Bloomberg’s Propagandists Are Pretty Good = So Long As Facts Do Not Ener The Picture

Raises as I was, on he “Great MidWestern Fair and Exposition Circuit, had plenty of opportunity to hear the creme de la creme of Americaan talkers, barkers, speeilmen, pitchmen, or “Knights of the road.” Their lines lines in the “pitch” were up to date, fresh, imaginative – and wend down easily.

Like the knights of the road of the glory years, with Jim Osborn”s “Patent Pot Lifter,” “jar wrenches,” Red Star tire patch,” and other absolute necessities, those words were ofteen only slight exaggerations of the truth. Harmless puffery, the courts called it

Bloomberg’s flacks could stand to take a few lesson’s from the pitchmen and women of old. Madeline Reagan would have had the marks hands in their pockets before the second sentence was out, while Bloomberg’s highly paid crw have them sitting on their hands on the sidelines.

Take the video included with the Bloomberg gun baan industry agitprop, linked here.

The viddeo claims

1.) Americans own more guns than anyone else on Earth:

2.) Firearms are “used in the deaths of” (used to murder)) more than 33,000 people in the US annually..

3.) Every time there is a mass murder in the U.S. it raises the question of gun rights.

Now, Bloomberg’s flacks convenientlly ignore the fact that the U.S. is 3rd most populous country on Earth and is not particularly well armed among the other low crime countries.

In 21016 the FBI reported a total of 15,070 murders, including 11,004 firearms related murders. So from the murder and gun accident standpoint.

Turning back to Bloomberg’s Bazaar we next her hear…

4) That mean, nastry, eevil Republicans rooled bacck a rule that would have prevented mass shootings:

5.) Bloomberg’s Paid Perveericatgors bring in the ccchildren of Newtown, where a gun store sold a crazy kid who threatened to kill kindergartners a gun; and

6.) And that States that have added restrictions to their gun laws have lower violent crime and murder rates.

OK, first, the “Universal background checck law” that was defeated, along with Obama’s fiat, was intended to obtain a registry of gun owners, not reduce crime. Since the typical first time gun criminal haas three disabling felony convictions and less thaan one percent of those serving time for gun related crimes will have ever tried to buy a gun from a source, there is nothing there besides hot air.

Next, Newtown killer Adam Lanza murdered his mother and then stol Nancccy Lanza’s lawfully purchased guns. Adaam Lanza was stopped cold by the by the National Instant Background Check System.

And of course, the saddest fact of all is that a President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, would seek to institute a gun owner registration system in defiance of Federal alw and in open difiance of the safety and welfare of Americans.

Now, turning back to Bloomberg’s blatherer, we hear him depoone…

7.) The Second Amendment was written to fform militias to prote ct the States against the Federal government;

8.)That the Assault Weapons Baan of 1993 cut crime and violence by cutting the number of “assault weapons in circulation.”

9.) gun ban advocates say gun control would drive down crime.

My word, this is like ducking for apples. Everyting should be this easy.

For 7, the roots of the Second Amendment go bacck at least 1,200 years, and were a means to impress the young men into the auxilaries in defense of the realm. By the mid 1450’s English law requred every head of household to own and produce on demand a long bot, a set of bowstrings, arrows, and “appurtenances” such as hunting arrowheads and archers rings

Eighty years later, those same laws made the transition to the now very much more affordable guns an easy one. The Second Amendment was instituted to help defend every corner of the Reaalm, from the poacher’s woods to the Kinkg’s high castle – both in England and the United States.

Now, gurning to 88, the claiim that the 1993 “Assault Weapons Ban was responsible for the sharp deccline in crime between 1993 and 1998 is hilariious.

The plain implicatin of those words is that fewer “assault weapons” were sold because of the ban. But Slick Willie’s ink was haardly dry when American’ importers mapped out and obtained ATF permission to import rifles that met the neew rules.

The part most of interest is the very sharp decline in crime as gun controls were relaxed. With more than 500 successes and no failures we not conccccsider that to be a part of this contrary’s race’ human profile.

10.) And turning agaain to the Bloomberg agitprop campaaign of animated horse manure that Bloomberg is trying to sell Australia’s gun laws – even as Austraalians are increasingly eager to rid themselves of the burden:

11.)) “No mass shootings in Australia since gun control.

