Self Defense In Buffalo: Homeowner and Son, 2 Captured

Buffalo, New York’s WBKW reports an armed home owner and his son captured a pair of home invaders and held them for police.

When police arrived, they found the homeowner and his son holding the two suspects, Rappleye and Guarino, at gunpoint. The homeowner told police that he and his son had heard a noise outside the house. When they went outside to investigate, they found the suspects trying to use a ladder to climb into a second story window.

Obviously, New York’s Sinister leftist Governor, Andrew Cuomo, did not make this homeowner and his son any safer with his SAFE Act. All he did was lead a couple of kids to think home invasions were safe.

Congratulations are due both men for their prompt and effective action, which has made their community measurably safer.

Kudos, Gentlemen.


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Funny: O-man Says “GOP Says No To Everyting”

Politico, “Obama’s Typewriter,” quotes Obama as saying the GOP says no to everything.

Here in the real world, it is not the Republicans who are clogging up Congress. The clog is a fellow named Harry Reid. A Senator from Nevada who has held up the almost 800 bills he has waiting to be voted on.

And, since Obama is apparently one of those unfortunates who must cut a hole in his pockets to count to eleven, the O-man either has no idea of the mathematically certain destruction his own proposals will cause – or that destruction is a feature and not a bug in the regime’s grandiose plans.

Plans to, as Obama describes them, to “fundamentally change America.” To a third world country, no doubt.



Reasons For Gun Controls In U.S.?

Someone came by searching for “reasons for gun control in us.”

Gun controls, starting with a ban on public carry of handguns, has roots in two violent series of events.

The second was the spread of what we call “progressivism,” which requires an end to private gun ownership.

The first, and oldest, is labor violence; as workers justified demands were met with violence at the hands of strike-breakers called scabs.

The Homestead Strike was one of the earlier examples of labor violence in the United States:

By the early 1900′s labor violence had progressed to the point that public safety was endangered. In particular, strikers caused a number of railroad accidents; both by causing derailments, and by disabling engine overpressure reliefs resulting in boiler explosions.

With fears of deadly violence rising, states began passing laws against carrying guns. Between 1905 and 1933 incidence of Americans carrying a defensive weapon sank from 18 to 20 percent to only two percent. And many of those were carried illegally.

The chart below graphically demonstrates the effect of those restrictive gun laws on homicide on one end; and the result of relaxing gun laws on the other. Click on it for a clearer view:

The Bloody Results of American Gun Controls, 1905-2012

The Bloody Results of American Gun Controls, 1905-2012

And of course violent crime rates show similar changes as gun controls are imposed, tightened, and relaxed.

Demonstrating once again that gun control only enables the violent among us.


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BOLO: Reason 7,977,559 Why Everyone Should Carry

Here is the full text of an Amber Alert, issued by the Mississippi Highway Patrol:

Amber Alert issued for teen believed to be shot and abducted

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has issued an Amber Alert for 17-year-old Katelyn Beard.

She was abducted Saturday morning from between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. from 4244 Lynda Street in Jackson.

Beard is described as a white female, with long brown hair and brown eyes.

She stands 5’4″ tall and weighs 140 pounds.

She was last seen accompanied by Dewayne Thompson.

Thompson is described as a black male with black hair and brown eyes.

He stands 5’9″ tall and weighs 135 pounds.

They were last seen traveling in a 2009 Nissan Altima with Greene County license plate GRF 293. They were traveling east on Lynda Street in Jackson.

If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Katelyn Beard, Dewayne Thompson or the vehicle call the Mississippi Highway Patrol at 1-855-642-5378.

Someone saw this take place, and reported it. If the perp felt he ran any substantial risk of being shot either by his victim or by a witness, this incident would almost certainly not have occurred.

Carry your life preserver. At some time in your life you will need it. And the weight of a gun over a lifetime is less than the weight of regret for a day.


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Noted: 3 Thugs Who Beat And Robbed A 74 YO Shooper..

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit reports three teenage thugs who brutally robbed a 74 year old shopper in a Florida Publix have a total of 35 felony between them.

Briefly quoting the Gateway Pundit report linked above:

Two fourteen-year-old boys who were with the confessed thief at the time of the robbery have a combined 26 felonies according to police.

These three young credits to their community have, as Doctor Stanton Samenow described in in his “Inside the Criminal Mind,” made a conscious decision to pursue a criminal lifestyle. At this point, it is extremely unlikely that they can or will even want to be “reformed.”

As a practical matter, these children, for that is what they are, have made a decision to spend much of their life in custody. And the rest of their life trying to avoid a victim who can effectively resist these criminal predators.

And, in releasing these dangerous individuals into society, the State has made a conscious decision to let the people of Florida deal with these violent individuals, individually.

