“The Latest Australian Crime Rates?”

Someone came by searching for “the latest Australian crime rates vz US.”

The 2014 crime stats from official sources should be out in late June or early July; while the 2014 FBI Uniform Crime rate should be out around Halloween.

I will have a full report when both sets of statistics have been released.


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Noted: Regime delaying SCOTUS Decision On Deportations

A report at The Hill has it that Obama will continue to appeal to lower courts instead of taking his unconstitutional immigration fiats to the Supreme Court.

That is the most common course of action for those who are sure SCOTUS will either let lower court rulings stand, or rule against them. The Democrats supposedly have more than five million votes from illegals already counted, so delaying the start of deportations until after the 2016 elections makes a Tammany Hall sort of sense to the Partei.

We shall see what we shall see, but I already have a cup of coffee wagered on the success of the scheme.


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Paul Babeau Would Run A Strong Race In Arizona

Paul Babeau, the Sheriff of Pinal County Arizona, has a poll in hand that shows he would be a contender in a race for the seat currently held by anti-gun activist and borrow-print-tax and blow Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick.

Babeau is also a friend of ours, joining many other American Sheriffs they will not enforce Obama’s unconstitutional gun control fiats and proposals.

Briefly quoting The Hill report linked above:

Of 687 Republican primary voters polled Tuesday in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, 17 percent said they would back Babeu. Former state House Speaker Andy Tobin, the GOP nominee in the House race last year, pulled in 10 percent in the poll, while wealthy rancher and businessman Gary Kiehne, who finished a close second to Tobin, captured 7.5 percent.

With the primary more than a year away, about 65 percent of those surveyed said they are undecided.

Assuming Sheriff Babeau chooses to run, je has been a cool head in a hot spot. he has done a fine job for the people of Pinal County, and I am sure he would also do a fine job representing his people in Washington.

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Noted: Grayson Has A Foul Mouth

The Miami New Herald reports Congressman Alan Grayson (ANTI-FL) disrespects the police, and has a foul mouth.

Site rules prevent me from quoting the Neanderthal’s comments, but they are at the link. Personally, I fail to see why any rational being would vote for a Democrat with Grayson’s record; or someone who looks like they should be ripping legs off rabbits and eating them raw.


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Indians And Murder Rates

Someone left a message as a search, “extranos alley and native american murder rate.”

“Indian” was Columbus’, or one of his crew men’s, mistake. So far as I can tell it was a mistake, not malice. “Native American” carries with it a connotation of sub-human, just as “Aborigine,” aboriginal, “Indigene,” indigenous and similar terms hint at being less than fully human. While I would prefer being called for supper, if you must I would prefer being called by a name given by mistake, rather than a name given in malice.

That said, murdered Indians were seldom counted, because they were not granted citizenship until 1924.

That is the same reason so many of the dime novels said “He killed forty men, “not counting Mexicans and Indians.”

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U.S. Homicide Rate In 1875

Someone stopped by searching for “homicide rate in 1875.”

That depends on whether you include “official homicides” and Indian victims of aggression.

Counting only murder, the rate was 0.72 per 100,000. Counting executions and “line of duty” killings, the rate was 0.91 per 100,000.

And if you count “good Indians,” to quote General William Tecumseh Sherman, the rate was 1.1 per 100,000.

Any way you go, the homicide rate would rank with the safest 21st Century countries. Which was remarkable, considering the rankling wounds of the “Civil War.”


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A Case Of Commendable Homicide

A LEO friend once told me there were three kinds of homicide; murder, justifiable homicide, and commendable homicide. FOX News reports FBI agents have killed a man who kidnapped his 9 year old niece, for purposes almost certainly nefarious.

Briefly quoting the FOX report linked above:

The search grew frantic on Tuesday, as authorities said they believed the girl was in “grave danger” with her uncle. Police in Texas told NBCDFW.com that authorities were led to the Louisiana motel after receiving a tip. Tips generated by the alert led authorities to Bossier City, La., where Williams made his final stand.

