ANTI Media Pushing Student Walkout For Gun Ban

Since 5:00 PM EST I see the search engines have picked up a wave of media support of a school walkout for a ‘high school walkout for gun bans.”

From all appearences the media, broadcast and print, have taken a page from the National socialist German Workers partei (NSDAP) playbook and started running announcements of the events they support too late for opponents to react. And what worked in 1923 Munich will work in 2018’s Spring Center High School.

Well, we shall see what we shall see. and we shall see what effect stabbing the most law abiding and economically productive American demographic in the back does to circulation numbers.

Because I see no reason to give people who are inimical to the interests of law abiding deserve my patronage.


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What Is An Assault Weapon?

“Clear Point” asks for an official definition of an “assault weapons.”

hee is no lexicographers definition of an assault weapon, simply because almost everything has been used as a weapon during an assaul. something that leaves the definition murky, to say the least.

for example, the “gravity knife” is considered an “assault weapon” in ssseveral venues. And what pray tell is a “gravity knife?” It is a parachutists shround line knife, made to operae one handed as an aid to reaching the ground combaat ready. Point the blade down, relese the latch, the blade slides into position, and you are ready to start cutting.

Since only a small number of gravity knives were made, you might think the law would seldom be enforced – but you would be wrong. In most jurisdictions that ban gravity knives aany knife that can be opened by releasing the blade lock, grasping the blade, and “flip” the knife open is a gravity knife, and subject to up to a $5,000 fine and s stiff prison sentence.

And, if that seems extreme, when it c coupes to “assault weapons,” any gun, any knife, any sjpe;ace pr ptjer cprd. amu “blunt object,” and many more things can be described as an Assault” weaaon. And if one of that class of items has ever been used as a weapon, it probably will be.

Obviously, “assault weapon” has no actual meaning. It is any object that can be used to assault someone, from a small rock, broken brick, soda bottle, cord, knife, razor blade in a potato, and of course any handgun or long gun.


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Colorado: Boulder Plans Sport Utility Rifle Ban

The rabidly anti-gun Denvre Post reports Boulder is plotting a ban on sport Utility Rifles, which they dub Assault weapons.

As we know, SUR’s are built with many items such as stocks, barrels, and magazines to military standards of durability, and of course resembel their fully automatic miltary counterpart. The rugget result is ideal for the rancher seeking to protect his calf crom from coyotes, fence ccutting rustles, and other predators both two legged and four.

Sport Utility Rifles and their military look-alikes, assault rifles, such as the M4 and M16, are used to kill less than 100 Americans a year, about equally divided between “Official Intervention” or police killings and civilian self defense and “depraved heart” murder deaths.

Despite the amazingly small number of murders committed with SUR’s, the gun ban industry has demonized both Sport Utility Rifles and their owners since late 1986. the results of that campaign can be seen in the chart below, which shows the number of mass shootings since 1

The red columns show the results of the gun ban indusrty’s “assault weapons ban” campaign.

It is absolutely obvious that Sport Utility rifles are enormously useful to the police and the law abiding – but thanks to the gun ban industry have an undeserved case of bad publicity.

Publicity the rabidly anti-gun Denver Post perpetuates with the pro-ban propaganda. The item, a warning to the ban groups who get millions every year from gun ban funders not to stir up the shooting community before an election. Briefly quoting the anti-gun itme linked above:

upporters of Boulder’s proposed ban on assault weapons, bump stocks and high-capacity magazines are imploring the City Council not to put the proposal to a public vote in November, and rather to pass the ban at the council level as soon as possible.

Coloradans who are members of our most law abiding demographic should already be aware that every elective seat will have a gun banner running for it.

We have no friends in the democratic Party, or at least not one friend willing to speak up for our right to defend ourselves, and State and county officials who will not represent the interests of the people, come what may, are worthless.

It is time for a change in the Colorado legislature, and in colorado Court houses and city hassl as well.


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New Jersey Senate Committee Rubber Stamps Gun Ban Bills

The NRA a New Jersey senate Committee has rubber stgamped a packge of gun ban and gun owner harassment legislation.

Gun control has already cost the State dearly both in money, suffering, and in lives lost since the restrictions went into effect 1 January, 1968:

In the absence of future economic data it is difficult to forecast exactly how a wave of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland criminals choosing to operate in the safer environs of the Garden State is difficult to determine. But when the the Legislation eappsed the 1967 bill, the violent crime rate stood at 184.5 [er 100,000 population.

That was up from 114.9 per 100,000 before the entertainment industry’s gun ban campaign, and tghat bill and its amendments drove that rate to 626 [er 100,000 in 1883. he “official” violent crime rate is at 245 per 100,000, with considerable help from Trenton’s bureaucrats.

