Gun “Control” Is Misdirection

Looking over a half hundred reports that some Democrat or other had filed yet another gun control bill using the Las Vegas mass murder as an excuse I thought of Bill voss, a gun control advocate I corresponded with back in the 1970’s.

I had written an LTE to the local paper, and a New England paper picked it up. And after conceding all my p points, Voss said, “the object is to ban all guns. we will not rest until all guns are outlawed.”

Voss had political reasons for banning guns, reasons that have spread throughout the Democratic Partei.

But, as I asked Voss, “If a Congressman cannot trust a citizen, how can a citizen trust that Congressman?”


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The Hill Proves The Point

The Hill says gun control is Constitutional.

Ok, Bub, riddle me this. The Second Amendment is a law, not a whisper from on high.

The Second Amendment is drawn in the formal style for a brief law, with a prefatory clause explaining the reason for the law, a comma, and then the law.

The prefatory remark mentions a “well ordered militia” as a reson for the Amendment, followed by a comma.

The Amendment itself, whouch could sand alone, says “The Right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged.

The shall is the strongest directive polite English affords, as in “You shall obey me.”

“Abridged” is polite English for “not made less.””

So the Second Amendment read to a typical American of the 1790’s “Because we need a well ordered corps of volunteer soldiers t to respond to threats, the right of the people to to keep and bear arms shall not be made less.”

so, Bub, how do you make immovable “shall not be made less” into “it is OK to entirely disregard that right?”

You cannot, without establishing a precedent for ignoring the constitution entirely. Something far more dangerous than granting the people gun rights.


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Can We Change The Way We Talk About Gun Control?

Fast Company asks uf we cab redesign the way wwe talk about gun control in America.

It would be nice to be able to sit down and discuss gun control rationally for once, and a rational discussion is what is needed. Unfortunately, political considerations have gotten to outweigh crime and violence issues, so rationality has fled the country. so at this time the pro and anti gun people are in much the same position as the Catholics and Protestants of Ulster. The bobs and murders may have slowed, but the hatred is still there.

Rationally, if gun control will make people safer we need some measure of gun control. so where are those successful examples we can use for guidance?

They do not exist but, aay the controllers, they will if we tryy it one more time. that is not rationality, that is insanity! And, as the ancient adage goes, you cannot argue with monomania.

We need less crime, less violence, and more civility. To get that, the successful gun laws that we can use for guidance are agree. Relax the gun laws. That has been successful everywhere it has been tried, and following successful examples is rationality.

Unfortunately, there is a problem. The monomaniacs, who will have nothing less than a gun ban. Their position is irrational, since every restrictive gun law has produced more crime instead of less, but it is their position.

The only rational course of action I see at this time is to use our majority status to enact and enforce anti-crime measures such as Constitutional Carry, drive down crime to what they were before gun control sent crime rates soaring, and maintain the position.


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FNHQ Claims DC’s Gun Ban

Fake News HQ has further beclowned itself wth a claim that “Do tougher gun laws lead to ‘dramatically lower rates of gun violence’?”

Now, as it happens I have at hand a few numbers that indicate the truth is Washingtonians are people, and behave the same way people in Caracas, Sao Paolo, Bogoga, Ciudad Mexico, London, Calaois Moscow, lagos, and in West Podunk.

For 1960 there were 81 murders, reported to the FBI, 36 or 44% firearms related, and very typical of the United States for the period. various anit0gun measures increased potential criminals perception that crime is a safe occupation, especially when armed.

By 1969, the number of murders was up to 287, with 195 firearms related. The trend was clearly established, and worsened. In 2016, the District reported 136 murders, 105 firearms related, 105, 77.25%, committed with a stolen “street” handgun.’

Now, as the claim that the District’s 1976 gun ban, that ban did not become effective until 1981, due to legal challengs and the grace period for Washintonians to dispose of their firearms. It graphic form, here is the result:

Clearly, to the early 1980’s gyb control had turned the District from a City of three quarters of a million people and violent crime rates slightly higher than typical for American cities into a city dangerous engouh that several nations issued warnings to embassy staff. and the gangs moved in.

Murder totals, which had been as low as 50 in te 1940’s, went from the 60’s and 8-‘s to the 200 to 300 range under gun control, and the gangs turf wars drive the total to the 400’s, and the murder rate, which had been 32.8 per 100,000 when the City Council to banned guns, to as high as above 80 in the early 1990’s. In 30 years, gun control and then a gun ban sent the murder rate up almost 800 percent.

It took a massive effort, and a huge expense to bring the District’s murder and violent crime rates “under control.”

How well under control can best be judged by this chart of the District’s overall violent crime rate for the period:

Objectively, Washington is one of America’s most dangerous cities. And tis sampling of numbers and charts from FBI Uniform Crime Reports data should make it clear to all but the densest that a gun ban was not an asset to the District, but one of the most expensive errors in American history. An error they persist in attempting.


