“Gun Culture?”

Someone stopped by searching for “gun culture.”

Actually, every society that one could properly call a “civilized” society has has a “gun culture.” From the prehistoric knapped flint arrow heads and spear points; obsidian knives that were sharper than anything our knifesmiths can turn out; to the recurved bows that could propel an arrow a half a mile, to the steel swords and battle axes that could mow down enemies like so much barley; to the first “vases,” to wheellocks, flintlocks, percussion locks, revolvers, to the latest guns in the dealers; mans weapons have defined society.

And the more common and the more deadly those weapons the higher level to which society could, and did, aspire.

On the other hand, we have those who are, as a Russian would say, “Nyakultura,” without culture. Clods who see no beauty in prose or poetry, left cold by the rainbow, who see ugliness in melody; no inspiration in religion, and no safety in anything beyond laying one’s head upon the block when the headsman asks.

The people of the gun are those with culture; the ones who demand learning from their children, progress from their peers, and wisdom from their leaders.

Those who oppose culture – are what Aristotle called “natural slaves,” unwilling to work to profit themselves, content with a handout extracted by force from a man who earned it with his honest sweat. A man whose lack of respect forces him to denigrate those who provide his sustenance, to deplore the very conditions that permitted his existence; and whose idle, Godless, soulless barbarian sophistry is a blot on humanity.


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Obama Is Popular In Maryland?

The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper has posted a note on the Ohh-man’s popularity in the midnight blue state of Maryland.

Briefly quoting Mr. Halper’s report, linked above:

As President Obama tried to rally Democrats in Maryland, the crowd began to leave. “Remarks are open press, but one unusual thing that fellow veterans of campaign rallies confirm: some in the crowd started leaving as soon as Obama started speaking and by the time he was about 10 minutes in, there was a traffic jam next to the pool’s tables as folks tried to exit the gym,” reports the White House pool reporter.

Of course, Maryland residents are reputed to be among the most reliably Democratic voters in America. If any significant part of a Maryland crowd began to leave when Obama began to read his teleprompter, the Partei has a well deserved problem.

Not the least of that problem is the 177 murders in Baltimore. If there were not another murder in Baltimore this year, the murder rate would be 38.366 per 100,000, 9.36 times the 2012 National murder rate. But of course, Maryland has gun control.



Bill Cihak Asks About Standard Capacity Magazines

Bill Cihak left a comment with a very good question that deserves a post of its own. Thanks Bill, and quoting the comment:

I was wondering, I am in a debate with someone who doesn’t think people need 30 round magazines…citing the stat that most gun fights end with few rounds fired…hence…we don’t need them….leaving aside the stupidity of banning something from law abiding citizens because criminals misuse them…

How many shootings have ended with more than 10 rounds fired? I ask this because a lot of shootings never report the number of shots fired and if they do they rarely count all the shots…

The point of magazine capacity limits is not public safety. The point is to make as many guns as possible inoperative.

Thumb through the Blue Book of Gun Values and take notice of the thousands upon thousands of magazine fed firearms that are illegal in a “ten round” state. Then look through a magazine makers list and see how few restricted capacity magazines are available.

With the best will in the world, you cannot install a restricted capacity magazine that is not available. And the way those laws are written, you cannot install a spacer block, a “deep magazine follower,” a floor plate insert, or any other modification of a stock magazine to bring it into compliance. It must be a purpose built restricted capacity magazine.

That means the law was deliberately written to make as many defensive weapons as possible either single shots or entirely inoperable.

So the question of magazine capacity is moot. The magazine that came with the gun is of the capacity the gun was designed around. It is normal for the gun, and should not be changed retroactively by a bunch of politically motivated lawyers. Lawyers who profit enormously when violent crime rates soar.


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34,500 Names On Cuomo’s No Guns List

An Anemona Hartocollis bylined item at the New York Times says Anti-gun Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “no guns” list has grown to 34,500 names. Given New York’s population of just under twenty million, and the generally accepted figure of 3.5 per 100,000 population criminally insane and a danger to others, that database is only 49 times too large.

Of course, Cuomo’s intent is not to keep the public safe but to keep himself and his corrupt political party safe. So you can bet every person who has publicly grumbled about the corruption in New York’s name is on that list. And that getting off the list will take an act of the Legislature. Or a hefty “campaign contribution.” Because that is the way the Partei rolls these days.



The Wages Of Gun Control Is…

The Chicago Tribune reports on the devistating effects of gun control on neighborhoods.

Briefly quoting the Trib report linked above:

“It was no big deal,” said Sanchez, who has lived in Cragin for about 28 years. “The neighborhood was so quiet.”

Now Sanchez and other neighbors on his block are used to hearing gunshots in their area nearly every week, they said.

Early Sunday, Sanchez and three neighbors stood outside their homes on the corner of North Lockwood and West Oakdale avenues after hearing around 18 gunshots fired on their block.

