“I Don Not Understand “Moms for Gun Safety’s” Tactics

Someone with a Harney, Oregon URL says they “do not undertsnd Mom’s for safety’s tactics.

Well, Handgu Control, Inc’s aims were the same as Bloomberg’s and HCI founder Nelson Shields explained his, and the high dollar PR flacks, tactics in getting an “Assault Weapons Ban” by invoking the ancient fable of the camel and the tent.

One bitterly cold night, the camel complained of the cold to a group of men in a tent, begging to just put his nose under the tent so he could be more comfortable. The men agreed, but soon all the camel was in the tent, and the men were out ine cold.

In one of the Dale Carnegie courses I attended, the trainer pointed out that Hitler did not come to power in one fell swoop, but incrementally, pme s,a;; ste[ tpward a [redetermined goal at a time. The former runner for the Imperial German Army began his political career in 1918, virtually on Armistice Day, Veterans day, or Freedom Say over much of Europe, and became Reich chancellor in 1933. In four years,Hitler transformed a relatively well off country into an impoverished one, forced to war to get other people’s money to pay for his promises to the Germans after taking pwoer, Germany was in runs – all through small, innocuous sounding steps.

In the Moms for Murder case, the intent is to increase violent crime rates through first imposing innocuous sounding gun controls, in this case “universal background checks, which have and will drive up crime rates unless offsetting measures outweigh the UZBCs’.

When they fil, the “Moms” can come back with “We did nto do enough, and impose even more stringent controls. Until there is no room left for the private gun owner, and gun rights are gone. But the crime rates remain.

Other tentacles of Bloomberg’s octopus are pushing “common sense gun laws.” Laws that consist of the very same laws that sent America’s violent crime rate sky high in 1905-05, a ban on public carry; restrictions on purchase that sent violent crime rates sky high i after imposition of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

As you can see, the tactics are simple,time proven, and take advantage of one aspect of our gregarious nature, the tendency to follow the very loudest and worst of leaders.


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Noted: DNC Workers File Suit Seeking Fair Pay

CBS Philadelphia reports employees of the Democratic National Committee have filed a lawsuit seeking fair pay.

That tends to confirm long time reports that the DNC pays staffers less than comparable wages, and may pay less than the State minimum wage.

The full report is at the link, and teh Alley will be here when you click back.

Personally, I wonder how an organization that does not pay its employees a living wage can be expected to look out for the interests of the workers and businesses it purports to represent.


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Common Sense? Refusing To Repeat A Mistake

Reading over some of Bloomberg’s Banners calls for “common sense gun laws” I recalled Dexcartes comment that “coomon sense lies in refusing to repeat mistakes.

While someone, perhaps Albert Einstein, phrased it the other way, “Insanity is repeating the same action expecting different results,” the end is the same. sky high crime rates, and those are not in any way “sensible.”

As for the need for laws, evidently the Banners have forgotten criminal live by scoffing at laws.


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Risk Of Pregnancy From Forcible Sexual Assault

An Officer asks if I have any later information pn the risk of pregnancy from forcible sexual assault than the 2008 series with a mainstream blogger.

That is one of those “yes and no” questions. These days it is a big assumption that someone would be forced to endure a completed sexual assault, and make no effort to avoid pregnancy. If the victimization is reported promptly and anti-pregnancy measures are started quickly, the chance of an unwanted pregnancy drops to as low as 1 in 600 or more.

Assuming a physically normal and healthy victim between 16 and 29, the risk of becoming pregnant from a forcible sexual assault is 1 in 7.

So the actual probability must be judged on a case by case basis, instead of a “once size fits all victims” answer.

To go further would require more details than I care to have – except “where did the victims bullet hit him?”


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911, “How Long Until Help Arrives?”

Gun control activsts are always telling us we should call 911 and wait when a machete wielding man kicks in our doors.

So just how long does it take for “911” to get get help to your door?

