UK Crime: First Rotherham, Now This

The latest sordid scandal has hit the Daily Mail.

This follows the Rotherham scandal, also involving abuse of children.

A few more of these “D-list” scandals and I will have to conclude England is even worse than the crime stats indicate.


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Bloody Chicago: 3 Shot Dead, 5 Wounded

The Chicago Tribune reports eight Chicago residents were shot in the 25 hours between Friday night and Sunday morning, an average of a shooting every in almost gun free Chicago.

With more than one fatality a day, and 38 days to go, it appears Chicago will not have a decline in the murder total for 2014.


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Cleveland Cops Shoot 12 YO With An Airsoft

UPDATEFOX News boy has died.end update.

A Cleveland, Ohio 12 year old with an airsoft replica pistol was shot by police and is reportedly in critical condition.

This is an obvious error, but at the same time a somewhat understandable one. A .177 looks much smaller than the .355 to .357 bore of of a 9mm, and very much smaller than the Holland Tunnel size hole in the end of a .45.

Without more information, range for one detail, it is difficult to assess the actual situation.

However; two things are clear. The fist is the child with the lead bellyache had not been taught the first thing about gun safety and proper response to police officers orders.

And the second is that the officers involved are on their way to getting the regulation two week paid vacation. Whether they get a no-no note in their files remains to be seen, but if the kid in the video reflects community reaction no-no notes will not satisfy anyone.


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Fatal Hunting Accident In Jersey

There is an old saying that “If it is common, it does not make the papers.” A fatal firearms accident has made broadcast news far from the site of the tragedy, illustrating just how rare firearms accidents are.

ABC News reports a New Jersey hunter has fatally shot and killed his 45 year old son in a tragic hunting accident.

There is not enough information to speculate about the why of the case. From what little is there, I suspect the son was not wearing the blaze orange headgear that is pretty much a necessity in the woods these years.

Before you leave home, make sure you are highly visible, and do make sure of your target and what is behind it. Ignorance is no excuse.


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Demos Methods Of Manipulationg Media Revealed

The Conservative Treehouse’ Sundance reports on the means the Democrats and the Sinister Left use to manipulate the media.

Sundance has the story at the link, so click on over and be informed. The hosting company promises the Alley will be here when you get back.

For my part, I will only observe that the media has been extraordinarily eager to be manipulated since 1964 or so.


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Washington Homeowner 1: Amred Robber A Slab

A report on a home invasion in the Tacoma News Tribune tells us a homeowner managed to escape his bonds andgive one of the armed robbers who tied he and his wife up a terminal dose of hot lead.

Briefly quoting the News Tribune report linked above:

A Lakewood man is believed to have fatally shot one of three robbers who broke into his home Tuesday night and tied up him and his wife, officials said Wednesday.

The alleged robber’s body later was dumped in Federal Way, presumably by his accomplices.

Very good. The victim has dealt the perpetrator a criminals greatest fear, prompt and effective punishment for the commission of a crime.

That is one off the streets, and two with a sharp lesson on choosing a life of crime.

Congratulations, sir.


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Fifty One Years Ago, Gun Control Mania Began

Fofty one years ago, on Saturday, the 23rd of November, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas.

A week later, on November 30, 1963, executives of the television, cinema, and documentary film industries met in Chicago to respond to an academic study linking small screen violence to what was perceived as increasing violence in society.

The study was well done, and caused serious concern about Congress barring “explicit interpersonal violence” from television; putting the future of the industry in doubt.

Advertising Age said it would cost more than fifty million (officially $375,000,000 in 2014 dollars) to reshoot programming already “in the can,” and a number of extremely popular series could not be rewritten and reshown.

People the media called “expert” pegged the total cost of banning violence at $125 million; officially equivalent to just under one billion dollars. (In goods people actually buy in the quantities usually purchased, closer to two billion 2014 miniux.) A cost executives in an overbuilt and shaky industry were not willing to bear.

So the executives gathered in Chicago that fateful Thanksgiving weekend pledged more than one million 1963 dollars to “draw attention to the cause of increasing violence in our society, easy access to cheap mail order guns.”

And the race was on to pass rigid copies of England’s gun control laws. A race that was pushed to success by two more very curious murders, the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and that of Robert Kennedy, jr..

Of course, the Gun Control Act of 1968 was going to drop the percentage of crimes facilitated with a firearm to almost none, keep everyone safe, and make the United States a crime free paradise. Just like England.

In reality, GCA’68 had just exactly the opposite effect, with the gun control drive and GCA’68 raising the percentage of firearms related victimizations my twenty percent almost across the board, and sending all crime rates soaring.

So today marks not one but two tragedies. The first, the murder of a man, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The second tragedy is the inception of a drive to ban guns that has cost some 800,000 excess deaths in a half century.

For my money, we should make November 23rd a National Day of Mourning.



Noted: Google Gives Up On “Green Energy”

Writing for Breitbart London, highly respected British journalist James Delingpole reports Google has quietly given up on solar and wind energy.

Briefly quoting the Breitbart London report linked above:

We came to the conclusion that even if Google and others had led the way toward a wholesale adoption of renewable energy, that switch would not have resulted in significant reductions of carbon dioxide emissions. Trying to combat climate change exclusively with today’s renewable energy technologies simply won’t work; we need a fundamentally different approach.

Of course. Assuming the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by volcanoes remain at 1980’s levels, a total and observed ban on all fossil fuel use could be enacted, the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide would drop about three percent, or less than twelve parts per million, in a year, and four percent in ten years.

