Climate Note: Frozen Great Lakes To Moderate Violent Crime In New England

A report at Ice Age Now gives an extremely strong hint that the summer of 2014 will be far cooler than normal in areas surrounding the Great Lakes and downwind of them.

The Lakes still have massive amounts of ice, and the upper levels of the Lakes are far cooler than normal. The lakes have an enormous capability to sop up heat, resisting a warmup, and producing a very cool summer. The sort of temperatures that hold violent crime rates down as gang shooters would rather stay home in front of the space heater.

We shall see what we shall see, but you can still count on an increase in crime in venues with shiny new gun bans. Human nature has not changed since the Little Ice Age, and every restrictive gun law in that period drove violent crime rates higher. I do not expect God to intervene and change our natures to sho favor to Dannel Malloy or Tony Cuomo.


N.B.The Russian scientists who have been the most consistently correct say the sun is setting up for a 200 year rest period. If so, the carrying capacity of the Earth may be cut in half; from 11 billion humans to 5.5 billion humans. We have a total population of 6.7 billion, so we can look for forced depopulation in the Earth’s future.

For our race’s future; we need to get off this planet. But we also need short growing season food plants, and nuclear energy.


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Chicago Mayor Proves Validity Of Old Saw

There is an old saying to the effect that a man whose mouth moves up and down when they talk will lie. As I noted earlier today, the April 20th media count of murders in Chicago was exactly the same in both 2013 and 2014. This despite a brutally cold wither that kept the gang’s shooters inside and the murder totals down.

The guardian notes that crime in Chicago is surging, as Emanuel boasts crime is at the lowest point in history. Wrong. Dead wrong. Nine murders, and 26 wounded since 6:00 PM Good Friday; 37 hours ago, should make the lie obvious to any dullard. From present trends I expect Chicago to end the year with a homicide rate of between 18 and 19 per 100,000 population; 450 percent higher than the national rate.

Incidentally, that puts 2014 four up on April 20t, 2013. And Emanuel’s jaw is still flappin’. Which should be no surprise because that’s how Democrats roll.


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Perhaps Obama Should Have Paid Attention In The Madrassa

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit notes that Obama used his Easter Speech to remind us that Islam teaches we should lover our neighbors as ourselves.

As I recall, the line is from Mark 12:31. The Aramaic to English translation reads:

“And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

As it stands in Mark, “Neighbor” means those who live near you, regardless of race, religion, or ancestry.

It has been almost 65 years since I read the Koran, and my memory is somewhat clouded. But from memory the citation is out of character for Mohammed. Who certainly regarded Jews as the scum of the Earth, and non-Arabs as fit only for slaves.

From memory, if there is a sura in the Koran that says Muslims should love Jews, Kaffers, or anyone other than fellow Muslims as themselves, I would like to be reminded of it.


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“Is it cruel to hand raise fawn a deer”

Someone stopped by searching for “Is it cruel to hand raise fawn a deer.”

With the caution that one should make sure the baby is actually abandoned, no, it is not cruel to hand raise or “bottle raise” an orphaned or abandoned fawn. It would be both cruel and inhuman, not to mention inhumane, to abandon such an animal to its fate.

The fact is that most adopted wild creatures do very well being cared for by a human, as this lucky deer did:

Cruelty comes into play when the State sends a crew to take the deer from the only home it has ever known – with the intent of destroying the “polluted” animal instead of releasing it into the wild where it might have some chance of transitioning from welcome guest to wild creature.

Those tragedies usually occur when some well meaning dingbat calls the law to complain that the deer is in a tiny enclosure, poorly fed, and so on and so forth. Because the cruelest people of them all are those who deliberately do harm to those they pretend to protect.


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Legalization Is A High Stakes Social Experiment

Political movements that take money from citizens pockets eventually wind up taking guns. With that prefatory remark, let us proceed….

Several States are trying out various schemes to legalize marijuana, “progressive” Colorado being the most prominent at this time. Poverty stricken, crime ridden, and despite for tax revenue Puerto Rico may go Colorado one better and legalize both marijuana and prostitution.

Nothing very bad has occurred since Colorado legalized “medicinal pot,” but what has happened cannot be said to be good. Which is pretty much what history tells us would happen if a State legalized pot. The small percentage of those who try the stuff and become addicts are too busy contemplating the fuzz in their navels to do much harm, and most of those who do not become addicts only touch the stuff under social pressure.

