A Veiled Threat To The Bunds – From Dingy Harry Himself

None other than Harry “the gun owners friend” Reid, Dingy Harry himself, issued a veiled threat to the Bundy’s:

Reid and his son Rory stand to make millions leasing the land the Bundy’s have historically grazed cattle on. Unfortunately for the Reid’s the Constitution sharply limits what properties the Federal Government may “own.” And from experts in Western States property rights, the land the Bundy’s graze on belongs to the State of Nevada.

So Dingy Harry’s thinly veiled threat is not only way off base, it reveals the Reid’s – and his Partei’s – Standard Operating Practices. Lease land not your own, and call in the thugs to take possession. Shades of Munich, 1922.

That will not do. Not in a country of laws, not men. Reid cannot have it both ways,but has chutzpah enough to try it.

It is time and past time for Dingy Harry to take a rest cure. Somewhere a very long way from Washington.


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The Wages Of Gun Control Is…

New Jersey is still paying for the politicians who took entertainment industry money to support gun control. NJ.com reports three Trenton teens were wounded at a funeral for a teen who who has been killed earlier this month.

Briefly quoting the NJ.com report linked above:

New Jersey Violent Crime Rates 1960-2010

New Jersey Violent Crime Rates 1960-2010

The funeral was for Cagney Roberts, a Trenton resident who was shot and killed April 9 in the city. Two other men were wounded in 9 p.m. shooting at St. Joes and Girard Avenues when a gunman approached the group and opened fire.

More than 100 mourners, many of them wearing Roberts’ favorite colors of purple and white, were inside Galilee Baptist Church on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard shortly after noon today when they heard shots outside, witnesses said. Those in the church dropped to the ground and took cover, the witnesses said.

The graphic on the right shows precisely what the entertainment industry’s gun control law did in New Jersey. While details vary slightly, that is the same thing gun control has done every time restrictive gun laws have been imposed since 1495.

And yet, there are people who would prefer to live in a society where no one’s life or property is safe than to allow people of good character to own a defensive weapon.


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Regime Buys One Million Boxes Of Buckshot And Slugs

Alex Jones’ Infowars reports the regime is purchasing three million rounds of rifled slugs and two million rounds of buckshot to be delivered to the Paras at a rate of each year for five years.

Buckshot leaves “a mean and oozy corpse, while rifled slugs leave a three quarter inch diameter hole pretty much straight through. That’s two hundred thousand boxes of 25 rounds each year for five years. Sp the regime’s Brownshirts are being armed for some serious conflict.

That is how authoritarian regimes historically operate. Arm the regime’s storm troops with plenty of arms and ammo – while disarming the people so they will be unable to resist.

Given that the regime is arming its Paras far beyond any rational need, perhaps it might be a good idea to add something with some reach to our battery. And some proven ammo, as well.


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Soros Gives $100K To Pot Legalization Campaign

Under the “know thy enemy” category, Oregon Online reports a marijuana legalization campaign has received a one hundred thousand dollar donation from George Soros’ Drug Policy Action.

Soros interest is understandable, given the many times Soros has said he wants to own a chain of pot ships, one for every street corner in the United States. Given the margins on MJ, that interest is understandable.

However, I wonder what Soros things he will do when the local gang bangers, angered at Soros muscling in on his turf, fill some of his managers so full of holes you could use him for a colander. Or how much protection he will have to hire to discourage the NarcoCartels sicarios.

And I am sure Soros has not considered how many more children will have to be smuggled into the United States to make up Cartel revenue lost to Soros pot shoppes.

Or how many more “flash kidnappings it would take to replace pot as a source of income. Guys who are vaguely uneasy when there are not $1,000,000,000 USD squirreled away in a closet are not going to take competition kindly. And a life is worth only $5,000 to a cartel hitman.

The Cartels tend to react to competition some suddenly i, too, as this clip from Jalisco in which four Cartel assassins were killed:

Somehow, I do not believe Soros has considered who his competition will be. Because the gun bans Soros is trying to buy will not affect Los Sicarios.


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How Many Guns Are Bought Illegally?

Someone stopped by searching for “how many guns are bought illegally.”