But vulcanism is on the rise, with major volcanoes erupting in tectonic zones around the world. Mexico’s highly dangerous Colima erupted just today, for example.

From historic data, it will probably be decades before human contribution to carbon dioxide makes any appreciable difference. Not when one Icelandic volcano is pumping out up to 60,000 tonnes a day of sulfur dioxide; and several volcanoes around the world are each topping human production of CO2.

Worse, the total electrical energy production in the United States is about the same as the long term mean of energy in the winds. If we could capture all the world’s wind energy, and bring it to our electrical outlets without losses, we would have enough energy to power the United States. Most of the time; with long periods with too much or too little energy.

Solar energy is another bad joke. Our total electrical energy consumption at any given time is approximately 2,200,000,000 KW, the equivalent of 2,200 gigawatt power plants, with steady expansion to six teraawatts, or the equivalent of 6,000 one gigawatt power plants within 40 years.

With supply needs estimated, and without considering losses, practically speaking, one acre solidly covered with solar cells could therapeutically provide 1.25 megawatts (1,250,000) of electrical energy, for six hours a day. So we are looking at 68,700,000 acres or 605,700 square miles of area solidly paved with solar cells to provide the Earth’s electrical energy – NOW.

In a half century we will need 1,800,000 square miles of solar cells (More than half the land area of the United States) to provide enough juice to keep the lights on, the roast hot, and the beer cold.

If we could transmit that power without losses, and if we paved Libya with solar cells, we would have enough electrical energy to power the world, with a decent reserve capacity. But in less than fifty years, we would have to pave three Libya’s with solar cells, spend vast amounts keeping those cells clean from hovercraft, and we still have not taken transmission and conversion losses into account.

So I am not at all surprised Google has given up on the green energy scam. But it would seem time for the politicians and the complicit media to also give up on a fraudulent scheme to make electrical power unaffordable?


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More On Mail Order Guns

“Batavia” asked for more information about mail order guns, particularly those from Klein’s Sporting Goods.

Well, between 1948 and 1963, mail order guns and hot rods ran a parallel course. Hot Rod hit the stands, and suddenly “chopped and channeled ’32 deuces with a Caddy engine and a Hydramatic transmission seemed to be everywhere.

The first full page spread I can remember was in Hot Rod’s companion publication, Guns and Ammo. Before G&A the hunting magazines such as Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Field and Stream, and Fur, fish, and Game, ran regular gun reports but ad rates made national advertising out of the question. And, while the Rifleman’s ad rates were affordable, access was almost entirely “members only.”

When Guns and Ammo hit the news stands, we began to see advertisements much like this one from Klein’s: (Click twice on the graphic for the clearest view)


As you can see, those ads featured a wide variety of sporterizable surplus firearms, as well as used, refurbished, and new overstock firearms.

For comparison, the MSRP on a new Remington 720 in 30/06 was less than $92.00. A K-98 Mauser in 7.65 or 8mm, a Herters stock, ten bucks to drill and tap the action for civilian sights, and you had a a very nice venison getter for between $50 and $70. Or you could rebarrel your pride and joy to almost any long action cartridge with a 30/06 size cartridge head.

Tens of millions of Americans bought show guns “like the ones Jerry had” or to convert to sporting firearms. Many of the used handguns wound up in under a pillow, safeguarding Miss Emily and her kids lives and property.

Bit the violent crime rates for the heyday of the mail order gun demonstrate that very few of those tens of millions of guns wound up in the hands of criminals.

Mail order guns were banned by the entertainment industry’s “Gun Control Act of 1968; but by the time the axe fell the number and selection of suitable firearms for sporterization was shrinking fast.

By 1968 most of the guns offered for sale by the big mail order houses were collectables, those with Argentine crests, low production byf marked Mausers, Kreighoff Lugers, and other rare and guns with collector appeal.

So while those of us who like to send a money order to Waseca for a U9 Czech Mauser and a nice semi-inletted stock mourned the end of mail order, and the loss of Herters when resulted from GCA’68, we found ways to work around the ban.

As for the effects of GCA’68 – here is what the entertainment industry’s million dollar project did to the United States violent crime rates:


It is too bad flogging and the stocks are no longer acceptable and the usual punishment for crime. Because GCA’68 was and is a crime, and the people who put up money to impose it on America are accessories before the fact.


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Percentage Of People vs Permit Holders Who Commit Crimes?”

Someone stopped by searching for ‘people vs permit holders commit crime.”

Well, assuming the question is not about people holding a fish, but the relative percentage of Concealed Carry Weapon permit holders to non-permit holders who commit a serious crime….

The latest incarceration data shows that approximately 2.7 percent, 27 in one thousand or 270 in 10,000 population. 0.0270 percent as a decimal percentage, will be convicted of some felony during their lifetime.

For those states that release such data, just under four in 10,000 permit holders will lose their permits because of a conviction for some criminal offense.

That is a ratio of 36 permit revocations per million holders, compared to 2,700 convictions. And that is 2700 divided by 38, or a ratio of 71 to 1. That is, a LTC Permit holder is 71 times Less likely to commit a crime than someone without a permit.

At the same time, it should be noted that the most common cause of a LTC cancellation is carrying a firearm into a place where beer is sold. Usually to either pay for gas or visit the rest room.

In a rational world, you cannot commit a crime without intent – but this is not a rational world.


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