Demos And RINOS Make Deals Against our Interests

An upstate New Yorker asks why I include RINOs in my must go ist.

That is an easy one. Current Democratic policies have “bad intent.” While an individual Democratic officeholder may be a pretty good guy, he is still subject to Partei discipline. And gun bans, suppression of the Bill of Rights are a part of Party Dogma, so those who do not toe the line are relegated to the legislative equivalent of coventry.

RINO’s are, in large part, simple minded “go alongers.” They will make a deal with Old Scratch if they think it helps the GOP. Like trading tacit support for New York’s anti Governor, Andrew Cuomo, while getting a promise not to oppose a Republican candidate for a Long Island Congressional seat. In other words, trading something of value to an enemy, for a promise.

Well, gun ban advocate Andrew Cuomo is still in power, still has hes eye set on the White House, and is still planning more more anti-gun legislation to ram through the legislature or Congress, as conditions permit.

So both the Democrats and the RINOS must go. Preferably far, far away.


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Peshmerga Relieves Yazidi Penned In On Mt. Sinjar

FOX News reports a Kurdish relief column has reached Mt. Sinjar, allowing some of the Yazidi who fled to the mountain to escape ISIS to escape. At the same time, the PEshmerga have taken large parts of the primarily Yazidi city of Sinjar, and are conducting mopping up operations.

Both are good things in themselves. I hope the barbarian horde can be contained, concentrated, and crushed. And the sooner the better.


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“Venezuela Is A Goner”

An unsigned post at National Interest says what many of have been thinking, Venezuela is very much a goner.

Hugo Chavez signed the death warrant with a series of gun control measures, culminating in an absolute ban. But Venezuela was already the sickest country in South America; sicker than Argentina, sicker than Brazil, and sicker than any other SA nation you can name.

In a country with huge petroleum reserves, Chavez allowed his country to become a client of a parasite nation, Cuba. Chavez allowed their petroleum extraction and processing infrastructure to deteriorate until it stopped. While at the same time “donating” vast quantities of black gold to Cuba.

So housewives took to the streets, waving the empty pots, protesting the absence of food in the stores. Others protested the lack of free speech, and other commonplace freedoms. Protests that were brutally put down by Cuban Special Forces Soldaten.

Venezuela is essentially an empty sack, stripped of everything that potentially made it one of the richest countries in South America. Gone, all gone.

Gone to line the pockets and stroke the egos of Chavistas. Gone to support Cuba. Gone – with the wind, perhaps. And once relatively prosperous Venezuelans bury almost 5,500 of their own, every month, victims of the all pervasive crime that always follows gun control.

So now Castro is seeking another client. Having given up on Venezuela, Castro has turned to Obama for support.

And is getting it. While Obama? Plots ways to transfer a nation’s worth to a few Partei funders and loyalists, and plots to take our guns.


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740 Million Guns Did Not Kill A Cop Yesterday

With all the hullabaloo over the murder of two NYPD officers, it is good to realize that we have a lot of guns – and a comparatively small number of gun related crime.

An exact count of the gun in law abiding Americans hands is not possible. The best we can do is take known production and survival records, add current production to that, and estimate the total.

The most likely total among a range of estimates is 735 million, based on production and survival numbers available in 2008 with later production taken from the ATF’s Firearms in Commerce tables, less an allowance for guns becoming unserviceable. .

The crimes are taken first from the Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Victimization survey. That survey says there were 332,950 firearms victimizations in the United States during 2013.

Criminologists tell us a typical gun criminal will commit a serious crime every 48 hours when he is on the street. To be generous, we have 40,000 criminals with guns, who committed 333,000 gun crimes: but we have 240 million Americans who sleep in a home with at least one gun.

So what percentage of American’s guns will be used in a gun related crime each year? That amounts to only 0.000053 decimal percent of America’s guns. 53 in a million.

Just three of the 53 will be in the hands of a legitimate gun owner. Most of the three of a million guns used to facilitate a crime will be used in a “crime of passion,” where a golf club, baseball bat, iron, or almost any heavy object at hand would have served as well.

Violent Crime Rates Crashed As Gun Sales Boomed!

Violent Crime Rates Crashed As Gun Sales Boomed!

So no, guns are not a danger to our society. The massive influx of new guns has played a major factor in cutting violent crime by more than seventy percent since 1993. (Click on the graphic for a clearer view.)


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Apparently, Cop Killings Have Crowded Out The News

It is unusual, even during the holidays, to cruise the net for an hour and find not a single item to comment on. Of the 50 crime headlines, 23 concern either Ismaaiyl Brinsley, speculation that he was a member of a street gang, contradictory reports of his criminal history, and so on.

The public has been informed that Brinsley was a bad actor with a long criminal history. Compton, Kali; Georgia: Baltimore, and of course Gotham have all seen his footprints and suffered his violent actions.

Otherwise, his place of birth; parentage, skin color, and other alleged factors contributing to his career are irrelevant, immaterial, and tend to give you a fat head. As Dr. Stanton Samenow observed, “some people are born evil.” Looking at Brinsley’s scanty history, he seemed to fit the description.

I am concerned with where Brinsley obtained the semi-auto he used. Rather, I am interested in where it was stolen and where Brinsley acquired it.

And I am interested in something I have not seen so far, the gun banners use of this tragedy for their own evil purposes.


