Governor Palin Endorses Joe Carr

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed Joe Carr in the Tennessee race for U.S. Senate, and the seat currently occupied by Lamar Alexander.

Briefly quoting the Breitbart report linked above:

Palin thanked Alexander for his service and then promptly said it is time for new leaders who will have the guts to tell the Obama administration, “no mas.”

“Unfortunately, advocating and voting for amnesty, cash for clunkers, bailouts, raising the debt ceiling, and many controversial Obama administration nominees has marred the incumbent’s record,” Palin wrote on her Facebook page. “It’s time for a change.”

No mas indeed. Here is a link to Alexander’s voting record. While Alexander has bee good on Second Amendment issues, he has been much less satisfactory on economic and employment related issues.

Compromise with the Sinister left gets us nowhere. They demand, we “compromise,” and the next time the sun rises they are back with even more demands. The Sinister left is bunch the old saying “Give them an inch and they will take a mile” was made for.

Joe Carr for Senate!


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Anything Is Better Than Nothing, Verse II

Politicker New Jersey reports RINO, or Democrat, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was mobbed in Connecticut.

Anything is better than nothing, and Christie is at least something. But Christie’s New Jersey contains some of the United State’s most violent cities. Instead of fighting tooth or nail to repeal the laws that created that violence, Christie has done very little to rearm the law abiding.

However, if Christie and Connecticut’s Dannel Malloy were the only names on the ballot, I would vote for Christie. Because anything is better than nothing; and Dannel Malloy is a Sinister side Democrat.


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Reported: Montana Democrat Plagarized His War College Thesus

Websters defines “Plagiarize”: To steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own: use (another’s production) without crediting the source

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit reports an appointed U.S. Senate from Montana, a candidate for a full term in November,John Walsh, has been accused of plagiarizing his War College thesis; citing the New York Times as a source.

That is a very serious matter. As Publius Syrus famously said, “Those who are dishonest in one thing will be dishonest in another.”

Regular Alley readers know my opinion of the Gotham Gazette. The only thing that makes this report credible is that plagiarism is in line with the Democratic Partei’s standard practices. As I have noted here many times; that is how the Partei rolls.


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“percent of legal v illegal gins used in domestic violence”

Someone stopped by searching for “percent of legal v illegal gins used in domestic violence>” And did not find an answer where he was linked.

Assuming that a gin is not a device to separate cotton seed from the fiber, and that the search was for the number of persons who cannot legally own a gun who are accused of domestic violence, a few explanatory comments are in order.

First, it should be understood that a majority of “domestic violence” complaints have little or no basis in actual physical violence. A couple who live together qualify as “common law” spouses in most venues, even if they have never formally married; and of course spouses “have a license to fight.” And usually do, in order to establish a mutually acceptable “pecking order” in different activities. As in he cooks and she takes the garbage out. Or whatever arrangement best suites the couple’s needs.

Second, most “domestic violence” accusations result from words, not deeds. My father once observed that “Hurled words hurt as bad as hurled bricks.” One partner says something that hurts the others feelings – and a visit to a lawyer ensues.

A lawyer who suggests filing a “domestic abuse” complaint in order to make the plaintiff a victim. And incidentally costs the defendant their gun rights for the rest of their life under the provisions of the “Lautenberg Amendment.” Even if the plaintiff repudiates their own words.

Third, the approximate percentage of spouses who do engage in what an unbiased onlooker would consider violence in word or deed is below ten percent; and in most venues below five percent. Most of those who actually do engage in spouse abuse have at least one violent felony conviction and cannot legally own or possess a gun.

And that is as far as I can go based on numbers from actual studies.

Presumably, the total number of guns “in the possession of disqualified persons” confiscated as a result of a “domestic violence complaint” tracks the percentage of convicted felons among the defendants. If so, four percent would be a high estimate.

Which leads us to conclude that actual physical spouse abuse is a serous crime; well deserving the most severe punishment. But it is not as common as some would have you believe.


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An Historical Note At Borderland Beat

Borderland Beat has an item with some interesting parallels between the rule of “El Rey de Espana” the king of Spain, and that of the current Presidene de Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto.

Briefly quoting the Borderland Beat report:

Similarly to visitor Gálvez, who was sent in 1767 by King Carlos III to Michoacán to re-establish his authority, commissioner Alfredo Castillo was instructed by Enrique Peña Nieto, in January 2014, to fulfill the same purpose. Just like Gálvez, Castillo also intends to control the rebellions that erupted in that state. While Gálvez tried to control the rebellions derived from the expulsion of Jesuits, Castillo tries to control those derived from the atrocities of organized crime. Just like the royal visitor, Castillo uses jail and summary judgment. Unlike Gálvez–because today it is politically incorrect–, he doesn’t apply the gallows, lashes, or exile. Instead, he applies pressure, intimidation, falsification of evidence, and authoritarianism as a mark of government.

