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The Strangers

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Draconian Gun Laws Fail, Comcast Urges More

Illinois has had its ill conceived “Firearms Owners Identification” system ince 1 January, Illinois gun buyers have been subject to Federal gun laws since 1934, and the Gun Control Act of 1968 since 16 December, 1968. Illinois has over 3,000 restrictive local gun laws in force. None of this helped when a Northwestern University student walked into a classroom an started shooting.

In fact, Illinois has so much gun control that it it drove the Sucker State’s violent crime total fromi 36,802 cases reported to police in 1960 ti a third world total of 119,955 in 1991.

Even worse, surveys taken in 1961 found that 81 percent of crimes against a person were reported to police. In 1990 tht percentage had sunk to only 46%, meaning the actual number of crimes committed against people were more than double the number given in the table lined above.

Shooting people in a placarded “gun free zone!” After all those gu n control laws Evanston has. And all those additional laws Northwestern’s Chicago campus has.

With all that failure, you would think the media would get out of bed with the gun banners. But no, Comcast is on the case with it’s NBC Entertainment division pushing gun controls, and ultimately a gun ban, for all they are worth.

Obviously, Illinois myriad gun laws did not prevent a tragedy. There is only one thing that would. A substantial risk of encountering someone armed and ready to fight back. But Illinois “no guns” policy prevents that.

If we are to prevent future tragedies we must repeal the laws that encourage and enable school shooters in all but a small minority of schools in the United States.

But there are almost 14,000 restrictive gun laws that must be repealed. One law at a time, that is a challenging task. But there is a way to cut the Gordian Knot and stop mass murder.

Federal preemption of State and local gun laws, with heavy daily fines for enforcing preempted laws or attempting to impose new ones.. That is an idea whose time has come. The sooner done, the more lives saved.


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Interesting: Al Gore Wants 15 Trillion To Fight Global Warming

The Daily Caller reports Al Gore, who underestimated the amount of Arctic Sea ice on April 24 by only 13,228,000 square kilometers, wants a mere $15,000,000,000.00 USD to “fight global warming.

If Gore were a race horse, he would be running last in a claiming race, and leading young girls to wonder if they have enough in the piggy bank to buy a race horse. But instead, Al Gore is the patron saint of the global warming crowd.

A group who refuse to believe the “Climate Gate e-mails are not forgeries, that videos of Gore predicting a snow free planet by 2014 are fakes, and illustrations of Gore’s mansion lit up like the Rockefeller Center at Christmas are airbrushed 0 and that the seas will start boiling just any day now.

All this at a time when solar is dropping rather drastically, AMD there has been no documented warming for 25 years. A time when 13,000 years of climate data show a long period decline in overall global temperatures.

I think the pillory would be more appropriate than money for Saint Al. The more so in that astrophysicists have predicted a lengthy brand climate minimum much like the brutally cold Maunder minimum.


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Chucky Trivializes Rising Sub way Violence

Despite dozens of reports of rising subway violence, I see New York Senator Chuck E. Schumer is

The tragedies in New York City are typical of recent outbursts of violence elsewhere. The subway attacks parallel the latest instance of mob violence in Oakland, where a gang estimated at 40 to 60 took over a train, robbing and abusing passengers.

Of course, these events are scarcer than frogs teeth, outside of gun ban venues – but according to Chucky an old paleface with a gun did it.


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A Modern Trench Broom

This looks like an updated version of a cornsheller used as a trench broom to sweep up Le Boche during the “War to End All Wars, back in 1916:

If I were the chief, I think I wouild like one of these fo each of my squads, instead of an AR.


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A Rhetorical Question – An End To Federal Gun Laws?

Patrio Rising has an item suggesting an end to all Federal gun laws that is worth considering.

Briefly quoting the the “by staff” Patriot Rising report linked above:

The federal trial of a Kansas man for manufacturing and selling firearms and silencers without a federal license could very well turn out to be the pivotal case that not only challenges the constitutionality of the National Firearms Act of 1934, but also every federal firearms law ever passed in a battle that will determine whether it is the states or the federal government that has the constitutional right to pass gun laws.

