An Originalist Supreme Court Is Poison To Democrats Plans So Chucky Doubles Down

The Hill reports Senate Majority Leader Chucky Schumer ha reiterated his promise to block any and all of President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominees.

Essentially, what Chucky wants is a “bipartisan” Justice who will decide cases on a basis of Democratic Party Policy instead of on the intent of the Framers. In the Democrat’s view, the Constitution is a worthless old piece of paper that can be torn up, rewritten, or whatever the day’s situation requires for the Democrats to step close to their goal of absolute and perpetual control.

Chucy eventually says as much, when, as quoted by The Hill, he says:

“If the nominee is not bipartisan and mainstream, we absolutely will keep the seat open,” Schumer told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Chucky has been in Congress for an average lifetime, and has a typical New York Political elite’s contempt for Constitutional righrs as a king cobra has for the life of a trat.

Of course, Chucky and his ilk want a far left Supreme Court Justice to vote for party dogma whenever it comes up. And Chucky and his ilk must be denied that.

We never could allow spinelss pols to trade off our heritiage of freedom and self defense. We certainly cannot allow same boneless ones to give Chucky and his Socialist ilk to continue to run roughshod over our heritage.

The first ttep is to go to senate.g and and get the direct office telephone number of your two senators and one represenative. Talk to those folks, and let them know ho important your civil rights, gun rights, and your right to defend yourself and your neighbors is to you.


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Kirsten Stewar Says Will Do A Gun Ban Movie

I see one Kirsten Stewart says sh is like, going, like, to make a movie, about like, something politica, (voice drops to near whisper) like, gun control.

I wonder if the Angelino, certainly, Vally Girl, possibly, is aware of just how many marquee names did something on “gun control,” and are now on the “also appearing” card.

I also wonder if she has the slightest clue about the results of gu gun controls, or about the more than 57,269 restrictive laws that all did the same thing. Tjat resi;ted om sjar[ increases in violent crime and murder rates, without preventing a single crime, making anyone safer, or reducing the number of political assassinations.


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The “News” says President Trump Withdraw From the TP Trade Treaty

No, it is not a reaffirmation o of gun rights, but today is President Trump’s first full working day, when the bureaucrats are in their offices, but the news says the President will execute an executive order effectively withdrawing from the transpacific trade treaty.

The think i9s pretty much a mystery wrapped in an enigma and dressed as a threat. Withdrawal will ease the pressure or U.S. workers, which will be a good thing.

As the old vaudeville routine went, inerlocutor says “Well, President Taft is trying, give the man a chance.”

Straight man, “Give the man his pants, why should we give the President his his pants. Has he left the White Hose without his pants?”

We shall see how the President does a few dozen executive orders frim now.


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At Least President Trump Seems To Be Keeping It Between the Lines

Glancing over the headlines, I see President Trump has been holding the nation’s course in between the lines, doing a few more things we approve of, including a pep talk to the CIA. Who need it, along with rules for guidance, not more “you shall nots” tacable to some empty headed academic at some pest begotten Ivy League instituted of disinformation.

And I see the old place and neighborhood made national news. One thing that seems omitted is the herds of Americans out early and in force to pitch in. When you see a procession of fifty men with chain saws walking the roads, cutting and piling the downed trees, beginning just over an hour after the storm left, you see America at its best.

The storm passed the old place at6 3:31, the first chainsaws began singing their song of freed at 5:06.

But there is one more thing I have not seen. Police protection. I am NOT critcizizing the police, they are doing thier job, and doing it well. But there were a couple of guys standing in whatever dryish spot they could find, cradling AR-15’s, and pointing very high powered lights, just in case of need. Guard your neighbors, and guard your own, and that is also a part of America at it’s best.

And now my cell phone has charged enough for me to do what must be done, and I will be back with a more normal posting schedule tomorrow.


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TOLRNSDO! We Are Fine, But the Neighborhood Is A Mess

Regular readers may have noticed the absence of posts yesterday. I was just headed for the kitchen to start the first pot when the wife shouted tornado “tornado on the ground.”

