Giving The Lie To “An A15 Is Only Made To Kill”

This is post 5 of a six part series, posted a wee bit early in response to a gun ban lobbyist’s tirade on the tube.

Whether or not most Americans are aware or not, there is a desperate struggleggle going on over your food supply. The farmers are growing your food, but the wild animals, particularly hogs and coyotes, want it, and will eat and a sounder of hogs can eat a field to the roots in a day.

Taht makes a farmer’s need for a light weight, relatively low power rifle that will keep its appearance for years while riding behind a pickup seat a necessity. Enter the AR-15, the military styled rifle called a “Sport Utility Rifle,” a “Modern Sporting Rifle, or, by those ignorant of guns, an “assault weapon.

It is relatively light, is quite accurate, and the low power rounds are not likely to tavel for several miles and hurt someone. Plus the plastic stock and hand guard are tough enough to take a beating and keep on looking good.

Of course, te media will not have it any way but the AR,a;ote AR-15 is made to kill. But that is its lookalike assault rifle cousin, the M-16.

Te ARmalite rifles are demonized for no logical reason. The editor of the Loouisvill Courier Journal began a long rant with “No one needs a rifle that could shoot a airlinr cruising at 30,000 feet out of the sky, kill a whiall swimming 100 fathos down, and if a bullet from one hit a deer in the hoof it would blow him all to pieces.

A second reason for the AR-15 pattern Sport Utility Rifle’s popularity are several shooting sports, such as 3 gun competition. Have a look at this very pleasant and enjoyable way to turn money into noise:

Look like fun? It is, and reasonably priced as well. And if you noticed, yes, long shot strings requiring design capacity magazines are a necessity if you are going to run the course and compte with the young guys.

Of oudrs, that is just one of the many sports practiced with the ARmalite design semi automatic.

And that propaganda about “only being made to kill?” Well, military theory has it that it takes more of an enemy’s resources to tend to a wounded man than replace a dead one. So the 5.56 NATO cartridge the AR series uses are deliberately intended to wound, not to kill. A person shot with a standard police claiber handgun cartridge has a 1 in 5 chance of being killed. someone shot with an AR has a 1 in 11 chance of being killed. If I have to be shot, I will take the AR, thank you.

And then there is one more thing. Since the wife would not let me move closer to home, we have survived three major hurricanes. And after the wind went down my oder boys and I have spent our days sitting in a lawn chair by the street with an AR in my lap watching for looters. This block has not had any, but the people around the corner sure have some war stories.

And just how many people are killed each year with an Ar? To expedite understanding, in a typical year less than 30 Americans will be killed by someone using an AR, for the most part home invaders who chose the wrong house.

In addition, a substantial numbe, as many as 55 die at teh hands of Police Swat teams.

So the bottom line is that the Armalite rifles and their clones such as the Bushmaster do an enormous amoutn of good each and every year. And AR pattern rifles in the hands of bad people with broken minds do harm with one.

To my mind, having corn and potatoes onthe table instead of having crops destroyed by feral hogs is a good thing. And os is protecting a newborn lamb from the “tender mercy” of a hungry coyote.


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2: The Relationship Between Gun Control and Mass Murder

This is the second, of a planned six, review of the effect gun ban campaigns have on mass shootings. Since the numbers of victims has of mass shootings has hisoroically been quite small, – until the gun ban lobbies came round – the body count is given for the entire decade, starting with 1900 to 1909, 2910 to 1919, and so on. and yes, the 2010 bar includes the Parkland School Massacre, and the table will include any victims that accrue between now and posting date of the table.

These numbers are based on the standard FBI definition of four or more victims, not including the perpetrator, killed at one time in one place. Official intervention, such as teh Mt. Carmel Church tragedy and a few others are NOT included.

Exccluding the St. St. Valentine’s day massacre, and other criminal mob on mob violence, the mean mass shooting toll for the first five decades, 1900 through 1959, was 7 per decade, but that began rising almost overnight win the entertainment industry’s gun ban program began lobbying in early 195564.

And finally, The Bloomberg financed “Everytown against guns lobby began operating in 2013. by year, the total number of deaths in mass shootings has been….







And so far in 2018….21

Essentially, murder has become a race to see who can kill the most, often with participants whose minds are broken, with no concept of punishment or consequences.

and I will post the thrid in this series as soon as the dat which will eventually prove beyond all shadow of doubt that mass murders, mass shootings, and school shootings are all linked to gun ban campaigns.

Not that the gun ban activists will believe truth.


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Ohio’s Kasich Tells Trump “Embrace Gun Bans”

Like the FNHQ’s content, the report may be pure fiction, but CNN reports Ohio governor and wann-be president John Chickasaw has messaged President Donald J. Trump to embrace gun control.

