23 September Hurricane Watch

A[[aremt. Jose has gone to the place old Hurricanes go to die, since it is no longer on our radar.

Of the two systems left in the Atlantic, Lee is in mid-Atlantic, headed toward Greenland at 5 MPH, winds to 45. For the moment at least those worrying about Lee do not have much to worry about.

Maria is another sotry. Currently somewhat north of the Turks and Caicos, Maria is hanging tough. Still a Category 3, with maximum sustained winds of 120. Movement is north by west at 8 MPH. By Tuesday, Maria is forecast to be somewhere between Nags Head and Bermuda, with the cone of un uncertainty raising the possibility of storm force winds onshore from the South Carolina border to New England later in the week. Meaning this is a really good weekend to put moored boats in the booathouse and puck up anything that could go flying in a stiff gale.

Turning to the Pacific, it is. Pacific or “peaceful” all the way to Somalia.

So that seems to be all the excitement for the morning. I will post if a threat materializes, but for the look of things the next hurricane watch will be tomorrow.


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