A Civics Lesson Frm 1948 That Is More Relevant Today Than Ever

1948 was an interesting year. The conversion of American industry from making th etools of war was in full swing. Studebaker brought out the first post war design, to be followed half a year later with the “bullet nose” 1949 models Sturm-Ruger brought out the Mark 1 .22 pistol, made for mass production. Remington brought the 721 and 722,long and short action centerfire rifles.

And in the theaters, a movie industry not yet fully in Moscow’s pockets warned against the “spread of ism” that had already swallowed up most of eastern Europe with this very low budget cartoon that is one of th emost accurate depictions of any variety of Socialism ever put on safety film:

The first part of giving up your freedom is giving up your guns. Once you have given up your guns and surrendered your freedom in return for whatever “Ism” will give you, you are in a prison. You must do the bosses bidding, buecause they control whether or not you have food,medicines, water, electrical power,the privelege of laving a given area, and all the other things dependencies we associate with living in slavery.



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Two Florida Teens Egged A Bike Rider – a mountain bike riding Officer on his lunch break

A Lakelandm Florida Police Officer has taken an ancient cure for greying hair, rubbing in raw egg, and two teens made a poor choice when they decided to throw eggs at bicycle riders. The victim in this case rode down and arrested the teen perps,

The rest of the story is at the link,and the Alley will be here when you click backk

No,no further comment,except perhaps avoiding throwing eggs at anyone with a handy set of wheels. The victim might be fast on those wheels.


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Sadly, ,The REizmization Europe Continues

Reuters reports a we3ek of protests against a ruling party takeover of t Poland’s court system coninues, with major protests said to be taking place in 16 major cities with up to 250,000 protestors in the streets of Warsaw at times.

I cannot say just wht sort of ism, whehter it is the Socialist variant called Communism, Fascism,Progressiveism, or classic Socialism is th ruling party’s aim is the intent, but I can say from external appearances it seems clear the intent of forcing judges to resign to make way of party picks,another way of saying party hacks, is as neat a job of court packing as I have seen.

The people clearly do not like like what is going on, fully realizing the consequences of rigging the justice system from the equivalent of Justice Courts to the Supreme Corut,but with only 20,000 legal gun owners in a coutnry of almost 40 million,the people do not have the power to determine who shall rule them,or how.

Click on vlover to the Reuters report linked above. I am told that it represents the State very well, so remember the report starts slanted and gets worse.


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1 Girl With Gun Result In 1 Foiled Home Invasion

The Washington Times reports on the case of Kimberly Woods who, alerted t the possible hom invasion by her boyfriend, did quite a few things.

Briefly quoting the Washinton Times report linked above, Ms. Woods:

… called her dad to ask if she could use a gun, and when told yes, slid one under her pillow. When the burglar did indeed enter her home, Woods pulled out the firearm and pointing it right at his face, demanding he leave. For extra emphasis, she ran outside and fired a shot into the ground.

There is more at the link, and the Alley will be here when yoiu click back

The old DC Desk Sergeant’s advice to a young victim was to “get a gun, learn to use it, and use it when she had to.” Today’s women seem to take to guns the way a duck takes to water, needing only the “four rules drill,” squeeze the trigger practice,and some when and where of self defense shooting instruciton.

A half hour’s time for all of that,and the ladys are ready to join the safest people in town.


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Report: Al Baghdadi Not Bagged, Still Scheming

ISIS founder and leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was reported killed earlier this year. Now FOX News an American general says Al Baghdadi was not bagged, but is still at large. And still plotting mischief and misery.

That is a major disappointment for a lot of people, but it does give the Yazidi “Sunshine Ladies” another possibility to gt him in their sights.


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“Kali ANTI’s Find “Many A Slip Twixt Cup And Lip”

Breitbart reports California Democrats are learning gun bans sound as easy as passing a law, but appearances are deceiving.

Briefly quoting the Breitbart rep;ort linked abov e:

The problem for Democrats is that they have already passed so many gun laws that they have now begun trading the real for the theoretical, struggling to find a way to stop the crimes and terrorist attacks that none of their existing gun controls have stopped. In fact, Democrats are fighting for gun control with such fervor that one of their current undertakings is reworking a previous law in order to bar law-abiding teachers from carrying guns for self-defense.