That depends on where you live, where a free Officer is located, traffic conditions, and other factors. And of course, the public servangs who report those times have an interest in the outcome.

As of November 2016, the mean time from first call to a squad until the car’s arrival at a reported crime scene was 14:34, with a few extra seconds for the soon to be victimized person to talk to the 911 operator. If you call it 15 minutes, you would be as close as only 100 911 responses allows, about 4 percent ir 20 seconds per 10 minutes of wait time.

Nashville does a bit better, and just over 11 minutes, while several cities have a high percentage of extraordinarily long waits that strets 15 and 16 minute wait times to as long as 21 minutes.

So how long does a crime last?

2 minutes for entry, plus

1 minute for murder, total 3 minutes.

3 minutes for “aggravated assault,” (assault with a deadly weapon_ for a total of 5 minutes.

3 minutes for a robbery, for a total of 4 minutes.

Up to 8 minutes for a forcible sexual assault, for a total of 10 minutes.

With a mean call to arrival time of 15 minutes.

Unless you live next door to the cop shop, IF you have time to make a 911 call you will be on your own for whatever time it takes for a typical violent criminal to do their work and get away. While theire are exceptions, the taxi was slow to arrive, or whatever, unless you can effectively defend yourself, you can paste a victim sign across our forehead.

So take the Old Washington DC Desk Sergeant’s advice:

“Get a gun, learn to use it, carry it everywhere, and use it when you hae to.”

Because sooer or later you will need the protection a gun gives, and you don not have what is not there.

So take it from those who know. The weight of a gun is far less than the weight of regret.


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LOL Time: SecState Holds Press Confernce, U.S. Media Excluded

The Hill reports Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a press confernce and the cubs representing U.S. Media were excluded.

Not that the media will get the message that those who fabricate stories intended to discredit our President and political system will get the message. At least, not until they have to read the Daily Mail to get the news.


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Apparently, Politics Has Sunk As Low As You Can Get

Big Time Politics made the reading list this morning with a note that someone is editing or deleting Reddit posts made by a murdered man, Seth Conrad Rich.

The young man was a Democratic National Committee staffer who is accused of turning DNC emails and documents over to Wikileaks. It has been several months, no one has been charged, and no one seems to be under suspicioun. Given that, the probability that an arrest has will be made is less than ten percent.

And if the case is what it at least superficially appears to be, a criminal gang operating as a political party rubbing out a squealer, the chances become nearly zero.

The report is at the link, and is noted here as a marker of just how low American politics has sunk in the last 30 years.

Since any vestige of freedom is a non-starter when the government is corrupt, one wonders how long America can last without a general political housecleaning.


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“Gun Control Is Unjust”

The Fifth Column has an post that made the gun control news, titled “Why Gun Control Is Unjust.”

It is unjust, since it allows the stronger, the more ruthless, or the one in possession of almost any weapon, to dominate those deprived of weapons. So click on over if you like, the Alley will be here when you click back.

We have had crime throughout history, stealing the prosperity of all as so many rats in a granary. Wwe have had literally hundreds of thousands of rulers – each of whom likes down at night unsure his head will be attached to his body in the morning.

An as a result of that uncertainty, we have had more laws disarming the “Great King and potentate of the world,” or at last a postage stamp slice of it,who forbade common citizens from owning dangerous weapons. Not dangerous to themselves, dangerous to the king.

We have had sword control, knife control, bow control, crossbow control, and of course gun control. Al, as Sir William Blackstone pointed out in his “Commentaries” to assuage the fears of the ruling class.

Gun control is unjust, unfair, and criminal. An when, 806 years ago, a distraught young woman stopped the King’s royal Procession to complain the King’s “armsmen,” his royal guard, to complain the soldiers clearing the way had ravished her, eaten up the pastries she was selling, stolen the receipts, and burned her tiny booth to the ground, this Lackland first pulled his sword half out its sheath as a reminder that every sheath knows it is made to be s sworded, and then had her killed on the spot.

