84YO Vet 1, Home Invader 1 Small Farm

The Daily Caller a home invader picked the wrong old man’s home to invade.

Briefly quoting the DC report linked above:

Two robbers tried to break into Korean War veteran Don Lutz’s home early on Friday morning in Lawrence County, Penn., but were quickly dissuaded by some serious firepower.

There is no faster or more effective way to suppress crime than to have victims effectively fight back. The defunct home invader would have committed on serous crime every 48 hours on average for whatever part of his life he would have remained free.

His death serves as a warning to his companion in crime, and to the criminals in his area that crime may be an easy lifestyle but that lifestyle comes with a serious risk.

So congratulations are due to the 83 year old veteran of the longest “police action” in history, for making the Pittsburgh area measurably safer.

Kudos, Sir.


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