Christie Will Suspend Campaign

A report on the big party line says New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie will suspend his campaign for President.

Christie seemed to be running a “stake all on New Hampshire” campaign so suspension of that campaign is not a major shock.


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Report: Christie Called Trump For A “Long Talk”

For what it is worth, The Hill reports Presidential Candidate Donald Trump says New Jersey’s Anti governor, Chris Christie, called him for “a long talk.”

I cannot independently verify that at the moment, but it is not impossible or even hard to concieve that Christie, who has two more years to serve as the Garden State’s governor, would call Trump.

There are a wide range of possibilities, ranging from a run for the vice presidency, to a cabinet appointment, or other possibilities.

Given Christie’s disappointing position of civil and gun rights, I hope the call does will not put Christie in a policy making position.


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A Straw In The Political Wind?

New Hampshire is increasingly a “blue” state as Massachusetts residents flee “Taxachusetts” high taxes and unsatisfactory quality of life. Yet you would not know that by the February 9, 2016 primary turnout, which reflect voters enthusiasm for the individual parties.

With nearly complete results, Donald Trump faced 31 opponents, all of whom picked up some votes. Mr. Trump picked up 96,764 votes, 35% of the vote, indicating some 280,000 New Hampshire voters voted for a Republican candidate.

On the other hand, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialist running on the Democrat, faced 28 rivals, garnering d 1143.664 votes, 60 percent of a 240,000 vote turnout.

It is remarkable that more than a half million Americans would turn out for a Presidential primary. It is more remarkable that an approximately 40,000 vote plurality would vote Republican. The more so when you consider 700,000 Granite State voters gave John McCain only 44 percent of their votes in the 2008 Presidential elections, and Mitt Romney 46.4 percent in 2012.

It is too early to say whether or not this represents a sea change in American politics. But it looks suspiciously like one.


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Murder Rate In Colonial and Revolutionary America?

Someone came by searching for “murder rate in colonial and revolutionary america.”

The question covers roughly 250 years of American history, from approximately 1615 to 1875. Given the very long period covered, there are several equally good answers.

However, a general answer depends on how you look at it. If you count deaths that occur in conflicts between Indians and Europeans as murder, the murder rate was relatively high. During the earliest years of European settlement the Indians had far more effective weapons with a much higher rate of fire, and were used to fighting territorial wars. As a result the death rates among the invading Europeans was quite high. As the forges of Europe and the ingenuity of a million artisans improved guns, invading Europeans became better armed, and the bulk of casualties were on the Indian side of the conflict, and the official death rates fell.

If you consider casualties of war as casualties of war, not murder, the death rates for victims of crime or passion the murder rate was about the same as England in the same year, between 7 per 100,000 to 1 per 100,000, when “Guns became almost the first necessity of a well ordered household.”


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Are White People Afraid Of Minorities?”

Someone came by searching for “are white people scared of minorities.”

While that is definitely off topic for the Alley, it comes up often enough to deserve answer.

So far as the studies I have looked over and in my personal experience, the paler face demographic is not afraid of, or intimidated by, minorities considered as groups.

As individuals, some minority individuals actions are such that humans of any shade are intimidated. The palefaces, because a surprisingly small percentage of Americans will admit to being of purely European descent, usual response is to carry an effective defensive weapon.

Something that is becoming more common among Americans of all ethnicities, and a practice that sharply reduces crime rates.


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“Why Crime Prediction Programs Fail?”

Someone stopped by searching for “why crime prediction fail.”

While I assume the actual question was why computerized crime prediction programs fail, but the principles are applicable to any attempt to predict random events with non-random mechanisms or algorithm.

Take the problem of crime in Gotham’s Central Park. A computer program can analyze reported crimes, tell the operator that most crimes occurred in the upper third of the Park, and the Commish can station more cops in the area.

But tonight all the reported crime will be on the lower end of the park – because the criminals will have taken notice of the new situation and altered their activities.

Before 1910 New Yorker’s either avoided the Park, or made preparation to deal with criminals if they were encountered. So crime in the park was very low, and a couple of uniforms provided a public “presence of police.” Today, it would take a battalion of SEALS to keep crime at 1900 levels in some of the most dangerous city real estate on Earth.

Computerized crime prediction programs are really good at two things. Used honestly, they will give an excellent picture of crime in a police jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, they are seldom used honestly. Leaving them as a crime eraser, a program that will, given the right garbage in, turn out garbage all day long.


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Kali Setting Thousands Of Convicts Free

Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw reminds us California Governor Moonbeam Brown intends to clean out the Kali prisons, “saving the State tens of millions of dollars.”

Twenty five years ago, a University of Texas study found turning a non-violent criminal loose before their sentence is complete cost the taxpayers $250,000 a year in the direct costs of dealing with the loss and destruction of property as the released convicts resumed their criminal lifestyle, the extra costs of security, and so on. Releasing a violent criminal added a million and a quarter to the cost of crime – and entailed a substantial future loss of life.

Recent surveys peg the cost of keeping a Kali convict jugged is close to $70,000 a year. But the cost of turning a non-violent convict loose in California has soared to $1,300,000, and the cost of turning a violent criminal loose is currently more than five million a year.

In large part, that is a result of Kali’s Socialist laws which have sent hundreds of thousands of jobs to Asia; nearly that many to the United States; and largely disarmed the State’s people.

With no jobs, released convicts find crime is the only way to make a living, and they face little effective resistance from the disarmed public.

So Sacramento today is much like St. Petersburg in 1918; Los Angeles much like Shanghai in 1946, and so on.

No work, especially with those who still have a prison pallor, and eventually Moonbeam Brown will be one of the most reviled pols in Kali history.


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Bernie Sanders: Slick Speech, Socialist Propaganda

“Red Bernie” Sanders victory speech clearly shows why Sanders is “Red Bernie.” For 28 minutes Sanders read a slick, professionally written pain to Socialism. A hymn to a political system that has enslaved more people, brought more misery, and caused more deaths than any other.

Socialism does not work. The concept of state as a nursemaid for life has not worked, and it is easy to show that no society is ever likely to have the resources to begin to provide the even the most basic level of care without enslaving the producer class.

Click on the link, if you wish. But remember, every promise is hollow, every Socialist “benefit” a lie.


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Zogby, “The Revolution Is On!”

Pollster John Zogby told told Newsmax TV commentator J.D. Haworth Trump has won and the Revolution is on.”

It is pretty early in the game for such a definitive statement, but that may be the case. Hopefully, the next President will unchain the talent and industry of American workers instead of chaining them to government checks and odd jobs.


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Christie “Returning To New Jersey” To Reassess Campaign

Newsmax reports New Jersey’s Chris Christie (ANTI) will return home to ‘reassess’ his campaign.

Christie, who made pro-gun noises when he was running against rabid banner jon Corzine, has been a major disappointment. He ran a New Hampshire or bust campaign, and busted.

So it would not be a surprise to see Christie decide to give it up.


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