Polls: Reuters Runs Rigged Results

Jim Homft’s Gateway Pundit reports Reuters has publicized a rigged poll that shows Hillary Rodham C. gained ground in the presidential race.

The story is at the link, and the Alely will be here when you click back. So click on over – and the next time you see a Reuters sourced report, remember the fraud and reach for the sakt,

Polls are easy to rig, and there always those willing to open their wallet to get a favorable result.. And there always less than scrupulous media outlets and news gathering services that will be more than happy to pay for the sort of like they


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Trump Playing To A Packed House IN Waukeasha, Wi.

At the moment there are only crowd shots, but those tell the story of enthusiasm.

I don’t know when the previews begin but i looks like the movie will be fun.


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U.SS. Homicide Rate, 1950 through 2015

As you can see, the year 2015 saw the end of the United StTates long term decline in violent crime, homicide, and murder rates. Those rates were falling between 1950 and 1963, he starting year for the drive to ban guns in the United States:


America’s law abiding gun owners began our campaign to relax restrictive gun laws in the late 1980’s but it took a few years to get results. From 1996 tp 2014 our efforts had cut most forms of crime, including murder, by more than half:


It is absolutely infuriating to have come so far toward a safe society, only to have our efforts set back by politicians lust for power It is time for us to go to the polls en masse, and show our real numbers. Perhaps then we will get some respect.


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Ho Hum: Democrat Talks Of What She Knows Not Of

Here is Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee )ANTI-TX_ giving a sermon straight from Bloomberg’s talking poi ts on the evils of semi-automatic rifles and universal gun registration, in the form of Universal Background Check:

Oh yes, an AR-15 and the civilized AK-47 are “automatic weapons. No matter that the AR’s cartridge was deliberately designed to be as un-lethal as possible. Or that those rifles are ideal ofr pest control, such as the sounders of feral hogs destroying crops.

Nor does it matter than less than 10 percent of those killed with a rifle are killed with military styled Sprot Utility Rifles. They are ugly so they have to die.

And as far as universal background checks and gun registration is concerned, I suppose no one has told Ms. Jackson Lee that those laws sharply increased the number of murders in States where universal background checks had been put in place.

With so many intelligent minority members who could who could espouse fact based policies, it is time for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to retire and raise geraniums.


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Knives Used To Murder Almost Three Times As Many AS Rifles, Shotguns, and Other Guns

The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report gives the following comparison between knives and rifles, shotguns, and other guns as murder weapons.

252 Americans were murdered with rifles.

269 Americans were murdered with shotguns.

171 Americans were murdered with “other” guns, such as derringers.

692 Americans murdered with a gun other than a handgun.

Compare that to..

1,547 Americans stabbed or slashed to death with knives.

So 224 percent more Americans were murdered with a knive than with a rifle, shotgun, or other gun, except for a handgun.

ranted, 6,447 were murdered with a handgun. But that was less than half the number of handgun murders reported by the media in 1990.

Further, there can be no doubt that the United States murder rate would have declined again, had it not been for the anti-gun party’s recless and irresponsible open borders policy, which has added three to five million criminals, often violent criminals, to our population.


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School Shooting, Multiple Injuries, South Carolina

UPDATE II FOX Carolina reports the suspect in custody killed his father before his rampage at the elementary school. While the tragedy somewhat fits the “active shooter at school” model, there is not enough information to definitely decide that his desired end was his own death. [ends]

UPDATE A teenage suspect in custody. One teacher and two children have been wounded. At least one child was airlifted to a pediatrics ward in Anderson South Carolina. No motive for this tragedy has been given, and I have seen reports that neither teachers nor staff were armed to protect the children and themselves. I will post anything I get o finterest, either as an update or as a separate post.[end update]

FOX News reports there has been a shooting with multiple injuries at Townville Elementary School in Townville, South Carolina, a, an unincorporated area in Anderson County.

Briefly quoting the FOX report linked above:

Law enforcement officials were called to Townville Elementary School in Townville, S.C., Wednesday afternoon over an “emergency situation,” though district officials have not provided any additional information, according to Fox Carolina.

Multiple injuries have been reported and a suspect is in custody, according to the station.

I have no report of how many or how seriously wounded those injured may be. Townville is not on my list of schools that have chosen to protect students by arming teachers and faculty.

I will update as I get information.



Donald Trump In Melbourne, Florida 27 Sept, 2016

Well, the pundits said that no one would come to a Tump rally after Monday’s “debate,” but twelve thousand turned out and ten thousand got in to see the Presidential candidate.

Here’s the man himself, so take a listen:

If you need to do something on the bit box, open another tab and have at it, but while you listen.


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NOTED: I do not want to go there

This Daily Mail report touts the advantages of a solitary life.

And I do not want to go to any of those places.


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Daily Express: Did Clinton Cheat At The Debate?”

The Daily Express suggests Hillary Rodham C. may have worn a concealed earpiece ant gotten coaching During what was billed with a debate.

Obviously, it was Lester Hold and Hillary Rodham against Trump. If the Express’ surmise, backed with a photo, is correct, a debate turned into a Trump Vs World argument.

Even with hold and Rodham C. against Trump, the “debate” was a sham. If Rodham C. wore a concealed earpiece, with experts on many subjects on hand to coach th Rodham C., it became an execution that did not quite come off.

Obviously, the “Presidential Debate Commission” has a lot of questions to answer, and answer very quickly. Before a helping mouth becomes fraud by deceit.


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#2 Today: Drug Dick Dinked By Discharge

KCCI reports a a detective returning a gun to holster after an arrest shot himself in the leg.

Briefly quoting the KCCI report linked above:

According to the release, the handgun of one of the officers then went off as he was putting it back into its holster. The bullet struck the officer’s lower right leg. The officer was later reported in good condition at a Des Moines-area hospital. The officer’s name hasn’t been released.

We all know the rule, “Finger OFF the tirgger until you are ready to fire.” Yes, sometimes it is a little hard to remember that, and while 1500 mile forensics are a bit chancy it seems probable that a distracted detective’s gun fired when his finger came into forcible contact with the holster.

Careful out there, bullet wounds hurt. Especially the ones you give yourself.


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