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Self Defense In Okie City: Homeowner 1, pert slabbed

KOCO reports a would be home invader wound up with a fatal case of lead poisoning.

Briefly quoting the KOCO report linked above:

Police say the homeowner shot the suspect in the 2500 block of N. Moulton Drive around 3:15 p.m. Saturday.

Very good. That is one more criminal removed from Okie City’s streets and alleys; making the city appreciably safer.

Congratulations, Sir.


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A Serious Warning: Carry!

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has a report on still more people who have been immolated, sacrificed to some dark evil by fire.

Looking at the Jackson Clarion Ledger and’s news reports it appears Miss Jessica Chambers was on her way to – somewhere – when her vehicle was hit from behind. Whether that disabled the vehicle or not, hitting a car is a common way criminals get drivers to stop.

The perps, there ware almost certainly more than one, had their way with Miss Chambers, shoved her back in her car, and set it ablaze. Miss Chambers died with third degree burns over almost all of her person. And, if Miss Cnambers was a typical human, whispered the terrible crimes that had been done against her, instead of a perp’s name.

The perps are still at large, of course. The only solid clue the Panola County SO seems to have are the results of DNA tests, almost certainly left as evidence of a certain type of attack.

I can neither confirm nor derail the supposition inherent in Sundance’s repot; the implication these immolation’s were linked. But my sense is that they are likely linked; albeit by members of a group rather than individual players. And the perps are still at large.

I can say with assurance that the fastest way to alienate a people is to torture murder young women. If this continues, and a link is found, things are likely be very ugly. For a very short period of time.



OFFICER DOWN: 2 NYPD Officers Killed In Attack

The New York Daily News reports 2 NYPD officers were murdered today in a sneak attack as they sat in a squad.

Briefly quoting the New York Post report linked above:

Two NYPD cops were executed Saturday after a gang member from Baltimore drove to the city to kill police officers after wounding his girlfriend, sources told the Daily News.

The shooter, identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, boasted about wanting to kill cops in the hours before he ambushed the officers outside the Tompkins Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant about 3 p.m. Saturday.

“I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today. They Take 1 Of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” Brinsley wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of a silver handgun and a series of hashtags referencing the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

That makes a total of 45 Officers murdered in the line of duty, half again as many as 2013. That fifty percent increase is far beyond normal statistical variation seen in the past.

If it were within my capacity, I would order a searching investigation of each of these cop killers. Because there is a very hing probability of a link.

After all, it has been less than six years since a high government official ordered guns to be sold to members of a narcotics cartel, knowing full well those guns would be used in crimes for decades to come.

What one man can do, another can do as well.


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Crime Index In Maryland After The Gun Law?

Someone was sent by in a search for “crime index in maryland after the gun control law.”

The “gun law” should be anti-gun, and judging by historical factors pro-crime, Governor Martin O’Malley rammed through in early 2013. Since “the law” was not in effect for the full year, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report gives an incomplete picture. And if we are fortunate, we will have the official 2014 reports by November of 2015.

Which leaves with the media. Briefly quoting a brief overview of the the Hagerstown, Maryland, Herald Mail:

A look at the city’s Uniform Crime Report Statistics that are reported to the FBI shows there was a 3.7 percent crime increase in the city between 2012 and 2013. The trend has continued in the first 10 months of this year with a crime rate increase of 2.3 percent.

The largest increases in crimes have been for robbery, assault and burglary, which increased 16.5 percent between 2012 and 2013, according to the statistics.

Of course, nationally, crime went down between 2012 and 2013. This table, from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2013 shows the national trend, click on the graphic for a clearer view:


Clearly, the Herald Mail report indicates Hagerstown is going the wrong way. As are other Maryland police jurisdictions. While Baltimore is likely to escape with a decline in its homicide rate, a result of cooler weather between the two years, indications are that crime is up across the board for most of Maryland in 20143.

We will have more and better data as time goes by. But while history seldom repeats itself, the next line rhymes.

In the meantime, we can chalk up Maryland’s much touted gun law as a real killer.


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Someone Is Funding An Anti-Gun Legislators Group

The National Shooting Sports Blog reports a new, 200 plus member strong group of legislatures with members in eery state is after our guns.

The full post is at the link, but briefly quoting the Larry Keane bylined report linked above:

A handful of state legislators from across the country gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to announce the creation of “American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention” or ASLGVP. The new group, which claims to be non-partisan, will work to push new gun restrictions at the state level. But the coalition has one major problem – they will not let anyone know who they are.

Since Bloomers or another of the bigoted billionaires who fund gun bans is after us, huh. Well, the entertainment industry has tried to confiscate our gun since November 30, 1963. More than 51 years.

And gun control has retired more politicians than any other issue in the last 51 years. So of course, the ALGVP mouthpieces will not tell us who the members are. Afraid of repercussions, you know.

Justifiably so. And the percentage of gun ban losers increase as the word, and the links, and the documented fact that the gun bans the Billionaire Boys want is a universal failure, leading only to crime, violence, and mass murder get around, the less chance they have of succeeding.

But that does not mean we should ignore them. It is a virtual certainty that every anti-gun member of every State lawmaking body is a Democrat. So, while we do not know precisely which, if any, members of my state legislature, or your state legislature, are gun banners, we should treat the lot of them like any other nest of poisonous pizzants.

Stomp them into the ground – every time the voting precinct doors open.


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