#2 Today: Drug Dick Dinked By Discharge

KCCI reports a a detective returning a gun to holster after an arrest shot himself in the leg.

Briefly quoting the KCCI report linked above:

According to the release, the handgun of one of the officers then went off as he was putting it back into its holster. The bullet struck the officer’s lower right leg. The officer was later reported in good condition at a Des Moines-area hospital. The officer’s name hasn’t been released.

We all know the rule, “Finger OFF the tirgger until you are ready to fire.” Yes, sometimes it is a little hard to remember that, and while 1500 mile forensics are a bit chancy it seems probable that a distracted detective’s gun fired when his finger came into forcible contact with the holster.

Careful out there, bullet wounds hurt. Especially the ones you give yourself.


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