WaPo Notes Starvation In Venezuela, Omits Cause

I see the Socialist Washington Post has taken notice of the actual starvation resulting from converting the economy from regulated-market to Communist.

As is usual with such change overs, those doing the changing get the top half of the nation’s wealth leaving the people to do without those products they cannot produce in adequate amounts. So the result is poverty and starvation. public anger, labor camps to “reeducate” those who speak out, and then the extermination camps for those who grumble to “friends.”

Predictably, WaPo merely says the misery was caused by humans, extending the foundation for a claim that babies starving while Maduro blows more than $350,000 for a hotel room for a week so he can celebrate Fidel Castro’s birthday was cause by rich old white American men. Rich defined as anyone who is not forced to go to bed hungry, and does not sleep under a bridge.


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Joe Arpaio Easily Wins Republican Primary

The AP reports “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio, famous for his tent prisons and pink underwear for prisoners, has has easily won a his primary race.

The Sheriff of Maricopa County is under fire from Loretta Lynch and her mob at the Department of Justice, which seems to think putting pink panties on a perp is bad thing.

Good luck, Sheriff, we need men with life experience in Congress.


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Is “Chicago’s Murder Rate Out Of Control?”

Former LA Police Officer Jack Dunphy, with whim I almost always agree, suggests Chicago’s murder rate is out of control.

This is one of those “true and false” situations. Chicago’s murder rate does not even begin to equal places where murder is actually out of control, Caracas, Sao Paolo, Acapulco, and Johannesburg, to name four.

But Chicago shares the same problem the cities whose murder rates are out of control. The primary deterrent to violence, including murder, are those who are on scene when the crime occurs. Like the horrible examples listed above, Chicago has legislated a situation where victims and witnesses are helpless in the face of criminal violence.

Giving credit where credit is due, the people of Chicago are remarkably brave, in that they have not followed more than a million Chicago residents and left that dangerous pest hole. But on the other hand, the crime syndicate called the Chicaago Combine has set up this situation, by preferring the safety of criminals to the security of taxpayers.

The gun ban model Chicago’s gun laws have not worked. They did not work in the model for that law’s native Sicily. Nor have they reduced crime, made any citizen safer, or reduced the rate of political assassination anywhere on this planet in the 521 year history of gun control.

So, like the gun bans in Caracas and the virtual gun bans in Sao Paolo, Rio, Mexico City, Johannesburg, and hundreds of other major cities have had their usual result. A massive increase in violent crime rates starting the day the gun ban was first proposed.

Any law that makes a criminal lifestyle appear less risky will have a similar result. And as in treating any other disease, the secret to bringing Chicago’s violent crime rates under control likes in empowering the law abiding super-majority.


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Swiftboat John Says To Media; Shut Up About Terrorism

Town Hall’s Katie Pavlich reports Secretary of State “Swiftboat” John Kerry has some advice for media outlets.

“Shut up about terrorism.”

Yes, shut up so centrist and right wing pundits will not be able to use terrorism to beat progressive regimes with.

Ms. Pavlich’s report is at the link, and the Alley will be here when you click back. You will be the better informed for taking a few moments to click on over.


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Another Reason Why Every Woman Should Carry – And Judges Should Be Vetted

FFOX News reports on all too familiar tragedy.

While we are up to more than eight million reasons why every woman should carry an effective d defensive weapon, ranging from stopping abuse of children to stopping a bear attack, this one is just number 31. A judge set a low bail for an estranged husband, who promptly abducted and murdered his wife.

That series of tragedies makes the legal system an accessory before the fact to murder. Whether the fault lies with a lenient judge, or with a bail schedule set by the Legislature, There is blood on several someone’s hands. And it need not be that way.

Self defense starts with self arming. As an old District of Columbia Police Sergeant to a young rape victim, ever American should “get a gun, learn to use it, and use it when they have to.”

Looking at the numbers that policy would save more than 2,650 lives a year, almost all of the law abiding citizens who are currently victims of domestic or criminal violence.

And yes, we do need to vet judicial and legislative candidates carefully. Some of them seem to have had the life experience of a pet rock.


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Noted, John McCain, Marco Rubio, and Debbie SW.S. Win Primaries

In yesterday’s Primaries, Senators John McCain {R-AZ} and Marco Rubio [R-FL] won a slot in the November 8, 2016 General Election; As did rabidly anti rights Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz [ANTI-FL].

The Constitution is safe in the hands of Rubio and McCain, so overall the primaries were a win for Americans.


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“Can The World Ever Become One World?”

Stu with a Cambridge, Massachusetts URL asks if we will ever have a “one world government” and what it would take.

There would be no real problem with one world government if everyone spoke the same language, and had essentially the same customs.