But I cannot locate anyone with data indication anything good has come out of legalizing pot. Of course, the State supposedly collects a hefty tax on legal pot, giving the tax, confiscate, print, and blow Partei a leg up. But that is not a good thing, it is unequivocally band.

Much the same thing can be said of legalizing the round heeled ladies. The State would collect a hefty tax on every – transaction – but that would be about all. Temple Houston’s “Soiled Dove Plea” laid out the economics of that trade during the 1880′s and neither the economics nor the men who run the trade’s methods have changed in the interim.

(Teddy Blue’s “We pointed Them North” has a short description of the interactions between “the ladies and the cowboys” that is instructive for those interested, while Thomas Lawryt’s “The Stories The Soldiers Would Not Tell” is another resource. Needless to say, the unwilling girls forced into the trade found life both short and brutish, and likely to end as a result of a “social disease.)

Given the number if illegal workers in that trade, I see few benefits for the people – but a great deal more money for the big spenders to blow.

Neither of these proposals amount to more than a bandaid on a major cut. Therefore, it seems that the proper procedure would be to keep both marijuana and pay for play illegal, and vote the big spenders out of office. With no great need for more money, much of the “legalize vice” demands would dry up.


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Late Dispatches From The Crimea

Those of us who take an interest in history will be pleased to see late dispatches from Crimea, relating an engagement of the 17th Lancers and associated unites against well defended fortifications.

Go ahead and click on the link. The ISP promises the Alley will be here when you get back.


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Obama Promised At Least One Thing He IS Delivering On

Before he was elected, Obama promised a civilian security force, as well armed and as well funded as our military. Here is Obama making that promise:

In the scheme of things, what Obama is talking about is the functional equivalent of the NSDAP’s “brownshirts’ Der Sturmabteilung, a paramilitary army run from Partei headquarters.

Jim Hoft’s excellent Gateway Pundit reminds us that Obama now has 120,000 armed Federal agents, paramilitaries supplied with billions of rounds of ammunition, to serve as brown-shirts.

They serve the same function as the Klan did during the Wilson Presidency, protecting Partei rallies, guarding controversial people, and so on. And they can supposedly be relied upon to stay loyal to their masters in case of civil disturbance.

Hmm. 120,000 of them. Seventy million families of us. I suppose each of us will have to shoot 0.000111111 times if our burden becomes too heavy.

Put another way, the regime’s paramilitaries are not much of a threat to the armed American people. That is why the Partei tries to confiscate a few guns here, a few there, until we are disarmed. They cannot do that if we all hang together.

If we do not, we shall most assuredly all hang separately.


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British Survey Gives A Different Picture Of American Gun Owners

A British survey of American gun owners found we do not fit the “progressives” stereotype in any way, fashion, or form.

True, we are a diverse lot. From fishermen deep in the bayous to Wall Street bankers, we span the gamut of Americans. It is by no means unusual for find a twelve year old who can field strip and reassemble her AR-15 in under two minutes:

Nor is it unusual to find a grandmother with a toaster size handgun a twork; and sometimes they must use their self defense weapon:

It is downright easy to find professionals from bank executive to surgeons who carry, couples who keep a matched pair of semi-auto shotguns, or an individual who has 100 guns in her collection. We are a diverse bunch, with exotic jobs and high paying jobs and just plain jobs. We are short, and we are tall, skinny an dwell fleshed. Heck, some of us are downright fat.

For the most part, we are a sociable bunch, ready to talk to anyone about anything. up to a point. But there is one thing the socialists stereotype of gun owners would have you believe we are, that we are not.

According to the stereotype, we are criminals and murderers. And that we are not. Other than parking violations, we are far less likely to commit any crime than the average.

For example, gunnies commit “homicide” at about two percent of the rate of the general population. But homicide includes “justifiable homicide,” the killing of another in defense of self or others life/lives. Our community’s murder rates are among the lowest on Earth.

Violent Crime Rates Crashed As Gun Sales Boomed!

Violent Crime Rates Crashed As Gun Sales Boomed!

And yes, our violent crime rates are down by half in twenty years, as more and more Americans join our community. Yes, you frequently see headlines about some gun crank who killed his wife. Rare and unusual events make headlines, the commonplace never makes the news. A congressman trowing the bull is not the lead story in any newspaper – but a bull throwing a congressman would make page 1.

