How Many Americans Collect Guns?

Someone stopped by searing for #American gun collectors.”

The gun banners have Americans so nervous about admitting gun ownership that the question is difficult to answer with any degree of precision.

Working from what we know, it appears approximately 2.3 percent of Americans who own guns collect guns, making the total number of gun collectors at slightly greater than five million, and more than four million of us own more than 100 guns – accounting for 500 million of the 740 million guns in private citizens hands.

And the risk from that concentration of guns? Neglible.

Searching almost 50 years of newspaper clippings reveals on 18 individuals described as gun collectors arrested for some serious crime, and of those, only 3 were for a violent crime.

Considering the sheer number of violent crimes reported to the police each year and the comparatively large number of collectors, that is indicative of just how low the crime rate is among gun owners.


NB: While it is not possible to judge the percentage of error in the gun owner numbers in this post, the error is almost certainly on the low side.


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The Cost Of A “Street Gun?”

Someone stopped by searching for “cost of a black market gun.”

Gun sales are so tightly regulated that the only “black market” is the traffic in stolen guns by members of the criminal underworld. The price of what is called a “street gun” varies with the usual factors of supply and demand, with prices soaring when supplies were short, falling dramatically when there was a “street dealer” on almost every corner. With that…

In 1950, or perhaps a bit earlier, the cost of a stolen Colt 1911 was $50.00, while the dealer prices was around $90. As usual, I am here and my gun catalogs for the period are 20 miles from here so please excuse the lack of precision.

According to testimony before the House Justice Committee, prices of stolen gun remained stable until 1970, when a massive influx of guns sold by owners unwilling to either register themselves or turn in their guns hit the underworld market.

Street guns in New York City and Philadelphia dropped to $25.00 and a new wrinke appeared, crime gun rental. A weekend’s rent for a fully loaded handgun was as low as $10.00, with the proviso that if the gun was fired, it became “hot” and had to be purchased.

By the early 1990’s the cost of a “street gun” was between $200 and #225 in most American cities, but the sharp decline in gun related crime as criminals discovered they were gambling with their lives when they committed a violent crime both the number of guns stolen and the price of a street gun declined sharply.

In Y2K the going price for a street gun was $175, with a relatively small city to city variation in price.

the latest data I have, from a guy who begged the price of a meal in return for carefully censored information, indicated the cost of a street gun in Chicago is $150.00, and in Atlanta $125, with a weekend’s rental at $50.00 in either city.

Current estimates put the number of stolen guns in the underworld armory at more than twenty million, and with the comparatively low recovery numbers it will be several centuries before the underworld runs out of guns for traffickers, street dealers, and violent criminals.

Which makes harsh punishments for the traffickers who arm the underworld to be dealt with as harshly as possible.


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Bloomberg’s Gun Theft Lie Sweeping The U.S.

Well, there are an even dozen search hits for Bloomberg’s lie of the week, that gun theft is sweeping the country.

Since gun owners are well aware that the chances of getting a stolen gun back are beyond minuscule, ATF trace numbers are wildly misleading. The only reliable sources of data on gun theft are is the Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization Surveys.

Looking over the actual data, it is clear that gun theft has been declining for over 30 years. While the 201516 CVS ends that series for the time being, all indications are that gun theft continues its long term decline.

Further, parsing the data results in a clear finding that increases in American violent crime rates aaaaare those initaited by the gun ban lobbies themselves. Crime rates in States such as Oregon Nevada, and other States where the gun ban lobbies have been working hard show sharp increases in violent crime; while states spared the Banners “Outhouse honey” have generally shown continuing declines.

Down here in the Deep South, if we were much further south we would live in the Gulf of Mexico, the general description of those inventive souls who think up lies like that is a “story.”

And ranking that story alongside other likes shows just what a whopper it is. Few greater lies have seen pring – including FNHA’s “Russian Dossier” tale that started a 15 month witch hunt that is still going on.

The good laddies of the South have another expression reserved for those who have done something reprehensible or are too dumb to breathe through their nose the way the Good Lord intended; “Bless their heart.” That can be expnded to indicate a more than common state of sinfulness or stupidity.

So while I cannot greatly condemn the paid propagandists of the gun ban lobby, I can express my disapproval of the sad state of the American media, which cannot bother to fact check a lie. Bless their hearts.

