Germany: Terror Attack Kills 1, Injures Many

FROX News reports the mayor of Ansbach, Germany has announced an explosive device has killed 1 and injured many in his city.

Of course, terrorists have no more problem getting explosives than they have getting guns. Laws are only for the law abiding, but Merkel will fix it with a law.


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Downer Down: Served With Lawsuit

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit reports Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned her her position as Democratic National Committee chiarwoman, and has been served with a class action lawsuit after rigging a primary.

Well, what goes around comes around. Denying the people their choice of candidates in the primary is not a crime in the Democratic playbook, it is necessary to “make sure the right people are occupying critical positions.”

And, what has been going around for years has come around to Mx Wasserman Schultz doorstep.


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Sometimes intelligible Answers Are Hard

someone stopped by searching for “what is the probability that a newborn child will become a criminal.”

I suspect many criminologists would answer “It depends,” and hang up the telephone.

However, considering Americans as a whole a newborn child has 3,300 chances in 100,000, or a 3.3 percent probability of being arrested and charged with a crime.

On the other hand, members of the “cohort of 1995” who will turn 21 this year are not already “known to the police, they have only a 400 in 100,000 probability of ever being charged with a crime.

Pushing birthrates back to those born in 1981, who will turn 35 this year, if they are not already “known to the police” their probability is less than 100 in 100,000 of ever being arrested and charged with a felony.

Those numbers are for “the American melting pot.” If you want to consider those minorities that have been systematically disarmed, the numbers are quite different, since the Black population with, generously, 12.5 percent of the American population commits approximately 55 percent of crimes “solved by arrest.”

Given the relatively low arrest rates, shown belwo:


An exact number of crimes committed by minorities and the majrty is difficult to pin down.

I would prefer to observe, along with many dating back to the middle ages, that the surest way to make a child a criminal is to let them get away with crime.


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Too Tragic To Be Amusing: Germany To Tighten Already too Restrictive Gun Laws

Historically, someone will see a sitiaton and decide there should be a law against it. So the law gets passed, and the situatin gets worse. Much worse. Since it is unthinkable that His Royal Highness and Smartest Man In The Universe was wroing, the next step is to tighten th elaw, see the situaiton continue to worsen, tighten the law, and so on.

That is the situation the United States was beginning in 1967 and continuing through 1992. Politicians afraid of being assassinated insisted on very restrictive gun laws, and homicide and violent crime rates went sky high:


When we began sending politicians who had their ego and terrors tied up in restrictive gun laws home, both homicide and violent crime rates plummeted. When the fearful Freddies realized we might get an end to all the restrictive gun laws and started fighting us tooth and nail, the rate of decline slowed dramatically.

When we began softening or repealing our restrictive gun laws the United States violent crime and murder rates were somewhat higher than most of the industrialized European nations. This chart tells compares the results of Germany and other European Nations tightening gun laws, compared to the United STates loosening gun laws:


So, Germany having invited a million or so unattached males between 21 and 35 who say they intend to conquer Europe, Germany suddenly discovered they have very restrictive gun laws, a sky high crime rate, and a situation so grave the German government must hide the identity of those who commit or attempt to commit mass murder.

So those responsible for the problem are going to fix it.

Yessir, they are going to fix the problem they caused the way bureaucrats and other idiots always seem to clean up the messes they make. How do bureaucrats and other idiots fix the problems they cause?

With more of the same, of course. So Germany,, which already sky high crime rates as a result of restrictive gun laws, is going to further restrict LAWFUL gun ownership.

This chart is a bit behind, since I do not expect the latest FBI Uniform Crime Report data until October. But the information I have indicates the disparity between the Deutche and American crime rates is grater that nits:


German crime statistics from the BundesKriminallAmt.

U.S. crime statistics are from the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2014.

so how will this work ouit? Tightening Germany’s gun laws will do what such laws always do, clear the way for criminal violence since even the few remaining guns will become useless for self defense. As a result, I expect the five year result to be a 100 percent increase in violent crime and murder rates.

But of course, the bureaucrats are never wrong. Five years from now, if Germany still exists, tightening gun laws will have saved millions and billions of lives. No matter that there will be 14,000 or more rimes for every 100,000 Germans.


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What A Contrast Between National Conventions

Last week we saw Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Jr., speak at the Republican National Convention; and many of the speakers took time to mention the sacrifices of our Police Officers.

This week we have the Democratic National Convention, and perhaps fittingly for what many have called a ‘criminal organization operating as a political party,’ the DNC will showcase the mothers of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

That is quite a difference. The Republicans want the votes of the police and the law abiding.

While the Democrats are angling for the votes of tje ptjer side of society.


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The ancient Photostat is Stark In Black And White…

…With many words stained and difficult to decipher. But the meaning is clear enough.

The partial Date above the lede stands out, “Sunday, August 1” before it runs off the edge of the scan. The typestyle is typical of Linotype machines of the 1920’s, typical of small print ships and newspapers that had not changed to a more modern type face.

The headline reads “Serial Offender Caught.” Offender was more modern than the type face, a euphemism for rapist in a time when respectable newspapers still called some establsihments “Disorderly houses.” Not that disorder was the general rule, except when the piano player started playing i the white notes on the black keys.

The story evokes an old Washington desk sergeant, perhaps old enough to have grandchildren the age of the sobbing young woman being assisted into the precinct house by a burly officer.

A quick glance revealed an all too familiar face, a young office worker who had been assaulted four of the five Friday nights. This Friday night a black eye and torn clothing bore mute witness to the fight she put up.

