Snicker: “Coalition To Stop Gun Violence Says “You Should Not Have An Arsenal”

One of the Alley readers brought my attention to a Facebook note to the effect that Americans should not have an “arsenal.”

Since I seriously doubt that anyone at CSGV has a clue to the meaning of the word – Arsenal:

‘ARSENAL, n. [L. arx navalis, a naval citadel or repository.] A repository or magazine of arms and military stores, whether for land or naval service.

Generally, an arsenal contains arms for 10,000 or more armed combatants, with rifles, sidearms, shotguns, ammunition, and supplies. And very, very few Americans have an arsenal.

However, a surprising number of Americans have a rabbit gun for rabbit hunting, a varmint gun for varmints, a deer rifle for deer, one to several big game rifles, and so on. A moderately active hunter may actually need twenty or more guns to have the appropriate tool for whatever chore or pleasure comes to hand.

The CPGV bunch, not being the sharpest minds in the country, confuse the person whose activities require ownership of many guns with the typical gun criminal – who typically only has one gun.

One gun at a time. One stolen gun at a time. One gun obtained so cheaply a career criminal can discard it, destroying the link between him or herself and a crime, without a qualm. Because there are more than sixteen million more cheap “street guns” where that one came form.

The FACT, laid out over and over and over again is this.

Those who can legally go to a gun dealers, fill out the Federally mandated paperwork, pass a background check, and if they wish to obtain a License to Carry are far, far less likely to commit a serious crime than either those who cannot buy a gun, or the members of the groups that make up the Methodists Mistake are.

Since the CPGV was started in 1974 the number of gun related violent crimes has dropped from more than 1,200,000 a calendar year to to just 290,620 in 2013, with a four percent decline expected in 2014.

1973 to 2009 DOJ Crime Survey The Methodists Mistake are responsible for none of that decline.

That decline, and the decline from almost four million violent crimes to just under one million today was a result of persistent lobbying by gun hobby and gun owner groups, who pointed out the fact that more guns have invariably resulted in less crime.

Much less crime, as you can easily see from the graphic, and from the National Crime Victimization Survey for 2013, also linked above. The graphic immediately below shows the results of the gun hobby and hunting groups efforts:


The rate of decline after 1998 is primarily a result of gun control and gun ban groups efforts to disarm America. Those efforts have cost literally thousands of lives, and they are no less than a crime against the people.

Given that the gun owner groups the “Coalition to sStop Promote Gun Violence” revile are responsible for a near 75 percent decline in violent crime since 1993, the CGSV should get out of the way, find respectable employment, and let gun owners get on with the business of making America safer.


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O’Malley Vs Hillary: “el diablo o la bruja”

In a case of, as mi amigo Miguel put it more than seventy years ago, “Es el diablo o la bruja,” as anti-gun progressive Democrat Martin O’Malley makes a run at anti-gun progressive Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, whose influence as First Commodities Trader resulted in the passage of the first “assault weapons ban,” and O’Malley, whose malign influence is responsible for Maryland’s first gun ban, both have their eye on the White House. When their track record suggests neither seems competent to run a chicken house.

Might as well get the popcorn out, this is likely to be entertaining.


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Does Cold Weather Cut Violent Crime?

Someone came by searching for “does cold weather cut violent crime.”

Indeed it does. While the graphic below is of the overall violent crime rate by month, the effect of the seasons is clearly visible.

The Graphic is taken from a Bureau of Justice Statistics study, using National Crime Victimization Survey data. You can read all about it at the link, but the graphic tells the tale. [click on the graphic for a clearer view]


Clearly, violent crime rates fall as the chill of fall sets in, and rise in summers heat. Of course, there are other factors at work, such as employment prospects, gang activity, and of course, how likely someone choosing to pursue a criminal lifestyle is to be shot that affect the long term violent crime rates.

But if all the other factors were stable, the change in seasons would still produce the crest and trough effect you see in the graphic.



