Attitude Is Everything In Armed Self Defense

How many times has a private citizen used a Sport Utility Rifle such as a seimautomatic AK or an AR-15 to stop criminal Aggression. Hundreds, this years most spectacular a citizen who killed three Oklahoma home invaders – the latest to make the news, yesterday.

But this YouTube video clip goes further, discussing thee real reason police gave up revolvers, the life saving advantage of standard capacity magazines, and more:

In a life threatening emergency, you use what is at hand. To prepare for a life threatening emergency, you get the most suitable defensive weapons you can afford.

But first spend a dozen minutes acquiring knowledge.


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Reduce mass Murders, Repeal Gun Control

Writing for the Democrat and Chronicle, Mr Craig Robillard points out that repealing most existing gun controls would cut the would drasstically reduce the incidence of mass murder.

And of murder and interpersonal violence for that matter.

Mr. Robillard’s suggestions are sound, and, so long as we recall that Aemrica’s most deadly mass murder killed 87 New York City residents and invoved just one gallon of gasoline. Repealing restrictive gun laws will do great deal to getting our nation to an irreducible minimum of violence, but will not stop all of it.

Still, a 80 percent reduction in violence is better than no reduction at all.


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Baltimore Residents Don’t Feel Safe Anymore

This 322md sunrise of 2017 dawned with a the Baltimore Sun’s body count standing at 318 murders. The way the city has been going, it is quite likely the murder count will have caught up with the day count in the next week.

That makes the Baltimore Sun’s report that Baltimore resident’s do not feel safe anymore perfectly understandable.

If Baltimore manages to close out the year with 365 murders in 365 days, it will have a murder rate of more than 60 per 100,000 resident’s, one of the highest in the world.

A tremendously high murder rate that will not come down until the good people who comprise the majority of Baltimore’s population are allowed to buy, possess, and carry the tools it takes to suppress criminal violence.



Tell That To The Gun Ban Lobby, Lady

I see another entertainer has chose to come down onthe gun ban lobby’s side, saying “No one is trying to take away guns.”

The former head of the Brady Campaign, Nelson Shields was quite open in his desire to bam gims. telling CBS after the signing of the Assault Weapons Ban in 1993 “I bwliww handguns will be banned within ten years, and private possession of any gun will be banned within twenty years.”

Sarah Brady and the lot currently running the former “Handgun Control, Inc.” are as adamant that guns must eventually be banned in a one step at a time process as Shields was.

Billionaire gun ban lobby funder Michael Bloomberg has repeated been quited as saying that gun possession must be “very narrowly restricted,” another way of sayng ordiary citizens guns will be confiscated if his Everytown gun ban lobby succeeds in registering every American gun Owner.

“Gun violence warrior” Ladd Everett has made similar calls for gun band, as have a multitude of others prominent in the gun ban lobbies.

So don’t come around here telling that tale, we know better. And we have known better since December, 1963 when Time started demanding the confiscation of all privately held guns, to be made into a statue of President John F. Kennedy to be erected across the Mississippi River at St. Louis.


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FNJQ Extols Entertainers For Joining Ban Lobby

I see FNJQ has an itemup extolling a couple of performers who joined the gun ban lobby.

The item is not worth mentioning except for a single lie about Bloomberg’s Every town gun ban lobby, which is pushing “common sense gun control.

Gun control and common sense have rarely met since common sense requries copying successful laws and actions and history shows all the Everytown proposals, including universal background checks, have been failures.

All the laws that were followed by reduced crime rates and less violence have relaxed restrictions on citizens of good reput’s ability to purchase, possess, and carry defensive weapons. And in all of gun control’s almost 522 year history, not a single restrictive gun law has ever reduced crime, made anyone safer, or prevented political assassination.

Thee’s no ccommon sense in lobbying for laws that send crime rates soaring.

And there is no space in my collection of more than 3,000 albums adn hundreds of tapes and CD’s of gun control advocates. When one pops up, it becomes time to feed the shredder.


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Why Did Violent Crime Rates Explode Post 1963??

Anon dropped a contact comment saying it was clear that crime rates exploded after 1963, and increased even more rapidly in 1965.

Well, first, President John F. Kennedy was murdered. Then in very short order Lee Oswaled, who did murder a Dallas police officer and purportedly murdered President Kennedy, was murdered on National TV.

By the weekend stations such as KABC and WABC, network owned stations, were calling for “European style gun controls,” which no one knew anything about, and about which facts were hard to obtain.

One week after President Kennedy’s murder virtually every television station, every major radio station, almost every newspaper, and all the news magazines supported a total ban on guns not just the mail order guns Hollywood first proposed.

Given the amount of ignorance about the results of gun control, European crime rates, and the public image of the gun banners who made daily headlines, support for gun control was understandable.

It was not until Chief Inspector Colin Greenwood’s doctoral study on the UK’s gun control laws was published in 1973 that factual information on the actual results of British gun controls became available to the Brits themselves.