There is much more at the link,including a list of the latest idiocy fromi Sacramento, so click on over and be informed. Even if you are not a California resident you can see why you don’t want to go there.

And the Alley will be here when you click back. And with any luck at all I will still advocate Federal preemption of ALL: State and local gun restrictions, and a hefty fine for anyone attempting to enforce preempted laws or crate restricitons in excess of those allowed by law.


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Noted: WSJ Reporter, Editorial Writer Dead At 34

The death of a 34 year old Wall Street Journal editorial writer and reporter is the latest in a series of violent deaths of individuals in a position to know too much.

Briefly quoting the New York Daily News report linked above:

Rago was found by police at 7:40 p.m. Thursday after he didn’t show up at work, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Police said they found no visible signs of trauma and that the cause of death would be determined by the city medical examiner’s office.

Well,we shall see what we shall see, but even thoguh my betting limit is a cup of coffee – not cheap to my my Great Depression honed value scale, I would not bet a cup that this case will result in a conviction. Too many similar cases have resulted in either no arrest or no prosecution.


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Banners Extolling Washington State’s Modified Lautenberg Law

The anti-gun media is doing a lot of bragging about HB 1501, which requires a warning to a domestic abuse victim when their abuser attempts to buy a gun.

Yeah,sure. except one of my psychologist friends tells me that in his practice,the percentage of legitimate claims of spousal abuse are much the same as “victim reported hate crimes,” about seven to ten percent of reports are legitimate.

And there are a few other problems with HB-1501, including one potential violation of Federal law.Yhe link to the text as passed is here,cl click on over,but be prepared to spend a while. (PDF_

And I can just see a Dude and Dudette,with two short-legged Duds moving into a new neighborhood, and the local Law discovering Dude had told a neighbor the shed was working alive with rates, and he wished he could vide a .22 he could load up with rat shot and begin extermination proceedings.

Yeah, sure, that’s going to happen. And local LEOs are going to compile data bases of gun buyers and comb through them for domestic abusers.

Bottom line? Another useless harassing law fromi Bloomberg’s Banners, and an excellent examplee of the why of Federal preemption of all restrictive gun laws.


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A Friendly Report On Trump’s New Chum

Thanks to a link at Steve Bartin’s Newsalert, II see the Daily Beast has an item detail some few of the activities of a man who “Loved Hillary, Gave to Obama, and Deleted Anti-Trump Tweets Trump’s new communications director, Scaramucci.

While Scarmucci’s anti-gun, and on the history of gun control,pro-violence, tweets have been taken down, their memory remains. And will remain for the next half century at least. Just as Bill Paley’s comments aout gun owners from 1963 are remembered.

The story is at the link, the, Alley will be here when youi click back, and there is nothing to add to what I have already said. This open insult is unacceptable.


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British Gun Crime Up – AGAIN

Bill the 2A Guy dropped a much appreciated link to a Guardian report that British gun crime numbers are up very substantially in England and Wales.

Briefly quoting the Guardian report linked above:

Police-recorded crime has risen by 10% across England and Wales – the largest annual rise for a decade – according to the Office for National Statistics.

The latest crime figures for the 12 months to March also show an 18% rise in violent crime, including a 20% surge in gun and knife crime. The official figures also show a 26% rise to 723 in the homicide rate, which includes the 96 cases of manslaughter at Hillsborough in 1989.

The English police count homicide differently we do, counting murder/manslaughter convictions instead of dead bodies. If there have been no significant changes in the conviction rate, their rates are about the same as ours, divided by 6 to compensate for the very much smaller, 63 million against 322,000,000 population.

We also have a bit of surprise that gun and knife crime is up only 20 percent, since media reports led us to believe the increase was closer to 30%.

And of course, there is the irony of the British tabloid so dead set on getting the States to follow David Lloyd-George’s path to cul “tural suicide” admitting so blandly just how high B British violence rates are.

Thanks again, Bill, I appreciate all the help I can get


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