12 September Hurricane Watch

We have three Atlantic systems on the chart this mornign, starting with the remnants of Tropical Depression Irma, which is somewhere in Alabama, at last report toward the point Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi joint. Maximum winds are give as 35, and somewhere over that way it is reportedly raining buckets.

Hurricane Jose is down to a Category 1, with 75 MPH winds. Hose is making a loop and is expected to restrengthen and head northwest when it gets through with the fancy turn. Keep an eye on Jose, Because it is capable of making Category 4 again.

And finally, the tropical disturbance we have been watching since it left Africa is southwest of the Cape Verdes, movement north by west at 5 and a 10 percent chance of graduating to depression status in the next few days.

On the pacific side, Tropical Depression 15 is southwest of the tip of Baja, headed west, and with no forecast indication of a turn in the near future.

Further out, a typhoon and a tropical depression are active.

And that is the crop for this morning. I will be back to one a days until the threats increase or goes away, so check back tomorrow.


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