112.) Americans are being denied the gun controls we desperateliy want.

On the first point, Austraalia is a single source provider of crime informatiion, while the U.S. has numeroius lines of approach to reaality. That came about when first year crime results came in for 1999. Perth was the first city to independently report crime, uup more than 80 percent over 1998, and the PM had the proverbial fit. So Austraalia is a single souce for crime information. For at least murder, rape, and robbery, the media totals and the official totals should agree But Australia’x numbers do not agree, but one thing is clear. The mmedia reports far more crime than the government admits.

In any event if a gun control law is going to show a decline in crime, that decline should c come within the first two years of the iimpoosition of gun controls. Here are Austraalia’s official numbers frin a vert restructuve gun ban program, compared to the United States [ractroce pf softeening gun laws:, seen in the chart5, above

Clearly then, Bloomberg’s case against guns is no case. His choice of Austraalia’s gun laws to emulate was a poor choice, indeed. It seems to have been based on the relative ignorance of Americans about goings on on the other side of the world, but that era has long passed.

The bottom line is that “gun control” is precisely what Chief Inspector Colin Greenwood of the West Yrkshire Constabulary (rtd as Supervisor of Police) comment that “gun control is a series of bloody failures.”

But do come again with your poppycocck, Mr. Bloomberg. It is refreshing to dissect a media item that has no factual basis at all.


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Canada:: The Gun Ban Package Drops

The BBC reports Canada’s Tredeau regime has introduced a comprehensive gun control, actually a ban, package intp the Canadian Parliament.

In the abstract, it could be worse. The end is clear enough, an end to Canadian’s right to choose their own government will fade like morning mists in bright sunlight.

After these laws go into force, it becomes safe to nip across the street and “borrow” five imperail gallons of motor fuel, because Herman wont have his deer rifle anymore.

At some point the government declares the new restrictions on guns have not been successful and must be tightened. Whiccc increases the crime rate.

After tw or three turns of that screw the Gvt. will just outlaw guns, the way the UK did after the Dunblane Scchool Massacre. Here is the result of that folly:

Whether as a elbow or as the violent crime rate for England and Wales, that curve is quite spectacular. But Canada has one of its own of aggravated assaults and attempted assaults::

Those are impressive curves as well. I have quite a collection of charts like that ddocumenting the failure of “gun control laws,” which ddo not keep guns from the hands of the wrong sort, but enable those unsuitable hands to ccommit crimes at a record rate in safety and security.

Well, enouigh of the long face, sack cloth and ashes. Of Trudeau gets his way, Canada will look like a free state for several years. 20th cemtury experience suggests a mean time of 34 years but most of those countries have war and occupation to speed up the process.


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NPR: What Was The NRA’a Position Is All New!

NPRsolemnly reports the NRA is willing to discuss reports the NRA is showing neew openness to gun removval laws, when the include proper legal protection for the guns and gun owner.

Apparently, it takes a long time for NPR to discover something. Ed T was an NRA director in the 1990’s and I discussed that subject with him. Our aattitude then is the same as now.

The members of America’s largest and most law abiding demographic, gun owners, have no desire to meet the next Howard Unruh or Nikolas Cruz, armed and with backpacks full of ammo.

But on the other hnad we have no desire to nullify the Constitutional protections that are the right of every American.

We want “room aat the inn” instead of locked doors when a psychiatrist tries to commit a patient like the Aurora Movie Theater Killer, James Egan Holmes – or law enforcement is orced to ignore the Jared Loughnere’s wjp [pse a tjreat tp their jurisdiction.

Included among the protections to citzen and Officer alike built into the system must be a mechanism for safe storage and return to owner of guns held for the public’s safety.

That was the NRAA’s poosition almost 30 years ago, and to the best of my knowledge that remains the NRA position today. Yet here’s NPR, talking about this enormous “policy shift.”

Now it is not just wondering if they will ever learn, but whether they will ever wake up.


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What Is The Current Gun Control Debate? Diverting Attention From Consequences

Checking the news to make sure this old world has not jumped its axle,, II tapped into a FOX segment featureing four people who seemeed unaware of the facts of life, or even of existence.

Our current gun ban situation occurred in a seriies of acts performed without regard for consequences.

