127 Show Up For Holder’s Pro Vote Fraud Rally In Austin

With a swing of the Stetson to Instapundit for the link, PJ Media’s J. Christian Adams reports that at one time there were 127 people inside listening to PolitiCreature and Attorney General Eric Holder’s expected announcement that the government will continue to give aid and comfort to vote fraud organizations.

I was not there, of course. But a friend who drove down from Round Rock tells me he counted 150 in True The Vote’s Rally and people were still trickling in. True the Vote reports almost 200, for what amounts to a protest organized on three days notice.

Yet, as Mr. Adams points out, the New York Times’ Charles Savage claimed that only a half dozen protestors were outside the Holder rally for vote fraud. Well, what do you expect from Pravda West’s Gotham Goatherder?

Whatever you get will follow the Moscow version of Pravda – filtered through the eyes and terminal of a typical Gothamite, who believes the world ends at Albany. A Gothamite whose sole aim in life is apparently to help his rapidly failing rag outdo the Devil in the number of lies it can get repeated.


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