Particularly Bloomberg’s which has evidently shriveled to the size of an appl3e seed.


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One Year Of President Donald J. Trump

This is January 20, 2018, and the one year anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

And speaking for myself, but evidently in agreement with a majority of Americans, thiis has been a god year.

The current impasses with Chucky Schumer and SanFranNan Pelosi’s blackmail scheme – which amounts to give us everything we want or we will shit the government down – is in progress.

What passses for news in these degenerate days has it that Senaotrs are working frantically to come to an agreement with the Dimmos.

Why? in the name of all the imps in Avernus would wwe do that?

Eeryone should be well aware that it was the Democrats intransigence that broungt us to this pass. So why should the Democrats get anything out of their the American mess they have caused?

Let our President tell the Senators trying to “compromise” with the Democratic jackasses, who demand the lions share of credit be given so much as a drop of sweat?

There is no reason to give the Democrats anything but 24 hour a day Billingsgate, enumerating the Democrats and their complicit media’s shortcomings. And for that to continue until the day after election day, 2020.



Gun Ban Lobby Taking Aim At Preemption Laws

It is no secret that we are in an outright state of war with the gun ban lobbies, who are conducting a campaign to bring gun bans back to the community level, where a relatively tiny number of gun ban activists have impact far exceeding their minisxcule numbers.

The NRS the ban lobbies are aiming to overturn or repeal State preemption laws, which prevent municipalities from enacting heavy taxes on gun purchases, tax guns at a high rate, and pass local laws that harass gun owners.

The complete story is at the link, so click on over and be informed. The Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, the best ways to fight the gun banners sinister schemes is to support those who support gun rights, and to spent a few minutes on election election day voting “NO” on candidates that have supported restrictive gun laws.


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Loud Noises In The Sky: The Guns Of Barisal

A Red Bank resident sssenat a link to this youtube video and asked did I know anything about things that will cause loud noises like cannon fire:

Well, first those booms have been for thousands of years, but did not get an official name unil – as I recall – the 1860’s.

Long described as clashes between “sky spirits” clashes between dead giants, and what not, British soldiers at a fort in Barisol, India were roused from a sound sleep by the sound of nearby cannon fire. Cannon fire without the sound of balls which were charged with explosive, exploding.

After several tense hours the sound faded away. The next morning consultation with locals revealed the “guns” were a common occurrence, and when they could be heard in Baarisol they could be heard in a few other places far removed.

While the British troops fears were soothed, no cause was found for the ‘guns of Barisol” until a good understanding of atmospheric physics was gained.

Essentially tge Barisol and other anomalous sounds Guns are thought to be one of the oddities of the propagation of sound in the atmosphere; created when a warmer or colder air mass meets another air mass and produce a tooth rattling boom – and a coming from a single source can come by multiple paths and crate a Whoosh.

As this brief paper points out Atmospheric propagation can result in many strange effects, including cannon fire without cannon, and steam locomotives without a railroad.

While we know that much, we do not know the actual source of any individual sound. Not even the source of the sounds called the guns of Barisol.


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Canada VS US Homicide Rates

A Hempstead, Texas URL asks if I have current data on Canada and the US homicide rates.

Sure do. And a comparison was in progress when I was rudely interrupted by a tornado.

Since I am not spending a major part of my waking hours trying to get the place restored I will have more time to bring Canadian crime rates up to date and post them, but for the moment the chart below shows the long term murder and attempted murder rates, both of which are commendably low.

Both murder and attempted murder rates were among the lowest in the worold until Hollywood’s gun ban campaign gave violence prone Canadians a daily reminder that deadly force assault was a relatively safe endeavor.

In the U.S. Attempted Murder is called “Aggravated Assault, and was typically a case of “rejected puppy love.” Now, several States have far less of that and more actual criminal on criminal attempted murders.

The murder pattern is much the same as the US, but slightly less violent. The rates were low until the gun control agitprop began, rose to a sslightly lower multiple of the previous long term rate a little later, peaked with the imposition of a long gun registry that never got off the ground, the “Billion dollar boondoggle, and slowly declining as it became more apparent that the boondogle was not going to be put into practice.

And finally, for the last few years gun ban agitprop has been pushing the U.S. crime rates higher, While Canada’s violent crime rate has continued to be clse to the 1950’s levels for the same demographic groups.