Not nearly as many as one might think. The latest Bureau of Justice Statistics report is out of date, but it estimated that 300,000 guns are stolen each year, and it is a safe bet that virtually all of those guns were sold or traded illegally. So we have 300,000 guns that are bought illegally each year, plus perhaps 50,000 more that are purchased by people who cannot own or possess a gun.

From the available numbers, it appears the actual number of guns that are purchased illegally is somewhat below 400,000 guns – or approximately two percent of the about ed to some 20,000,000 guns sold legally each year.

However, that begs the question, which was probably intended to be something like “How many illegally purchased guns are used to facilitate crimes each year.”

BJS, FBI, and other studies suggest that some 60,000 guns a year are used to facilitate criminal activity each year and those guns may change hands several times in a given year. That is approximately 0.003 percent of the number of guns sold each year…BUT

As our British cousins would say, that is looking at the problem arsey versey6. We have slightly more than 700,000,000 (seven hundred million) serviceable or nearly serviceable guns in the United Sates, and the number of guns used to facilitate violent crime represents just 0.000085715 percent of the guns in circulation.

So the bottom line is simple. We have a huge number of guns, more than two guns per American, but only a tiny fraction of those guns are used to commit or facilitate a crime. And the overwhelming majority of those crimes are committed by persons who cannot lawfully look at a gun.


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Venezuela Sinking Deeper Into Violence

Thanks to a link at the invaluable Faust’s Blog I see conditions are rapidly worsening in that gun free workers paradise, Nicolas Maduro’s Cuban satellite state, Venezuela.

As Aristotle said, “You only think you have trouble until you try Communism.” It does not matter whether El Presidente Grande, Nicky Maduro’s version of Socialism is Fascism or Communism, since very few have anything left to either tax or confiscate. And Maduro’s edicts make it certain those few who have something of value left will not have it long.

And so it invariably goes in gun control venues. Like Venezuela, where pots are empty, the murder rate is about 215 per 100,000 population, and anything that is not red hot or nailed down is a prize for a thief.



Bloomberg’s Ultimate Aim Is To End Private Gun Ownership: The Means To Achieve Taht Goal Do Not Matter

Writing at PJ Media, Bryan Preston outlines former Gotham scofflaw former mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s,newest gun ban campaign. This time Bloombeg wants to get his latest camel’s nose under the tent by comparing guns to cars.

There is no Constitutional right to own or drive a car, of course, and there is a Constitutional right to own, and to carry, a gun. Automobile taxes, with a metal plate indicating the tax has been paid came early. My father had a taxi business in Kali during the first decade of he 20th century, and had to pay a $20 a year tax on either horse drawn or “horseless carriages.” By 1910, the tax for private vehicles was $5.00 a year, but the tax on taxis was $50 a year in Orange County.

Governments can do that – because there is no Constitutional right to own or drive a car. But there is a right to vote – and the Supreme Court made it abundantly clear that you cannot tax a right. “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged,” and taxing that right would be an abridgement of it.

But, despite the facts, and the fact that Bloomberg’s own New York City should properly serve as “poster child” for the idiocy of gun control, Bloomberg is determined to find some way to buy a total and complete gun ban.

Bloomberg has reportedly put up a considerable sum, $50,000,000 dollars, to get his dream of a gun free United States. If the rumors I hear are true, that amounts to about $9.10 per NRA member. The price of a couple of greaseburgers and a soft drink at the Greasy Spoon.

Every gun owner can afford a ten spot to help match Bloomers contribution to high crime rates. Most of us can afford a whole lot more.

So let’s do it. And let’s turn out and vote Bloombeg’s tools out of office on November 4.


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Report: Regime Plotting To Steal 90,000 Acres Of Texas

A Breitbart report makes me wonder who wants to buy Texas. According to the report, the regime, through the “Bureau of Land Management” is plotting to confiscate more than 140 square miles, 90,000 acres, of Texas land that has been privately owned for a century and a half.

According to historically reliable sources, Harry “the gun owners friend” Reid and his son Rory were up to their eyeballs in a deal to sell the Bundy Ranch’s grazing area for a solar farm. I wonder which influential Democrat has found a profitable use for the Henderson place?

