Noted: 13 Convicted In UK Trafficking Scandal

The Independent reports 19 Somali men have been convicted in a trafficking case similar to the Rotherham Horror.

The details, including details on the belated charges, are at the link, and the Alley will be here when you click back.

I will only observe this example of human trafficking on a grand scale is only one of many in the UK. The occurred with the knowledge, and the tacit approval, of the police and the political party in power, which preferred slavery for young British girls to offending Muslim immigrants.

Since the parents were denied the tools to protect their children, and the government would not protect the children, tens of thousands of young girls were enslaved, trafficked, and treated like dirt.



10,500,000 KM2 Arctic Sea Ice – And Growing

Yesterday’s Arctic Sea Ice reading was 10,500,133 square kilometers. No nrcord for the date, but the cycle hit bottom in 2012, so it is young, yet.

Arctic temperatures are sitting at -7, as the blasts of Arctic air currently chilling Canada and the Lower 48 have been replaced with soot laden Asian air.

I noted earlier the forecast for the Chicago area calls for -6 tonight, and the news says “thousands of Americans” are in the dark.

And here, it is 28 outside my window, sixty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. I guess I will wear a coat today.


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Active Shooter Situation In Austin; Shooter Chilled

A sketchy report from KEYE tells us there was an “active shooter situation in downtown Austin, Texas, that ended with the shooter achieving room temperature. Details are sketchy other than the bomb squad is investigating some possible threat.

I suspect this well be a case of “suicide by cop” since I cannot think of a better way of becoming a target than taking pot shots at a cop shop.

But we shall see what we shall see.



Bloody Chicago: 5 Wounded On Thanksgiving

The Chicago Tribune reports five people were wounded in five seperate shootings across Chicago, this Thanksgiving Day, 2014.

This on a day the National Weather Service reported an overcast day with a high of 28 and a low of 21. Definitely the kind of weather that keeps the hitters indoors.


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Chuckle: No Incidents As Open Carry Adovates Shadow Ferguson Protestors In Dallas

Jim Hot’s Gateway Pundit reports there were no incidents as Texas Open Carry advocates shadowed ‘Ferguson’ (RevCom) protestors in Dallas.

Yes, the presence of armed citizens usually puts the damper on senseless violence and puts thins on a more civil basis.

There is a video at the link, so click on over. The Alley will be here when you get back, and I may find a key bit of data needed to complete any of a hundred or so draft posts.


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Yes, The BATmen Are Messed Up, Big Time

Techdirt has a report on the ATF’s fake retail stores that should be of every gunnie, and its deadbaat policies.

Briefly quoting the Techdirt report linked above:

Ira Glass: While they were undercover, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives basically ripped up his place. Salkin said at the time that they owed $15,000 in damages and back rent. Later he said it was more. When he tried to collect, they didn’t pay up. In fact, an ATF lawyer warned him that if he kept asking for the money, it could be seen as harassing federal agents.

Click on over and get the full report. The Alley will be here when you get back.

For my part, I have been discussing the ATF’s violent, and amateurish, operations for years. That agency is badly in need of either being disbanded and a new law enforcement agency created to actually enforce the law instead of making it up on the fly; or at the very least a tough minded professional law enforcement manager to bring the agency to give the Bozos their walking papers.


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Who Is In Control Of The “Ferguson Protests?”

“Tonawanda” asked who is in control of the Ferguson Protests.

The “Ferguson Demonstrators” C&C system is comprised of so many “organizations” with “interlocking directorships” that it is hard to decide exactly who is in charge.

At the street level, elements of a dozen Socialist groups are apparently involved, with the names of the Communist Party, USA’s revcom.usa a major player. Other names that have appeared on demonstrators placards include, the International Socialist Organization, the Socialist International, and a half a hundred other far left groups have put their names on one of the placards seen on websites such as Jim Hort’s Gateway Pundit.

However, it appears Command and Control is directed by just three organizations, the Communist Party USA, Socialist International, and the Democratic Socialists of America.

And, curiously enough, the Democratic Socialists of America are actually a scion of the Socialist International and the CPUSA.

And, curiously enough, the DSA has effective control of the Sentate, and did have effective control of the House or Representatives until the 2012 elections.

I do not know who, or what group, is in charge of the Ferguson “demonstrations,” but I am sure someone in Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi’s office could tell you.


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A Made Man And Chicago’s Gun Control Law

There is no secret that an enforced gun control law sends violent crime rates – including murder – sky high. NewsAlert’s Steve Bartin has a report on Chicago’s “Sullivan Law,” introduced and pushed into law by mobsters, that sent violent crime and homicide rates sky high.

As Mr. Bartin notes, Mayor Jane Byrne signed the gun ban ordinance into law in late March, 1982. The result, documented in the graphic below, was instant and violent:


And typical of the results of gun control laws, as well.


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” 200,000 Dead In Mexico?”

Someone came by searching for “200000 dead in mexico.”

Given the nature of the Alley, I assume the search was intended to confirm a recent statement that Mexico has up to 200,000 murder victims a year.

I cannot confirm that.

If you add the “disappeared” to the total of known murder victims, you will come up with approximately 55,000 victims a year, virtually all linked in one way or another to drug and human traffickers.

However, it is known that thousands of Mexicans, for the most part girls, are trafficked into prostitution each year. Other individuals may have had reason to “disappear,” a substantial number “one jump ahead of the Rurales.”

So no definite total; and therefore no definite conclusion; is possible with present information. We do not know how many bodies the thousands of unopened “narcofosas” (NarcoCartel body pits) contain, nor do we know how many twelve year old girls are held in slavery in New York city.

My guess is about 21,000 reported (i.e. admitted) murders and 24,000 “disappearances” for a total of 45,000 deaths a year, three times as many as the United States, which has 2.6 times the population of Mexico.

That would make 200,000 victims in less than five years. But your guess is as good as mine.



Washington: Lady Of The House 1: Home Invader, Hot Lead

Seattle’s KIRO reports the lady of the house gave a would be home invader a hot lead bellyache, early this Thanksgiving morning.

Briefly quoting the KIRO report linked above:

After pounding at her door, the suspect tried to force his way into the home.

Inside the home were the woman, her husband and four children, the youngest of which was 5.

The woman struggled with the suspect to prevent him from getting into the home. When she realized she could no longer hold him, she fired one shot that struck him in the abdomen.

Very good. This event demonstrates the truth of Sam Colt observation, that his revolving pistols made the weakest housewife the equal of the largest and most violent thug.

Hopefully, this attempt at housebreaking will keep the perp off the street for some time to come. And give him enough pain to cause him to adopt some other career.

Kudos to the Lady of the House.


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