“How did law breakers endanger ancient Egypt?”

Someone stopped by searching for “how did law breakers endanger ancient egypt?”

As a professor of mine once pointed out, the Egypt that was is the foundation of the Egypt that is.

Generally, Egyptian lawbreakers damaged society in the same ways lawbreakers endanger every society on Earth. “The law” is essentially a social compact. Citizens shall not shall not steal, shall not murder, shall not rape, and so on. To do so erodes the social order, weakens the bonds that hold a community together, and leaves the way open for even more serious crimes.

In particular, “getting away” with minor crimes, even such crimes as pilfering or throwing pebbles at windows are serious signs of social collapse.

Young people are far more likely to turn to crime, violence, and other forms of predation if crime is tolerated. For most, crime is more a display of personal power than a means of earning an adequate living.

For some, a mere display of power is not enough. They must have power in fact as well as appearance. These dangerous criminals become important people, able to order the people disarmed and helpless against the power of the State, and to order the deaths of vast numbers of people, an whole peoples, the confiscation of their properties, and to commit other evils.

Of course, every compact must be enforced. The rulers, headed by the Pharaoh, tried to suppress criminal activity, but when the soldiers were out of sight crime flourished. Pretty much as it does in the modern world.



Homeowner 1: Home Invader Holes & Handcuffs

The Jackson, Mississippi Clarion Ledger reports an 82 year old man retrieved a .38 from under his pillow when a woman half his age forced her way into his home.

The home invader was holed in the leg, and will be arrested when she is released from the hospital. Her boyfriend is already in the hoosegow.

Very good. The intended victim has successfully defended himself and his demesne, and another violent criminal is off the streets.

Congratulations, Sir.


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OK, Hunters, Know Your Target And Wnat Is Behind It

The details are skimpy, but KXLY reports a 20 year old Oregon woman is dead in a hunting accident, shot by her father.

That’s the first I have seen reported for 2014. We are up to one too many, so let’s not have a second.

Hunter orange makes it easy to tell the other hunters from the deer. Wear it.

Look behind your target. The #1 cause of hunting fatalities is a real live human on the other side of a game animal.

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to start your squeeze.

And any time you leave a gun untended shuck the cartridges out of it or at least open the action. That goes for going in an out of a vehicle, crossing a fence, or anything else that causes your gun to be out of your control.

We have cut hunting accidents by more than 90 percent, so let’s go for one more push and make hunting accidents as rare as the dire wolf.


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Noted: ABC TAkes Over Gun Control Activists Show

shield Variety reports ABC’s “non-fiction” department, which also has “ABC News,” has taken over the struggling show, ‘The View.’

Briefly quoting the Variety report linked above:

Moving ‘The View’ to our non-fiction programming group now allows it to fully draw on the vast resources of ABC News and our team in New York, where the show is based right next door,” Goldston says in a memo Variety obtained from the network that will circulate to staffers on Thursday morning. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with this terrific team.

Perhaps so. But many of the 240 million Americans who have guns at home remember when View “host” Rosie O’Donnell was the face of K-Mart. And what happened to K-Mart after O’Donnell spouted off about gun control. Something the company has never recovered from.

And there is more. Just the other day, O’Donnell used the terrorist attack on the Canadian Parliament as an excuse for an anti-gun rant.

As the guy at the two dollar window said, you can tell the winners and losers by the Form. Gun owners never forget, and seldom forgive. Rosie O’Donnell has a long way to go before she can give View advertisers any better value than she did K-Mart.


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Fists ARE Deadly Weapons: Gun Banners Leave Man Critical

ABC reports on a pair of “anti-violence activists” who beat their former roommate very nearly to death.

Briefly quoting the ABC item linked above:

Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30, accused their former roommate of stealing their property, and allegedly punched and kicked him in the street until he had seizures. Arrested moments later, Ardeno was still wearing the same “Stop the Violence” T-shirt she had on the night before when she coordinated a march protesting two recent shootings, Washington (PA) Police Chief Chris Luppino said.

The victim, Joshua Magraff, also is a community organizer with the anti-violence group, and shared an apartment with the suspects until recently.

While the thought of almost lethal violence inflicted by “anti-violence campaigners” is ironic, I cannot say that I am surprised by it. Essentially, “Stop The Violence” is a scheme in which ex-cons are paid to persuade young people contemplating a life of crime that crime is not a good choice; and to lobby lawmakers for various schemes endorsed by their patrons. Historically, these groups are funded by gun ban groups such as the Joyce Foundation, along with public funding and individual contributions.

