Noted: Anti Cummings Wants A Czar

The “Democratic Socialists of America” is a scion of the Communist Party USA, supported by a number of Facisto-Socialist organizations. Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings (ANTI-MD7) is a prod member of the DSA, as well as the Democratic Congressman for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, and an anti-gun activist.

Cummings, true to his political beliefs, has sent a letter to the regime, demanding all police departments be brought under Federal oversight and control; under direct supervision of a ‘Law Enforcement Czar.’

Cummings has not gone off his rocker, that position has been made several times in the recent past by other DSA members. Which is to say, Democrats.

While the policies Cummings has pushed in the past would be far more destructive than anything that has passed Congress so far, those policies are a part of the DSA Prty platform.

If we cannot vote this obstruction to minority’s economic progress out, we can at least go to the polls and make sure he is neutered.


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What Can You Do To Stop Gun Control?

What can you do to stop gun control?

1.) Learn as much as you can about the results of gun control. More than 5,000 posts hear, and far more elsewhere, will give you the information upon which to build your case.

2.) Write letters to the editor, on line with links if possible, telling what you have learned about gun control. Just relay the facts, not opinion.

3.) Be prepared to challenge pro-control editorials, op-eds, and letters to the editor. While there is no statistical bass for gun control, advocates either do not know or do not want to know that. So challenge them with fact.

4.) Contact, and preferably meet with, your elected representatives. This includes your State Senators and Representatives, you Congressman and Senators, and your local mayor and city council with the same fact based message. Gun control does not work, and dreaming that it will will not change that fact.

5.) Educate everyone you can reach on the negative benefits, the higher crime and violence rates after imposition of restrictive gun laws. At the same time, educate everyone your voice will reach on the benefits of relaxed gun laws. Do remember that everything here is meant to be stolen, so download graphics, data, and anything else you can use. Remember as well that the primary graphics are updated as soon as new data is released, so the data here is current.

6.) Water eventually wears away the hardest stone. So never, ever give up.

7.) Head for your voting place every time the doors open. Because we cannot actually vote our way back to the violent crime rates and gun laws we had in 1900, we can elect people who will. If we vote.

And those are the essentials of turning back gun control, remaining safe in our homes, and retaining our civil rights.


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Courts To Cops: No Immunity For Twitchy Trigger Fingers

TheU.S. Court of Appeals for the Second District essentially told the police “Do the crime and pay the price.” The decision involved a SWAT Team, and a raid on the home of a young woman who had a massive amount, 0.02 ounces, two one hundredths of an ounce, of a substance that may have been cocaine, or chalk, in her possession. However, before this massive amount of might have been illegal drugs were found, one of the SWAT Team members weighed the woman’s house guest down with a fatal dose of lead.

Briefly quoting the Reason report linked above:

The defendants, all of whom either planned or participated in the raid, requested summary judgment based on qualified immunity, which the district court for the most part denied (the court agreed police had lawfully acquired the search warrant and dismissed failure-to-train claims against the town chiefs). The defendants appealed.

On Thursday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second District affirmed most of the lower court’s denial of summary judgment and remanded the case.

The full report is at the link, and the Alley will be here when you get back.

For my part, I have no patience with those who provoke or endanger the police. But I also have no patience with police who cannot wait to ascertain the situation before they start pulling trigger.

Plugging an unarmed man six times because you felt something bump your shoe is pretty much the extreme in summary justice. Ethically, there is little difference between such a case and a lynching. Morally, there is none.

The only way to bring such bullheadedness to an end is to cost both the perpetrators and their employers a great deal of money.


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Noted: Senator Kay Hagen Speaks Harsh Words, Gives Kisses

Politico, Obama’s Typewriter, notes North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen spoke harshly about Obama regime policies, but still showed up at the airport to greet Obama with hugs and kisses.

Of course, you “cannot handicap the horses without a sheet.” “The Sheet” on Senator Hagen reveals she has been good on guns, and started well in 2008. Unfortunately, it appears Partei discipline has kicked in, and her track record reveals many ‘me-too votes’.

Actions reveal far more of a person than words. In this case, the actions cast doubt on the words.


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Noted: Governor Jindal To Sue Obama Over Common Core

Not much comment here on the Washing Times report that Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal intends to sue the Obama regime over the implementation of “Common Core.