Speaking of the BLm’s Ladrones, late reports from Nevada suggests the rustlers shot a large number, possibly more than 1,000, of Bundy cattle, destroyed water tanks and other private property, and generally made a scorched earth retreat. Which an exceedingly poor way to collect a purported debt.

Words do not make things so. From publicly available evidence it is doubtful the Bundy’s owed a dime for grazing rights in a country so poor the cattle have to graze at 40 miles an hour to make a poor living. If the Bundy’s ever did own the BLM the Agency has wiped out the debt and incurred several millions of debt for the destruction of Bundy Property.

If the BLM gets away with the destruction of Bundy property and the theft of privately owned land, this is the future of your property and possessions. It is up to Congress to deal promptly and harshly with their rogue agency and to make the Bundy’s whole.


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Obama To Commute Hundreds Of Drug Felons Sentences? I Don’ Think So!

The Daily Mail reports the Obama regime is set to gran clemency to hundreds of drug felons, reversing mandatory sentences imposed during the ‘war on drugs.’

Looking at historical precedent, I d not doubt that many of those convicted of involvement in manufacturing and distributing drugs will be freed. But I am reasonably certain tat the real object is freeing people like Obama’s friend, Tony Rezko, who was recently sentenced to 10 to 12 for a kickback scheme.

How close are Obama and Rezko? Rezko holds the title on “Obama’s” house. Like Obama and “Gunrunner” Holder, Rezko is a member of the Chicago combine. And a there are many more reasons Rezko and Obama are close.

Most with pictures of dead presidents on them.



European Crime Reporting Has Much In Common With American Crime Reporting

European sociologists say the “Ik Syndrome,” where a displaced people is unable to reestablish what is to them a normal lifestyle is responsible for much of Europe’s crime problem. It is certainly true that the Roma, who once had an established place in European society,* have been displaced and have extremely high crime rates.

The Daily Mail, one of the few reporting newspapers left, has an interesting report on Roma children crowding around a tourist couple and robbing them.

Briefly quoting the Daily Mail report linked above:

It might have been Easter, but the gangs were everywhere,’ she said. ‘One minute the man was making a cash withdrawal, the next he was a crime victim.

‘If the police come anywhere near the Roma, they just laugh and then run off. Areas are becoming completely lawless.’

The linked report includes a sidebar: “FRANCE’S SHAMEFUL STREET ROBBERY PROBLEM”

The problem is not France’s alone. The details vary only slightly between Krakow, Prague, Basel, Roma, Barcelona, London, or the Scandinavian countries. Tourists visiting the Dragon are just as likely to be mobbed as Parisians or Londoners.

And if the police respond it is a safe bet that there will be no official report of the incident. The police are only slightly more likely to make a report if the victim had broken the neck of tallest thief or smashed the face of one of the girls. Because the Roma, like the other displaced peoples of Europe, do not count, and people who do not count do not commit crimes.

By some estimates, Roma and other displaced peoples commit more than half of European crimes. Crimes that are written up less than five percent of the time. The result is simple enough. Except for the heavily redacted violent crime numbers, European crime rates are almost universally double our own. (The exceptions is Switzerland)

And, all in all, Europe’s very high crime and violent crime rates are a product of gun control. Even the official numbers provide adequate proof that gun control kills.


* Before 1938 or so, the Roma were the tinkers, tailors, horse traders and horse trainers, musicians, and people of a hundred skills and a thousand trades.

The NSDAP rounded up the majority of the Roma dispatched the at Treblinka and other death camps. The tiny contingent that managed to hide out during WWII emerged to find a whole new world; a world in which unionization kept them from the better jobs they once held, and residual prejudice even kept them from harvesting fruit, sharpening knives, mending pots, and the other odd jobs they formerly held.

With no jobs open, the Roma, like Europe’s other “Rats,” turned to crime. Moving the Roma is not a solution to the problem, “welfare” is not a solution, and “gun control” only provides more opportunity for crime.

As in Chicago’s neighborhoods, the solution is jobs. Jobs that will not be available until the governments do those things needed to lure jobs to their jurisdiction.