11 September Hurricane Watch, Irma Cat 1, off Florida

The eye of Irma has reportedly passed the Tampa area and is either onshore or offshore Florida’s west coast. Maximum sustained winds are 75, and the track is north by northwest at 18 MPH, and on the projected path, the remains of Irma will wash down Graceland early Wednesday.

Jose is currently a Category 2, 350 mils north of Puerto Rico, had apparently expected to make a loop and then head west by the weekend. Jose does not seem to be threatening anything but shipping, so I will definitely be watching Joe.

the unnamed tropical disturbance is southwest of the Cape Verdes,curving north over the next few days. If NOAA’s temperature maps are current, the disturbance is headed for cooler surface temperatures. I will continue to monitor the system, but there is no immediate threat from it.

And on the Pacific the nearest tropical system is TS Talim, expected to become a Category 3 tropical cyclone, and currently headed for Taiwan.

And that looks like the crop for the day. But we will still be watching and developments will be noted.


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