100 Percent Of Demos Voted For Immigration Bill

I see that 100 percent of the Senate Democrats voted for the massive “Gang of Eight” immigration catastrophe that is bitterly opposed by The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

Since many of my readers do not seem to click on the links, I am going to steal more of the NAFBPO statement than I usually do from the M3 report linked above:

Today, incredibly, apparently from inexcusable ignorance of our own past, or from blind political expediency at its worst, or both, we have the very recent spectacle of a number of United States Senators publicly proclaiming their support for yet another amnesty for the now much larger number of millions of aliens who have entered and are present in the United States in violation of our own laws. Alice in Wonderland cannot begin to rival this fantasy.

At this rate, in another couple of dozen or more years, after we’ve formalized this new red-carpet invitation to invade us to the rest of the planet’s inhabitants, we’ll have to have yet another amnesty for the future millions, and then another, ad nauseam. The question is not ”have our politicians we lost all their senses?” because the obvious answer is that they already have.

The rest, and a very important rest it is, is at the link. And what does this mean to you? Let me tell you.

Many of those illegals have college educations. Not the sort you get for $50,000 a year at an American college, but the sort of college education American GI’s got on the cheap after WWII. On a knowledge level, a BA is fully the equal of a PhD. They will work for $20.00 a day until they can get their “papers.” And most speak enough English to hold that job you have.

More of the illegals have a good solid high school education. And, lacking language skills they will work for as little as $10.00 a day – and send half of that back to where they came from.

A substantial percentage have almost no education at all. But they will work. Dear Lord, how they work. Everything they do is like a man fighting fire. All they want is maquiladora wages and a chance for better.

Can YOU be sure your employer will not hire an illegal on track for citizenship for as little as 7.00 a day – and send you to the house? No, you cannot. And if you run a business, you would be sorely tempted to do just that.

There is more, of course. I hate, loathe, and despise slavery. Human traffickers are no more than slavers and slave owners, putting girls and young men into the worst sort of slavery. The Democrat’s immigration bill will put human traffickers on the track for citizenship. Along with Cartel sicarios, drug mules, and yes, terrorists.

So Americans have a second front to fight. It has been gun control for fifty years, and now it is border control.

Well, at least we know what to do.


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