“Just a little bit earlier, the FBI attempted to take the suspect into custody,” Sandy Eubanks, a Benbrook police officer, told the station. He said the FBI Task Force officer was shot and wounded and the suspect was killed.

Very good. Kidnappers who shoot at Law Enforcement Officers deserve what they get. Kudos are due the crew that took him out.

Congratulations, gentlemen.


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Number Of Guns In The United States?

Someone dropped by searching for “number of guns in the united states.”

There are hundreds of estimates out there, from the 140 million estimate from “making the reasonable assumption that the life of a gun is the same as a car,” to almost one billion, which evidently came from the top of someone’s head.

We know that the service life of a gun is in excess of a century, and depends more on the availability of ammunition than “wearing out a gun.” We also have good records on some 19th and early 20th 20th Century gun makers, and firm totals since 1986.

Judging by known survival rates and known production numbers, we estimate there are between 710 million and 760 million serviceable, or easily made serviceable, gun in civilian hands in the United States.

The most likely number is approximately 740 million guns that need no more than elbow grease and oil to bring back to usable condition.


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Related Items At The Hill

There are a pair of reports at The Hill that are, at first blush, unrelated. Yet they are inextricably intertwined, and our freedoms are likely to depend on the outcome of both.

The first is a report on a request to speed up a decision on the “National Security Administration’s” bulk capture of telephone calls. As we saw in the George Zimmerman case, among thousands of others, it is trivial to take a word here, a phrase there, and wind up with evidence of a criminal act, even though the conversation was entirely innocuous. Briefly quoting The Hill report linked above:

On Tuesday, conservative legal activist Larry Klayman formally asked the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to speed up its deliberations over his charges that the agency’s bulk phone records collection program is unconstitutional.

“Further violations of the U.S. Constitution cannot be countenanced,” Klayman wrote in the five-page legal request. “After sixteen months on appeal, this court… has a duty to issue its decision now.”

There would be far less urgency if the majority of the American people trusted this regime. But thousands of poorly considered actions such as this have severely eroded public trust in our government.

Again quoting The Hill report linked above:

The Obama administration asserted its authority Wednesday over the nation’s streams, wetlands and other smaller waterways, moving forward with one of the most controversial environmental regulations in recent years.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers said they are making final their proposed waters of the United States rule, which Republicans and many businesses have long panned as a massive federal overreach that would put the EPA in charge of ditches, puddles and wet areas.

Under the regime’s rule, you will not longer have a legal right to catch the soft water runoff from your own roof, put a stepping stone across a brook on your property, or do anything else without a fiat from the regime.

“Legitimacy comes from public trust,” to collapse a chapter of The Prince. Such overreaching claims to power and authority have largely destroyed public trust in at least this regime.

If America is to survive, it is time for a “new broom.” And a general housecleaning.

It is time for Congress begin to do the job we sent that we sent them to do. Starting by rejecting Obama’s foolishness and starting to restore trust in government.


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Amusing: Cloward Piven Supporters Line Up Behind “debt free college”

The Hill notes Democrats are lining up behind their Partei’s plan for ‘debt free college.’

Briefly quoting The Hill report linked above:

The nine Democrats who announced their support for the measure Wednesday are Sens. Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Barbara Boxer (Calif.), Al Franken (Minn.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), Ed Markey (Mass.), Gary Peters (Mich.), Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.) and Debbie Stabenow (Mich.).

Twenty declared supporters out of 47 total Partei members in the Senate. And every one a vocal supporter of the borrow,print,tax, and blow policies that have cost the United States almost thirty trillion dollars and resulted in a twenty trillion dollar national debt.

Policies designed to facilitate the Democrat’s ‘Cloward Piven Strategy, to destroy the United States economy and allow its replacement with a Fascist system.

I just know academia is going to absolutely love working for minimum wages, and donating three days pay to the State.


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