I cannot say the repeal of American gun laws would be a bad thing. Desite a half century of often intensive examination f of the results of American gun laws, I have not found a single restrictive law that met the basic criteria of “performing as advertised.

Between 1904 and 1934 nearly 10,000 restrictive gun laws were imposed within the borders of those laws was an 1100 percent increase in homicide and a 470 percent increase in other violent crimes.

At the end of prohibition the criminal gangs stopped fighting each other for choice spots to peddle hooch, and the murder and violent crime rates plummeted. As you can see from the chart below, taken from Department of Justice and FBI data:

Violent crime and the homicide rate fell from 1934 to 1963, an almost thirty year span of declining murder and violent crime rates.

Then the murder of President John F. Kennedy set off a massive gun control campaign and murder and crime rates began to rise again…

And violent crime went from a slow fall to a quick march rise. Four years later, in 1956 that quick march rise turned into a full fledged race to the top.

In 60 years, our nation had three periods when gun control was the politicians darling. Just register and license gun owners and when we find the gun we know who committed the crime. But 26 years laterin 1994 laws relaxing restrictive gun laws became popular – and in tha tyear murder and violent crime rates crashed. For the sencond time in 60 years.

It has been 24 years now, and the decline continues everywhere gun laws are relaxed. And increaisng everywhere gun law propaganda favors restricting Americans right to purchase, to practice with, or to carry a defensive weapopn.

So I would not be disturbed if ALL Federal; gun laws were repealed – provided State and local government’s ability to enact restrictive gun laws is also severely restricted.

We would all be very much safer for the repeal or preemption of restrictive gun laws, as we were before the gun control epidemic that began in 1903.


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Report: “Most States Run By Democrats Are A Disaster”

A Townhall item in Townhall points out the fact that most States run by the ANTI Party are economic disaster areas.

Yes, that is true. Counting promised retirement benefits and other loabilities, and assuming three percent interest, it would cost more than ten trillion US Dollars to bail Kali out. And California is just a part of a very much larger and looming disaster.

Click on over to the Matt Vespa bylined Twonhall report linked above. The Alley will be here when you click back.

But for my part – it is no coincidence at all that the States ruled by members of the Democratic Party are in terrible economic condition.

As witness Connecticut and Maryland, both in such bad shape that the departure of one major taxpayer to the friendlier climes of Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Texas would bankrupt them. Something that has made the richest county in the United States a T
Texas county.

One where banks post signs on their doors welcoming lawful concealed carry.



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How Much Does Culture Influence Crime Rate?

Someone stopped by searching for “culture influence crime rate.”

Culture has quite a bit of influence on crime rates, although economics dwarf the influence of culture. consider the case of our own “back yard,” the samwps the New Deal made of several of our major cities. First, some numbers.

Demographically, five out of eight Americans, 63 percent is well within the margin of error, are of European descent, Palefaces. Two in eight are “other minorities,” and one in eight or 12.5 percent are Black.

But when it comes to criminal victimization, the breakdown is approximately 60 percent Black, and 40 percent other. And, even worse, Most of the criminals who victimize the Black community are themselves Black.

And at this point, those wishing official data to back all that up, Wikipedia is good about keeping current with the Census latest population guesses, and the FBI Uniform Crime Report has many tables that prove my numbers are the best official numbers to be had.

Now, with the numbers set it is time for history….

According to the best scholarly work I have been able to find, the primary effect of FDR’s minimum wage market was to cause employers to selectively hire skilled workers. Less skilled workers, poor White and Black alike, found themselves outside the workplace gates, watching a guy with skills they lacked working.

It is no hyperbole to say actual starvation stalked the land. So Roosevelt set up relief stations where a poor woman and her children could get food, clothing, a voucher for housing, and a somewhat limited family health care. But since it was illegal for a woman to receive relief with “a man in the house to support her, and immoral to relief if one had a normal family, we wound up with cities full of “absent father families.”

And wat was a melange of African culture handed down from those that escaped the torture rack and a heavy addition of European culture suddenly, and probably deliberately, became a victim of the “Ik Syndrome,” after the Ik People who were forced to move from their historic home to a place with few resources.

