21 Gun Controls By Democrats

Breitbart has compiled a list of 21 gun control bills that, together grease the skids banning guns.

Of course, #1, ban bump stocks, which have apparently never been used to fire a shot at a human, head the list. While bump stocks have been present at the scene of a mass murder, the firearm used was a converted semi-automatic AK-47, and media reports have it that the bump stock equipped AR-15’s w3ere not fired.

#2, Feinstein is back trying to ban self loading firearms. Gun bans have failed disastrously wherever they have been tried, and there is no reason

Connecticut’s Murphy wants Universal Background Checks, a ban on “assault weapons” and evidently a national homicide rate in the low 20’s.

And of course the Democrats want a ban on “high capacity magazines, rendering up to a quarter billion high quality firearms single shot’s and nearly useless for self defense.

And is there a single measure that would in any way reduce crime or make anyone safer. No. They want to disarm the law abiding, but ignore the trafficked guns that almost 9 out of 10 gun related crimes are facilitated with.

They want to ban nationwide Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity, and there is a whisper that that the Democrats want to ban the cross State reciprocity agreements currently in place.

Of course, the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party has opposed private gun ownership since the early years of the 20th Century The Progressives were the ones pushing the anti-carry laws that resulted from labor problems in that era. With this result:

Tge rest of the list is at the link, so check it out, and resolve to vote in your own interest.

Clearly, we have no friends in the Democratic Party, even though candidates are quick to pledge tehir undying respect for gun rights – and jsut as quick to vote to remove those rights as soon as they are seated in a legislative body.


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