Grizzly Attacks Bow hunter

The AP reports a sow grizzly with three cubs attacked an Idaho bow hunter, inflicting soft tissue wounds to the left hand and arm.

The hunter is recovering and “doing pretty well.” So just call him “Lucky.”

The bear was probably not injured in the melee, and there is no word on a final disposition of the case.


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As Expected: Obama Will Give Iran Nukes – With Congress Blessing

Newsmax reports enough Senators have fallen in line, or gotten their mysterious envelope the contents of which they did not know, to let Obama arm Iran with Nukes.

If anyone survives that to write the history, I am sure it will go down as the greatest disaster in history.

What a legacy to leave. If he leaves.


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Report: Democrats Officially Endorse Violence Group

Writing at Frontpage Magazine Matthew Vadum reports the Democratic National Committee has officially endorsed the ‘Black Lives Matter’ violence promotion group that recently advocated frying cops like bacon.

Briefly quoting the Frontpage report linked above:

Throwing their lot in with black racists and radical Black Power militants who have openly expressed support for the murder of police officers, Democrats embraced a statement that slams the U.S. for allegedly systemic police violence against African-Americans. The statement is not extreme enough for the Black Lives Matter movement whose leaders quickly rejected it. Last month members of the movement unveiled a list of policy proposals they claim will help to bring about “a world where the police don’t kill people.”

Roger that. But fixing the Ghettos means getting the major roadblock out of the way. The political party that caused the problem in the first place.

The Democratic Party.


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DR Congo Warlord Faced Court In The Hague

Americans do not hear much about the would be Princes and Dukes who would carve out a country and rule with an i iron hand. One such is Bosco Ntaganda, who was called “The Terminator” by the people he ruled.

Briefly quoting the Independent report linked above:

The forces he commanded have been implicated in ethnic massacres, rapes, torture, and in recruiting hundreds of children, some as young as seven, to fight on the front lines. He has been wanted for war crimes since 2006.

Bosco was one of a half dozen who took advantage of DR Congo’s draconian gun laws. Gun permits are available if you have the cash, but very few Congolese can afford a gun, much less a much more expensive permit.

Even with a permit, there is a severe penalty for bringing a gun within 2Km, a mile and a quarter of any settlement. And there are storage requirements far beyond what the French, who imposed those laws in the first place, would tolerate.

So monsters like Bosco Ntaganda thrive, rejoicing in the blood they shed, while the disarmed citizens pay for bureaucratic fear with their lives.


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Remember” Feel Free To Steal From The Alley

Almost every data point mentioned here is linked to a source of documentation. The exceptions are those studies that are behind a substantial paywall, and older sources of data that were apparently never copied to the internet.

So feel free to copy or link to anything you find useful here. While some of the graphics are copyright, we have permission to make them available for public use.

Links are appreciated, mentions are welcome – but you don’t have to do either.

If the data or opinion is of use to you, use it.


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OT But Noted: Lynch Mob Backs Eugenics Organization Against Jindal

There is not much of a surprise in a Washington Times report that the Lynch Department of Justice has backed a Eugenics practice against Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal.

“Progressives” have backed the Eugenics movement, including the sterilization of minority women and the abortion of minority babies for well over a century. Starting with Goodel’s proposal to castrate or sterilize those the State declares insane, it quickly changed to a scheme to produce a “superior white race.”

The movement became a part of leftist dogma with its adoption by European Socialist States, reinforced by the publication of Aldous Huxley’s satire, Brave New World, which Depression era Progressives took as a plan for an idyllic future.

Given the history, the Lynch Mob’s support for Eugenics 21st Century granddaughter should surprise no one.

Personally, I find it Ironic that the regime would support an organization that destroys hundreds of lives a day, while demanding the confiscation of guns which protect human life many hundreds of times for every time they are used to kill.


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Noted: Kill Cops Street Graffiti Showing Up Around Houston

PJ Medias Debra Heine Furgeson Project/Black Lives Matter ‘kill a cop’ graffiti is showing up in the Houston area.

We shall have to see what we see, of course. However, I will point out that like most states, Texas holds the employer to be as liable for a tort as the employee. There are already threats and possibly an off duty Officer murdered, and a funder is an employer.


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The Question Is Not How Well The Incident Can Be Seen But What Happened Before

The recent “police shooting fatality” is getting a lot of air time, but how much action it will get is another matter.

The latest is at the FOX report linked above; The video below shows the incident in, as the FOX report quotes the prosecutor; “Very clearly.”

Without knowing what went on before this video was recorded it is impossible to say whether or not the shooting was justified. However, the injuries to the victims are a point in the deputies favor.


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“Unregistered Assault Weapons” Back On The Editorial Pages

Scanning the morning’s searches I see that a media chain is calling for a ban on “unregistered assault weapons.” Of course, they are calling for the arrest of those who own military styled sport utility rifles such as the one in the illustration below.

According to the media, these rifles are so powerful that shooting a deer in the hoof with the .224/5.57 round would tear it all to pieces. so powerful that airliners cruising at 35,000 feet are in danger, and so deadly they will unerringly kill everyone it any home they are brought into.

In reality, each of the “unregistered assault weapons” in the illustration below kill more Americans than the Sporlity Rifle at the top of the illustration.


Of course, it is just as important to understand who uses those guns before you start counting bodies. The AR-15 patter is the favored weapon of America’s SWAT Teams and is carried by a high percentage of squad cars. Over a typical year police will use a Sport Utility Rifle to kill between 30 and 50 people. In contrast, citizens typically use an SUR to kill between 12 and 20.

So out of 12,253 murders in 2013, just over a tenth of a one percent of murder victims were killed with Sport Utility Rifles.

If you are going to outlaw Sport Utility Rifles, it is logical to also outlaw hands and feet, which were used to murder 687 Americans in 2013. And of course knives should go, since they were used to kill 1490 Americans. So must hammers and other blunt objects, which were used to murder 5539 Americans. All of these things are far more deadly than the Sport Utility Rifles the media insists on calling “assault weapons.”


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Noted: Suspicious Death Of Off-Duty Officer In Texas – UPDATED

UPDATE The Abilene, Texas Reporter News reports local authorities believe the death of Officer Don Allen was premeditated. While that leaves a vast range of possibilities, it is sfe to assume the murder was not a random event and Officer Allen was targeted.

By whom is the $54 question. [end update]


Officer Don Allen of Clyde, Texas was found murdered in his home.

There is no evidence at this to indicate Officer Allen was specifically targeted, either as a person or as a police officer. However, given recent comments that Texas officers would find killers “creeping up on them,” the murder is highly suspicious.

I think if I were a police officer I would take the same steps I took here and at the old place.

Motion detector lights are very convenient, and motion detector cameras can provide surprising results, even in a settled community. Dead locks and chain locks help keep bad things outside. A small and yappy dog provides an early warning system almost without equal. And of course, an effective defensive weapon always within reach is almost the first necessity of a safe and secure home in these times.

We shall see what we shall see, but the pattern of officer deaths is suggestive.

And let me extend our condolences to Officer Don Allen’ family and fellow officers, and our sympathy to Officer Allen’s friends and the community he served.

Vaya con Dios, Officer. We will see you in Fiddlers Green.


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