I have looked at some of the Common Core textbooks, and they are certainly “common.” And explicit, aimed at an age group that needs the basics of reading, mathematics, and literature far worse than they need excerpts from 1970′s Penthouses.

Hopefully, the Governor will prevail, and stop the trashing of what was once the world’s best educational system. One of my friends is Cameroonian, and spent his first five years in an outdoor classroom, studying from books left over from German colonialism.

Currently, experts peg our educational system at 27th, periously close to dropping to three places behind Cameroon.


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2013 Violent Crime Rates

I count nine searches for the United States violent crime rates for 2013.

The standard sources of official data, the FBI’s 2013Uniform Crime Report and the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2013 National Crime Survey are not on the internet at this time.

However, the FBI’s 2013 Preliminary Uniform Crime Report provides an overview of the first six months of 2013. The key graphic is reproduced below: (click on the graphic for a clearer view)


Other than the expected trouble spots, I have no indication that crime increased during the second half of 2013, so I expect the full year result to be much the same as the half year result. Further, a number of police jurisdictions have released first half numbers, generally indicating further declines in crime rates as the risk of crime increases.


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Noted: Emanuel To Cripple Chicago Economy

I see Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, not content with maintaining one of the Untied States highest long term violent crime rates, has decided to further erode his city’s economy with a $13.00 an hour minimum wage.

Bad political decisions have cost Chicago approximately one million resident in fifty years. With a corresponding decline in tax collections.

Since businesses are limited by their competition, only those business dependent on near instant order fulfillment can survive under adverse wage or regulatory conditions. Put another way, a Chicagoan is hardly likely to drive to Aurora to pick up a pizza.

Inevitably, those business that can will move out of Chicago. Their most likely destination is Texas, where taxes are far lower, and they appreciate employers.

Those business that depend on local patronage will eventually be forced to automate or close. At the moment, the fast food industry is looking at robots that can make, wrap, and serve up to 1,200 burgers an hour, one burger to order every three sseconds. The present cost is about equal to five years wages for a cook. Bring that down to four years and you will see burger joints with touch screen ordering, credit card only, and 30 second order delivery. Just pick your lunch from the slot.

If Emanuel’s scheme to price Chicago out of the market goes through, there will only b one question left. In what month of what year will Chicago out-Detroit Detroit?


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Why Is The Media So Wrong About Gun Control?

Someone stopped by searching for “Why TV support gun control?”

The headline expands the search a bit to include all media.

And that answer is simple enough. The talking heads, the reporters (jg), the editors, and the corporate owners are largely “progressives.”

“Progressiveism” has most of the earmarks of any other religion, including fanatical devotion to the tenets of that religion.

One of the tenets of Progressive Doctrine is that government replaces religion. Therefore the people must not be able to resist an oppressive government.

Therefore, the Progressives, who love unchanging stability as they love their own life and comforts will fight like tigers to ban guns.

Or, briefly, the media is on the side of Fascisto-Socialism and wants to help impose that political system on the people.


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Noted: McCaskill Calls For Body Cameras For Cops

Not surprisingly, Missouri’s Senator Claire McCaskill (ANTI-MO) has called for all police officers whose departments receive Federal funding to war a body camera.

This is only the second time in her political career that I have agreed with the Democratic Socialist from Missouri. But this time I do.

Not so much because body cameras should record all an officer’s actions while on duty, but because a body camera cuts the legs from those who would falsely accuse an officer of malfeasance.

Yes, I know cops would prefer no one know of their locker room jokes. But the savings in time, money, and above all reputation make the minor inconvenience of a body camera well worth while.

Officers should think of body cameras as what they are. Cheap insurance for their savings, their freedom, and the pursuit of their career.

If I were a cop, I would buy one myself if I had to.


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A Fighter For Congress: McSally Wins Primary

A good friend of ours, and a former fighter pilot, Martha McSally has won the nod to face Progressive Ron Barber in November.

As noted in previous comments, Barber has been a reliable rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi, and very little else during his terms in the House. Anti-gun, anti-free enterprise, and pro whatever the Partei tells him to vote for pretty much sums Barber up.

From her record and her public positions, McSally should make a fine Representative for Arizona and for her constituent Arizonans.


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