Report: She’s A Pistol To Resume Classes, Weekend

Three weeks ago, armed robbers hit the “She’s A Pistol” gun dealer and self defense shop, taking the life of Jon Bieker will resume classes Saturday.

Briefly quoting the KXLY* report linked above:

The storefront at She’s a Pistol is closed, but classes will resume this weekend as the owner and employees start to rebuild and it’s being greeted with more support than ever.

Sharon Auck, a friend of Becky and Jon Bieker, says she admires the widowed owner of She’s a Pistol more than ever.

“Becky is unbelievably strong,” Auck said. “The passion to help people defend themselves is so deep. She doesn’t want to let that die.”

I am very glad to see She’s a Pistol making progress on reopening. Gun dealers and training facilities are an extremely valuable asset to a community, and a community is much poorer when a dealer closes.


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Washington’s Crime Headlines Still High

A quick count of the evening’s TOP 50 Crime Headlines shows Washington’ has 7 of 50 unique crime headlines; from a cop who arrested a man carrying a golf club is off the street to four transients have been arrested for murder. If you add national headlines and count duplicates there are 10 headlines.

With two percent of the population, Washington should have one or at the most two crime headlines. Seven or ten is all out of proportion – and it happened when billionaires contributed five million to buy a backdoor gun registration initiative.

We shall see what we shall see when 2014 and 2015’s crime rates come out. But based on history and present headlines I do not expect a decline in violent crime rates.



700 Pound Feral Hog Killed In North Carolina

FOX News reports a father and son hunting team took a 707 pound boar out of the mountains of Transylvania County, North Carolina.

Given the enormous damage a single hog inflicts on habitat, taking hogs out of the wildlands is a good thing. And when a boar charges, often popping its potentially deadly “tushes” at a hunter, it is easy to understand how an encounter can raise your blood pressure.

But at the cost of mean it can also be a real money saver. Briefly quoting the FOX News report linked above:

Bruce took time to compose himself, and his son told the magazine his Dad’s hair was standing up like he had “a Mohawk.” The father and son utilized the steep terrain to drag the 7-foot, 4-inch hog until others helped moving it.

“We got some good bacon and sausage off this hog,” Bruce told the magazine. “We’ve already eaten the ribs. We got about 150 pounds of sausage, a lot of bacon, and we got one ham and the tenderloins out.”

And of course feral swine usually tastes about the same as domestic swine. So you are doing yourself, your community, and the wildlife a favor when you thin out the pigs.

One caution. Wild swine carry just about every parasite known to man, so do protect yourself from infestation when you move a hog. Rubber gloves, taped sleeves and waterproof jackets are pretty much required.

As is letting a butcher experienced in handling wild swine make meat of the carcass. It will cost a little, but even a doctors visit is a hundred bucks. If you can find a doctor who will see you.


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Communist Party USA Vows Cooperation With Demos

Yahoo News reports John Bachtell, Vice Chair of the Communist Party USA, has penned an essay vowing cooperation with the Democratic Partei USA.

As regular readers are well aware, a CPUSA daughter organization, the Democratic Socialists of America, has a major presence in Congress, and apparently controls the Democrat’s Congressional Delegation.

More than 100 House members reliably vote the DSA/CPUSA party line, which includes:

Dignified Work
Environmental Justice
Economic Redistribution
Democratic Participation
Community Empowerment
Global Non-Violence
Social Justice.

1guncofiscate Just as Stalin and Hitler and Mao and Pol Pot and Idi Amin and the rest of a dirty lot did.

Essentially, the CPUSA/Democratic policy is to confiscate all property, and after Party leaders and functionaries take what they want, any leavings will be returned to Party supporters.

so our part is to take our majority to the polls and make sure than none of this generation’s Democrats ever holds an elctive office again. so we will not have to use what that evil cabal wants to take from us.


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“How Many Crimes Involve Guns?”

Someone dropped by searching for “how many crimes involve guns.”

Such a simple question, I wish an accurate answer was as easy. The major problem is that a relatively small number of various gun related crimes are reported to the police. No police report, and another crime does not get counted.

While the National Crime Victimization Survey helps clear up some uncertainty, it does nothing for identifying how many criminals there are, and how many gun crimes they commit between prison terms.

The latest National Crime Victimization Survey finds there were just under 300,000 total gun related crimes in all classifications during 2013.

300,000 gun related crimes, for a rate of 1.3 per 1000 aged 12 or over. (Click on the graphic for a clearer view. (95.2 per 100,000 population, using the International Standard of crimes per 100,000 population) (Click on the graphic for a clearer view.)


Clearly, gun related crime is down, and down sharply from prior years, and from all indications the victimization rate will be down again for 2014 and 2015.

Of course, the last time Americans bought so many guns per capita and per family was in the 1890’s; when a gun was available to anyone with the money in the hardware store, the toy store, the gun shop, the feed store, and often in the livery stable. The result of that free and easy approach to a Constitutional Right can be seen in the graphic below; which demonstrates the homicide rate is proportional to how many people do not have a gun.



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“Prove We Are In A Solar Minimum?”

One of the trolls has his diaper in a knot over my comment that we are slipping into a lull in solar activity. And dares me to support my statement. OK.