Factoring inflation into the latest study of the cost of crime; each year these three thugs remain out of prison will cost at least nine million dollars in damage, spoilage, personal injury, extra security and other costs. And the bulk of that will come from the pockets of those who live within six blocks of where they sleep.

And, to answer a question before it is asked, poverty follows crime, for obvious reasons. Communities that do not tolerate crime are generally relatively affluent.

If these young thugs mothers are fortunate, these children will survive their first encounter with “armed prey,” and be “scared straight.”

If the State loses the economic gamble and a jury puts them on death row, the state will have lost one or more law abiding, tax paying, citizens and will pay many millions of dollars to defend each of these career criminals; whose worth to society is a minus three to five million dollars a year.

Florida's Homicide Rate, Before And After Concealed Carry

Florida’s Homicide Rate, Before And After Concealed Carry

And if the State wins its bet and a law abiding citizen takes them off the streets for all eternity, it will be many million dollars over these young thugs lifetimes better off.

The graphic on the left shows what happened when Florida started issuing license to carry. A sharp initial drop in homicide, and violent crime, rates, followed by a more leisurely decline as those pursuing the criminal lifestyle came to realize that crime is a dangerous occupation. Pick the wrong victim and you can wind up full of holes. (click on the graphic for a clearer view.)

Obviously, every person of good character should carry a defensive weapon. As a very high percentage of those who live in safe societies do.


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Noted: Ferguson, Mo, Police To Wear Body Cameras

It is a measure of how critical things have become that the national news headlines bothers to report Ferguson, Missouri police officers will begin to wear body cameras.

I understand why officers do not want to wear a body cam. I have put my foot in it more times than a few, including a couple of bulls I don’t even want to think about.

But the gal across the street with the cell phone is probably recording the whole thing. And she has a right to, so complaints are useless while arrests are expensive.

So a police officer no longer has any assurance that his or her version of events is credible. That record of events is your first line of defense against unjustified charges. And your paycheck.

If I were a cop, I would wear a body cam if I had to buy it myself. I might lose a shirt tail or two, and take some well deserved ribbing, but that is better than losing my freedom over a grainy, out of focus video taken from a hundred yards away.


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Bloody Chicago: 2 Dead; 30 Wounded

Ho Hum – the Trib reports two dead and thirty wounded as of Sunday evening of a holiday weekend.

Just another day in a gun free paradise.


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DETROIT: Gun Control Gone, Homicide Down

The Detroit News reports the former Motor City is on track for fewer than 300 homicides in 2014.

The last time Detroit came in under 300 was 1967, before the Gun Control Act of 1968, and before Detroit restricted private gun ownership. Briefly quoting the Detroit News report linked above:

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said he expects the trend to continue.

“We’re hoping we don’t hit the 300 mark for 2014,” Craig said at Thursday’s Board of Police Commissioners meeting. “That would be historic, to not have 300 homicides. … July and August are typically our toughest months because of the heat, so unless we have an Indian summer, I think the number of shootings will diminish.”

Yes, Detroit’s gun most restrictive gun controls are gone, and Chief Craig has told citizens to arm themselves and defend themselves. Historically, permissive gun laws and policies drive down violent crime rates, including murder.

So a sub-300 year is likely, and 2015 may well bring murders to below the 281 reported in 1967. Getting a jurisdiction that has had gun controls back on track is not an instant process. But Detroit is getting there.

Even if it is, as the saying has it, “Like a cat eating a grind rock, a little bite at a time.”


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New York Woman Fatally Shot Six Times

If this report of a tragedy in New York had a different headline, it would have been passed over. The New York Post reports a Long Island woman was ‘Fatally Shot Six Times In Her Car.’

Which is definitely overkill. And just one of five homicide reports a day coming out of New York. Obviously, Cuomo’s SAFE act has not made the public any safer.


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Noted: “The Myth Of Arctic Meltdown” Exposed

The award winning Daily Mail has done what the Sinister left dominated American media will not, dares not, do. Expose the myth of Arctic Melt.

Briefly quoting the Daily Mail report linked above:

The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.’

Those comments came in 2007 as Mr Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change.

But seven years after his warning, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that, far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012.

Yes, that is the fact. And for those who would like an independent source, this lets you compare ice coverage on almost any two dates in the satellite age.

And the IJIS website tells us the summer melt has virtually ended. Up to a month early!

Bottom lines? First, it would be a really good idea to stock up on extra bedding and emergency food supplies. And don’t forget the pets, and some extra for your improvident neighbors. In particular, you need some means of melting ice into drinkable water.

And the second bottom line is to remember to vote out those politicians who think it is more important to extort money from you at gunpoint than it is to keep your lights and heat on during times of high power demand. Remember, even gas furnaces do not work when the power is off.

You know the baseborn “progressives” I am talking about.


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