Will President Trump Repeal The Lautenberg Amendment?

Someone came by searching for “trump repeal lautenburg amendment.”

Congress will not take action to repeal Lautenberg unless and until some vast miscarriage of justice occurs to light a fire under them.

Lautenberg is a monstrous law, but “protecting victims of domestic violence” sounds good.

So far as I can see, the courts may very well overturn Lautenberg but Congress is unlikely to to the people that service.


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URGENT: ANTI’s GUN Control Bill Vote Soon, Perhaps Tomorrow,

The NRA=ILA website reports a bill to nullify large parts of a bill recently signed into law by Governor Hutchinson will be up for a vote in the House very soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

The details are at the link, and the bill to kill is SB.724. Call your State Representative and declare your opposition to this anti-gun bill. Then click on over to the NRA-ILA website linked above and be better informed about who is pushing gun control in the Wonder State.


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If Anyone Needs Self Protection, It Is A Domestic Violence Victim – But Terry McAuliffe Does Not Think So

Generally speaking, domestic violence amounts to assault, either simple “Push and shove” assault, or the extremely violent Aggravated Assault,” conducted with the possibility if not the intent to kill the victim. My psychologist friends tell me any simple assault, even one confined to just words, can almost instantly escalate into an attempt to kill the victim.

No one needs to be forced int the role of punching bag. And no one needs to stay with a violent spouse because the spouse helps take care of the children. The very best deterrent for those who abuse domestic partners is the certain knoledge that a physical assault will be met with a storm of hot lead. Not only does the certainty of effective self defense put a chill on a red hot situation, but it provides an extra benefit in that children and others present are much less likely to be assaulted and injured or killed.

All this is demonstrably true. A defensive weapon in the hands of an abuse victim “withdrew the red veil of rage from her eyes, and let her Prince and children withdraw” 1200 years ago, and it quite likely did the same a dozen times over in this United States.

But Viorginia’s ANTI[Party governor Terry McAuliffe recently vetoed a bill that would have allowed a violence victim who has obtained a protective order to arm themselves. Vetp a law guaranteeing violent assault victims their God Given right of self defense? That is an insult to man, and an affront to God.

Obviously, this McAuliffe and all his ilk must be removed from any position of authority, no matter how trivial.


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Report: Gun Banners Continue To Try To Reopen Newtown lawsuit

“News 12” reports are continuing their suit to get t5he decision on the Newtown school Massacre wrongful death lawsuit overturned.

While I have every sympathy for the survivors, a crime committed by a criminally insane young man who was repeatedly deni mental health care is not any fault or responsibility of the gun maker. If there is any culpability, it should go to the State of Connecticut, whose responsibility it has been to maintain adequate mental health treatment system.

Culpability aside, the money behind this lawsuit is almost certainly Bloomberg’s, or possibly Soros money funneled through the Bloomberg gun ban apparatus. from bits and pieces here and there, it seems Bloomberg hopes to get a State court to hold gun companies responsible, and then try to get the courts to overturn the Federal laws protecting gun companies from frivolous lawsuits.

Given the presence of Kagan and Sotomayor on the Supreme Court, there is a strong probability that Bloomberg could prevail in overturning the law.

If I have not lost count, this is day 89 of 2017 and campaign season for incumbent Congressmen traditionally starts on day 100, essentially the second Monday in April. While that date is not set in stone, by the end of April we can pretty much take it for granted this Congress will be more interested in campaign cash than in placating angry voters. Therefore, this Congress is dying and will soon be dead as far as protecting gun rights are concerned.

We have gotten a few things, but not nearly enough, thanks to ANTI Party members of Congress. It is not a minute too soon to start the hunt fpr determined men and women to replace the Democrats and weak sisters who are keeping crime rates high and simpering our gun rights and freedom.


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“What Is The Most Popular Search At The Alley?”

The most popular search at Extranos Alley is, in one form or another” “The percentage of crimes committed with legal and illegal guns.”

It amazes most searchers to learn just how big a rol gun trafficking plays in arming gun criminals but if it were not for gun trafficking we would not have much of a firearms facilitated crime problem to contend with.


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Domestic Violence And Gun Control

Penn Live asdks a rhetorical question, and gets the anser wrong.

Briefly quoting the Penn LIve item linked above:

By Charles Thompson | cthompson@pennlive.com

Every elected politician in Pennsylvania is a committed foe of domestic violence.

Most elected lawmakers in Pennsylvania are committed supporters of gun owners’ rights.

So what happens when these two popular causes clash?

First, for those who are unclear, domestic violence is as assault, purely and simply. Reports of domestic violence are folded into the assault numbers in the FBI Uniform Crime Report, therefore domestic violence is assault, except in rare cases where assault becomes murder. That said…

Here in the real world, where we pull down musty books to check the facts, domestic violence is, at heart, just “explicit interpersonal violence,” with a spouse as victim instead of a neighbor, a co-worker, or some drunken bum who stepped on the perpetrators grass. And, not surprisingly, we know quite a lot about non-verbal, explicit, interpersonal violence. Just as we know a lot about restrictive gun laws, since we have the results of more than 57,.569 such laws to refer to.

What happens to explicit interpersonal violence rates when gun control is imposed can be shown in any chart of the results of those laws. Here is one, of the hundreds of charts showing the bloody results of gun control I have:

Not only does violent crime rates, particularly “assault with a deadly weapon,” now known as “aggravated assault rates soar, the serious domestic violence cases reported to the police, which are very much included in that chart, also soar.

