14 September Hurricane Watch

Tgere are tgree Atlantic systems this morning.

Hurricane Jose is about where it was yesterday morning, with winds of 75 MPH, moving west at 3. Jose is predicted to curve north and then eastward in the next few days, taking it away from the US.

The two new systems are a are both well south of Cape Verde. The nearest is a tropical disturbance, moving west toward the northernmost estremety of South America. Movement is west at 15, with a 40 percent chance of tropical cyclone development in the next 5 days.

The second system a tropical disturbance east of the first and just off Africa. Forecasters give it a 30 percent chance of forming a tropical cyclone in the next five days.

In the Pacific Tropical Storm Max is close inshore west of southern Mexico, with little room or time for development. It is forecast to head across Mexico, and perhaps reemerge in the Gulf or Caribbean.

Much further out, Tropical Depression 15 is chugging WNW at 15 with 35 MPH winds, and not threat to any land.

And that seems to be the sum of it for today.


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