31 August Hurricane Watch

We now have four tropical systems plus the remnants of Harvey on our radar.

Harvey center of circulation is in the Alexandria, Louisiana area, and is expected to make the southeast corner of Arkansas,around McGehee late today, and pass close to the place Tennessee,Alabama,and Mississippi join over the weekend. Harvey is primarily a rain event but it still has the capability to spawn tornadoes. It is a little unsettling to look down the centerline of your street, over the remnants of houses destroyed in January, and see a twister headed your way. But we are still trusting in Providence, until the company can work down the waiting list for a storm shelter.

Tropical Storm 10 is the storm we have tracking since it popped off the Cape Verde Islands. That system is well offshore Virginia,and headed for Europe, threatening to give passing ships a free hose down.

Aside from Howard,the most immediate threat is a tropical system in the southern gulf given a 20 percent chance of becoming a hurricane. This is a very slow moving system that could esily dump more inches on already flooded areas of Texas and Louisiana.And if it develops hurricane force winds that will be just more misery for already suffering people to endure.

Tropical Storm Irma is off the Cape Verde Islands,west of Africa and predicted to it to Category 4 hurricane strength well before mid -Atlantic. Presently,the forecast has it aimed at Puerto Rico, but that is likely to change. At the moment,this is the major threat.

On the Pacific side, TS Lidia is offshore CentralMexico,and is forecast to track northward skirting Baja and then curving toward Australia.

Personally,I am cheering for first frost to put an end to the major threats. Hopefully, it will be here in about five weeks.


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