An Australian’s View Of Australia’s Gun Confiscation

FOX News has a report on Australia’s gun control laws.

The report has a few things I quibble about, the banned guns are self loading and slide action firearms, nut just self loading; and the number of public mass shootings depends on your definition of public mass murder. Howwwever, the deficiencies are trivial and should give a basic understanding of wht the law does.

It should be noted that while most governments provide multiple spirces fpr cro,e the Australian government is the sole and only source with two outlets. To make matters worse, the numbers supplied by an official publication very seldom agrees ith the numbers from an offiical source.

According to crime counts from the media, the percentage of gun related crimes reported by the Australian government is far below reality, which makes the utter and abject failure of those laws even more conspicuous.


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