As a people, gunnies remind me of a sign on a Nebraska town. Under the town name it added “Population 1102 very nice people and one old grouch.”

We have a few “grouches” in our community but they are few and far between.

We are the law abiding backbone of America. Let’s make sure the “progressives” know that.


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Where Do Criminals Get Guns? Besides The ATF?

Someone stopped by searching for “where do criminals get guns.”

If we are talking about the guns criminals use to commit crimes; there are a number of sources. Besides the ATF’s storefront and other “Operations,” most crime guns are stolen, traded for drugs, transported to another police jurisdiction, and sold through “street corner gun and drug dealers.”

While I have answered that questions many times, providing up to date information, here are some prisoners telling where thy got guns:

Of course, there are two sorts of guns. Before December, 1998 it was possible for a career criminal to buy a gun over the counter, wait three days for local law enforcement to look the purchase over, and walk out with a lawfully purchased gun.

The percentage of such sales has dropped from around four percent (o.04%) of guns “recovered by police” to less than five in one thousand, or 0.005 percent. Invariably, those guns are purchased for self defense – and the actual role they play in crime is very small.

Breaking down the numbers, the latest estimates are

6,310 criminal on criminal gun deaths, plus approximately 260,000 crimes in which a gun was used to expedite the crime. That makes a total of 270,000 gun related crimes, or 0.019405% of 13,914,040 crimes reported to the police.

The latest prison surveys tell us a career criminal will commit one “major” crime every 48 hours as long as he or she is on the street. The median number of major crimes committed by released felons is thought to be nine.

Dividing the 270,000 gun related crimes reported by the police by the number of crimes committed per capita tells us that of the 318,000,000 million Americans, only 30,000 gun toting career criminals will be on the street in any given year.

Now, that brings us back to the original question. Where do criminals get their (crime) guns. Criminals get their working tools either from law enforcement sources such as the ATF or corrupt local cops who sell confiscated guns – or by purchasing stolen guns from those in the drug trade.

The factors that cause that are simple enough. There is no paperwork to fill out on the street corner. The gun purchase cannot be traced to themselves. The investment is low enough that a street gun can be discarded without a qualm. And there is always a demand for “hot” guns, so a street gun can be easily resold.

Years ago, criminals get guns they did NOT intend to use in their profession from a variety of sources. Private sales are a minor source, and as word spreads about jail terms for those who provide guns for criminals spreads, friends and family have dried up. Leaving the source of most guns found in a criminal’s possession the street corner pharmacist.

Bu the criminals own testimony, 95% of gun related crimes are committed with stolen “street guns.”


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Gunrunning AG ‘s “Undermining the law deserving of contempt”

The Washington Times notes the general lawlessness of the Holder Department of Justice, headlining the item ‘CHARLES: Holder’s undermining of the law deserving of contempt.’

The item concerns Holder’s flat refusal to turn over documents requested by Congress. Briefly quoting the Washington Times report linked above:

No attorney general of the United States is entitled, for any reason, to escape scrutiny of Congress, period. Is the attorney general really mounting a defense to his contempt charges on the basis that Congress is racist and that he need not respond to legal prerogatives they lawfully exercise? Where would that wild notion put us as a country? How would any attorney general hiding behind this kind of defense ever be held accountable?

Excoriating Holder for refusing to turn over even subpoenaed documents is all very well. But at best all that will get Holder is a few days in a luxury cell until one of Holder’s flunkies delivers the papers.

What about holding Holder responsible for the outright crimes that he has either ordered or approved during his tenure as Attorney General. The Mexican media tells us that guns traced to “Operation Fast and Furious” have been associated with more than 500 murders in Mexico.

There were also a number of F&F guns associated with murders on American soil. One victim was Border Patrolman Bryan Terry.

WE do not know how many murders have been committed with guns sold the Gulf and Zeta cartels through “Operations” run out of the Houston and Dallas ATF offices. We do know that one of the guns used to murder ICE Agent Jaime Zapata was traced back to the Dallas “Operation.”

We do not know how many murders were linked to an Indiana” Operation intended to supply guns to criminals from Kansas City to Cleveland. Or how many are dead as a result of the Tampa ATF office’s “Operation.” Given the people the guns went to, probably at least as many as Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious.

So while gigging Holder for failing to turn over papers to Congress, possibly to shield those higher up in this regime, when do those who have lost loved ones to Attorney General Eric Holder’s “high crimes and misdemeanors” get justice?


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