Salon Cannot Get History Straight

In another strong indication that “Progressives,” the most brutal wing of Socialism,”” has trouble with complex subje ts such as history, I see the Progressive webzine Salon claims the Untied States was founded on gun control.

If you play fast and loose with the facts, you can say that. The British common law right to keep and bear came out of the middle ages as a requirement that all able bodied yeomen own and maintain a longbow, quiver, and arrows at their own expenxe, and practice on the village green each weekend.

When guns became generally affordable, the yeomen put away their wooden staves and took up the “ball and gun.”

om tje ,od 1600’s the Roman Catholic Church was essentially outlawed, chur property was seized, and parishoners were forbidden gun ownership or possession. And that was the start of English gun control in the law of the commons.

Skipping large segments of English gun control history, we come to Boston, Anno Domini 1774, with the scent of revolution filling the noses of King Geroge’s spies.

As the eminent jurist Sir William Blacckstone had noted in his Commentaries, gun controls aaaare imposed to lessen the fears of the fearful. To the British, the American colonists were well armed, but lacked one critical element for a successful defense against invasion. A powder mill.

While the Colonists had large quantities of precious gunpowder in storage, if that were confiscated,, the Colonists had no way to replace it. So, on a soft April morning in 1775, spies led the redcoats toward the places the Colonists has stored their precious supplyies of gunpowder.

The result was “The Shot Heard Round The World,” fired at the battles of Lexington and Concord that April day in 1885, when the British attempted to impose gun control by way of powder rationing t its rebellious American colonies.

And now those of little understanding, those who would trade their liberties for the pleasures of the labor camps, claim that America was built on gun control.

Not so. America was built on effective resistance to gun control. And those who claom we only buy our guns to kill and who would gladly lose freedom of speecch and freedoom to worship if only the government could run roughshod over the people without let or hindrance should not forget that for the first millionth of a second.


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