Unless the rumor is promptly and effectively denied, that will take Kasich off the road to the white house. And if that advice is taken, it will probably scratch trump as a candidate.

The simple fact is that gun control does nothing good – unless you cconsider driving up crime rates and enablin murderous tyrants is a good thing.

Here is the United Sates hom homicide numbers since 1960 in graphic form. The results of the latest gun ban lobby campaign is highlighted in red: and you can verify the numbers at this link, maintained by the Disaster Center:

The gun ban lobbies are peddling the same poison that sent our homicide and violent crime rates soaring, time after time, without a single success. The should know the measures they demand will not make anyone safer, anymore than the measures they have already had passed.

All they are is pre-planned failure leading up to the next gun ban campaign. And eventually to the same “final solution other totalitariiaaan States have gone to.

We neeed EFFECTIVE gun laws. But those start with measures the Democratic contingent in Congress is unwilling to allow.

And the only solution is to vote out those who keep throwing their shoes in the works.


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The Profile Of A Mass Murderer

It is easy to say “mass murder results from a broken mind.” So much is obvious, but the question is what makes a broken mind.

I have known one multiple killer, a kid whose mother literally could not take it anymore and left at the first opportunity. His father was a drunk would beat the boy if he did not come home with a story of beating up some other pupil, or at lest getting in a row with his teacher. He would often get off the bus oooof Friday to find nobody home, and as a nine year old, fed for himself until Monday.

His crime was to tie up, taunt, and cut the throats of a pair of country storekeepers. for which he died aat 22.

some part of Buddy’s story applies to almost every mass killer. It is more common for the father to be gone than the mother, but that is a detail. Broken home, violent environment, ssssense of powerlessness, those around him well aware that you cannot safely cross him; Those are all parts of the profile of an mass murderer, and in particular a school shooter.

During the six weeks or so the Health Department took Buddy away from his father and put him in a foster home, Bud changed entirely. The morose child who could exploode at any moment began to fade away, and But would tal with hope and animation. Until the day his father waited in front of the foster home, waved a knife at Mrs. Coherent, and carried Buddy “home.”

You can say it many ways, starting with “Broken minds lead to broken lives.” Children’s minds are resilient, but they will break. Or shatter if the abuse cconinues long enough.



Report: Don’t Talk About Gun Bans “Taking Citizens Rights”

The hill reports Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has has said “Don’t roll Florida school shooting conversation into ‘taking away citizens’ right to own guns.’

This mornings news included video of students shouting “get the guns, get the guns,” calls for banning AR-15’s “which are only made to kill people, and dozens of other quotes from a prpaganda group that’s stated intent is to ban all privately held firearms.

Given that the gun ban lobbies who seem to be burning money to support gun bans and gun confiscation are doing everything they can to abridge American’s Seccond Amendment rights, that statement seems to me to be no more or less than ridicule for the position that Americans have gun rights at all, as well as tacit support for banning guns.

This one will bear watching carefully, Ryan has extensive coverage at on the Issues, so I hope the voters in Ryan’s district will consider the Congressman’s past record and current statements and choose wisely.


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CNN: Romney Joins The Gun Grabbers

Cnn reports former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has once again joined the gun ban brigade.

CNN can usually find a place for facts when they favor its ultra leftist political bent says:

Mitt Romney said Friday that the nation must act swiftly to address the scourge of gun violence, stating that he was open to tougher measures like “enhanced background checks” if they would help keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

The Democrats and gun banners seem to hate the idea of blocking gun ownership for the mentally ill, since they refuse to pass laws that allow that while respecting the due process rights of the law abiding.

Romney himself is nominally a Republican, and quite good at raising hopes of getting suport from him, while studiously ignoring any measures that would be of assistance.

Wile Mitt Romney did not originate Massachusetts gun control laws that have cut lawful gun ownerrship by some 990 percent, while at least doubling the number of stolen and trafficked gun in the hands of the underworld.

Here is the result of that law, which Romney did nothing to abate while he was in office:

(A link to Massachusetts crime rates from 1960 to 2017 is here.

As you can see, Massachusetts homicide (and violent crime) rates were “falling off a cliff” when the Bay State’s draconian gun law was passed. And the decline in murder and crime rates came to a dead stop, and started climbing.

While the use of CompState has blurred the recent years crime stats, they have not obscured the truth. That crime in Romney’s stae is rising, and rising sharply, under the influence of bad law that he supports. And now he supports coming for your gun, wherever you may live.


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Gun Ban Lobbies Pulling Out All The Stops

Fifty of fifty items of gun control news concern the Valentine’s day school shooting, and demands for revenge for that shooting.

ABC reports there will be a “huge rally in Tallahassee next week,” which is probably one day this week.

A gun ban lobby representative demands an immediate ban on AR-15’s and “40 round magazines.”

The President has reprimanded the new FBI director, saying failure to investigate Cruz threat to pull off a school shooting.