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19 October Hurricane Watch

Thee are two systems in the Pacific.

Tropical Depression Twentysix is set to wash down the central Philippines and does not seem expected to develop into a tropical cyclone.expected to hit Category 4 as it heads toward Guam, Japan, or peerhaps Korea or China.

There are no storms in the Atlantic Basin or Gulf of Mexico. So that is the watch for the morning.


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San Jose City Council Passes gun Control Bill

San Jose’s Mercury News reports the San Jose city council has fixed the gun violence problem with a law.

Brieflly quoting the Mercury News report linked above:::

The San Jose City Council approved the hotly-debated ordinance on a 6-5 vote late Tuesday, with some of the city’s elected leaders favoring stronger protections. The San Jose law is similar to safe-storage gun laws in San Francisco, Oakland, Sunnyvale and Berkeley. State law requires that guns be locked up or secured only in homes with young children.

So San Jose thinks that keeping guns that will never gu used in a crime away from the law abiding citizens who own them will keep the armed criminals, now with more than 20 million stolen guns at their disposal, from criminally victimizing the law abiding.

The District of Columbia thought the same thing, back in 1976, but went just a tad further, to a total ban on guns. Here’s what happened after the courts upheld that law:

Of course, the Heller Decision om 2008 rendered Criminal Protection Act unconstitutional. And resulted in a huge drop in all crime rates, including violent crimes and murder.

I will post the results of the District’s gun ban in the next day or two, as soon as the total cost of the District’s gun ban comes over.

But one thing is certain. The vote for this horror was 6 to 5. The six who voted for it should pay for it. All of it, from the cost of a wrongful death for the extra murder victims to the cost of a lost box of toys for a burglarized inner city family.

Because in a civilized society, if you break it, you fix it. With an an apology and and a pleasant smile.


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OT: Well, Let’s All Share The Sad Laugh

Washington Whispers reprots Hillary Rodham and the Clinton camapign was getting millions from the Russians, while the drive by media was accusing Trump of bing in Puting’s Pocket.

It really is a tragi-comic world when the scandal sheets appear more honest and forthcoming that rags like FNHQ-DC.


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Another Arrest In The Brian Terry Murder

The Daily Wire reports a second person has been arrested in connection with the murder of Border Patrolman Brian Terry in the “Gunwalking” scandal.

For those familiar with the ATF’s “Operation Fast and Furious” you can a paragraph. For those who are not…

The plot was to aaarm drug cartels with guns purchased in the United States, advancing the Obama regimie’s plans for gun control. Attorney General Eric Holder had already started claiming that “90 percent pf Mexico’s crime guns ourchased illegally in the United states” when Patrolman Terry, armed with magazines loaded with rubber bullets, was murdered by someone with am AL knowingly sold to a Cartel straw purchaser.

Briefly quoting the Daily Wire report linked above:

On Monday, Jesus Rosario Favela-Astorga, the last Mexican “rip crew” fugitive entangled in the Obama Administration’s Operation Fast and Furious, was charged with first-degree murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry, who was on killed December 14, 2010.

The rest of the this story is at the link. click on over, the Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, I am glad to see some of the killers brought to justice. But the ones who provided a converted “Fast and Furious” rigle who used it to murder ofer 100 at Paras Batacllan Concert venue have not been brought to justice, nor have those who gave an order that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Mexican police, Mayors, Attorney generals, and members of their families.


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The Crises The Left Won’t Talk About

As the last two weeks have show, the Progressive Left, AKA Democrats, are all too eager to jump on any instace of firearm misuese to promote new gun laws.

But there are two major menaces that the left refuses to talk about. The first is the drug empidemic, particularly the opioid problem.

The Daily Mail reports opioid overdoses are killing us at a rate of 175 a day, six an hour, one every ten minutes.

The second is a more general version of the same thing, the drug trafficking that results in 12,000 murders a year.

Until recently, guns were used 9,000 times a year, more than 6,000 of those criminal on criminal killings.

And yet, the Progressive Left dismisses the drig problem, which takes more than ten times the lives each yar that cirminal misuse of gunes does as if it is the most natureal thing in the world.

In fat, if they have anything at all to say about the drug crisis or opioid epidemic, it is to oppose any effort to stop that trafficking.

It is time for a change. A lot of changes.

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Confirmation: ISIS Fleeing Raqqa

The BBC reports ISIS has been defeated in Raqqa and survivors are fleeing.

Very good. What is not so good is that surviving ISIS members will fade away into the population of thier home countries, unpacified. Oh well, if we don not allow the ANTI Party to take the tools we need to deal with these threats away, we will do what we always do. Defeat the enemy and muddle through the consequences.


Afterword: I see the Progressive publications such as Newsweak are questioning whether the American military, under Commandeer in Chief Donald Trump, defeated ISIS.

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