Kellogs Foundation Gives Big Tides Foundation,

Breitbart reports the Kellots Foundation,the maker of a surprising line of products including Keepbler and Morningstar Farms, among hundreds of others, has been giving big bucks to Geroge Soros Tides Foundation, which wants to establish an “Open borders” Socialist political scheme – and ban private gun ownership.

Donating to an organization devoted to changing our free society to a rigidly regimented Socialist system is serious business, and one I do not care to participate in.

I did not happen to have any of the products at the link on hand, and now I will not purchase any Kellog product.

What you do is your own business, but I would not be disturbed if you swore off funding revolutionary change in history’s most successful economic system would not hurt my feelings.


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Poor Old Huck Has Been Banned By The PC Po-leece

In his autobiography, Samuel Clemons, a young man from Missouri, spent quite a few words describing his grandfather’s farm, and the slaves who earned theri bread by the sweat of their brow, laboring thereon. Mr. Clemons concluded by saying there is no face dearer to me than a black face. That and other things put him more than a century ahead of his time on civil rights.

Yet the ignorati keep banning Mr. Clemons books, and in so doing depriving moderns of a glimpse of life in the late 1850’s, with such enduring and endearing characters as a young fence painter named Tom Sawyer, A girl named Becky Thatcher, a somewhat at loose ends young person hamed “Huckleberry” Finn, who spend his time palling around with a Black man named Jim, a not so nice person called Injun Joe.

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit reports the ignortai have struck again, banning poor Huck, and depriving modern children of the experience of rafting down the Mississippi or sailing along in a baloon, 1850’s style.

And why have poor Joe and his paleface, and freckled, sidekick Huck been banned fro a supposed institution of learning? Because the Superintendent things the common language of the 1850’s, used by everyone from those still in bondage to the President, is politically incorrect. And of course complete ignorance is better than making children aware that people used to use words and express concepts today’s alt-left things are hurtful.

Crazy, man, crazy. Huck and tom and Becky are classic literature, and those who seek to ban it should properly be banned.


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66 Law Enforcement Officers Murdered In The Line Of Duty In 11 Months

While it is not a record, a total of 66 Law Enforcement Officers have been murdered while performing their duties during 2016.

Gunfire was the most common cause of death, with 60 in 11 months, followed by vehicular assault at 4, and physical assault at 2.

That gunfire total is 1 more than the 59 O Officers deaths logged in 2010, land is likely to grow by another five to seven officer deaths. For an historical comparison fo rthe last 55 years:


Obviously, GCA’68 did increased the number of Officers murdered by almost as much as it increased the civilian death toll. For example, in 1972 137 Officers were murdered on duty, with 121 of those by gunfire.

Clearly, more restrictive laws are not the answer, but they will be a major talking point in the near future.


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Bloody Chicago Up To

As of December 1, Chicago’s scanner brigade has logged 767 homicides while has logged 738 fatalities.

Hey Jackass also reports more than 4,000 people have been shot in Chicago so far in 2016. While 2016 will not compare to the mid 1990’s; Chicago reported 824 homicides in 1995, it is still high for a city with a claimed population of 2,800,000.

Using the most conservative set of numbers possible, Chicago’s 11 month homicide rate was 28.357 murders per 100,000.

Using the most probable set of numbers, 767 murders and a population of 2,555,000, the 11 month homicide rate was 30.019 per 100,000.

Either way, Chicago is a disgrace, the more so in a country with a homicide rate of 4.9 per 100,000 and a murder rate of 4.5 per 100,000 population.

The cause of Chicago’s grief is simple enough. The law abiding citizens who keep violent5 cirme rates under control in most cities cannot buy a gun in Chicago.

Chicago does not have a murder problem, it has a gun control problem.


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Baltimore Hits 290

The Baltimore Sun reports 290 homicides for the first 11 months of 2016, not quite 1 a day, but Baltimore has only one third the population of Philiadelphia, and less than 25 percent of the population of Chicago.

There has been some improvement in Baltimore’s homicide rate, apparently due to a reduction in the amount of violence organizing going on.


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Philadelphia Homicide Numbers Continue Flat

The Philadelphia PD website lists 255 homicides s in the first 11 months of 2016. While that is up by 2 percent over 2015, the variation is statistically insignificant, and amounts to no more than random variation.

Philadelphia’s decision to follow State law instead of their own more restrictive ordinances has paid off in lives saved.


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Noted: Democrats Pushing School Boards For “Sancurary Campuses”

FOX News r reports that school boards across the U.S. are under pressure to declare the facilities they control “Sanctuary Campuses.”

Of course, the Democrats on school boards are between parents and their Party, so it will be interesting to see who winds that fight. The story is at the link, and the Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, those hoping to ride the sanctuary plank to public office should should have been made aware of the facts of life by the 2016 election results.

Look at the numbers. rounding, but not my much, 5 of every eight Americans are Palefaces, 1 in eight is Black, the remaining 2 in 8 are Hispanic, Asians, and a Duke’s mixture of other ethnicity.

The Democrats CANNOT continue to shave the blacks and Whites to benefit the “los otras.” So the sanctuary plank is made of solid concrete.

And this cockamamie idea of making local schools into “Sanctuaries” is a guaranteed loser. Ideas like that are why I would like to see the voers hand every Democratic candidate for any office lose for at least five generations.

The Democrat’s platform is un-American, inhumane, and for the most part cruel. By report we have more than one million unaccompanied children here, either sent across the border or left here without a parent, guardian, or even a “first friend.”

We will probably have to revive the old “Orphan Train” concept, make sure those children are in good health, and adopt them out to willing step parents just to assimilate them into our society.

Enough is enough. No mas. No more Democrats.


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Trump’s Cabinet Coming Together, Mattis For Defense Sec.

President Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet is taking shape, with the selection of Marine General James Mattis for Defense Secretary.

At this rate we should know who the bureaucrats bosses will be, and have a decent idea of what the new Administration’s policies should be by mid-December.

Forewarned is forearmed, so that Which will be a very good thing.


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Trump Vows A “New Era Of Peace”

Russia Today reports President Elect Donald Trump has vowed to crate a ‘new era of peace.’

Hopefully, it will be so. War is among the least profitable of human endeavors, and the less o war we have the better off we all are. Beyond that, the report is at the link, and the Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, history tells us that the only real justification for war is to repel an invasion, and to perpetuate the right of a people to choose their own leaders and retain their own wealth.

It is not “peace and freedom,” it should be Peace, with Freedom.

Peace and freedom is a buzzword for totalitarian elitists, mainly concerned with lining their own pockets and controlling a population of slaves.

So let’s help President Trump crate a new era of Peace with Freedom.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

“If you would have peace, prepare for war.” Or if you would live in peace, prepare for trouble.

Napoleon may have been the first to observe “Power comes from the barrel of a gun Since then, many hundreds of leaders have repeated that s sentiment. So take the Old Cop’s advice, and “Buty a gun, learn to use it, carry it everywhere, and use it if you have to.” The more Americans who carry, the more peace we will have.


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Gun Owner Hating Joe Manchin For Energy Secretary?

Steve Bartin Alerts us to the report West Virginia’s Jeo Manchin, the purported author of W.AMDT.715&, the most comprehensive gun ban bill ever placed before the Senate, is under consideration for energy secretary.

Well, as energy secretary Manchin would not be able to pursue his anti-gun policies, and if he ever wants to return to West Virginia politics he will have to help out the energy industry.

We shall see, of course.


*The full text of the centerpiece of the Democrat’s 2014 gun ban drive is posted here, and the search box in the upper right side works very well.


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