19 September Hurricane Watch

UPDATE CNN says Hurricane Maria is now Category 5 storm. The National Hurricane Center says Cat 4, with maximum winds of 155, so I would go with the NWS. [end]

There are three Atlantic basin systems this morning.

Jose is well of four Atlantic coast, approximately due east of Newport News, headed northeast. Jose is expected to drop to Tropical depression level and make another loop off Maine in the next five to seven days.

Maria is a very dangerous Category 4 hurricane, headed west by north toward Puerto Rico. Maria is expected to hammer both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic before turning north toward the open Atlantic and perhaps Bermuda. But that is the forecast so keep an eye on Maria.

Tropical Depression Lee is about halfway between the Cape Verdes and the Leewards, Movement is northwest at 9 MPH, winds are at 30, and the forecast is for dissipation sometimes soon.

On the pacific side Tropical Storm Otis is well offshore, and headed for New Zealand, while Tropical Storm Norma is far off the tip of Baja, headed generally toward Siberia.

And that seems to be the sum of it for the morning.


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