Because – He could not afford to antagonize those who took his pay and protected his life by punishing some of their number for crimes.

Gun control is unjust – because it makes the “elites” who control the State control the people,instead of the people


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Restrictive Gun Laws Fail To Curb Violence Anywhere

The top gun control news item this 22 May, 2017 is the NRA-Ila report that draconian gun control have failed to curb violence in Mexico.

While that is most assuredly true, how about Hugo Chavez total gun ban in Venezuela? Murder and violent crime rates are at least three times higher than Mexico.

Or Brazil, where rigid gun laws have resulted in violence rates up to four times that of Mexico, broken only by the “bush,” where gun ownership is a necessity.

Argentina is a variation on a theme, the same song but a different arranger. And then their the smaller countries,from Paraguay to Nicaragua,all with very restrictive gun laws and actual violent crime rates between Mexico and Venezueals’s.

Of course, there is more to the world than South America.The Caribbean islands, for example, where murder rates ten times those of the United States are common.

And then there is Africa, where draconian gun laws are invariably ignored, and “street guns” from varous armories, particularly in Easten Europe, are paraded past police with a “dare you to do something” swagger.

Europe itself, where England almost totally banned guns and the violent crime rate has soared from 550 per 100,000 to 2,899 police reported crimes per 100,00 population leads the upwards trend in violent crime.

The European Union’s civil masters recently decreed even more draconian gun laws – and the EU Capital in what has become the de facto Capitol District of Europe already reports the streets are more dangerous than they were six moths or a year ago.

And the situation is no better in Asia, where Statist governments keep the people disarmed and helpless while they commit monstrous crimes that barely get Section 7 notice in the American media.

The bottom line about gun control is simple enough. You can look as you like, you will not find a single restrictive gun law of any sort that has reduced crime, mande anyone safer,or the pols usual reason for imosing gun controls, made any pols life safer.

Not just in Mexico, Venezuela, DRC Congo, Tripoli, England,Germany, the Russian Federation, Iraq, India, Australia, and in fact, every place gun controls have been imposed.


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“Discuss Muskets”

Someone in Graying, Michigan has a two word request. ” discuss muskets”

There are so many variations that a really comprehensive discussion would fill several hundred printed pages.

In the most general terms a “musket” was a 25 gauge smothbore shotgun adapted to fire anything from 100 gram lead slugs to a half a handful of pebbles.

More specifically, a musket was a smoothbore firearm. With its bore size close to .580 or 0.58 inch it was well adapted to firing a round “patched ball w weighing two thirds of an ounce, or a elongated “slug, weighing up to two ounces.

Most muskets were heavily built, and would withstand the pressures from sometimes astonishing charges of black powder, in one case an ounce of powder and an ounce of lead was considered ideal for a military campaign against “untamed savages.,” And at this point it behooves me to point out that many antique muskets are about as fragile as wet tissue, and HEAVY CHARGES SHOULD NOT be tried.

Musket barrels were generally straight through bored and tehn the earlier muskets were often scraped to approximately size. production quality became better in the 19th century and the last few thousand made seem to have been of quite good quality.

I have never heard of an issue musket that was choked, the bore reduced in size in order to “throw a tighter pattern,” but in the 1840’s many gunsmiths made a good living cutting down stocks for youth guns and either recess (jug choking) choking or “swage choking the barrel to make a sort of “youth model shotgun.

Beyond that, variety sets in. Some were bored out to 20 gauggauge, some stoks were carved to compensate for physical infirmaties, I have seen at least one French musk turned into a Jezail, and very many of the older flintlocks were fitted with a percussion nipple and turned into a small game gun.

And a final word, if you want to actually fire a musket – find a modern replica. Choose one with a reliatively heavy barrel, and better sights than most muskets were issued with.

The old charcoal burners are loads of fun to shoot, although the stories of shooting Marshal Ney off his horse at 1,000 meters was almost certainly a figment of someone’s vivid imagination.

If that’s your wish, have fun but be careful.


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