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Google Intends To Use Politifact As A Truth Indicator

“New Scientist,” itself a purveyor of dubious fact, solemnly reports Google intends to rank websites on a basis of factual content.

And then promptly game with, quoting:

The software works by tapping into the Knowledge Vault, the vast store of facts that Google has pulled off the internet. Facts the web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for truth. Web pages that contain contradictory information are bumped down the rankings.

Uh-huh. According to the preponderance of leftist nternet postings gun control is a proven cure for all society’s ailments; when it does not work, never has worked, and has no chance of reducing crime or making anyone safer. Yet it would be a sucker bet to wager that Google’s “knowledge vault” thinks gun control cuts crime.

Or that human activities have warmed the Earth so much is is about to burst into flame, consuming all free oxygen, and suffocating everyone. And so on, ad infinitum, according to our Marxist media.

And so on and on. It is getting to the point Google’s results are much like Hitler’s Duesenberg.

Of course, Alois Hitler’s little boy Ad never owned a Deusy, but Charley Greene picked up one in Goshen, Indiana, and toured the Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan fairs showing off “Hitler’s Duesenberg” for a quarter a look. When someone argued with Charlie, his stock response was sure Hitler did. Look at how big that car was, and Duesenberg was a German name so that settled it.


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Curses: Foiled Again!

A few days ago, someone asked why comments are moderated instead of using a captcha.

Basically because I hate the things. I tried to leave a comment at a captcha protected site and failed utterly. So I blamed it on 81 YO eyes and called my 20 year old grandson to work the thing. No luck. My daughter also struck out.

Three strikes and you are out in any ball game. So I will continue to use moderation to keep the foul language out – and there well be no captcha’s here.

Fire away, and so long as your comment meets site standards, no foul language and on topic for the post or at least related your comment will be posted. With just as little delay as I can manage.


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Report: Obama Protected Iran’s Nuke Plants

While it is only a report, Israeli media outlet Arutz Sheva reports Obama threatened to shoot down an Israeli Air Force attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons facility, forcing the mission to be aborted.

Briefly quoting the Arutz Sheva report linked above:

According to Al-Jarida, the Netanyahu government took the decision to strike Iran some time in 2014 soon after Israel had discovered the United States and Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel’s back.

The report claimed that an unnamed Israeli minister who has good ties with the US administration revealed the attack plan to Secretary of State John Kerry, and that Obama then threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

How true this report may be is a quantity X, wholly unknown.

However, IF this report is in fact true: Iran is a sworn enemy of Israel, the United States, and of civilization generally. Why a American leader would stop a friendly state from destroying facilities intended for its, and our, destruction is beyond incomprehensible.

Unless, of course, our destruction is what is intended.


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“BSA J9 Trigger”

Someone stopped by searching for “bsa j9 trigger.”

Before the Gun Control Mistake of 1968 I built a couple of Herters J9 barreled actions into sporters, using Herters stocks, and I can well understand why someone would want to improve the trigger.

As far as the trigger was concerned they were pretty much the usual Mauser trigger with a lot of creep. Unfortunately, a half century has either erased my memory of who I got a replacement trigger from, or they are no longer around.

However, those Birmingham Small Arms actions were also offered as “Parker-Hale Mausers,” with a better fit and finish than the Herters barreled actions.

The Timney compatibility page lists several triggers for Parker-Hale Mausers that I am reasonably sure would fit the bill.

And Timney is a very reputable company that turns out some of the best triggers made. And, if their Mauser safety will fit, I would highly recommend that as well.

And, for the mandatory FTC notice, we do not accept advertising, donations, “evaluation samples,” or valuta of any other sort. Recommendations are links are made to those firms that have given excellent service and an outstanding product, only.


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Climate: A Cool Summer Is Predicted!

Scientists (real ones!) point out the record or near record amount of ice cover on the Great Lakes portends a cool summer for the Eastern United States. A summer as cool, or cooler, than the summer of 2014.