And the good wife and mother, whose husband was pr proud to labor to support his family in 1929 became the skulking man who slept next to the fire escape so his children children would not lose their “relief” if the “welfare woman” found him there.

And at the same time, an “us against the world” culture set in. A Black woman thinking of tipping off the police to the young girls being trafficked two houses down became likely to remember the saying “Snithces found dead in ditches,” and suddenly become blind, deaf, and mute.

Freed from the fear of being reported, criminal activity in primarily Black neighborhoods soared. But only in the Black community.

As a young man told me “I can get away with anything I want to do in my neighborhood, but if I try something up in the Heights (White community) someone will call the police, or someone will come out with a deer rifle.”

So culture’s primary role in crime rates is to raise or lower the perceived risk in a life of crime. If the perceived risk is high, crime rates are low, and if the perception of risk is low, crime rates are high.

And “Culture” is often the determining factor in a young man considers turning to a life of crime.


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LA Times: “NRA Starts Attack On Gun Controls In Kali

The rabidly anti-gun Los Angeles Times reports the NRA is anticipating a shift twoard the Constitution and has started an attack on California gun controls.

Briefly quoting the LA Times somewhat hysterical article linked above:

The flurry of legal action comes as Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, takes his seat, returning a conservative majority to the nation’s highest court. And as the Republican administration begins appointing additional judges to the federal court system, gun-rights advocates say they hope that some of the more restrictive laws imposed in recent years will be vulnerable to legal challenge.

Well, good. What else can you do with a set of laws that that keep California’s homicide and violent crime rates 40 percent higher than the State’s demographic and economics tell us tell us those rates should be but take those laws, and those who back them, to court and overturn them.

The only other rational course of action is Federal preemption of restrictive gun laws, which would be a good thing, cutting our national violent crime rates by half in les than six years.

But sanity lacks the votes for preemption, so those who wish to live safely and securely in a “polite,” i.e. safe, society must do the best it can to overturn insane legislation that costs Kali 800 lives a year. Not to mention 40,000 of what used to be called “Assault with a deadly weapon,” 22,000 robberies, and more than 30,000 forcible sexual assaults.

“There is a season” and 2017 is the season for the courts – and for the State and municipal elections that will be held this year. 2018 will be the season for elections. But there is never a season for those who advocate ill considered legislation that drives the crime rates sky high.


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Chucky: “If Breitbart And The New York Times Are Given Equal Credibility “‘You Worry About This Democracy”

Senator Chucky Schumer seems to be trying to downplay the largest news source in the world by comparing it to the rapidly shrinking New York Times.

At 100 times greater daily readership, I see very few inaccuracies in Breitbart, while the New York Times seems to have a decided lack of fact checkers.

However, this is not a two part comparison, but three. Chucky has interjected himself in a comparison between a modern and notably straightforward website – and a print broadsheet that cannot keep its readers – and Chucky himself.

Democracy means “rule by the many,” or as Aristotle neatly put it, “Rule by the poor because there are so many.” But Chuckle’s mob seems not to believe in Democracy, where everyone at least gets in a word, but a plutocracy, rule by the wealthy.

Of the three, Breitbart’s straight forward reporting reminds me of Ed Gaylord’s Daily Oklahoman, in the days when Ed rode the Legislature hard and put them away wet.

The New York Times is today’s successor the dime novels of my father’s generation,100,000 words per issue,and not to be trusted.

And Chucky? Well, this is a child safe website.


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7-11 Employee 1, Armed Robber 1 – Toe Tag

Thanks to a link by provided by WuChang, I see a St. Louis area 7-11 employee fought crime in the most effective way possible, with a career ending shot to a robber’s vitals.

Brioefl quoting the St. Louis Post Dispatch report linked abo ve:

A woman who stepped out of the 7-Eleven where she worked for a smoke break found herself in a shootout early Monday when an armed man tried to rob her.

She pulled out a gun and exchanged fire with the would-be robber.

Very good. The intended victim is apparently unharmed, and the violent criminal will never be violent toward anyone else again.

Congratulations are due to the lady whou would not be a victim. Congratulations, madam,your [rp,[t and effective action has made our community a safer place to life.

And let me give a tip of the Stetson to WuChang for the link. I appreciate all the help I can get.


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