The current package of Hillary approved gun laws has the potential to drive the violent crime up by more than 500 percent. We shall wh New Jersey’s economy = and criminal migration patters – go in 2019 before making predictions for 2020.

But every past attempt to reduce criime by either directly disarming, or making gun ownership expensive or inconvenient have failed miserably. Human nature being what it is, there can be no doubt this package will do at least that well.


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Cut California Into Three States?

FIX News reports on the latest move to bring most of California back into the United Sttes.

the thumbail is gthat the ultra-left coastal strip would become one state, most of California would become either Norther or Southern California, and we would have 52 States plus the District.

The ful story is at the link, so if you re interested, click on over. The Alley will be here when you click back.

And while I take no position on the matter, it would stop the leftist minority in the coastal strip from swinging the whole stagte with its 36 million people mired in a sort of Cloud Cuckoo Landn socialist bog.


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The Parkland Student’s Gun Ban Strategy?

the Washington Examiner reports on what it calls the Parkland Student’s gun control Strategy.

If the strategy is that of the Parkland High School survivors it was conceived and put into action within 180 minutes, 3 hours, of the time the shooting stopped. That wold be a remarkably short time for a plan of tghat scope and complexity to be laid out by professional propagandists. For high school students still in the initial shock stage after a tragedy, the suggestion the Parkland students have a coherent policy is untenable.

Remember that one individual sank more than ten million dollars a month to promote gun control during 2017. With that much money for backing, you can safely bet your last dollar that the “strategy” was set in stone well before Nikolas Cruz was booted from school for violence.

And you can bet there is another plan for the next mass shooting, and the one after that, and the one after that.


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Peace Through Weakness?

Breitbart has titled in part “Peace through weakness.

The item is timely, and well worth the time to read… But it reminds me of a gun ban advocacy group of the 1960’s which actually claimed that disarming the citizens would make criminal violence less necessary, and make life safer for everyone.

Click on over to Breitbart, ad be informed. The Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, I will continue to watch for signs of fresh enemy actions.


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Eric Holder In 2020??

An early morning tease on he principal face of Fast and Furious, the plot to arm Mexican Cartel’s back in 2010. At least one American Border Patrolman was murdered with a Fast and Furious rifle, and one retrofitted to fully automatic was used in the Paris, France massacre at the Bataclan Concert venue.

The purpose? On this side of the border, to paint law abiding gun owners as murderous criminals who made millions smuggling crime guns across the border..

I can imagine this guy running for President. Or the Senae.


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Climate: Severe Weather Everywhere We Look

The most severe winter on record for the United States high plans and Canada’s Prairie Provinces is generally to be that of 1880, culminating in “The Blizzard of 1881,” which struck on April.

While records set in that storm are not in immediate danger, the Winter of 2017-2018 is not that far behind. A lite more snow coverage, and a little more deth, and we wuld have set records ths April.

Cold temperatures were not confined to the northern tier of States, by any means. the NWS official low was 35F, but both the electronic thermometer and the B-29 surplus agreed on 33F this morning. and it was cold even to this Yankee.

North America is not the only place extraordinary weather has been reported. It has been pretty chilly in Europe, and the Middle East is down for new record sandstorm Iraq and Iran, And about as far south as you can ge, the Ross Ice Shelf is reported to be freezing from the bottom, gaining mass as the ice is cold enough to freeze sea water.

All this has had an effect on marine life. Great White Sharks are generally solitary hunters, but fro reasons unknown to be, schools of 30 foot great whites hunting in “wolf packs” have been noted.

Other unusual activity among marine life has been noted, and and an unusual number of species utterly unknown have been seen.

As usual, let me throw in the usual disclaimer at this point. I am a meter reader and chart azer, not a marine biologist, climatologist, or astrophysicist. Therefore check out alll of tghis for yourself and pray for a period of cold weather, not a full blown ice age.


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“Is Opposing Gun Control “Conspiracy Theory?”

“Flaco” asks if opposition to gun control is based in conspiracy theory.

Well, I just passed for score and five, 5, and in all those years O have never seen someone selling a conspiracy theory who…

A.) linked to official government data sources so you can see for yourself:

B.) Failed to ask for money

Extranos policy is to provide a link to original data sources, or to data preserved on an independent website that is traceable to an official sources. If we cannot document the data, the project is put aside until we can.

The exceptions are certain weather data, where “amateur” links are discouraged. I do not want to hunt them down again, so sea ice extant and temperatures are given once a month or so insead of every post on climate related topics.

And finally, have we ever asked for money? No in the last dozen years, since I took over this sie and began giving data and links away.

Why? Because of all he possible topics there are none more important than preserving the right to self defense, which has the distinct benefit of suppressing a high percentage of criminal violence in a human society. We feel life or death data should be freely available to everyone.


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