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Bloomberg’s Banners Latest Agitprop Campaign

Here is is the latest agitation and propaganda, “Agitprop,” from Bloomberg’s Everytown against guns” propaganda group.

Listen to the video and how deftly Bloomberg’s PR people distort the facts. For example, that “300 million guns” Americans own? That assumes the average life of a gun is only 33 years, instead of over a century. The true number is within four percent of 740 million serviceable or easily restored to service firearms.

And that claim that gun theft is sweeping the country? Back in the 1970’s Americans lost more than a million and a half guns to thieves each year – but knowing the guns weoruld never be returned to the owner a third of those victimized by gun theft did not report the crime.

The decline resulted from the sharp decline in gun related crime, depressing the market ffor stolen “street guns” and cutting the street price by a third:

Also pay particular attention to Bloomberg’s flack admitting crime rates declined but does not say why, and says crime rates increased but does not mention either why the decline or why the increase is in progress.

The real reason is simple. Starting in 1992 Americans started buying every defensive firearm to hit dealers shelves. Criminals found crime a far riskier profession that they had found it, and many abandoned that trade.

And yes, crime rates are increasing and have been increasing since 1993, when Bloomberg’s “Everytown against guns” gun ban lobby began operations. Which is a case of adding injury to insult.

At the moment, the criminal underworld is estimated to have twenty million stolen guns available for sale, and 30,000 street guns are confiscated or discarded, meaning the criminals have a 500 year supply of stolen guns.

Obviously, even a total halt to gun sales would not curb gun crime for several lifetimes.

And Australia’s gun laws? They aare neither popular nor successful. This chart is a bit out of date, but even the heavily “fiddled” numbers released by the Australian Institute of Criminology, a government bureau, clearly show Australia’s gun bans to be a failure:

The only rate to show a significant decline after the guns were bought ofr a pittance first year murder numbers were up, without a repitition of Martin Bryant’s Port Arthur massacre, which took 35 lives.

While we only have Canberra’s word for the effects of Australia’s gun control laws, even a part of the truth is bad enough. Mentioning Oz gun laws as a model is the height of insanity. Especially from Bloomberg.

And one particularly ironic point is that Bloomberg himself prefers to live in his Jamaica estate, , where gun control has driven the homicide rate even higher than Chicago’s.

Perhaps Bloomberg likes dodging bullets.


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VA: More Of Northam’s Gun Ban Agenda Dies

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that more of Virginia’s rabidly anti-gun governor has died in committee.

Briefly quoting the Times Dispatch report linked above::

A Democratic bill to require universal background checks for gun purchases — a key component of Northam’s gun agenda — was defeated in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. Another Northam-backed bill to allow localities to ban firearms at permitted events, which arose from the violent white supremacist rally in

Of course, history tells us Northam’s “wheelbarrow load of gun control bills” will all be back in rewritten form until at leat the end of this session, and quite likely into the next session.

The only thing to do is keep the pressure on lawmakers to enact good laws and rejct gun contorl. For starters, let me suggest a bill to make the penalty for gun theft at three years per gun, barring parole or probation for gun thieves, and time to be seeerved in the most distant State prison from the offenders home county. Such a law would deter more crime than all of the 57,789 known gun control laws have to this date.


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Australia: Silencing Anti Gun Control Speech

The Government of the Australian State of Queensland is apparently to give the badmouth to any Aussie who dares as much as recite Australia’s official crime statistics in public.

The NRA has the story of Australia’s 20 year old enforced confiscation of semi-automatic and slide action firearms, and ban on handguns.

The first city to report crime stats for 1999 was Perth, Western Australia, and about as far from the tropical shores of Queensland as you can get. When Perth reported a greater than 80 percent increase in violent crime in the first year of the ban, the government banned the release of crime statistics from any source except the Australian Government.

So now, Australian crime surveys peg the subcontinent as the second most violent country in the world, behind only the U.K. which has even more restrictive gun laws.

Where “heavily armed” Americans have a 3 percent chance of becoming the victim of some crime, and a 4/10ths of 1 percent chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime, an Aussie reportedly runs a 36 percent chance of becoming a crime victim and a 2 percent chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime.

And now anyone who criticizes the extreme Socialist dogma is to be demonized,, just like gun ban opponents here. Well, that is typical of totalitarian political parties that pretend to champion the working man while imposing ruinous taxes and eliminating the masses ability to suppress criminal predation.


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