But although Gálvez’ conduct was comprehensible –he lived in the 18th Century, the epoch of absolutist States and the absence of human rights–, Castillo’s conduct is not. His conduct, apart from being anachronistic and contrary to all republicanism, is, consequently, atrocious. During his nearly seven months on duty, he has not been able to re-establish the authority of the republic. On the contrary, he has made an unlawful and perverse use of it. His appointment has resulted in an authoritarian and criminal use of power, or as defined by Tomás Calvillo, sinister.

Of course, we could change the names and make much the same comments about our current Prince and American politicians. There is quite a bit more at the link; so click on over and draw your own conclusions. The Sinister left will still be plotting and the Alley will still be here when you get back. Or so the hosting companies assure me.


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Noted: TEA Party 2, Establishment GOP 0 in GA Runoffs

As I noted earlier today, the Taxed Enough Already Party backed Senate Candidate, David Perdue, pulleed out a narrow victory over establishment candidate Jack Kingston. While Kingston has a long record of supporting 2A rights, Perdue has made all the right noises in 2A support. Which leaves Georgians a choice between a big spending Repblican, a businessman who can read a balance sheet, and a big spending anti.

In the house race, former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, and establishment backed candidate, lost in a landslide to TEA Party backed State Sen. Barry Loudermilk.

Given the demographics, you can bet the Georgia Democrat’s vote fraud machine will be out in force for the general election. So if you live in Georgia get ready to vote.


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“Valerie Jarrett Guns?”

Someone stopped by searching for “valerie jarrett guns.”

Well, Jarrett is an Iranian born member of the Democratic Socialists of America. The DSA policies include a ban on privately owned firearms. Just like the DSA’s parent group, the Communist Party USA.

Jarrett is also a Chicago Combine insider and a Chicago slumlord. In addition, Valerie Jarrett is a board member of gun control funder The Joyce Foundation.

Guns>? Valerie Jarret is opposed to any citizen of good character so much as looking at a gun.

And this person consistently implies Americans are not smart enough to understand the ruinous economic and gun ban legislation she and her bunch of cronies from “the most corrupt city administration in the United States, if not the world” are cooking up.


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Strange News Morning

China is rounding up “dissidents” who only want to practice their religion. An “anti-Semitic” mob looted and destroyed businesses owned by Jews in Paris. Gays were bashed in California.

And that rack of history books above my head tell me that well armed worshipers do not get transported to labor camps. Or to anywhere else they do not want to go.

The same books tell me that well armed Jews stores are not looted by criminals claiming to be Jew haters.

And the same history books tell me Gays have been Kings, Popes, and other persons of worth and importance to our species. One, England’s King James, had the most popular translation of the Bible done.

Of course, Kali’s Gays are essentially disarmed. Parisian Jews must declare themselves hunters to obtain a permit to legally buy a gun. And the Kuomintang began and the Communists completed the disarmament of the Chinese people before 1948.

Privately held guns are the first line of defense against criminal predation and governmental oppression. They will not mend a relationship or insure a good job. But they will give you the time and the peace of mind needed to make those relationships – and sufficient wealth to enjoy living.


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Bloody Chicago: Early Report, Four Wounded

An early morning item from the Chicago Tribune four wounded and none killed overnight in Bloody Chicago.

Ho hum; just another night in the mob’s gun free paradise.


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Felon In Possession Gets Big Payday – Avoids Prison

It is just another black eye for the New York City Police Department, the Gang Who Cannot Shoot Straight. A convicted felon-in-possession,, Andrew James, had all charges dropped and the City paid James $33,500 because the gun was found in a warrantless search.

Briefly quoting the New York Post item linked above:

Torres hauled James off to a police precinct, while Forgione and Phillips peeked under the hood of the car, finding a loaded .40 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun wrapped in a pillowcase, according to court papers.

But realizing that the search might have been illegal, the three cops concocted a story that they’d found the gun while impounding the SUV at the station house as required by law — a claim later disproved by a video a neighbor had taken of the incident.

The warrantless search was illegal as well as expensive. In a civilized society those who conduct such a search would be busted to civilian; and every precinct captain would have a long talk to his officers.

But New York is not a civilized society. It is as barbarous as any place in the world – and the fuzz have the same disrespect for the law as the rest of the Gothamites.


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