamas a break as it heads for Bermuda. Maximum sustained wind is 160 MPH. Katja is onshore central Mexico, with maximum winds of 40, and movement West at 2 MPH. Unless Katja makes the Pacific and reforms this will be the last mention here. And finally, "Tropical Disturbance 1 is southeast of the Cape Verdes, trying to get organized and developed. Movement is west by north, expected to become northwest by west in a few days. In the Pacific, Tropical Depression is between Papua new Guinea and Japan, headed toward Indonesia. And that one looks like someone else' worry. Stranger

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