Way up north, Alaskan temperatures have been as low as fifty below, with -40F readings unusually common. The Danish Center for Ocean and Ice reports yesterday’s mean Arctic Temperature was at -17F, and falling sharply as the flow of bitterly cold Arctic air to the temperate zone has slowed somewhat.

Snow is in the forecast for every American State except Hawaii, and temperatures along the Gulf Coast expected to be in the mid -20’s before March 8.

Cuba has already experienced “global warming,” with an all time record low of 33.8 degrees in Matanzas province. Temperatures less than two degrees above freezing in a power short country that has never needed winter heating is no fun, with scattered reports of hypothermia and death – just 90 miles from Key West.

Europe is also enjoying the benefits of falling temperatures and longer winters, with continued snowfall and brutal conditions over much of the continent.

NOAA finally admitted it is getting colder, with more than 1,900 cold temperature records set in a single week.

And the Steyer Minimum is proceeding as science and history predicted it would, at least as far back as 1988.

Now, science tells us there is an appreciable probability that we will soon “enjoy” another Dalton Climate Minimum, with an even greater chance that we are in another ‘Maunder Climate Minimum. The combined probability that we are headed into a climate minimum is greater than 95 percent, with approximately a one in twenty chance that we are headed into another ice age.

Of course, that is science. To which the climate profiteers and political activists pay no attention; and the media jeers at.


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Important Link: Climate Related

Posting at Small Dead Animals, “Dr. Kyla” lays out the facts as she sees them in a post titled ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming: Why I left the Religion ‘

Religion is as good a word as any, although the driving force is not a search for truth but lust for absolute political power and to have more wealth and power than any other member of the Billionaires Club.

The fact, documented, proven, and strictly in adherence to proven scientific principles is that “man made global warming” is a myth. Those who fund the myth get enormous “Returns On Investment” of as much as 6,000 percent.

And of course, the same billionaires see vast opportunities for graft and aggrandizement if the number of humans is limited to a half billion*, people are confined to cities, fuel and other energy sources are only available to the wealthy, and a totalitarian society keeps everyone in their place.

so click on over and be informed of the scientific truth about global warming. Data the regime is doing its best to suppress. The Alley should be here when you get back.


*For those with long memories, one of Robert Heinlein’s “juvenile” books, Citizen of the Galaxy, postulates a society much like that our quondam masters would create for us.


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The Daily Interlake’s Frank Miele Hit’s A Grand Slam

The editor of the Kalispell, Montana’s Dailly Interlake is Frank Miele. Editor Miele makes a habit of both telling the truth, and doing it in understandable style.

Today’s Interlake editorial tells why the present immigration funding appropriation is no more or less than a Constitutional Crisis.

Click on over, and read Frank Miele’s excellent and plain spoken warning. The Alley will be here when you get back.

For my part, the stakes are plain. If Obama gets funding less than 30,000 of the DHS’ gropers, those concerned with colonizing North America with Hispanics and Muslims, will be paid and one of the largest mass migrations in human history can continue.

And Barack h. Obama, the madrassa trained Islamic sympathizer can continue to rule by decree, leaving Congress with the same authority as Russia’s Duma. Up to and including nullifying all ten of the provisions of the Bill of Rights. Especially the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments.

If Congress refuses to fund Obama’s colonization scheme, Obama’s ability to rule by decree will be blunted. To the point Obama will not be able to successfully sign off on Iranian nukes.

And the stakes are the continued existence of our Republic, or the birth of a new People’s Republic.

So click on over and read Freank Miele’s excellent editorial. When you get back. When you get back, click here, put your ZIP code in the box, and write down your Congressperson’s telephone number.

Do the same here, and write down your Senators telephone call.

And tomorrow, March Second, 2015, call your Congressional delegation, and register your opposition to funding the eventual resettlement of up to sxty million South and Central Americans to the United States.


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