8 October Hurricane Watch

There is now one system in the Atlantic Basin and one tropical storm near Lucedale, George County, Mississi

The remains of Hurricane Nate have 70 MPH sustained winds, and is moving northeast at 23. If there is no change in speed or direction the system should be in the vicinity of Montgomery before noon. All interests along Nate’s tracck should keep a careful watch for tornadoes. Recovery is a painful process even without funerals.

The Atlantic system, Disturbance 1is far from the US, southwest of the Azores, and nearly stationary. The disturbance is give a 70 percent chance of developing into a tropical system within five days. Where it is, it will be soon enough for concern when the system starts moving.

On the west coast, the nearest tropical development appears to be a disturbance southwest of the Azores in the Atlantic.

And that appears to be the hurricane watch for the day.


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