Perhaps the Old Cop had a few words to say, perhaps the Officer handed over a report form and pencil in silence. Were tissues provided the victim? The clipping does not say.

In due time, probably a half hour or so, the victim handed in in a fifth police report. And perhaps the Old Cop said something like “Honey, you have had a terrible time, You need to get a gun to go over to Virginia today and get a gun to protect yourself.” Or perhaps he did not say that.

The words from the Washington Post that have come down to us were “Get a gun, learn to use it and use it when you have to.” What the exact words were will probably never be known.

If f my guess on the year is correct, on August 11, 1961 a man jimmied the door of a District apartment, to find the woman he expected to be a

After the Friday Night Joy Boy laid down, a late arriving couple was surprised to hear a young woman’s voice calling out to them to call the police. And I suspect that on that night, an Old Cop working the graveyard shift was gratified to take a report of a crime that did n0t occur.

So, whether you are old or young, man or woman, take the updated version of the Old Cop’s advice.

Get a gun, and learn to use ti. Carry it everywhere, and use it when you have to. Because alive and safe is far better than any alternative.


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Machete Migrant Kills 1, Wounds 2 In Germany

In the third d attack in three days, a Syrian “refugee” has used a machete to hack one woman to death and serously ingure two more.

Briefly quoting the FOX News report linked above:

The man was arrested after the attack, which occurred in the southwestern city of Reutlingen, according to German media.

The alleged assailant, whose name has not yet been disclosed, was known to police from a previous incident in which people were injured, a police spokesperson said.

Given that the Merkel government has been caught releasing false names and motives for suspected jihadis, I cannot say how mcuh of that report ca be trusted.

However, the facts are clear. German gun laws essentially forbid gun ownership, carrying, and armed self defense. Since terrorists are terrorists and not stupid at all, they go for the soft targets. Defenseless women and children, in large part.

I sincerely hope they run a larger line to David Lloyd-Geroge’s spit and give him a little more fire. He deserves it for all the murder and misery his gun bans have caused.


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Curly Top Will Not Preside Over The DNC

Before she became Democratic National Committee chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was reportedly the model for the Saturday Night Live character Debbie Downer.

Also known as “Curley Top,” Wasserman Schultz has been embroiled in several scandals, the latest being the rigging of the 2015 Democratic Presidential campaigns. E-mails show she was deeply involved in eliminating challenger Bernie Sanders in foavor of Hillary Rodham C.

As a result of the flap, Carley Top will not preside over the DNC, this week, according to FOX News and others.

It is virtually unheard of for the Chair of a political party to be denied the opportunity to speak at the Party’s National Convention. To be denied the opportunity to preside is unheard of.

The situation reminds me of the time the city’s sewage treatment system broke down and every cat in twon was trying to dig a hole big enough to bury the smell.

I suspect Curley Top will be replaced as soon as Party Head Hillary Rodham C. can do so without further increasing the level of stink.


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Just Another Unarmed Female Victim’s Body Found

She was just 20, a young woman with her life before her when she was abducted and murdered. Unarmed, she did not have a chance against the two legged brute who murdered her.

By the numbers, a woman is almost 20 times more likely to be murdered during a violent crime than to die in a fatal firearms accident.

4.7 of every ten million American girls and women will die in a fatal firearms accident this year, while 94 of every 100,000 girls and women will be murdered during the course of a violent crime.

The most effective way to discourage criminal violence is a high probability of effective defense. A gun makes the frailest girl or woman the equal of the strongest brute building his muscles and nursing his hatreds in American prisons.

Every woman should take the old DC desk sergeant’s advice to a young rape victim. “Get a gun, learn to use it, an dues it when you have to.”

The modern version is “Get a gun and learn to use it. Carry it everywhere, and use it when you have to.”

And ladies, please teach your younger sisters about guns and self defense. I get tired of looking at reports of lives needlessly cut short.


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Democratic Convention Takeaway

For the last eight years, since the 2008 Democratic National Convention nominated Barack Hussein Obama their nominee for president, Obama has been the titular head of the Democratic Party. All of the gun ban bills, the $827,000,000 bmoney blowing bill called “Pelosi’s Porkulus”,” the brutal cuts to our military, and all the rest of the Democrats borrow, print, tax, and blow policies have come from the White House.

Not necessarily from B. Hussein Obama himself, but from his office, on White House Stationary. But that is about to change.

Barring a stroke of lighting or some other unforeseen event, Hillary Rodham Clinton will become the titular head of the Democratic Party. Hillary Rodham C. will be calling the shots, not B. Hussein O.

Partially, that is to keep the incumbent from getting in the way of the heir presumptive efforts to be elected; and partially returning CongressCritters will be ready to put the heir presumptive platform into statue books.

And, win, lose or draw, Hillary Rodham C. will be the titular head of the Democratic Party until the Democratic National Convention of 2020. Or, should she be the nominee in 2020, until 2024.

If Hillary Rodham C. becomes president, her word will be law for Democrats. If Hillary Rodham C. Fails to replace Obama, her word will still be law for elected members of the Democratic Party to from Senate Minority Leader Chucky Schumer to the lowliest rural county health inspector.

So, when you consider your options before the 2016 elections: To vote or stay home; to vote for Trump or Rodham C.: remember one thing.

Of all of Hillary Rodham C’s political attributes and affinities stands out. Her hatred for guns, for gun owners, and for gun rights.


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