Noted: ISIS Shifting To Asian Targets

Fox News reports ISIS linked terrorists are looking eastward to Asia to open a new front in Terror’s war on civilization.

We shall have to see how that tactic works, but I supect it will only add a few more billions to the list of ISIS and other Islamic terror groups enemies.

And incidentally make it even more difficult for jihadis who return home to find a job. Something that makes a sharp increase in Europe’s already high crime rates inevitable.

But hopefully, the day will come when every man man, figuratively, sit under his vine and fig tree, his weapons by his side, and enjoy a bit of respite from 5,000 years of war.


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Gun Control Does Not Work, But!

The morning look at the media reveals several opinion pieces pointing out the fact that gun control sounds good but does not work. That is a demonstrable fact. With more than 57,604 known gun control laws, not including “time or place” restrictions if gun control works there would be a record.

But there is another, equally important factor to consider.

Can you trust your government? Can you No, I am serious, but think about it.

German Jews trusted that Hitlers rhetoric was so much hot air. After all, were not the Yiddish an important part of the German economy? Who would want to confiscate an old soldier who walked with a cane after being wouinded at Verdun’s life savings? The Jews voted, many voted for Hitler’s NSDAP candidates, and they were rock solid Germans. But, stripped of their guns by the Treaty of Versailles, they went meekly into the cattle cars taking them to places like Auschwitz, Belzec, Chemno, and Jasenovac.

The Kulaks trusted the Soviets – until their farms and equipment were confiscated and they were transported to a forest to die. Instead, the Kulaks rebuilt their old life, until Stalin noticed. The Gulags were the next stop, and if any survived I have not herd of it.

I could go on, but D. Rudolph Rummels study of peoples who gave up their guns and were then slaughtered by their own government is only a click away.

I should mention that Dr. Rummel’s numbers are out of date. The count is well over 262 million for the 20h Century, and growing.

So should we trust our government? Yes, today we generally shouold. But what happens the nest time the violent left takes charge again. he media is filled with that ilk’s violent and racist comments, and it is only a small step from thought to word to action.

The Pink Pistols website once told visitors “Armed gays don’t get bashed.” That is true.

And a history of the 20th Century will show that an armed people cannot be held captive against its will.

That is the primary reason we have this “gun control” debate in the face of a tidal wave of evidence gun control does nto reduce crime or make anyone safer.

In fact, gun control imperils every citizen, including those in the ruling elite who are not very careful to stay in the maximum leader’s good graces.


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The Polls Are Wrong, But

Like most polss thse days, the Pew poll of public opinion shows America to be divided on the issue, 51 for, 49 against in a poll that should have a 90 percent confidence level. The bottom line is that Pew found a statistical tie.

But this is the real world, where things are not as they seem to the residents of Upper Fantasia. Americans have been threatened with forcible gun confiscation for 54 year. That is one of the many nightmares the gun control people have imposed on American gun owners.

As a result, we are warn to keep our guns out of sight, don’t talk about them except with people we know and trust, and never ever admit to a strange voice on the telephone that there is a gun in the house.

As a result, polls of gun ownership and gun sentiment are very badly skewed, rising and falling as gun owners confidence in the future waxes and wanes:

In a country where gun sales regularly top fifteen million units a year, gun ownership is flat? hardly. Further, some of those single year increases would require double our annual production capacity to be real.

As of 2013, at least 90 million homes, and 245 million Americans, possess guns. 245 million of us have a gun at home. Whether or not that gun is their personal property is moot. The point is that the guns are there, and available with whatever degree of difficulty.

Some of those gun possessors will go along with gun control. But 90 million? N, not unless we have badly overestimated our fellow Americans.

So in a world where 70 million votes will almost insure a Presidency, the shooting community numbers 160 million. Or more, since some of our community never speak of their guns to anyone.

It is nice to have company – back in 1968 I was afraid our community was done for. Instead, we gather strength every day.


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California: Talk Of Banning Most Guns

California, which has suffered enormously from gun control, seems to be about to take the next step, an outright ban on many firearms.

The Sacramento Bee is the State’s “Capitol Newspaper,” and the items often reflect the thinking of the State’s Legislature.

Yesterday, the Bee rn a “Capitol Alert” headlined:

Would banning most civilian firearms make campuses safer?

Linking campus safety and gun bans is an ominous development, particularly in a State where gun control’s damage already reaches two trillion dollars, and only one four violent crimes in ten are reported to the police:

In the near future, we will post a more detailed examination of the bloody results of California’s gun control laws, including their effect on robbery and murder rates. Those results are bad enough, but they could be worse.

