Salon Cannot Get History Straight

In another strong indication that “Progressives,” the most brutal wing of Socialism,”” has trouble with complex subje ts such as history, I see the Progressive webzine Salon claims the Untied States was founded on gun control.

If you play fast and loose with the facts, you can say that. The British common law right to keep and bear came out of the middle ages as a requirement that all able bodied yeomen own and maintain a longbow, quiver, and arrows at their own expenxe, and practice on the village green each weekend.

When guns became generally affordable, the yeomen put away their wooden staves and took up the “ball and gun.”

om tje ,od 1600’s the Roman Catholic Church was essentially outlawed, chur property was seized, and parishoners were forbidden gun ownership or possession. And that was the start of English gun control in the law of the commons.

Skipping large segments of English gun control history, we come to Boston, Anno Domini 1774, with the scent of revolution filling the noses of King Geroge’s spies.

As the eminent jurist Sir William Blacckstone had noted in his Commentaries, gun controls aaaare imposed to lessen the fears of the fearful. To the British, the American colonists were well armed, but lacked one critical element for a successful defense against invasion. A powder mill.

While the Colonists had large quantities of precious gunpowder in storage, if that were confiscated,, the Colonists had no way to replace it. So, on a soft April morning in 1775, spies led the redcoats toward the places the Colonists has stored their precious supplyies of gunpowder.

The result was “The Shot Heard Round The World,” fired at the battles of Lexington and Concord that April day in 1885, when the British attempted to impose gun control by way of powder rationing t its rebellious American colonies.

And now those of little understanding, those who would trade their liberties for the pleasures of the labor camps, claim that America was built on gun control.

Not so. America was built on effective resistance to gun control. And those who claom we only buy our guns to kill and who would gladly lose freedom of speecch and freedoom to worship if only the government could run roughshod over the people without let or hindrance should not forget that for the first millionth of a second.


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Interesting: Pentagon chasing UFO’s.

Among the unsurprises in this afternoon’s news is a report that the Pentagon has put together a unit to investigate IFP
s pver the District.

Given the fact they accelerate and turn at rates that would make any known form of terrestrial life into mush on the wall observe them is likely to be all we can do until we too can accellerate at a rate faster than the equi9valent to losing power at sub-orbital speed in Jupiter’s gravity well.

Observed changes in velocity changes of 16,000 feet per millisecond have been recorded,* and that make’s our 1 gravity normal of 33 feet per second look exceedingly primitive.

In other items that faail to surprise, I see Al Franken, who plays a clown in the Senate, said he might retire in a few weeks. The latest word is seems to be that “might retire” has changed to “will not retire.

In another unsurprising, I see Al Fraanken, who plays a clown in the Senate, has decided not to retire after he sort of promised to. Something made curious by the near universal rejection of Franken by his fellow Progressives.


Doppler frequency changes indicate forward motion changing from 0 feet per second relative to the transmitting antenna to slightly more than 79,000,000 feet per hour or 1more than 1,400 MPH in 0.4 or 400/1,000ths of a second.


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Civilization Depends On?

An Athol (pr. ethyl), Massachusetts URL asks what role guns played in the spread of civilization.

That depends on what you mean by civilization. From the oldest Stone Age, or perhaps pre0Stone Age, evidence to approximately 1550, Anno Domini, living conditions for all but the children of wealth was harsh, brutish, and short.

If a 15th Century farmer lived in a couple of unfurnished rooms, while the brugher in the city slept on a bed of woven rope, and the king in his palace slept in a “close bed,” essentially propped up with his weapons at hand.

Pharaoh slept no more comfortably than the sheepherder benighted next to the Nile. A half a years journey to Greece found the teacher to Kings living and sleeping arrangements were the same as the poorest peasant in Macedon.

That changed in the mid 1500’s, as those Irish that managed to escape King James press gangs found leisure to build tables, chairs, and fireplaces. In England itself, even the poorest peasant had had steel plowshares – and a much more comfortable bed unless he willed it otherwise.

All across the world, similar outbreaks of relative prosperity were noted. And crime? The internet is loaded with studies of medieval crime rates, like this one:

Thae cliff murder rates fell off in Western Europe is prtty had to miss. There is no question that the decline is real and near universal. The question is why.

Some historians claim art was the cause, that great artists works “softened sooccciety.” I find that unconvincing, partially on the basis of those same historians works. Others credit better food, the canals that were brining produce to the cities, better clothing, particularly better shoes, new medicines brought from the Orient, and so on.

None of hose fit the bill of specifications for the cause of the worldwide decline in crime everywhere except the slave colonies such as Barbados and Brazil and closed socccieties such as Japan.

But there is one ubiquitous product whose spread exactly matches the observed decline in crime – right down to the exception. The gun.

when guns became cheap enough for a typical peasant to own a gun – crime plummeted. And, if you chart the decline in crime with the estimated rise in the number of guns you get a near perfict X.

A single instance is not “proof” of anything. But when you add all the numbers, the evidence is overwhelming.

The rise of the gun tamed Europ, and Asia, and the Americas, and to the extent that Africans are free to keep and bear defensive weapons, to Africa.

The gun is not a tool of a rade of tool users. Before the gun anything not red hot or guarded by a detail of armsmen was fair game for the light fingered gentry.

When the steading’s dog barking would bring the master with a gun in hand and blood in his eye, crime became unpopular. Just as guns suppress crime to this day.

The gun is the very basis of what we call civilization. Without guns, cities sink back into barbarism, with anything that is not heavily guarded or red hot fair game for the criminals, and the lives of those who possessions have the same value as a pinch of dust tossed into a high wind.


