Gun Free Zone Seeks $700,000 From Mass Shooting Victims

As everyone who has looked more than superficially at the subject, so called gun free zones are not “gun free” at all. They are magnets for active killers. One of that tribe went far out of his way to seek out the only placarded gun free zone showing the latest “Batman” movie to do his dirty work, murdering 12 and wounding 70. And now the Independent reports the theater owner wants $700,000 from the VICTIMS of his free fire zone.

Briefly quoting the Independent report linked above:

After a jury ruled that Cinemark was not responsible for the 2012 massacre in Aurora, Colorado, the owner of the movie theater is seeking $700,000 from the victims of the mass shooting.

01ILNOGUNS Why? Evidently to ‘make the loser pay.” While that is a legal principal I believe in, had not Cinemark Theaters posted this placard on their Aurora theater James Egan Holmes would have taken his diseased mind to some other gun free venue. One quite possibly with the security Cinemark chose not to provide.

While the buck stops at Colorado Governor “Hickey” Hickenloopers desk, sinc the governor is ultimately responsible for providing adequate mental healtgh services, the act of posting a “gun free zone” placard is a known risk. Surely, the victims of mas shooting whose location was determined by a placard deserve better than a bill.


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FBI Drops Plans For “Multiple Gun Buyer Alert”

FOX News reports the FBI has dropped plans to create a system to alert the Feds when someone buys more than one gun at a time.

Or, most likely, more than one gun in a relatively short time. And, given the number of Americans who find it desirable to buy multiple guns for lawful reasons, ranging from one Christmas present for each of the kids to buying a collection, implementing that scheme would probably require doubling the number of agents should they start that scheme over.


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Paul Nehlen , Candidate For Congress, Helps Law Enforcement

Paul Nehlen, a candidate for Congress from Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, has made a major contribution to Law Enforcement Officere’s safety and effectiveness on the Texas border.

What did Mr. Nehlen do? Briefly quoting the Bretbart report linked above:

…what he has personally donated over $40,000 in urgently needed rifles, body armor, and surveillance and night vision equipment to two Texas border sheriffs departments that were left in dire need by the Obama Administration and Congressional leaders.

Very good. Congratulations to Mr. Paul Nehlen, candidate for Congress. Did I mention Mr. Nehlen is a friend of ours?


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Noted: Democrats Demand Content Control Of Internet

The Washington Examiner reports Democrats are demanding contrent control of the internet, particularly frin ‘Conservative,
meaning not Socialist, sources.

this fits in with the Democratic Platform promise to persecute anyone who tells the truth about the climate.

Well, there goes free speech on the internet. if you are opposed to gun bans, better grab the data here because it is not likely to be available for long if the Democrats get their way.


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Report: A Anti Being Vetted For Trump’s VP

CNN is not a reliable source of news but sometimes they do get it right. According to CNN, New Jersey’s Anti-gun governor, Chris Christie, is being vetted for Vice President.

That certainly will not help win the support of the typical American gun owner.


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Report: Paris Blood On Holder’s Hands

Jim Hofty’s Gateway Pundit reports the AK-47’s used in the Paris terrorist massacre were among those the ATF ordered sold to straw purchasers for the Sinaloa and other NarcoCartels.

Regular Alley readers will recall that “civilianized” semi-automatic AK-47’s were the weapons the Cartels wanted, and got. Easily converted to fully automatic assault rifles, at least two Mexican machine shops turned out hundreds of “auto-sears” to convert those guns to full auto.

The purpose of those sales was to provide a basis for the Obama regime’s efforts to ban “assault weapons ” on the specious claim that “90 percent of crimes in Mexico were purchased in the United States.”

With the background of “Operation Fast And Furious” out of the way, let me briefly quote the Gateway Pundit report, linked above:

Judicial Watch reported:

One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

Our analysis of recovered guns listed by SEDENA’s seizure reports indicated the most likely number of guns sold through the nine known gunwalking operations was close to 12,000 – before the Calderon regime stopped issuing seizure reports and the names of murder victims linked to Fast and Furious guns.

As of the end of the release of names of mayors, police chiefs, States Attorney’s and others, including some 50 people in a bar, linked to thse guns, more than 500 victims of the DIJ’s gunwalking operation had been documented.

Now it appears Judicial Watch has linked one of the Fast and Furious guns to the Paris terror attack.