Students are screaming “We are going to get guns.” and on and on and on. Someone, we all know who, must have shipped a semi load of cash to Florida to take advantage of the situation.

But the truth is still the same. The majority of mass murders, including school shootings, would never have happened if the media did not so glorify the perpetrators.

Until the gun ban lobbys began glorifying school shootings in the broken mnds of those susceptible, those tragedies were a very rare thing. The years the gun ban lobbies have spread their poison are highlighted in red in the cart of school shooting deaths:

(The chart is comparable to tables at Wikipedia, Time, DOJ, and other sources, but is drawn from media reports)

Even if EVERY school shooter used an AR-15 the 20 murder of a typical secnd decade 21st century school shooting would still amount to 8/10,000ths of gun related murders, while stolen and trafficked guns account for 81 percent of all gun related murders.

And even if AR-15’s were used in all mass murders, they would still amount to just 91 out of 11,004 gun related homicides, or less than nine one hundredths of one percent of weapons used in mass murders. But other weapons are more frequently used in mass murders than the AR-15.

And while AR-15’s actually accounted for just 41 of the 11,005 murders reported to police in 2015, the stolen and trafficked guns the Democrats refuse to crck down on still facilitate 81 percent of murders and 252,000 of 270,ooo gun related crimes reported to the police.

It is time to stop calling for more of the laws that brought on this tragic problem, and doing something about the real causes of crime, including current gun control laws, and Dealing with the massive threat posed by the estimated twenty million stolen guns currently held by the underworld, and to deal with the problems the Democrats gave us with the destruction of our once best-in-world mental health system.

And that means, among other things, peacefully counter demonstrating the effectively pro-violence demonstrators who lobby for more of the laws and propaganda that resulted in 17 deaths at a Florida High School on Valentine’s Day, 2018.


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Trump Says FBI’s Ignoring Tip “Not Acceptable”

Well, what passes for news this morning is headed by a reprimand President Donald J. Trump gave the FBI; that their failure to investigate Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was ‘not acceptable.'”

And it is not. If the tip had been given the local constable it should have been investigated, and if the FBI ws short of manpower the tip should have been passed on to local authorities.

Io be fair, in many ways the Agency is a shadow of itself. When J. Edgar Hoover died in 1972 ge keft an agency staaaffed by accountants what was for the most part non political.

Lately, judging by Agents testimony that has has made the news, many Agents do not know the difference in double entry ledger and a minute book, whose primary function is to keep those in power stay in power.

J. Edgar had his faults, including doing sub rosa favors for pols. Many of the best described as “rotten politicians.” He would not have stayed in office for 37 years had he not.

The fact that “Hoover knows” kep many of those pols in check over the years.

Given the mess the FBI is in, it is time for Wray to clean house, or find someone who will. Because thee can be no excuse for this.


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Bloomberg’s Banners Out to Ban Guns

Some semi-shaven sport, probably a talker for Bloomberg’s Every town propaganda mill because he is spouting their agitprop; says he has 400 protestors at the State Capitol demanding “common sense gun laws. The same gun laws whose results are are highlighted in red in the graph below::

That is a rise a rise from 14,319 murders to 17,28.205 murders or an excess of 2,931 murders in the first four years of Bloomberg’s full funding of Everytown against guns. While that is only a drop in the bucket compared to the total of 800,000 excess lives lost since the start of Hollywood’s 1963 gun ban campaign, that is still a lot of extra widows and orphans.

And that is what fuzz face is peddling when he talks about common sense gun laws. And this dude is apparently entirely unaware of the facts of gun control, of the 533 year history of that evil, the hundreds of millions of lives lost to his gun registration scheme, and in fact just about everything.

Even that our proper response to this mess begins with a bucket of warm pine tar and a few feather mattresses. Or to put teen or fifteen thousand gun owners on the Capitol steps.


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ANTI’s Say Efforts To Fix Mental Health System Harming Gun Ban Effort

the Hill reports a whining that the Republicans focus on repairing the mental health system the Democratic Anti-Gun Partei broke is harming the effort to ban guns.

Since there is a conflict, let’s look at the numbers.

Some 270,000 Americans a year report a firearms facilitated crime each each of the last five years, giving the typical American a 1 in 971 chance of become the victim of armed violence.

On the other hand, One American in 4 will suffer some sort of mental backfire in his or her life, with a 1 in 13 chance of suffering some problem in any given year.

now, shich is the greter problem? Obviously, the mental health problem, with a 1:13 probability of overt mental illness in any given year is a greater problem than a 1 in 971 probability of becoming a crime victim in any given year.

And, since the Democratic Anti-gun Part5y deliberately impedes any effort to provide mental health care for the broken brains of those forced to live in the DAGP created workers paradise, they must make way for those willing to work at our mutual problem.


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