If You Do What The FBI Says Not To Do, There Is No Correlation Between Homicide Rates And State Gun Laws

Handgun Control, Inc., DBA the Brady Campaign has released its ‘brady numbers’ and once again people who should know better get taken for suckers.

so far, the most conspicuous victim is law professor Eugene Volokh, who fell for it hook line and sinker, in an opinion piece titled “Zero correlation between state homicide rate and state gun laws” and is linked above.l

Brady does what the FBI has for many years warned against, making comparisons without taking all the factors into account. Here is what the FBI Uniform Crime report warning for 2008:

Each year when Crime in the United States is published, many entities—news media, tourism agencies, and other groups with an interest in crime in our Nation—use reported figures to compile rankings of cities and counties. These rankings, however, are merely a quick choice made by the data user; they provide no insight into the many variables that mold the crime in a particular town, city, county, state, region, or other jurisdiction. Consequently, these rankings lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that often create misleading perceptions adversely affecting cities and counties, along with their residents.

There is a great deal more which you can read at this link.

Briefly, a legitimate comparison of crime rates and gun laws in various jurisdictions must take into account social, economic, and demographic factors in addition to the cumulative effects of local, state, and federal gun laws.

It takes at least 40 hours of work to properly compile data on one set of State laws and crime rates. It takes much longer than that if city ordinances must be taken into consideration. It would take up to 6,000 hours of boring, repetitious labor poring over incomplete and often deliberately misleading data to compare each of the fifty State with only two more states: New Hampshire with Vermont and Maine for example. It would take far longer to do a proper comparison of the 2,500 possible combinations of States comparative gun laws and crime rates.

Meaning the “Brady number” is as valid as the Bode-Titus law (rule) in predicting exoplanet orbits.

All of which proves once again the con man’s adage that “folks that think they are smart are the easiest conned.” I regret that Mr. Volokh, who is a nice guy as well as smart, was taken in.


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Chuckle: Provincial Paper says “Modern Man Has No Use For A Gun”

PJ Media’s Robert Spencer quotes a provincial newspaper covering Gotham northwest of Central Park as claiming ‘modern man has no use for a gun.’

Of course, that neglects the benefits of hunting; benefits shared by both humans and wildlife. It ignores the demonstated character building propensity of the shooting sports. And of course, the inherent human fascination with a class of machine of such complexity and simplicity.

Every ten minutes and nine seconds an American discovers they have ten seconds or less to to defend themselves or suffer criminal violence.. If they do not, and if they are physically able to call 911, they will have a 12 to 18 minute wait for a resopons4e. Often just someone driving by shining a light on the doors and windows.

Not need guns? The violent crime rates in places where guns are restricted or banned prove modern Americans need guns. Historic records show “wild Indians” killed less than ten thousand palefaces over 200 years, from 1670 to 1870.

America’s criminals kill more than that in one year, and would kill ten times that many if it were not for the inhibiting effect of gun ownership on crime.

While the New York Times unsupported opinion may impress those who see life from behind guarded walls and security gates, those of us who live life as it is know better.


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Ben Carson: Kindergarten Teachers Should Have Access To Guns

Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson told a USA Today interviewer that kindergarten teachers should have access to guns.

Briefly quoting The Hill report linked above:

“If I had a little kid in kindergarten somewhere, I would feel much more comfortable if I knew on that campus there was a police officer or somebody who was trained with a weapon,” Carson said in an interview for USA Today’s Capital Download released Tuesday.

“If the teacher was trained in the use of that weapon and had access to it, I would be much more comfortable if they had one than if they didn’t,” Carson added.

As someone who deals with the violence numbers all day long, I want my great grandchildrens second, fourth, fifth, and seventh grade teachers to have access to guns. And to know how to use them.

Statistically, the chance that a teacher might misuse a gun on a student are vanishingly small. But the probability that a madman might drive around those no guns signs and shoot up a schoolroom are appreciable. If kindergarten teachers are armed and first graders are not, an active killer will pass by the K-Kids and strik a first grade classroom.

So I want my grandchildren to be protected until they are old enough to legally carry and protect themselves.


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Democrats To Reveal Gun Control Bill Thursday

The Hill reports Senate Democrats will unveil a new ‘gun control’ bill Thursday.

Briefly quoting The Hill report linked above:

“We’ve had a number of meetings today with Democratic senators,” Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters. “So we’re going to move forward. We have a program. We’re going to do some press on this on Thursday.”

Reid did not reveal if all of the Democratic demands for gun control will be included in his bill, or not. While several minor changes have been made sinse Thomas Dodd (ANTI-CT) laid out the plan in 1964, it remains basically unchanged. The blueprint includes these main points:

1, A permit to purchase for all first firearm purchases and all subsequent purchases: (Generally in force now*)

2, Firearms registration at time of purchase; (in force now*)

3, A limit of 1 gun of a type, rifle, shotgun, handgun, per gun owner:

4. Storage restrictions, including both regular and surprise inspections of personally owned firearms.

5. Collectible guns must count towards the one gun of a type limit, or be permanently deactivated by cutting the frame.

As I have said all year, the staggering number of gun ban/restriction/owner harassemtn bills in Congress has indicated the Democrats are serious about getting their gun ban bill through before 2027. The calculation is apparently that they will retain enough power in Congress to block any effort to repeal their gun control legislation.

