Reid Says Democrats “would nuke” any attempt to turn back packing the Suprme Court With Antis

Outgoing retiring Seante Minority Leader gun owners friend” Reid says Senate Democrats “would nuke” nay attempt to filibuster President Clinton’s Supreme Court nominations.

Since Clinton has already promised to “put pressure” on SCOTIS to destroy the Bo;; pf Rogjts bu Si[re,e Cpirt decree. that is essentially a statement that the Republicans will be unable to stop a Clinton nominee from being confirmed.

So over the next few years we can expect to see Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Merrick Garland, and other worthies of that ilk take seats in the Supreme Court.

Unless we act to make sure Hillary Rodham is never elected to a position of authority.


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Amarillo: Voters Say Their Votes Were Changed On Th eBallot

Democratic vote fraud has reared its ugly head in Potter and Randall county, Texas, as voters who c cast a straight ballot found their ballot marked straigth Democrat.

This is typical of the Democrat’s vote fraud machine, something that makes inspecting your ballots before you canst a vote is important.

To paraphrase an old song, “They will steal from be, they will steal from you, and they will steal from the banker, too.”

While the Democrat’s determination to steal every elect predates the Civil War, this is the worst I remember it. The proper response is disqualification, but that’s not going to happen, so vote. And watch your ballots before you push that


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Two Weeks From TNow, Dixville Notch Will Have Vited

This is October 25, 2016, and two weeks from today is election day. 14 short days until what historians may call the most election of our lives.

The pro-Second Amendment candidate is ahead in the polls – but the Clinton Campaign says victory for the gun ban candidate is absolutely, bet your life on it, certain.

So now it is up to us. Chicago will turn in 100,000 fraudulent Clinto ballots, so it is up to those who seldom vote outside Chicago to turn out and vote.

Other States, other Democratic political machines. But the principal is the same. If we vote, we win. But we cannot win unless we vote.


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Clinton Campaign Funnels $7–G’s to Wife Of FBI Agent In Charge of E-Mails

Corruption is only peripherally on topic, except corruption in pursuit of gun control bills, so this important story will only get a link and a comment.

Essentially a Clinton “campaign worker,” an Orc, funneled almost $700,000 of Clinton campaign money to the wife of the FBI agent in charge of overseeing e-mails. The rest of the story is at the link, so click on over. The Alley should be here when you click back.

That has all the appearances of money for silence, bribery of a public employee, on the part of the Orc, Virginia’s anti-gun and therefore pro-crime governor Terry McAuliffe. If this is what it appears to be, there is no hope of justice being done so long as Democrats occupy the White House.

But justice demands a full and complete investigation, and criminal prosecution where justified.


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Off Topic: “Explain Single Payer Health Care”

Salina asks if I can explain “single payer health care in layman’s language.”

Sure can.

The promise is “free health care,” paid for by the rich.

The reality is that all the billionaire’s wealth would not pay for single payre health care for more than two years. If that.

Essentially, “single payer” means the government pays for everyone’s health care of of tax collections, borrowing, or “printing money.” You do not pay the hospital or doctor, the government does. Creating one of the nicest opportunities for massive corruption any scam artist has managed to yet conceive.

Applied to the United States, it would add approximately 17 million new Federal workers, while removing almost none from the private sector. Those currently working in health care would become either Federal employees, or work for Federal contractors.

And the pressure would be on to save money, at first by denying older patients and those with chronic conditions medicines, food, and water.

Those who hype “single payer” as a panacea for our health care problems are at best dead wrong, and at worst parasites seeking more blood out of the Federal revenue stream.


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“Discourage Trump Voters With Bogus Polls And Declarations The Election Is Ober”

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit reports on a Clinton Campaign document ordering the media to…

Discourage Trump Supporters with Bogus Polls and Declaring Election Over

This is exactly what the Clinton Orcs in the media have been doing. I have already linked to a Zero Hedge rep;ort on how the Washington Post faked a poll showing Clinton 12 percentage points ahead. Over the weekend, CNN and others have decalred the election over.

The election is not over. It will not be over until November 9, and as long as it takes for all the lawsuits tp wprk through the courts.

But if we vote, as it is our duty to do, on January 20, 2017, at high noon in Washington, we will see the first pro-gun, pro-Constitution President sworn in since 1984.


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Two Full Weeks Until November 8

We have fourteen days before November 8. If you can vote today, please beat the
rush and do so.

If you must wait for November 8, get ready to vote.

And while you are getting ready, look around. There are millions who lack transportation who are as fed up with the endless corruption and deliberate economic destruction as we are.

If you know such a person, or couple, make arrangements to pick them up and thake them to the polls with you.

And remember, your employer must give you time to vote,

Because by voting, you help insure Hillary Rodham Clinton will not get to sign the decrees she wanted before she discovered the shooting community has the decisive vote.

We ahve it, let’s use it. Vote!


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Expose: How WaPo Works To Keep Trump Voters Home

The financial blog Zero Hedge rips the covers off the Washington Post’s poll giving Hillary Rodham C a 12 point advantage over Donald Trump.

Click on over, the story is at the link and the Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part – how in in the world can you trust a media outlet that manipulates data like that. Of for that matter, trust their advertisers.


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Venezuela Braces For Revolution

The financial website Zer Hedge reports Venezuelans, upset because their demands for a a recount on a recall election for Dictator Nicolas Maduro are ready to take to the streets.

The report is at the link, above. For my part, I wish the Venezuelan people every success in forcing an oppressive government out of power But since the government has the guns, and Cuban special forces to back them up, the people have a hard road to travel.


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“Ignore The Polls” Says Statistician

The financial website Zero Hedge sites a statistician to tell us to ignore the biased polls.

Briefly quoting the Zero Hedge report linked above:

(a) that the empirical polling results are not as dire as current landslide mainstream media projections make it out to be, and

(b) many polls are oscillating about impossibly low probabilities right now for Donald Trump.

The Zero Hedge item includes a chart that is a mini-course in systematic polling errors in itself. So click on over, the Alley will be here when you click back.

As far as getting someone in the White House who promises to help preserve our gun and civil rights, we only have one choice.

So if you can vote early, please do so. If you must wiat until November 8, so be it. But whatever you do, if you want to keep your rights as an American vote.

For anyone but a Democrat.


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