Alderman and “made man” Fred Roti’s mob lawyer written gun ban bill was four years old when Mr. Sanchez moved into into the then quiet Cragin neighborhood; and the locals and the police were enough to to keep large parts of the city quiet.

But now, 28 years later, the pressure from rival Cartels is growing, gang “hittas” are vigilant in protecting “gang turf” from real or perceived threats; once heavily patrolled streets seldom see a squad car, and random shootings are a constant and growing menace.

Making Chicago just another gun control city.


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Does Gun Control Increase Line Of Duty Deaths?

Someone stopped by searching for “does gun control increase line of duty deaths.”

Why yes, as a matter of fact, it does.

I am in the wrong place to present much of the data I have, but for a brief overview.. In the years immediately before and after 1960, Law Enforcement Officers Line Of Duty deaths were hovering around 130 to 140 per year range.

The gun control drives that culminated in the Gun Control Act of 1968 started pushing LOD deaths up. Up to 191 in 1967 and ’68, and to 219 in 1970, 247 in 1972, and 280 in 1974.

Better equipment, in particular ballistic vests, and other equipment changes drove down the LOD death rate; but the LOD injury rate continued to climb – even as the number of sworn Law Enforcement Officers continued to climb as a result of increasingly stringent gun controls.

From 1976 the number of LOD deaths hovered around 200 per year, with a typical five year span logging 201,196, 215, 215, and 206 sworn LEO’s killed in the line of duty.

It was not until 1990 that the number of deaths and injuries began to fall, with the five year span from 2009 to 2013 log showing 125, 161, 171, 122, and and even 100 deaths in 2013.

More significantly, the percentage of LEO’s shot to death in the line of duty has dropped significantly over the last 25 years, as law abiding citizens have purchased some 200 million new guns.

So not only do more guns equal less crime; more guns also mean fewer law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

Primarily because few things discourage pursuing a criminal lifestyle more than looking down the muzzle of a gun in the hands of an intended victim.


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Climate: 2.3 Million KM2 Gain In Arctc Ice In One Month

The IJIS website reports yesterday’s Arctic sea ice extant is now at 7,190,692 km2, meaning more than half the Arctic Ocean’s 14,056,000 km2 is now ice covered.

Checking on Arctic Temperatures, the Danish Center for Ocean and Ice reports the mean Arctic air temperature is at 9F, -13C, and falling after an incursion of warm, and soot laden, Asian air.

Morning temperatures in the northern tier of States is in the high 20’s or low 30’s, well below normal for the middle of October.

From all appearances the upcoming Gore Minimum is on track. Unfortunately, the next section of track is downward on the climate roller coaster.

Whether that downpitch will last long enough to throw us into another “stadial” similar to the Older and Younger Dryas, or just another “little ice age” remains to be seen.


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Politico: Rand Paul Promises Justice System Reform

Politico the Sinister Left mouthpiece, quotes Senator Rand Paul as saying a Republican Presidential candidate could capture a third or more of the black vote by pushing criminal justice system reform, and economic development.

All three are “hot button” subjects with most black citizens. Blacks, and minorities generally, have suffered terribly under bigoted law enforcement policies put in place by the Democrats.

While some of those policies are not without cause, the blanket application of “jail for minorities, warnings for palefaces” is observed, and resented, in minority communities of all ethnicity.

The policy of shipping jobs offshore, with empty promises of “retraining” for displaced workers is also deeply resented.

As is the lack of relevant educational opportunities for minority children. While all children are adversely affected, whites tend to go to homeschooling, supplemental homeschooling, or private schools for children growing up in government sponsored ignorance. Options that are generally closed to minorities.

So yes, I suspect Senator Paul is on the right track. But getting the word out on what a responsible candidate for President intends to do will be necessary. The complicit media and academia will do their best to drown out any responsible proposals.


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Bloody Chicago: “At Least” One Dead, 7 Wounded

UPDATEWBBM reports 3 killed and 16 wounded since Friday night.

It was just a typical Saturday night in Bloody Chicago, with the Chicago Tribune reporting seven shot and wounded, and one shot dead overnight.

Until January of this year, Chicago was effectively the largest “gun free zone” in the United States. While Illinois now issues Concealed Weapons Permits that are good in Chicago, and court orders have nullified “made man” and alderman Fred Roti’s gun ban bill, there are still very few legally held firearms in Chicago.

And as a result more than “a man for breakfast every day,” as the dime novelist said of Tombstone, is par for the course in Chicago.


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OT: But Shades Of “Lawn Chair Larry!”

For the chuckle of the day, passengers and crew of an Airbus landing at Manchster were stunned to see a flying man whizzing past at 3500 feet.

Superman jokes aside, the affair of the flying man is reminiscent of “Lawn Chair Larry,” the SoCal man who attached 40 helium filled weather balloons to a lawn chair and startled airline crews and passengers at 15,000 feet over Mount Baldy.

If the “flying man” actually exists, I am sure someone knows all about the event – or prank.


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