Here in the real world, the ex-cons usually wind up back behind bars even more quickly than the average for criminals in their demographic. That does not stop anti-gun funders from putting up money for “this valuable work” in keeping ex-cons from taking an honest job and becoming responsible citizens.Or the media, which is complicit in the crimes resulting from the program, from praising them.


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Williams Gun Sight Expands

Michigan Live reports Williams Gun Sight is undertaking a $2,500,000 expansion of its facilities. The expansion will add an indoor range and ten thousand square feet to the retail area.

Very good. The 88 year old firm has a sterling reputation, and it is good to see firearms accessory makers thriving.


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No Regrets For Hundreds Of Murders

I see self disgraced and utterly disgraceful Attorney General Eric Holder says he “regrets” subpoenaing a FOX News reporter, but there is not a word of regret concerning the hundreds of people killed with ATF ‘Operation’ weapons.

Before pressure on the Calderon regime shut down the free flow of data to Mexico’s media, there were more than 500 murders linked to “Operation Fast and Furious” weapons alone. And then there was “Grenadewalker,” and at least one “Operation” each from the Houston and Dallas ATF offices.

How many Mexican mayors, law enforcement officers, businessmen, and others were murdered with the thousands of weapons that were taken into Mexico, courtesy of Holder’s ATF.

But no matter how many widows and orphans have been left to mourn, Holder has no regrets.


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“Average Distance Of A Shootout?”

Someone stopped by searching for “average distance of a shootout.”

That depends on what is meant by a “shootout.” And therefore a variety of answers.

According to the old timers of my youth who were there, most “Old West” shootouts took place at ten to twenty feet. There were exceptions, Hickok punched Tutt’s clock at almost 100 yards, and quite a number were almost nose to nose. “Billy the Kid,” whom the Old Timers correctly describe as a “sure thing killer” had at least one “shootout” at contact range, while the murder of Bob Ollinger was at perhaps 40 feet.

More recently, most “police shootouts,” as opposed to a police shooting, are at much the same ranges. A car length, the distance across an apartment living room, and so on. Again, there are exceptions. But ten yards is “stretching the barrel” of an officers duty weapon.

And finally, there are the criminal on criminal, home invasions, armed robbery victims taking a stand, and so on. The mean distance is reportedly “two meters,” about sex feet, eight inches, or the height of a standard door. Meaning a substantial percentage of “shootouts” are at contact range.

The bottom line? A veteran of several actual shootouts in Texas “smoky days” told me that only a fool wants to get in a gunfight, so the smart man is always ready.

If you can hit a dinner plate sized target at 30 feet, get the first shot in less than half a second, and have learned to watch for trouble, you are as ready as you need to be.


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Climate: Early Cold Coming For Many

Hunters should prepare for unexpected cold over the weekend. Most of the central and eastern United States will get an early taste of winter over the next few days. Quoting the NWS advisory:

The weather pattern will get interesting as we head into the weekend as a Manitoba mauler (a low pressure system coming from the Canadian province of Manitoba) dives southward towards the southern Appalachians by Saturday morning. This will result in the development of a highly amplified trough over the East Coast and a strong surface low developing offshore. In
terms of sensible weather impacts, expect much colder weather by Saturday with numerous showers, and accumulating snow in the higher elevations of the Appalachians. Rain and windy conditions are likely for eastern New England by Sunday as the offshore low intensifies.

So it would be a wise idea to carry an extra layer of clothing, and prepare for temperatures as much as thirty degrees below what you expect. Because…

Arctic ice extant is near the 20 year mean, at 8,702,074 square kilometers; and the spread of Arctic sea ice is proceeding at a near record rate. A rate that is astonishing at this point in the natural climate cycle.

Ice is not the only ting that is spreading an an astonishing rate. Ice Age Now reports Northern Hemisphere snow cover is far greater than the satellite age “normal,” and both dept and coverage is growing rapidly.

Other indications are for an early, long, and severe winter. Followed by a cool summer with even shorter growing seasons.

Get ready, Mother Nature will have her way. And if you doubt the justification to prepare, I was in Valentine, Nebraska when this one hit.


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Politicized FBI “Investigates Senate Candidate”

J. Edgar Hoover set many of the FBI’s policies; including hiring accountants for agents and keeping a shut mouth on investigations.

Legal Insurrection reports thatbranch of the Democratic Party is ‘investigating’ South Dakota Senate Candidate Mike Rounds.

That outrageous story is at the link, and it is off topic for the Alley. Click on over, the Alley will be here when you get back.

For my part, it is obvious the FBI must be returned to stand-alone status, and given competent, apolitical leadership. If it is not defended, abolished, and replaced entirely.

Because a national police agency that is a captive of a political party – as Germany’s Gestapo, the Soviets NKVD, North Koreas SSD, and many others, are incompatible with a free society.


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