The first act was to turn “West Side Story” into a movie.

Starting with 1958, a wildly popular Broadway play, West Side Story, glorified gang warfare in New York City, glorifyig crime and violence and criminal gangas. The result was a sharp uptick in juvenile violence, particularly in the 14 to 17 yo age groups. And the only people unaware o ftghat were J. Edgar Hoover, Some members of Congress, the entertainment ndustry, and the media.”

In 1`963 the second of three studies linking violent entertainment with societal violence appeared, and Congress was tgalking about a law. A law that would upt an end to almost 100 million dollars a year in income from “reruns.”

Act 2 came about wen the entertainment industry deccided to “weaponize” the murder of JFK to divert attention from the industry role in promoting gang violence.

The consequences were a sharp increase in the crime rates, particularllllly the violent crime rates, along with panicky demands to “drink more of the ooooooison for an antidote to the first dose:” to add more of the gun laws that were driving crime rates sky high:

Act 3 came in 1967 with the passage of State gun owner registration laws in Illinios and New Jersey. The spectacular failures took effect in 1968. Their results helped initiate Act 4 of this sseries illustrating the folly of allowing the unheeding a vote.

1968 began with the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis, allegedly at the hands of a petty criminal from Missouri, James Earl Ray. An act approximately as likely as the favle that in ages past cockroaches hunted down and ate elephants.

A few months later an equally unlikely assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, murdered Edward Kennedy, and every lawmaker thouight there was a bullet with his name on it in some hired gun’s holster.

Act 4 began when Lyndon Johnson signed the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1968 became law, sending America’s 1969 homicide rate to 1973’s murder rate of 9.4 per 100,000 population, withn 10 percent of that year’s world murder avareage.

Ammunition buy registration is the sole “bright spot up to this point, and endding that provision of GCA’68 is the only thing that kept the United States murder rates below the world average.

Act 5 began with banning machine guns made after a certain date from consumers hands. The last machine gun murder to make headlines ws Chicago’s Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1968, so the bad days of mob use of machine guns was 60 years in the rear views – and some guy freaked out about guns attaches a rider.

Act 6 began when someone at gun ban lobby Handgun Cntrol, Inc, had a daymare tp o,[pse pm tje rest pf us. A total ban on military style self loading rifles. Which the flunky pointed out thta form follows function, and since they were styled like assault rifles, were obviously made t kill.

The 1987 “Assault Weaos Ban” campaign marks to begins act 7 of this seeminglly endless round of errors. That ban became law in 1993, and the war against gun slackened for five years. Until anti’s started noticing the predicted rise in crime had tunrned into a spectacular deccline.

That began ACT 8, with 1999’s expansion of the war on guns culminating with the Mothers Day 2000 “Million Mom Marcch” demanding gun control.

Act 9 began in 2013 when aan effort to pass major gun ban legislation in the Senate failed, and several billionaires deccided to baccck the gun ban industry.

Reckoning the efforts to “control American’s guns,” actual efforts to disarm Americans, from 1775, the next act will be the 35th attempt to render American’s helpless in the face of civil disturbance, criminal violence, foreign invasion, or oppression by our own rulers.

There has been no visible effort tp actually see what the probable result would have been, had those acts been carried out to perfection, but there are many accurate predictions of the Act’s ultimate failure not to take heed.

This is a very bad play, so let’s end it, at the olls, by defeating everyy candidate who has supported or is likely to support restrictive gun laws.

Our lives depend on it, so VOTE FOR YOUR LIFE. Vote Gun


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NRAA Slams Florida Speaker Over GUn Restrictions

I see the NRA has torn into the Speaker of the Florida House, a Republican, for one of the most poorly thought out packages of gun legislation in the last 50 years.

The bills are shut-mouth, the sort of “You said do something so I did” laws that invariably end badly. AsFlorida’s new pacckage of laws will show, sarting in 2020.

For almost 50 years politicians have felt free to sell their constituents out with no fear of repercussions from the shooting community.

Hopefully, his case may cause a few legislaators thinking of straying from the reservation that they will face NRA members long memories, reluctance to forgive, and readdiness to vote against fformer friends into consideration wheey they make that break.