Chief Inspectooor Greenwood concluded gun controls were a series of bloody failures, an accurate if somewhat vulgar to British sensibilities description of those laws.

With just a small amount of actual information we were able to greatly slow the passage of bloody failures on this side of the pond, and almost stop the increase in most sorts of crime.

It was not until Marion Hammer introduced “must issue concealed carry” to Florida that American crime rates began to drip. The first effect of available Licenses To Carry was the usual prediction that “blood will run in the streets from major Florida media outlets, and a steady parade of mayors before the cameras, predicting disaster. But surprise! Instead of disaster, crime rates fell precipitously, and by 1993 a high percentage of American States had or were in the process of instituting “must issue concealed carry permits.”

The results are clear to anyone willing to look:

The red columns at the right of the chart show the results of the gun ban lobbies efforts since the 2012 Sandy Hook School Massacre, so human nature has not changed, with the effect the same as the 1963 gun ban campaign.

Of course, we sill hear anti-gun mayors bewailing successful efforts to suppress crime, saying the relaxed gun laws that have cut violent crime in downstate Illinois are responsible for Chicago’s murder and violent crime rates, both of which are on par with Bogota.


Within a week the entertainment industry had pledged more than a mi

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More On The Bipartisan Background Check Bill

Comcast’s NBC News reports the “bipartisan bill to shore up background cheks would provide money to improve reporting disqualified persons to the FBI’s National Instant background Check System, or NICS.

It would sweeten the deal deal by requiring the NICS system to remove inaccurate information within 60 days if it prevents the purchase of a gun.

Briefly quoting the Comcast report linked above:

The bill, crafted by Sens. John Cornyn, R.-Texas, and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., would attempt to better enforce current law and strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check system to ensure all background check information is uploaded.

The trailer for the bill sounds as if it is not threat to the law abiding gun owner. Unfortunately, one of the “bipartisan’s” is a very vocal leader of the Democrats 242 man strong bun ban lobby in Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer.

Further, Comcasst’s reputation for telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is miniscule, so we will have to read the bill. Which I will as usual post in full when the Library of Congress has the text on line.

In the meantime, we should all be clear about one thing. The numbers say the NICS system has not been helpful in keeping the stolen guns the used in the overwhelming majority of gun related crimes.

The rate of decline in appears to have solowed abruptly between Thanksgiving and New Years, 1998, and the NICS system became oerational on 11/40/98, and appears the only possibility for that nationwide shift in criminals activity.

Given that, any change to the NICS system must be made with due caution, let the situation be made even worse that the activity of gun ban lobbies, shown in red, have made it.



18 November Hurricane Watch

In the Atlantic basin a low pressure area has developed between Haiti and Columbia with a very low chance of development into a weather system.

In the Western Pacific, Tropical Storm Kirogi is southwest of Taiwan, headed for Vies Nam.

And that seems everything of interest ot emergency workers,, so I will report if anything develops between now and tomorrow.


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Watch Out, New England, he Vortex Is Coming

The Daily Mail, whose correspondent tend to read the meters, reports the Polar Vortex that has plagued New England and the Northern Tieer of States is coming back and will keep the afflicted areas in the deep freeze for several months on end this winter.

There’s no point in my adding another verse to a 30 year long song, so click on over and check it out. Particularly the projected temperature map, whee blue means tet the get the electric mattress pad and electric blanket ready for you to crawl between and quit shivering.

Ror those curious, the Danish Center for Ocean and Ice pegs mean Arctic air temperature at 260K, -13C, or 8F, after a massive outflow of brutally cold Arctic air, replaced by warm temperate zone air rushed in to replace the cold outflow.

Arctic se ice extant has beaten Al Gore’s full winter forecast by 9,402,000 square kilometers – with almost fpir ,pmtjs left until the historical winter ice maximum.

Amd foma;;u. the scientists estimate we have between 8 and 12 years before the current climate minimum hits its extended temperature minimum, which should last 70 to 80 years befpre we get tp 1820s winter temperatures and length of growing season.


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A Tampa Church Sets A Good Example

The Tampa Bay Times reports a a Tampa church has set an extraordinarily good example.

Briefly quoting the Tampa Bay Times report linked above

f you are an evildoer wishing to bring harm to the members of River at Tampa Bay Church, don’t expect congregants to turn the other cheek.

They’ll blast you.

So says a sign at the church, at 3738 River International Drive in Tampa, that delivers a stark warning to anyone thinking of wreaking havoc.

In posting a warning he church has made a safe have nor the neighborhood, an anchor point for th elaw abiding, and a place of safety for those in fear. All those are good things in this time of uncertainty.

Many think of Jesus as a “Prince of Peace,” taking Jesus injunction not to resist evil but to “turn the other cheek. While that is good advice, it is not much good when someone is trying to kill you.

I would suggest find a copy of the Jefferson Bible, “The Collected Words of Jesus,” and read that for an hour or so.

The world view revealed is far different than that usually thought of as Christian – and far less inclined to give compulsion a third chance.


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