Two minutes later the lights went out and the train went over. And thirty seconds after that it was gone. The “big ear” antenna and tower is gone, the smaller antennas are gone, but the house, outbuildings, other stuff are OK. But a good half the houses in the neighborhood are beyond repair.

I regularly post form three places, and one has no internet, so posting will be less than usual for a while.


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Interesting: We Have Become Accomstomed To Presidents Who REfer To themseves More Than 100 Times In A Speech

I is not unusual to read that “President Obama referred to himself more than 100 times in a 20 minuet speech…”

Jim HOft’s Gateway Pundit points out something very different about President Trump’ referred to himself only 3 times during his inaugural speech, but he referred to much more often than hiself.

The details are at the link, and the Alley will be here when you click back.


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Bloomberg’s Money and Flacks Hit New Mexico

Bloomberg’s flacks have attacked New Mexico’shooting community with the same universal background checks that have sent violent crime rates sky high in Washington and Oregon. The very same law that was deemed “unenforcible” in Nevada.

The link to the Senate Bill,SB 48 is here.

As far as justification for such a bill is concerned, an unenforceable bill is a trap for the unwary. Blomberg and his minions intent is to register e3ach and every gun owner, including those who buy collectables from other collectors.

This is no more or less than a pernicious pair of bills, and it would serve New York City’s scofflaw right to have the Trump Administration preempt all Bloomberg’s foolishness anc cost the power lover his whole fifty million with nothing to show for it.


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NH Senate OK’s Concealed Carry without A permit:

The Manchester Union Leader, which was a good f friend of ours back in the 1960’s and 70’s, breathlessly breathlessly reports the New Hampshire State Senate has approved a bill to allow concealed carry without a permit.

Perhaps the Senators looked at the crime rates next door in Vermont, where citizens who can comply with Federal law can legally carry any way they please. Here Vermont’s violent crime rates since 1960 through 2015, showing just how moderate the effect of the Gun Control Act of 1968 was compared to Maryland, which added Sate to federal gun control, compared to Vermont:

Gun control was primarily responsible for driving up New Hampshire’s vioent crime rate from the 89 to more than 2,000 after Massachusetts passed draconian gun laws in the elate 1990’s.

Otherwise law abiding citizens sold their guns to street thugs, instead of cheap guns to States adjoining Massachusetts, particularly New Hampshire, on the road to Canada.

The Union Leader should be thrilled that their legislature has acted to suppress crime and violence. Instead, they seem to believe blood will run in the streets if law abiding citizens are allowed to carry.

Which is another popular fallacy among gun control advocates.


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Public Health Advocates Focus On Gun Safety, Not Gun Control

Florida’s WCGI reports on a change on the part of public health advocates who have changed from insisting on gun bans, or at least storing guns in widely separated pieces, to advocating gun safety.

Briefly quoting the WCGU report linked above:

Eighty-two people, including health care professionals and college professors, have signed an editorial in the American Journal of Public Health. University of South Florida Public Health professor Karen Liller says it outlines steps that can be taken to curb gun violence. Liller also says it proposes the use of private funding for gun safety research – since federal money is not available.

“Over the years what we’ve seen is so much funding has been cut for the gun violence and the firearm issue that our lack of research in this area is getting worse and worse,” she said.

Looking at the numbers, one program, the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle Program ha brought deaths down dramatically in a relatively brief period of years:

The worst part of our remaining gun safety prole are in jurisdictions that rigidly control guns and refuse to permit gun safety training at any level, such as New York City, Camden, Trenton, Baltimore, Washington, and of course Chicago.

The second half is that children often to not get basic safety instruction such as “keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.”

From available data, it appears universal Eddie Eagle training for younger children and basic safety and marksmanship for those in the 6th grade and older could get the number of fatal “accidents” to below 200 a year.

Why 200? Because that appears to be the number of cleverly concealed homicides and suicides involving firearms that are called “accidents.”


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Well, We Have A President. Now If We Can Just Keep Our Country

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