Remembering that those who are determined to believe are not easily convinced, let me point out the fact that sunspot activity has been linked to soar irradiance since 1808. The year Sir William Herschel linked abundant corn (wheat) crops with years of elevated sunspot activity. We have almost 300 years of market records, and when the sunspots are low, wheat is dear.

And, by tracking the Zeeman effect, it was found that sunspot minimums are periods of weaker than normal solar magnetic fields.

With that, let me NASA Science News, covering the research of Matt Penn and Bill Livingston, who noted a long term decline in the size and darkness of sunspots, coupled with a reduction in our variable star’s magnetic field.

If Livingston and Peen did not quite shoot the X ring out of the center of the target, they came extremely close. The graph at the link shows a long term decline in both sunspot “blackness” and the sunspot magnetic field. Which was bumping the bottom of the chart the last time I looked, and is probably below 100 at this time.

The many clusters of small earthquakes, common now in areas outside earthquake zones such as the New Madrid Fault, were also a feature of past climate minimums, as were major earthquakes such as the Lisbon, and major volcanic activity, such as Tambora near the close of the Dalton minimum.

At the same time, “proxies,” stand-ins for recording thermometers and chart recorders, tell us that arctic vegetation thrived at relatively low latitudes and low altitudes as little as 600 years ago.

I often refer to the “Dryas stadials,” cold periods in which the arctic dryas plant thrived in low lying parts of Europe.

In past climate minimums, the dryas extended its range southward. The same periods other proxies tell us that the earth’s, and therefore the sun’s, magnetic field was weak. And periods ancient Chinese records tell those who will look that there were few or no sunspots.

And all that is less than the tip of the scientific iceberg. It is in fact no more than a chip off the tip of the iceberg.

While it is not possible to convince someone determined not to be convinced, it is not hard to lay out the facts and let those with open minds decide.


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Vermont Pol Pitches Gun Control; Sinks

The Vermont Watchdog reports a Vermont pol, one John Campbell, told a law abiding crowd they would need a criminal background check before they could buy a gun.

Campbell, who is disgracing an old and honorable name by spouting Partei dogmma, reportedly made no friends or impressed no people. Briefly quoting the Vermont Watchdog report linked above:

“The major issue in this bill people are concerned with is expanding the background checks to all sales. … There are people — probably 99.9 percent of the people here — who think the federal background checks are all you need, you don’t need to have it between personal sales. You know what folks? If that’s your opinion, I want you to be able to voice that with the committee,” Campbell said.

The Windsor County Democrat and Senate president pro tempore is sponsor of S.31, a bill that requires Vermonters to undergo criminal background checks before purchasing a firearm.

Assuming Campbell’s proposal is similar to the Bellingham Billionaires backdoor gun registration, this is the most likely result in the first fifteen years of Campbell’s proposal:


No part of the United States needs another restrictive gun law to drive violent crime rates. And no part of the United States, including Vermont, needs a Democrat in any position of responsibility. They cost far too many innocent lives.



I See: That Accounts For Democratic Votes Promoting “Green Energy”

I see an anti-gun Democratic Congressman, John Yarmuth,[ANTI-KY says the Republicans favor Israel to garner Jewish campaign contributions.

If that is true, that explains the vast sums given Democratic pols by wanna be solar cell makers like Solyndria, solar farm and wind farm hustlers, and all the rest of the hundred million a campaign club.

As Democratus the Abderite said “It is a poor sword without two edges.”


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Michigan: Homeowner 1; Home Invader, A Small Farm

Michigan Live reports a Southgate resident confronted a home invader, and the home invaders days of home invading are now over.

Briefly quoting the M-live report linked above:

“The homeowners repoted their home was broken into and they wee in the home at the time,” Smith said. The person “who broke into the home had a firearm in his possession. The home had a legal fiream and subsequently shot the suspect and the suspect died at the scene.”

Smith said it was unknown where the suspect lives, despite new reports claiming he is a neighbor.

The homeowners are a married couple in their 60s.

While condolences are due he house breaker’s family, kudos are due the seasoned citizen who defended his wife, himself, and their property with the most effective means available.


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Sharyl Attkisson Speaks Winged Words To Confirmation Hearing

The Hill reports Sharyl Attkisson, who broke the story of self disgraced and disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder’s gunrunning operations on national news, told the Senate Judiciary Committee the Obama regime treats reporters like enemy agents.

Briefly quoting The Hill report linked above:

“The job of getting at the truth has never been more difficult,” Sheryl Attkisson testified at the Senate confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.

She said the DOJ’s surveillance of journalists could do “long-term damage to a supposedly free press” and urged Lynch to chart a new course.

Attkisson is one of several reporters the Justice Department has been accused of spying on. She was among a number of journalists who were investigating the DOJ’s failed gun-running program, known as Operation Fast and Furious, that lost weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

Keeping reporters, and others who might embarrass the regime, is characteristic of totalitarian regimes. So Ms. Attkisson’s midnight encounters with what can only be described as Holder’s thugs should be no surprise.

Nor should the nomination of someone who appears to be another swatch of the same bold of yard goods.

The Department of Justice needs a tough minded and experienced lawyer to clean up the refused Holder will leave. From her statements and her record; as well as her approval of the policies of the regime, it is apparent that Obama’s niminee, Loretta Lynch, is not the person for the job.


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