10 September Hurricane Watch


There are three Atlantic Tropical systems this morning.

Irma is at Irma is southwest of Key West, headed Northwest at 8 mph, and with highest sustained winds of 130 mph. Irma is headed into an area of very warm water and is expected to grow rapidly in strength. While Florida is “used to hurricanes, Irma is more a “Super-Storm.” No one alive has seen one like the prediction for Florida. So listen to and heed all local warnings if you cannot get out before the wind starts to rise.

Jose is north a Category 4 hurricane, west of the American Virgin Islands, northeast of Puerto Rico, headed northwest at 16. The current course will take it near or over Bermuda, at the pleasure of the steering winds.

And finally the tropical system that has been on the charts for the last few days is now due south of the Cape Verdes, headed west. This area of disorganized showers is expected to develop into a tropical system in the next 5 days, as it curves north to pass well west of the Azores.

Finally, Tropical Storm Talim is southeast of Japan, expected to git the Chinese mainland in a few days with Category 4 winds.

That seems to be the crop for the morning. I keep an eye out for developments on a storm that would have reached Category 7 if the Saffir -Simpson scale went that high.


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