3 More Parkland Deputies Gigged, 2 Suspended

FOX News reports three more deputies have been gigged for poor performance during the Parkland School massacre, with two suspended.

Fox also had a guest who pointed out the fact that the overwhelming majority of the US. 270,000 gun related crimes reported to the police each year are committed with the aid of stolen guns purchased for a pittance on the streets.

While relatively few of stolen and trafficked guns are used in school shootings, they provide the firepoower in eight in ten of gun crimes. And the penalty is usually just time enough to rest up after one crime spree and befor the next.

For just how bad the situation is, a shipment of 17 fully automatic AK-447’s was intercepted near Brownsville, Texas; destination, Chicago. The smugglers were dduly tried and convicted, drawing 990 days in jail. with credit for time served.

Project Exile, a joint effort of Federal and local prosecutors gave traffickers and street dealers a meaningful sentence, and made them serve it at a Federal facility some distance away.

The result was a dramatic decline in violent crime – and an outpouring of rage from politicians offended that teheir friends were inconvenienced b by such ” unjustifie4d punishment.”

And of course te FOX taalker just had to as what good punishing perps would do. Something that makes the media a major component of the problem.


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