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Speaking of Accidental Gun Deaths…

In 1900 the Census of that year found there were 2,700 fatal firearms accidents, about half hunting accidents, among the 76.2 million Americans, for an accidental firearms death rate of 3.5 per 100,000 population, almost four times the national homicide rate for that year.

Since then the unrelenting efforts of the shooting community have cut the accidental firearms death rat dramatically, as you can see from the chart, below:

The last year the CDC’s death certificate survey shows the death total and rate is 2015, when there were 489 such tragedies:

While the United States population has grown from 76.2 million by 426 percent since 1900, accidental firearms deaths have decreased by 96.7 percent.

The shooting community has much to be proud of in that and in other lifesaving efforts related to the shooting sports.

But there is one extremelly sore point that is like a sprained ankle. The pain is constant, and intensified every time we read a report of an inner city child who was prevented from learning children who see a gun should go get an adult by some tool of the gun ban industry.

The list of names of big city names who have refused to allow children to learn how to be safer is a long one. The list of children who will never be one second older is an even longer one.

And if we are to make the sort of progress at cutting crime and firearms accidents we are capable of making, we have some really hard work, marking ballots, to do.


NB: The lower image is the latest data available from the CDC’s WISQARS website. No release date for 2016 daata has come to my attention Data, and links, will be posted when available

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An All Too Common Report – After The Fact

A casual comment in one of the gun lobby’s set pieces hit the unpleasant memory button.

For clarity, in my opinion there are only two reasons to breake the MYOB rule. It IS your business if you see someone poouring Pyrodex into a pipe – and it is your business if someone’s character changes to the point of making threats against someone they dislike. With that…

An old friend’s only child tried to copy the Luby’s Cafeteria mass murder at a local eatery. Mike had been introduced to wacky weed and other stuff by a schoolyard pusher – and you can pretty well connect the dots yourself. After that, Mike was the kid on the sidelines with the glassy stare, trying to take a toke of what was not there.

And the day after what could easily have been a tragedy instead of flesh wounds Mike’s friends were sitting around saying “Yeah, he’s been talking about doing that for weeks.”

Why not put the word on a cop? “Not my business, man.”

Far too many times the police find out about ssome person turning violent shortly after the meat wagons get there to haul the bodies to the morgue.

So if someone in your social media group starts talking about mass murder don’t ignore it. Unless it is obviously banter tell the guy’s with the authority to look into the situation.

Not that the police pay much attention to citizen reports of someone making threats, but they have been told. Just as the Boulder police were told about James Egan Holmes and Newtown police were told about Adam Lanza.

And up to 150 more that were investigated and stopped.


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How The Ban Lobby Gains Adherents

The NRA has an interesting item on how the gun ban lobbies frighten moms into believing that thousands of unaccoompanied guns are roaming the street, looking for her children.

It is of course an old fallacy, the “fallacy of the selective quote,” in which the promoter will pick three words out of a speech or write his own speech, without regard to the facts.

So click on over and be informed. The Alley, and thousands of links to official data sources, will be here when you click back.


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Trump’s Promised Tax Poised To Pass

According to the jabbering heads at the various cable news outlets, President Donald J. Trump’s promised tax reform bill is set to be a big Christmas present for all of us. Very good.

Combined with the news that Christmas “brick and mortar” store sales have topped expectations, third quarter econmic growth hit the four percent level – and no, things are not coming up roses.

One thing to remember about all this is simple enough.

Not a single Democrat supported any of this.

And not a single Democrat or “Independent” has supported legislative measures that have historically gut crime rates, and that would have made you and your family safer.

Not even one.


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They Are Vulgar, And Do Bad Things, Too

A small sselection of Progressive Left commentators on President Donald J. Trump’s chances. While we all know what kindergarten kids pick up on the playground, there is no use furthering their education. Wait until they are asleep to play the video:


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Report: Donor Cash Asked For Trump Accusers

There is so much stuff going on that it is hard to remember August, 2016, when the Hillary complicit media was alive with accusations that President Donald J. Trump had been accused of “improper conduct.”

Now The Hill a ‘well known womens rights lawyer’ soungt campaign donor payments for the women who volunteered that story.

Brieflly quoting The Hill report linked above:

California lawyer Lisa Bloom’s efforts included offering to sell alleged victims’ stories to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself, arranging a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempting to secure a six-figure payment for another woman who ultimately declined to come forward after being offered as much as $750,000, the clients told The Hill.

Well, media accounts have it that Democratic operatives with press credentials were offering $200,000 each for dirt on Roy Moore.

So now we know that particularly slimy evil is Democrats SOP.


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“It Is A Poor Sword That Lacks Two Edges”

The Kansas City Star reports charges of misconduct have forced a Democrat to drop out of the race for the US House of Representatives.

since this is a child-safe site, the story is at the lnk and the Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, those charges are a very powerful sword that cares not in the least about the politics of the accused. Used indiscriminately one edge is always aimed at the accusers throat.

the various charges that have been been bandidied about have already gotten young men wary of young American women. In he last decade, several of my own great grandsons have gone abroad to find a bride, and there are rumors out there that “company X” or Company Y” have stopped hiring young women for fear of being accused of the sort of misconduct of the sort that forced Andrea Ramsey to drop out.

Every false accusation makes the problem worse. And twenty, thrity, forty years from now, what is a problem will be acute.

Our grandmothers used selective deafness and ice pick size hatpins to fend off the uncouth. It may return to that.


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