Evidently a coterie of California’s legislators want to emulate Hugo Chavez, who sent Venezula’s violent crime rates from 30 to more than 200 per 100,000 in less than ten years with gun control.


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Sarah Palin Sues New York Times

Earlier this year the New York Times printed an editorial accusing Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin of being complicit in the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriell Giffords. Now, Governor Palin is suing the New York Times, as she, and anyone in a similar situation, should.

As Justice Story explained it, “Freedom of speech does nto give a man a right to stand on his own porch and shout calumnies at passers by.” Indeed, it does nto. But the New York Times editorial is not protected free speech, but an overt attack on Mrs.Palin’s character and sterling reputation,. Civilized societies cannot long tolerate such arrant effrontery.

Hopefully, Mrs. Palin will be made whold – and find competent personnel to run the rag as a respectable newspaper.



Sucker Bait From The CBO

I see the ANTI’s are trumpeting the latest Congressional Budget Office report “TRumpCare.”

According to the Democrats, the CBI says there will be 100,000 deaths if TrumpCare is enacted. And if you do not stop to think, that might be impressive. But…

At present, America buries almost three million people a year. If birthrate and immigration matched deathrate, so there is no increase in population, we would bury between 29,500,000 and 32,000,000 Americans between 1 July 2017 and 30 Jun, 2027. But our population will rise, and that throws an unknown into the equation.

At half Obama’s rate of growth from immigration, we would gain 20 million people by 2027, and bury 36 to 38/5 million. and here’s some bureaucrat whose roots almsot certainly like deep in the Establishment power structure, making a wild guess that TrumpCare will add 2 deaths for every 10,000 deaths.

There is no way the Col. Lardbotham can know that Trumpcare will add a tiny increment to America’s current 10,700 deaths a day. None. Not unless he can correctly predict wars, natural disasters, new diseases, and advances in medicine.

And that being the case, the 100,000 deaths the ANTI’s are p[rattling about are purely speculative, and essentially a result of building castles in air.

Those numbers, like the ones the gun banners throw around, are sucker bait. They are intended for the marks, not those who stop moment to think.

The proper response for that claim is laughter, loud and long.


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Report: Gun Store Burglaries Up In Colorado

The Colorado Springs Gazette gun dealer burglaries are increasingly common in Colorado.

Colorado is on one of the major distribution routes for drugs, and the rise may be a drug mule bringing home a little something for El Jefe, the cartel boss. Or it may be even more sinister.

Whatever, gun dealers, and those with extensive gun collections, should install all the security they can manage.


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The High is 84 Today

The normal high for the last week of June and first week of July is 97 F, so 84 is a bit cooler than usual.

From appearances, at least, most of the northern hemisphere is as cool as we are, with the high 60’s, F, 17 to 19 C, in northern Europe, and correspondingly low temperatures elsewhere. We still do not have time to develop a trend but there is one thing for sure.

Despite persistently low temperatures since last autumn about the 10th of July some guy with the government will step in front of a microphone and declare June to have been the hottest month on record.


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Active Shooter Reported At Redstone Arsenal

Finis: “No gun, no shooter, no shooting” as well as no ex explanation for the “active shooter event” at Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal. End of updates

UPDATE Redsgtone Arsenal gates are being reopened for out traffic, with inbound traffic gates to be opened in the near future. Law Enforcement is searching the Sparkman Center for a possible shooter. Still no reported injuries, no medical evacuations – and if I get more I will report more as I get it. Report, all gates are now open.[end]

UPDATE Redstone is still on lockdown, but the latest is that no casualties and no shooter have been located. Buildings in the 5300 to 5210 building numbers are being cleared. Hospitals have no casualties, and no one has een treated on base. So ????? [end]

WAFF reports a probable active shooter situation at Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal, with all gates locked.

From live video, there seems to be some stirring around but the base is on lockdown.

The link, above, leads to local TV coverage so it should stay current. A link to a Birmingham station historic WBRC, also has coverage.

And of course I will post more as I get it.

And finally, if you are so inclined, take a moment to give a prayer for those trapped in Redstone.



Report: Feds Un Chicago, Matching Guns To Crimes

Speculation has it that there are between a quarter million and a half million stolen and trafficked guns in Illinois Cook county, which includes Chicago. The anti-gun publication Mother Jones reports the Feds are roaming Chicago are set up to match guns and cartridge cases to crimes with a mobile forensics lab.

Well, good. But I hope the ATF has at least four such vans, since Chicago is up to 326 homicides, 302 firearms related, and we have not yet reached day 180 o f2017. With the hot and deadly months coming up, Chicago is headed for another mid to upper 800’s year again.


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