WaPo: “he Voters Are To blame”

In an interesting example of misdirection and excuse, the Washington Post says the Voters are to blame.

Technically, that is true. But it ignores those who invented the lies the voters trusted. It ignores the guardians of the truth, the professional journalists who uncritically approved the lies the public believed. And it ignores the facticidal media, which cooked up a bunch of supporting lies to s lend credence to the politicians likes.

so when blame is ascribed, the media gets the bulk of it. The party hacks who invented some of the lies run a close second. And the public – gets no demerits for trusting what was once America’s most trusted professional group.


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Hartford Hits 20

Hartford’s NBC 30 reports the small city in a gun ban state has reached toe 20 homicide mark for 2015.

Hartford generally had between 20 and 25 homicides a year, with 23 in both 2012 and 2013. Now the effects of resisting Dannel Malloy and the Democrats gun ban bill are wearing off, we are 213 days into 2015, and Hartford is running at a 35 homicide a year rate. When was the last time that happened? 2002?

Sadly, the fun is just beginning. homicide and violent crime will ris for a few more years, until the fear of punishment once again equals the gratification of quick profit from crime. It will level off at a high level, and stay there until some donkey has the bright idea of stopping the violence criminals do by halting the law abiding’s access to guns. And away we will go again, on a lunar trajectory.



LEO’s Duty Death’s Update, August 2, 2015

The Officers Down Memorial Page reports 70 Law Enforcement Officers have in the line of duty during 2015, down 10 percent compared to August 2, 2014.

Gunfire deaths stand at 20, with 2 of those accidental. That leaves 18 officers murdered by someone with a gun, down 33 percent compared to 2 August, 2014.

While the nature of the job makes a zero death toll extremely unlikely, we can hope for as few officers murdered as possible.

here’s hoping…


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OFFICER DOWN: Memphis, TN Officer Shot In Traffic Stop

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Officer John Bolton was murdered in the line of duty during a traffic stop.

Officer Bolton was 33, and a former Marine. Our deepest sympathy go to Officer Bolton’s brother officers in the Memphis PD, and to his family.

Vaya con Dios, Officer, We will see you in Fiddler’s Green.


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Is The Media Covering Up Black On White Violence?

From my executive chair the question should be whether the media is covering up violence to protect incumbent politicians whose ruinous policies they favor.

However, thanks to a link at Steve Bartin’s Newsalert I see the Daily Mail has chosen to cover a story that asks wheter or not the media is covering up Black on White violence.

The story is of a young Houghten, Louisiana girl, severely beaten. Ostensibly because she and her boyfriend were still in swimwear on their way back from a beach.

the Daily Mail report, with video that is slow to load because it comes via some of the most heavily used cables on the planet, details the affair in question.

Click on over, the Alley will be here when you click back.

For the question of the morning, does the media cover up Black on White violence? There can be no doubt of it. I suspect the reason for the coverup is to advance a harshly draconian social agenda, similar to that imposed by Woodrow Wilson a century ago, on American society.

Which is tolerant enough that Blacks and White’s regularly discuss issues between themselves that seem utterly off limits in the media. This is the 21st Century, and the public pays the media for information.

Coverups are as much a betrayal of trust as paying a guy to do your roof, only to discover he skipped town that night.



By Percentage: Types Of Guns Used To Commit Murder

Someone stopped by searching for “in thw us guns are used to commit what percentate of homocides,”

I assume the search was for what type of gun, rather than a specific number by “Brand -model” was used to commit murder.

If that is the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report lists these numbers. The number in brackets is the relative percentage of gun related murders.

8,454 firearms related murders, 68.995 percent of all murders

5,782 handgun related murders, or 47.188 percent of all murders.[68.345%]

285 rifle related murders, or 2.326 percent of all murders.[3.371%]%]

308 shotgun related murders, or 2.514 percent of all murders. [3.643%]

123 “other guns, which” include derringers,for 0.979% [1.455%]

1,956 “Type unknown” gun murders, for 15.508% [23.136%]

Let me note handguns are the favored weapon of the gangs, who have easy access to stolen guns through their drug suppliers. While I have found no official numbers, criminologists and police statisticians tell me that more than 4,200 of the 5,782 handgun related deaths are gang and drug related.

From the same source, most of the rifle and shotgun deaths involve “domestic violence.”

Let me also note that a very high percentage of “unknown” firearms murders involve bodies discovered by hunters after long exposure, in which there was not enough evidence to determine what sort of gun the murder weapon was.

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“2015 Homicide: Houston vs Chicago

Someone stopped by searching for “2015 homicide houston vs chicago.”

Both cities have had a major jump in homicides, for the same reason. Criminals among the illegals, the “Ferguson Project,” open borders that permit relatively safe transportation of “recreational drugs such as meth, which is made in tonne, 2200 pound, lots abd smuggled in, as well as an the general economic malaise.

Houston’s first quarter homicide was up 59 percent compared to the first quarter of 2014, but judging by the media reports has slowed to an elevated but more reasonable rate.

Chicago is one of the hardest hit by the current situation but seems to be working on another Y2K, when the City admitted some 630 homicides. Evidently Rhambo has put a lid on homicide totals, so I am waiting for word from the scanner brigade to post an August 1, 2015 total.


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Man Shoots At Armadillo; Wounded By Ricochet

Armadillo are a hard shelled anteater, , noisy and prone to leaving fetlock breaking holes for horses, that can turn a pretty lawn ugly in a hurry. Besides, they carry leprosy, which no one wants.

Yahoo News reports a Marietta, Texas man shot at one of the Little Armored Ones,” and was shot in the face by a ricochet. I did not realize armadillo were that hard shelled.


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Another Of Eric Holder’s Guns Turns Up

The Chicago Tribune reports yet another of Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” guns has turned up, ans where it was found will surprise few in the shooting community.

One of the guns used in the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas was a Fast and Furious gun. Briefly quoting the Chicago Tribune report linked above:

In May, Soofi and his roommate, Elton Simpson, burst upon the site of a Garland cartoon convention that was offering a prize for the best depiction of the prophet Muhammad, something offensive to many Muslims. Dressed in body armor and armed with three pistols, three rifles and 1,500 rounds of ammunition, the pair wounded a security officer before they were killed by local police.

A day after the attack, the Department of Justice sent an “urgent firearms disposition request” to Lone Wolf, seeking more information about Soofi and the pistol he bought in 2010, according to a June 1 letter from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, to U.S. Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch.

So chalk up another shooting to guns provided courtesy the ATF and the Holder Department of Justice. How many have died as a result of that “Operation,” or of the many related “Operations,” but the Mexican government admitted 500 in 2010, plus Brian Terry, and many others.

Politics may prevent justice being done in this case – but I suspect everyone responsible will get the same treatment we used to give stewing chickens. Hold ’em over a fire until the pinfeathers are singed off.


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Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced In Michigan

The NRA’s CAm&Co reports a ‘permitless carry’ bill has been introduced in the Michigan Legislature.

That is a State where the Chief of Police of Detroit came in spouting gun ban rhetoric, and within a few months supported concealed carry, urging Detroit residents to do what his officers could not do/ Protect them.

Constitutional Carry was a success when there were no laws against crry by anyone. Constitutional Carry is holding crime rates down in places like Arizona, which gets huge numbers foreign criminals ready, willing, and able to practic their trade in America; and it is a success in the seventeen states in which it has been tried.

In a sane world, this bill would pass by acclamation. In this world, we must grind it out, inch by inch. But nothing mattes except success, for the safety of Americans depends on it.


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