We will know more about how much freedom Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and other Partei members in Congress are prepared to take Thursday.


NB Or those who are not familiar with the situation, Federal Law requires all dealers to keep a record of all firearms received and sold. in a “bound book” so the pages can be verified for completeness.

In addition, the dealer must get the purchaser to fill out ATF Form 4473, which requires such details as ethnicity, place of birth, etc., literally forever.

This system is in no less than a de facto gun owner registration system. The Democrats want to expand that system to include all gun owners, by requiring NICS checks on all gun transfers, creating records that mist be kept in perpetuity at a dealers.

The Ultimate plan is to digitize those records, creating a central database of gun owners.


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The “Gun Owners Friend” Shows His True Colors

In 2012 Nevada Senator Harry Reid was bragging about his “NRA A” rating” – until the NRA did not give him a rating. But Reid took NRA money and sought NRA endorsement, just as he has in 2004, 1998, and before. Now, just as he had from his first day in the House, January 3, 1983.

Now Reid is apparently trying to get a “background check,” almost certainly the gun owner registration bill his cohorts want, through Congress. Briefly quoting The Hill report linked abov3e:

“I’ve started to reach out to senators in talking about what can be done to advance the cause of background checks while Republicans are in charge for the next year or so,” the Democratic leader said. “One thing is clear, to pass background checks, we need Republicans to stop acting as puppets of the [National Rifle Association].”

Yes, Reid has pushed gun ban and owner registration in the past. So that is not a surprise. With a decision apparently made to retire at the end of this term “The gun owners friend” has shown his true colors. As just another Democrat, on the take, who will say anything for a buck.


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A Salute To Mr. Marbury

One of the most common excuses for inner city murder is to get a pair of high dollar sneakers the killer cannot afford. A pair of shoes that costs as little as seven USD at the point of origin may sell for #200 or more in an inner city neighborhood. Unable to buy the shoes at retail, inner city kids desperate for a “pair of Airs” turn to murder almost 100 times a year.

FOX news reports basketball player Stephon Marbury is bringing the cost of sharp shoes down to a price that is more affordable for inner city, and , and many suburban and exurban kids, will be able to pay.

Anything that brings the murder rate down in some of the most violent areas of the United States is worth mentioning.

So congratulations are due Mr. Marbury, and I hope that trend survives and prospers.


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Christian Science Monitor: Should 11 YO’s Carry A Gun?

The anti-gun Christian Science Monitor has seized on a pair of tragedies to make a pitch.

Briefly quoting the Christian Science Monitor item linked above:

Two 11-year-old children fatally shot other children in separate incidents last weekend, a reminder that guns on their own can be dangerous tutors for gun safety.

It is a safe bet that neither child had as much as a minute of gun safety training, and had not the first clue that guns could actually hurt someone. Gun safety training has cut the incidence of fatal childhood gun accidents by more than 90 percent – but all too many proposed training classes have been stopped cold by well meaning people who “fear gun culture.”

In reality, even if there no guns in a child’s home, they will be exposed to guns outside their home. If they are untrained, the risk of a fatal “incident” drops from 1 in 100,000 years of exposure to 1 in 2,000 years of exposure.

A typical urban child has seen an actor fall down and play dead when the prop man simulates a gunshot. And tomorrow the same actor is hale and hearty, playing another role. Possibly to be “killed” another time. And another, another, and another until it is hard to blame a child for thinking guns did no lasting harm. You shoot someone, they fall down, and that is the end of it – to a child.

The solution is first to teach children gun safety; “If you see a gun, leave it alone, because here is what can happen to you or your playmate if you don’t” (Shoots gun at a milk bottle which sends a spray of milk everywhere) Guns are fro grown ups, and if you see a gun, go get a grown up.” That sort of training given at an early age will stop most firearms “incidents.”

Later in life, and 10 or 11 is not too young, a child should be taught to shoot, prone, sitting, or offhand, and hit what they are aiming at. While my dad was not in the same category as Jeff Cooper, he did a good job of teaching me to respect guns, and the damage they can do. That is the very foundation of gun safety.


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Biden Says His Late Son Told Him To Run For The Presidency

The rumor has been going around for a few days, but it seems confirmed.

Joe Biden reportedly told a New York times scribbler his lat son told him on his deathbed to run for the presidency.

IF TRUE, this could be the first declaration of a Biden candidacy. While I consider it virtually certain that Biden will run, there is usually little truth in New York Times reports.


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Bloody Baltimore Logs 258th Murder Of The Year

Running at a rate of a murder a day, Baltimore has logged its 258th murder of 2015.

That is a 346 a year rate. Before Martin O’Mally started his gun ban campaign, Baltimore looged only 197 homicides in a year. So, as predicted, Maryland residents are paying for O’Malley’s gun control program.

Gun control kills, but politicians don’t listen.


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Candidate Carson Slams Obama’s “Sit Down With Victims Families”

Politco reports Dr. Ben Carson has harshly criticized Obama’s scheme to travel to Oregon to sit down with Umpqua victims families.

If the trip were not politically motivated, spending most of a million dollars to spend a few hours on the ground in Oregon to comfort victims families would be questionable.

To spend most of a million dollars to gain acceptance for measures that will only create more victims is unconscionable.


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