And, when restrictive gun laws are relaxed, violen crime rates fall and so do domestic violence cases.

So how do you protect domestic partners from spousal violence?

The first step is to repeal or preempt the restrictive gun laws that resulted in high rates of domestic violence.

the second is to deregulate the economy, so spouses frustrated by poverty do not take their rage out on other people, particularly their domestic partner.

And the third factor is to make domestic violence something no loving partner would do.

But there is one thing that must NOT be done at all costs. Gun controls must not be tightened or imposed, because that is the way to high domestic violence rates.

The very same results the gun contorl campaign between 21963 and 1968m followed by the Gun Control Act of 1968 drove violent crime rates sky high/


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Why Are There o Many Bills To “Study Gun Violence”

Oldfield, picking up on the hint, has been browsing the Library of Congress website, looking at the gun bills introduced since January. The two dozen or so bills to “study gun violence” have him bit puzzled.

There is really not much there. The Democrats want to do what George Soros and other “financial angels of the gun control movement” have done for more than thirty years, try to give gun bans the seal of authority that comes from a scientific study. The only real difference is Bloomberg’s desire to do that with public money instead of blatantly buying a study.

The reality is simple enough. Gun violence is in academic speak “firearms related interpersonal violence.” Interpersonal eliminates gun accidents, which we have managed to reduce by almost 93 percent since 1957; and suicide, which involves only the suicide.

To properly quantify so called “gun violence,” that is 9,500 gun related murders out of 765,000 “aggravated assaults,” Assaults with a deadly weapon weapon reported to the police. And an unknown number not reported to the police.

The total number of “fatal gun violence” for 2015, the last yer available, appears to be about 9,500, of which 7,00 are criminal-on-criminal murders, between “Partners or rivals in some criminal enterprise.”

Still working with rounded numbers, because this smart phone is almost impossible for me to read, that leaves 2500 firearms facilitated murders among the 305,000,000 of us who can legally purchase a gun. That is

The principal cause of “gun violence” are disputes between criminals, usually over “splitting the loot,” and secondarily over “turf,” territory one gang wants and a second gang wants to retain control of.

So there you have the essentials of “gun violence.” It does not matter how any millions you give Harvard and Yale and the University of Texas for a study of “gun violence,” the only thing you get beyond the basics are propaganda material.

The Democrats, who are actually not as dumb as they appear, want propaganda talking points, to prepare for gun confiscation. The result is a flood of “fund gun violence” studies at all levels of government.

Expenditures that must be fought as you would fight a rabid wolf stalking a newborn babe.


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Texas Legislature Considers Constitutional Carry

The Star-Telegram reports a “controversial” Constitutional Carry bill is under consideration in the Texas Legislature.

Given the amount of we have on the benefits of citizens of good repute carrying when and how they please without a permit, a Constitutional Carry Bill should not be controversial. The chart below compares the effect of the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 on violent crime in Vermont, a Constitutional Carry State since before the American Confederation crated the United States,and Maryland, a state with very restrictive gun laws:

Here is the result of Arizona’s 2010 Constitutional Carry law, which has held down and even reduced violentg crime rates despite a massive influx of criminal illegals engaged in drug smuggling, and land pirates who prey on those. The Constitutional Carry years are in red: :

Given the fact that Constitutional Carry is a proven crime fighter, it is time for the Texas Legislature to get buys and bring the Lone Star State’s crime rates down by the most effective means known.


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The Full Text Of Carolyn Maloney’s H.R. 1475, “A Bill To Prevent Gun Trafficking”

As we all know, gun theft and trafficking stolen guns is a major problem for the shooting community. Some of my oldest gun magazines, a few more than a century old, condemn the practice, and excoriate police and prosecutors who … Continue reading

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Gun Control Reminds Me Of An 11890’s Murder Plot

It has been 75 years since I heard this so the details are a bit fuzzy. But the essentials are sharp enough.

There was a homeless man who spent every diep he could beg in a Bowery dive. A group of men decided to insure Mac’s life for $5,000, kill the man, and split the proceeds. So the policy was bought, premiums paid, and after the three months to payment of a death benefit passed, they gave Mac enough arsenic to kill a n elephant.

But Mac was the first one in the bar, telling the conspirators he never felt better.

So one of the conspirators loaded up a plate at the free lunch counter with “red squill” rat poison and fed Mac his “last meal. Mac was back before closing, saying he had a stomach upset earlier in the day.

Five times, the conspirators tried to poison Mac, and failed. So they decided to hit Mac in the head with a lead pipe, killing him. One of the number followed Mac to the toilet and “did the job.” The murder mob were patting themselves on the back, when Mac staggered out of the loo, complaining of a splitting headache. A kind soul took Mac to a doctor, who reported the assault to one of Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt’s men in blue, and the plot was blown.

Now,gun control has failed to do anything a normally intelligent person would consider “good” more than 50,000 times. Gun control fails,so they strengthen the controls, and the crime problem becomes worse. They try to kill crime over and over, just as the murder mob tried to kill Mac, and the only result has been more crime, more violence, and more demands for even more rigid gun laws.

Humans are supposed to be “wise.” In fact our species name is homo sapiens, wise man. Yet some of us persist in repeating the same bloody failures over and over and over, instead of emulating legislation that has actually resulted in less crime and greater safety.

Homo sapiens? Not so much. Apparently at least some of our kind belong to the species Homo Cretinous, stupid man.


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