For example, the United States and the Dominion of Canada share a common language, and high percentage of Canadians share American culture. While “there is many a slip twixt cup and lip,” it is likely that some extermal event will cause some sort of confederation; from a council of advisors for the Canadian Parliament and American Congress to an outright addition of the Canadian Provinces to the list of American States.

Conditions may impel other neighbors to join in a common government, as Helvetica, Switzerland, did. There a number of people with dissimilar languages and customs have lived in amity for centuries. Although conversation sometimes gets excited during Schutzenfest.

Larger confederations are theoretically possible, but it would take common language and customs to pull it off.

If you could realize Zamenhof’s dream of a common langage for all of humanity, along with a common set of laws, and enforce adherence to a set of societal norms – as public pressure forced men approaching a pregnant woman to dismount and lead his horse past the lady, you would have a solid foundation for a One World society without borders, passports, or much of anything else.

The risk in attempting to create such a society is that it will grow in an unexpected direction, responding to subtle hints in both language and customs, to be something very different from the desired outcome, and ungovernable. At least by the Napoleons who feel they should control that society.

Perhaps fortunately, since the vast diversity in human societies gives a viability in adversity that is hard to match, we are not likely to see that “one language, one world” nightmare realized.

Why not? Can you imagine the difficulty of teaching almost three million Indians and Chinese a common language such as Polish? There are 6,700,000,000 humans on this planet, and perhaps 40,000,000 of us are fluent in Polish. Teaching the other 6,6630,000,000 to speak Polish well enough to order dinner would take more Polish teachers than htere are Polish speakers.

An artificial language might be invented languages, such as Ludwik Zamenhof’s Russian derived Esperanto, would do no better. Those languages usually forget the words of that express emotions such as love, respect, affection, and so on, leaving rootless words that conjur up images of nothing. The result is a lack of regard for human life that is more than abhorrent, it is barbaric.

Given that, I would rather try to revive dead dying languages, so this planet would be even close rto Babel, rather than develop an artificial language that crates monsters.

And of course, adding more languages is likely to harden borders; which are intended to keep strangers out rather than invite strange customs with unpredictable results in.

Because, to mangle two latin aphorisms, “Strong borders make good neighbors,” and “If you would have peace, prepare for war.”


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Report: Obama And The Lynch Mob To Declare Voting Systems “Part Of Criminal Infrastructure”

Cybercast News Service reports the DOJ’s Lortta Lynch and her Lynch Mob may declare some State’s voting systems a part of a criminal infrastructure.

Briefly quoting the CNS News report linked above:

The Obama White House may designate certain state voting systems as “pieces of critical infrastructure,” which would give federal technology experts “more of a role in assisting the administrators of those networks as they deter intrusions,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Monday.

Of course, almost every State’s voting system is a part of a criminal infrastructure, but the “owner” of that infrastructure is Barack Hussein Obama’s and Loretta Lynch’s Democratic Party.

And you can pretty much bet the farm that the criminal infrastructure will be those States that attempt to run an honest election, by purging the voter rools of the dead, the moved away, felons, and others ineligible to vote.

If the Democrat’s honest polls show Ohio is the key State in the 2017 elections, watch the regime seize Ohio’s voting systems and claim a great Clinton victory. T

Ad the only thing we can do about it is to make a hie 2016 elections 50 State Trump landslide. And to keep our powder dry, in case.


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Streisand Promises To Leave The U.S. If Trump Wins – Pray For A Trump Victory!

The Daily Wire reports ultra leftist and anti-gun activist Barbara Streisand has has promised to leave the country if Donald Trump becomes President.

As the saying has it, “To fail to be a Socialist at 20 is a sign of a hard heart. To be a Socialst at 30 is a sign of a weak mind.”

Streisand has been a Socialist since her days at 60 pf jer 76 years, accepting Socialism’s gun ban platform wihtout question at about the same time.

Apparently, Streisand can recite the history of the Holodomor, the Holocaust, and other democidal horrors that have taken the lives of more than 262 million people, including more than 28 million Jews, without managing to realize those murderous programs were almost universally launched and carried out by Socialist regimes.

The same murderous S Socialists she extols murdered. These Jews, for one group, murdered by poison gas:


Streisand has promised to leave America, the land of the free, if Donald Trump wins the Presidency. Let’s all vote for Trump, and make sure we hear the last of an actress in love with a murderous political scheme.


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Pro Forma Senate Sessions Frustrate Obama

The Washing Times reports on the Pro Forma Senate Sessions that frustrate Obama’s plan to break the Supreme Court deadlock by appointing anti-gun activist Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court,, gan guns and ammunition by fiat, and do other mischief.

Click on over and check it out. The Alley will be here when you click back. And let me give thanks to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel for keeping the “progressives” at bay.


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