57 of 57 Murders Gun Related In Gun Control Capitorl

Hey Jackass reports there were 57 homicides in Chicago during September.

Of coruse, there are no gun dealers in Chicago, guns were completely banned of for more than 30 years, you must have a State issued ID card in order to possess a gun, and so on and on and on and on. In short, the law is intended to to end private gun ownership. And in Chicago, which has one of the lowest rates fo rfirearms ownerhsip of any city in the world, even lower thaan Tokyo, Chicago and Illinois gun laws very nearly have ended private gun ownership.

Since the “progressive left’s” credo on guns is “Guns cause crime so they must be eliminated,” you might thingk Chicago would have only a few murders. But the three murders just posted plus the 57 that were up at HJ makes 60. Two a day for September.

And 60 out of 50 were gun related.

100 percent!

With the most violent quarter of the year beginning tomorrow Chicago is runnign at a 715 rate. fir 2917, Byt the violent fourth quarter will likely boost that to 65 or so.

Hey Jackass puts the total number of murders before last night at 531, with *3.3 percent of those gun related. The 2017 total is likely to be 760 murders, 698 gun related, in a city where only 0.00440 percent of the population can legally possess a gun.

If you were painting a stripe to represent the number of gun owners in Chicago on the 1,741 miles of concrete between Chicago and Los Angeles, that stripe would just 7.3 miles long! You would not even get past Schaumburg!

And this in a city where the only source of guns are gun traffickers, selling stolen guns for a quarter of gun shop prices.

It is time for Congress to grwo up and preempt all State and local gun laws, limiting those laws to the cur current Federal level and imposing a reasonable penalty; at least $100,000 a day, for those who would enforce preempted laws or craft new laws to evade new restrictions.

Because Chicago, with 2,866 persons shot, 499997 of those killed in a city that banned legal gun ownership is all the proof a reasonable person needs to understand gun control kills.


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