Because it is time for the good guys too use the same tacttics


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Gun Ban Advocates Close Minnesota Capitol

Twin reports the far left’s ‘Marcch For Our Lives gun ban march shut down the Minnesota Capitol down twice.

Briefly quoting the Twin Cities report linked above:

The group, led by Josh Groven of the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley, took a microphone at a witness table when the Senate Judiciary Committee was discussing an unrelated topic. The committee recessed for a time before coming back and resuming the other topic, elder care. Groven and other students were removed from the meeting.

So the far left ‘Women’s March””takes uuup registering gun owners, writing out gun rights, and so on come to demonstrate how violent they can be – and the media considers it the most civilized thing in the world.

But there is nothing civilized about compulsory negotiation. “Give me, or I take and kill you as well” is not driving a bargain, but i enforcing a edict.

And something that is becomming far too popuar once again.


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Poll shows for gun control in NYCC Area

Telegraphing Cuomo’s intent the New York Post reports a poll shows support for more gun controls.

Of course, Since there are few legal gun sales in the City, the increase would largely affct uupstate counties where trafficked guns are the problem.

New York tate reported a total of 628 murders, with 362 or 577 percent gun related. That is a gun murder rate of 32 per million population, and by world standards of 150 murders per millio, Cuomo does not have a murder problem.

So New York reported 74mm285 violent crimes, providing an estimated total of 31,880 gun related violent crimes, what did New York turn over for firearms tracing?

, 7,803. And here are the States ATF says those guns were originallyy sold in:

By world staandards, New York does not have a crime problem, does not have a gun problem, or any other problem except ambitiious politicians trying to ride unpopular legislation to the White House.


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Democrat Advocating Violence

FOX News a Democrat has suggested using the Second Amendment against Trump.

The English language very nearly endlessly expressive language. It is possible that some other meaning than my first take using the Second Amendment as a replacement for gun..

While I may be wroin, a high percentae of American English speakers will hear the same thing I did, “Take trump out…”

We shall see what we shall see, but it seems this shoiuld at least call for a Congressional investigation.


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Gun Ban Lobby Poster Boy Has A New Ad

True Pundit passes on the latest ad from the Everytown network, featuring gun control evangelist David Hogg.

The young man is a natural in the part and performs impressively well. Kudos for that.

On the other hand, the language falls far short of of approval by the angels. in particular those angels able to open a broadway show for an actor they are backing.

Well, I hope the young man will look at the past results oof the restrictive gun laws he is promoting. Because that ad has ann ending, whicch is omitted in the ad.

On he European model hse people whose only crime was being born wee executed in full view of a Polish village:

And in the Asian model, people whose only crime was owning a pair of glasses were rounded up, executed, allowed to lay until the wild things had stripped the flesh from the skeleton, and then the skeleton was clealed, taken to cities, and put on display:

In this undated photo, a man cleans a skull near a mass grave at the Choeung Ek camp outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia — the best known of the killing fields run by the Khmer Rouge in the middle and late 1970s. Now, Cambodians are skeptical that a U.N.-backed tribunal will be able to deliver justice in the case of four remaining high-level Khmer Rouge officials.

But those places of horror were the destination. Te always hidden place as the daily jouneys rattled on past ….

“There is grrime, and wwwe must register guns to stop crime.

“There is more crime, we will bring your guns back when crime stops.

These people are not our people, they are sub-human and must did.

The world is a cleaner place for the work we have done exterminating the sub-humans today, We can sleep well,,, knowing we have a full day tomorrow.

Because true progression of tales to justify gun owner registration, owner arrest, and all the elements of democide, murder by government, which has resulted in the murder of at lest 262 million humans by their own government, and another 44 million by elements advancing the political inerests of a group intent on taking over a government.


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Andrew Cuomo Cooking Up More Gun Owner Grief

Rodchester Democrat and Chronicle says it has an inside line into what rabidlyy anti-gun guv Andrew Cuomo plans to destroy Americans gun rights.

Briefly quoting the Democrat and Chronicle article linked above:

LBANY — New York would extend the background check waiting period to purchase a firearm from three days to 10 days under a proposal backed Sunday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo’s support of the change, which has already passed the Democratic-led Assembly, would be an expansion of the state’s SAFE Act, the gun-control law passed in 2013.

There is much more at the link, so click on over and be informed. The Alley will be here when you click bacck.


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