It may not be possible to properly punish those responsible for Fast and Furious for the crimes they have enabled. But if there is any justice in this universe, and I believe there is, they will spend eternity impaled on a tungsten spit in a place so hot steel will melt and run like water.


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“Sensible Gun Control” would Have A history Of Success

Jeh Johnson, the political appointee who is the titular head of a sham $55,100,000,000 security operation whose primary function is to grope travelers, says “sensible gun control is a matter of homeland security.”

Given his, and his party’s prior, Johnson has a hard time with a simple concept. A “sensible gun control a law” would be be one with a history of reducing crime, making someone safer, or of reducing the incidence of political assassination.

Such a law may exist in Andromeda galaxy, but I can say with assurance that it does not exist on this planet, On the contrary, every restrictive gun law in the 521 year history of such laws has failed to reduce crime, prevent murder, or reduce the incidence of political assassination.

And one of the most sensible acts the next Congress could do is abolish the false show of security organization which jeh Johnson nominally heads.


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Now, About The History Of Guns And Gun Control

Let’s go over the history of gun control again.

The first gun control law was in the Duchy of Wurttemburg, imposed by Duke Eberhard after a favorite courtesan was grievously wounded in a serious gun accident. Eberhard, and his ban lasted only a few months longer, so no definite numbers can be cited, other than it c neither repaired the damage to the young woman’s f ace, made anyone safer or reduced the incidence of political assassinations.

AT that time, European homicide rates were very high with rates as high as 200 per 100,000 population being not uncommon in times of distress. While I could provide hundreds of charts of individual cities and states, for this brief survey iI prefer to link to others research. This link to the Our Workd Data website shows what happened when guns became common – and what happened when guns were restricted.

for reference, the chart below is similar to some of those at our World In Data: European Historical Homicide Data

As you can see, before guns became common at the end of the 15th Century, declined as guns became more affordable and more common, rose when “gun control” laws were introduced in the late 19th and early 20th Century, and have kept on rising as restrictive gun laws have been tightened.

The chart below, taken from a 2008 University of Pauda Study, “Reversal of Misfortune, the rise of crime in Europe as crime in the United States fell” shows what happened when gun laws were relaxed in the U.S. and tightened in Europe late in the 20th and early 21st Centuries: EUVICRIME

Note the soaring U.K. violent crime rates at the right of the chart, the result of a near total gun ban after the Dunblane, Scotland school massacre:


The chart is perfectly clear, and is based on data provided by the “Office of National Statistics.”

Amusingly, if if you click here and scroll down, you will come to a chart showing how much crime has declined in the U.K..

And then if you keep in scrolling you will pass several tables until you come to the truth:


As I have said, the history of gun control is perfectly clear. It is a series of bloody failures. Except for very early gun laws where records are unavailable, every restrictive gun law has resulted in more crime, more violence, more murder, and as civil order devolves into regimentation, Democide.



Gun control cannot be supported on the facts. and nothing should be supported on any basis but the facts. And that is a thumbnail history of gun control, the longest consecutive series of failures in human history.


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Paul Ryan Will Call A Gun Control Vote Next Week

Indy Channel reports Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has given advance notice there will be a gun control bill voted on next week in the House.

This de despite the fact that neither Omar Mateen, the Pulse Orlando killer, tthe San Bernardino killers, Abu Nidal, the various recruiting station kilelers, or any other of the various Islamic terrorists to strike here were on either the terror watch or no fly lists. Despite that, it appears Ryan is going to give the Democrats a victory.

The bill will reportedly be a Republican variant of the Democrats “foot in the door”no-fly, no buy” scheme

It appears barely possible that Ryan will come up with a bill that

1, Provides heavy penalties for adding anyone not on the the no-fly and terror watch lists to the no buy list.

2, provides a fast, simple and inexpensive way for those put on the no-buy and no-fly lists in error to be taken off those lists.

3.. fully preserve American’s due process rights.

4.) To have a definite “sunset date.”

We shall of course see whether or not Ryan’s bill meets the minimum requirements to protect Americans civil and Constitutional rights.


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Amusing, 17 point spread in poll results

Early this morning the news scroll had a poll showing HRod up by 13. I did not catch the poll, since I was looking at news from Turkey linking the Istanbul bombing to Chechnya .

Now I see Rasmussen has Trump up by 4, making a 17 point spread among the polls, in less than 10 hours.

Public opinion just does not change that fast!

The gap between the polls will probably start closing after Labor Day, and in the meantime a Ouija board is about as accurate.

Keep cool and vote, and it should be all right.


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